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    Many people have opined that nothing has changed for them concerning Bill Cosby
    That is the same for me, but it is necessary to say why. My why is the following:

    I have never been a cosby fan. IS he a financially successful black entertainer? yes. Has he helped many people in the black community? yes. Do I know bill cosby? no. Do I think he is guilty or innocent of crimes? no to either, cause I do not know. ... I am happy for his personal success or those he helped. I know most people in the entertainment business have activities that are best not known, so Bill Cosby may be guilty , but he also may not. I love my father, growing up I didn't need nor do I need know a fictional black father. I knew my bloodlines history as a child. I am proud of it. I think for many black people, unfortunately, Bill cosby the man or the huxtable fictional clan on television as a number 1 show filled many roles that I did and do not need. Black people: having a home that has signs of opulence, graduating from college, having no one drugs in the house, a home with two black fiscal earners, in a neighborhood with little crime , are not things Foreign to me. And I had one better, cause I gre up in a black community, not a white one like the huxtables. I do comprehend that for many black people Bill Cosby served a role that they needed and still need. How many black women today still talk about the black man who isn't a doctor/layer , isn't a loving father, isn't a loving husband, isn't a provider, isn't an assister. 
    The legal scenario he was in seemed contrived, but when you put lawyers/fiscally wealthy negro/accusation(s) together you get explosions. To women... or anyone violated/abused, I repeat, go to the law immediately. THe one constant with many of the cases in the so called MeToo era is the temporal delay. I have seen photos of abused women, who went to law enforcement. Their bodies showed an evidence that would had put Cosby or Weinstein in jail instantly. 
    Abused people, go to la enforcement. 


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