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  1. now0.png

    DC Milestone (dcuniverse.com)

    If stories are what shape the world we live in, then the storytellers should reflect that world. The Milestone Initiative is looking for the next generation of Black and diverse comic book creators.

    DC Superhero
    In 1993, four Black creators created Milestone Comics: a new universe of Black Super Heroes, brought to life by Black creators and other artists of color. Milestone didn’t just change the way our heroes looked. It built a pipeline for talent who had been excluded and marginalized for too long, and an ecosystem in which Black creativity could thrive. Now, with the relaunch of Milestone Comics and the creation of The Milestone Initiative, we want to honor the creators of Milestone by continuing their mission. But we can’t do it without you.

    DC Superhero
    Do you have a story to tell? Do your experiences, imagination, and perspective go beyond the limits of what you see on TV, in movies, and in other media? If you live and breathe comics, and you’re an emerging Black artist or writer —or a creator from an underrepresented group —we’re looking for you to join The Milestone Initiative.

    The path to a sustainable creative career in this competitive industry will never be an easy one. You already know that —you’ve spent years honing your craft on your own. But with The Milestone Initiative, we hope to give you the support you need to make that hard work pay off. The next step starts here.

    DC Summit
    Participants in The Milestone Initiative will be invited to a one-week summit, hosted by WarnerMedia, DC, and Ally, where they’ll make connections, create community, and begin an immersive course to help hone creative skills and better understand the comic book industry.

    02.14.22 – 02.18.22


    1. ARRIVE
    If you’re selected to participate in The Milestone Initiative, your journey will begin with the Milestone Summit. You’ll travel at our expense to DC’s headquarters in Burbank, to meet legendary creators, editors, and executives in the comics and entertainment industries.

    2. LEARN
    Under the mentorship of some of the most prominent names in comics, as well as Ally’s team of financial experts, you’ll receive in-depth, substantive instruction about building a creative life and earning a living in this field. You’ll hone your creative skills, but you’ll also learn the business of the comics industry and receive advice on sustaining a long-term career. Following the Milestone Summit, you’ll go home and participate in an 8-week virtual course, where you’ll receive technical training through best-in-class cartooning and graphic art school The Kubert School.

    3. CREATE
    It won’t be easy —throughout this multi-week course, you’ll be working as well as learning, crafting stories with your fellow participants. At the end of this journey you’ll come away with polished work that will showcase your unique talents, new knowledge, and skills and you'll have a pathway into the DC talent community if you want to pursue it.

    4. IGNITE
    The Milestone Initiative doesn’t end with the the completion of the coursework. The team from DC will remain in contact with all participants in the months following and will work with them to find appropriate comics assignments and other work that will help them continue to grow as creators and further their careers with DC and in the comics world.

    The Milestone Initiative is open to Black and other underrepresented creators who are ready to enter the comic book industry at a professional level. You’ve got the talent, you’ve put in the hours of practice, and this is the opening you’ve been waiting for.

    Think you have what it takes? Get ready to dive into the application. You have a story to tell. We want to hear it.

    DC Milestone
    Now a quick reality check: we know you’re serious, and we’re serious too. So this application is going to take some time. We think it’s worth it.

    STEP 1: 10-20 MINUTES
    First, we’ll ask you for a bit of biographical information. We’ll also ask you to provide us with links to a few existing pieces of completed original work, to give us a sense of your creative voice and vision.

    STEP 2: 5-7 DAYS
    The next sections are where you should plan wisely. We’ll be asking you to put your talent and skills into action by completing a short assignment. If you’re an artist, that will mean drawing three comic pages based on a script we provide; if you’re a writer, you’ll be creating a script for an 8 page story based on a loose prompt we’ve created.

    STEP 3: 2-3 DAYS
    Finally, we want writers and artists to answer a few, short essay questions and tell us who you are as a creator. Describe your voice and your vision —what do you believe you have to offer the world? The answers won’t take long to write, but they will take some time to think about. (And artists, don’t be intimidated if writing isn’t your thing. We’re looking for substance here, not style.)

    Got it? Get started. You don’t have to complete everything now —our system can save your work, just make sure to click “Save Draft” at the bottom of the page so you can begin now and tackle it a piece at a time.

    DC Superpowered
    Superman wasn’t just the first superhero: he was an immigrant, an American, and an enduring symbol of our shared ideals. But as an explosion of comic book heroes took place over the second half of the 20th century, there was something missing. Despite an enduring Black readership, it took decades before the first Black heroes appeared, and once they did, they remained uncommon. Even the most prominent Black heroes usually appeared in stories written and illustrated by white creators.

    Enter Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T. Dingle. With talent, vision, and tenacity, these four Black creators carved a place for themselves in an industry that didn’t always welcome or understand them. Despite their success, they were frustrated by the dearth of other Black creators in their field, and the resistance they met in trying to tell stories that reflected their own experiences and perspectives.

    DC story-1-480
    So they founded Milestone Media —a company that placed Black superheroes at the center of the action with their Milestone comics line, and which would make an inclusive space for Black and underrepresented comic book creators to flourish and succeed.

    Milestone hit like a space pod crashing to Earth —and its impact has continued to this day. Now, Milestone Media, is helmed by Reginald Hudlin and Denys Cowan, and DC is relaunching Milestone Comics and reintroducing its characters to new audiences, but we understand that there’s still much more work to be done to continue the mission of Milestone’s founders.

    That’s why, with Ally as our partner, we’ve created The Milestone Initiative. While Milestone Media is about telling the stories of Black heroes, The Milestone Initiative is about empowering the creators who can tell those stories in ways that are resonant, real, and revolutionary. The program is part of DC’s talent development program, Next Generation DC (NGDC), and is designed to identify, educate, spotlight, and empower the next generation of Black and diverse creators in our field so that the stories of the next century are truly reflective of the world around us.

    Throughout American history —in the comic book industry as well as in other creative fields —Black and other underrepresented creators have been consistent innovators and visionaries despite systems that work to exclude them. Now, as comic books take center stage in popular culture, DC, WarnerMedia, and Ally want to change that with The Milestone Initiative. The Milestone Media founders started the mission. It’s time for you to pick up their mantle.

    DC story-2-480

    DC Milestone (dcuniverse.com)

    1. richardmurray


      @Mel Hopkins @Troy  I have already figured out my story. I will have it all submitted by tomorrow mid afternoon. it is open to all, I hope you go for it.

    2. richardmurray




      Please write a script for an 8-page story featuring Icon and Rocket, based on the story prompt below. Your script needs to be a self-contained story and should follow the standard comic book script format. We will be looking most closely at structure and flow, as well as the entertainment value of your story, in addition to your ability to properly portray these well-established characters through dialogue and actions.

      Icon & Rocket 8 Page Story Prompt
      Icon and Rocket are in their civilian guises, in a world city of your choice, sampling local cuisine and discussing a cultural topic of your choice (Icon, as always, taking the long and inherently traditional view of things, and Rocket arguing passionately for the view of her generation), when a super-powered or extraordinary threat menaces the city. Ideally, the threat or ensuing action resonates in an interesting way with their conversation, leading to an exciting conclusion that challenges them to better understand each other’s points of view. Remember to write with spectacular visuals and action pacing in mind, including a splash page and other dramatic moments for your artist to show.


      Please draw the 3-page story sequence. Current Static writer Vita Ayala wrote the story, which represents the type of script you will see as a DC artist. Your artwork for these pages should be black and white only. Full pencils are required. Inks are optional. We will be looking most closely at page layout and storytelling, along with the quality and dynamism of your illustrations.


      Your story should adhere to DC’s standard technical requirements, which are:

      Standard comic trim = 6.325 inches x 10.1875 inches (16.0655 cm x 25.87625 cm)
      Image safe area should be .25 inches (0.635 cm) inside of the trim (gutter)
      Bleed area is .125 inches (0.3175 cm) outside the trim (draw to the edge)
      Pencils: 300 dpi grayscale
      Inks: 600 dpi grayscale or bitmap




    3. richardmurray



      Michael Davis, Milestone Founder, Applies To Milestone Initiative
      Posted on October 19, 2021 by Rich Johnston|Comments
      Michael Davis was one of the co-founders of Milestone Media, and used his own life story when creating the background and bible for their most successful character, Static. He ran a mentorship programme through his production studio Bad Boys, which he used to help find talent for Milestone, including the late John Paul Leon, whose first comic book job was drawing Static #1.

      This weekend, DC Comics announced the new Milestone Initiative at DC Fandome to serve "Black and underrepresented" comic book creators, as part of their new talent development programme, Next Generation DC (NGDC) stating that "if stories are what shape the world we live in, then the storytellers should reflect that world. The Milestone Initiative is looking for the next generation of Black and diverse comic book creators" who are ready to enter the comic book industry at a professional level. DC states that "throughout American history —in the comic book industry as well as in other creative fields —Black and other underrepresented creators have been consistent innovators and visionaries despite systems that work to exclude them."

      This was all news to Michael Davis, of course. DC hasn't involved him in any of the new Milestone projects. So he did the next best thing. And I have to say, when he told me, I burst out laughing. Michael Davis has applied to join the Milestone Initiative.

      So what kind of credentials has he given, as well as a co-founder of Milestone Media and co-creator of the original launch titles? Well, his Bad Boy Studios launches the careers of Aaron McGruder, John Paul Leon, Bernard Chang, Brett Lewis, , Christopher Sotomayor, N. Steven Harris, Shawn Martinbrough Kevin McCarthy, Phil Jimenez, DC Comics' first Latina editor Alisande Morales, Walter McDaniel – the owner and CEO of Red Dragon Studios, the only African American-owned animation studio in China, Jason Medley –  now a senior designer at Warner Bros, TV art director/producer Chuck Drost, hip hop designer Willie Esco and Jamaican TV anchorman Basil Reid. In 1996 he was Mentor Of The Year according to Mentor Magazine. It was also the year he had T%he Michael Davis Auditorium named after him at the Gordon Parks Academy.

      As well as being a facilitator for comic book projects such as  The Fifth Beatle, he also created and hosted The Black Panel at every San Diego Comic-Con, becoming the most non-Big Two attended regular panel at the show. Then there was his Guardian Line Universe was launched by Christian publishing and media firm, UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc) developed to appeal to a multicultural audience, with a focus on African American youth, selling over two million issues directly into the Black household and church. He also created The Action Files, a low-level reading program for schools to be integrated into Viacom entertainment companies, first distributed through Simon & Schuster, and still, the only comic book reading program curriculum taught in any school system to this day. The program now published through Pearson Learning has added a curriculum-free version available on am*zon. And recently, has been working on a new publishing initiative called Level Next with Wayne Brady.

      Maybe some of those will help him be picked for the Milestone Initiative? You know, as well as co-founding Milestone in the first place?


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