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  1. as an ebook writer, I Can say a lot about this, but the reality is authors of ebooks need to ban am*zon ourselves. Stop publishing through them. am*zon comprehends one key point, most artists whether they want to admit it or not, are so desperate to make a dollar, that they are unwilling to risk any financial penalty, thus they gamble the safest financially, and that means publishing through am*zon in the ebook world.

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    2. richardmurray


      I hope my worlds help in any way:)


      Good point... Obama wanted to kill the affordable care act but nancy pelosi believed in it and told him to stick it through, that is why I call it PElosi-care. She sacrificed losing the house for it. But, like with clinton, as president, no matter who is behind the formulation of a law or its molding in legislation, the president has to own up to that law, stating they accept that law as one to defend. 


      Please fact check and if anything I say is dubious or false, don't keep it secret, tell me:) ! I want to know if I am wrong. 


      Don't be too hard on we writers. Like the death of local farming wasn't farmers fault. Writers being ushered into am*zon's embrace isn't writers fault. I Rather we be prostitutes with a dirty pimp than slaves to a master. 

    3. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      "I Rather we be prostitutes with a dirty pimp than slaves to a master. "


      Or writers can remain independent...It's just as hard as being pimped by am*zon but the payoff is much sweeter.  😀 The remaining farmers are fighting the good fight. Let us be the writers who do the same!

    4. richardmurray
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