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    My reply

    I noticed your prime comment under the video. You say many will disagree and that is of course online. But, I want to speak to that first before I state my position toward your video. 

    A difference exists between a person of a certain race: gender/phenotype/religion/age/geographic lineage et cetera being employed as a thespian in comparison to said person's community being represented positively. 
    As a black man, I heard a million media outlets spout overjoy with the existence of a highly paid thespian who is black. While they chagrin that the culture of black people <which is very large, just for edification includes black people of america/africa/asia/europe or all the lands within> is absent or a negative caricature. 
    I know you are correct in your position. You are happy that asian statians <asian americans exists in jamaica/brazil/mexico not merely the usa> are getting opportunities to be paid thespians of the highest financial order in the film world. But, you are also unhappy that the asian statian experience is still rarely touted by the film wood in the usa. I know it is silly to say the people who disagree with you are wrong... but they are wrong.

    Now, to my position, I thought about the world. No country in humanity , to my knowledge, has a film industry that respects the minority populaces<minority in terms of numbers> equal to the majority populace. so, in the USA the majority populace is the white anglo saxon protestant<are most people in the usa white? the answer is yes>. In china it is the han chinese<I know different communities exist in china but I read han chinese were the largest, if I am wrong correct me>. In the same way Asian statians are not presented as part of the USA fold in film media in the usa, usually, Ugyars are not usually represented in chinese film media. I am not saying anything is wrong or right as much as , it is uncommon for any visual industry to treat the minority communities as equal to the majority community.  
    But, I realize a solution may exist to that problem. and it goes back to your point about cinema in india. I didn't realize india had various woods that seem to have a more equal standing to each other in india. The solution in the usa and I think everywhere is to have more varying woods. For example, the black community in the usa has made films since the time of oscar micheaux, but no one says, the Black Statian-Wood. It is black films, stateless/centerless from an industrial perspective. They are in the independent film wilderness. In the USA it is the hollywood scene or the independent scene. That has to change. The independent scene needs to stay, but the black, the asian, native american , and et cetera minority  communities need their own industrial film industries in the usa. In that way is the only way I think you can not only get thespians of all races but also positive representation in film in the usa to all races. 

    1. richardmurray


      I made a prior comment, which I link at the end of this one , and I stay true to that comment. but I have another point. Black Panther was written by ryan coogler and Joe Robert Cole, two people of the phenotypical race commonly called black in the usa. Shang-chi was written by Dave Callaham and Destin Daniel Cretton, two people of the geographic ancestry race commonly called asian in the usa. My point is how members of a community see themselves or exhibit their culture will always be varied, sequentially, one must always strive to make their own films/art to exhibit their lens to their community or the greater humanity in total 

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