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    Somewhere online I read a commentary concerning the situation of Brittney Griner in Russia.


    First commentor 

    Listening to a radio show this morning and they were discussing this and one of the female DJs said "To be honest I don't think they would use her as a political pawn because this country doesn't value or respect Black women and it would be a lost cause." and honestly I agree with her.
    Second commentor
    I don’t know…they don’t necessarily value black folks in general. They don’t care what happens to her either.


    Now most Black people in the world , or the USA in particular, know comments like these. Black folk love using pronouns for the white community or the usa or the united kingdom or white power. I do have a huge dislike when Black people say they instead of whites. I truly feel we, meaning Black people, have to stop that pronoun crap. Say whitey. That isn't hurting them. 
    But, after clarifying who they is, a question, a functional question comes to my mind. 
    What do Black individuals who live in the USA want for the Black community, I can ask for the world but I will not go there, in the USA fifty years from now? 
    If so many Black people know whites don't like them, and the government they live in is controlled by whites, then what do black individuals want for the black community down the road? 
    It seems to me, Black individuals don't speak about what they want for the Black community. I know what Black individuals want for themselves. That is easy. Every Black person has heard another Black person say, I want benjamins, I want to be respected, I .. I ... I something. But, what does the Black Individual want for the Black community?

    It isn't one answer for all, it is each having their own answer, but what is it? Cause I don't hear many Black people saying what they want for the Black community down the road?  If nothing, that is fine, but say it even.




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