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  1. March 31st 2022, the last day of Women's History Month in the year 2022


    In a segment on Metrofocus, Gloria Browne Marshall, author of the book "She Took Justice" spoke about many things. Her key point is also the main theme of the book, the role of Black women in the USA as agents of litigious behavior. The word litigious was originally a slur. The idea being one who goes to court with an unhealthy passion. I think Black women in the USA see litigious behavior as mandatory for the non-violent while positively active progression in the Black community in the USA or for each Black individual in the USA. 
    I restate, Black women see in the legal code in the USA an empowerment against non-blacks but also against men. It is not that the law in the USA is perfect or a complete work. The law in the USA has in its elements, a lack of allowed collective bias that exists in many legal codes. That lack of a collective bias gives room for the individual to grow. 
    The historical proof to my assertion is the role of Black women in non violent movements in the Black community in the USA from the end of the war between the states to the time this prose was written. Black christian churches or groups, the national association for the advancement of colored people, the garvey movement, the historical black colleges movement financially supported by white religious groups, the Negro league, the Black Panthers for self defense. Black women historically make up a majority of said groups administrative members or members in whole. 
    I recall a Black woman from texas, her Black clan still own their house from the late 1800s,  stated a story from past generations. In the tale, the matriarch of the family, told two nephews to leave for Chicago. The nephews wanted to enact violence upon the whites who have never stopped harassing this black clan for this house or land. The local white community successfully obtained most of the land or homes from said Black clans black neighbors. But, even though before during or after the nephews were sent north, whites harassed the Black clan, the female leaders of said clan always fight in the courts. They don't accept violent measures. 
    Litigious behavior from Black women is not meant to demand fairness or guarantee justice. The litigious behavior is about the self. It is the collective concept from a majority of Black women, an unproven point on my part, that nonviolent response only has one true battleground and that is courts. why? Sometimes one does not have money. Sometimes one does not have the ability to leave. The Black community in the USA is, common in history, financially impotent or culturally locked. Sequentially, absent use of arms which do cost money, what way can one battle for their rights? the courts. 
    Black men or women in the USA want betterment for the Black community in the USA or beyond. But Nat Turner to the DC Snipers show many examples of Black male ideas of betterment involve a use of violence that most Black men desire or accept, even if they do not exhibit, while most Black women oppose, in the USA. 
    You have to believe in the rule of law. Most Black men clearly do not. Black women do not think the Statian law is structured or utilized efficiently, or fairly, but they hold onto the idea that the USA's system of law at its core has human equality in it. That quality can not save all from a punch or bullet or violence, but said quality offers someone who may be alone, may be fiscally poor, maybe abused a pathway to overcome violence, without being violent. The USA law does not make winds stop fires or produce blades to cut ropes or adjust minds to Black enemies whether they be non black or not. But the USA law has a strength in its elemental philosophy , while slow or requiring long term patience beyond any individuals time to live, that can outmuscle the rule of might or money or violence all through a firmness of belief that any human can have in any condition. 
    Black women, a phenotypical gender group, are the heart of the USA's mythos. Black women have guided all other women, to the Native American woman's benefit whose male partner has been mostly killed, or against the White woman whose actions show a desire to replace her male counterpart while not desire any equality across the board. And while white men battling with arms created the USA, its existence as a functional multiracial community is born from Black women's litigious behavior. 
    To Black men in the USA, we have always had a hard time accepting the leadership of Black women. The evidence is ever present. From Black churches after the war between the states opposing Black women as pastors. To administrations of many organizations from Black churches to the nation of islam to the national association for the advancement of colored people to historical black colleges to the Black panthers for self defense, having very few publicly touted Black female leaders while Black women made up a majority of their administrations or did a majority of their logistic work. Black men , sadly perhaps a majority, desire the domination the white man has over the white woman. All I Can say is to not change your heart. IF you want violence, make it. Black history whether in the USA or Haiti or Mexico or Brazil or Venezuela or Guyana or Nigeria or Ethiopia or India or Indonesia or Philippines or Australia in the most recent centuries is full of whites from there or somewhere abusing blacks. But, Black women in the USA and through the USA to the global Black community show a determination to prove the Black community can thrive everywhere absent the rebuttal of violence that men in general favor. Do not get in Black women's way. Help them even if the best way is to leave. 

    MetroFocus: April 28, 2021

    Roughly a decade ago, Civil Rights Attorney and John Jay College of Criminal Justice Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall started work on what would become “She Took Justice: The Black Woman, Law, and Power -- 1619 to 1969.” The book reveals the courage Black women have demonstrated in the face of overwhelming racial prejudice and gender oppression. She joins us to discuss these true American heroes.


    She Took Justice from Gloria J Browne-Marshall
    The Black Woman, Law, and Power – 1619 to 1969

    her twitter


    Khabarla HAriya is a newspaper in India, run completely by women. But the women are not parsi which literally means persian or from the time of this writing, Iran. They are Dalits, who are considered one of the lowest caste, along with Siddi's. What do you have to comprehend about Asia. The indigenous people of India/Pakistan/all the parts of former Siam which was a chinese tributary state, current Philippines or Indonesia are all Black. Black defined as a skin of a dark brown. But like North Africa, said countries in asia  have been dominated by whites of Asia or Europe, for centuries. Sequentially, most of the people in power in places like Egypt or India are not indigenous to those countries. In egypt, most fiscally wealthy egyptians are actually eastern european descended, from the mamluks. While most fiscally wealthy Indians are of Iranian descent. 
    In India, people in the USA commonly called Black are called Dark or Dallit or Siddi or similar. In asia Black is considered representing Black people of Africa. But not all Black people are African. The eskimo is indigenous but not Black. The Seminoles, a collection of indigenous groups, are indigenous like the Eskimo, but they are Black. 
    The video linked below speaks for itself. But the points to take is the idea of litigious behavior, non-violent behavior as vital to the growth of Black women, especially against male aggression, primarily from Black men.  India is a nuclear powered country. A fiscally wealthy country. Its people's are Black. Its leadership is white, ala Egypt or South Africa. So consider this when you think on the persistence of Black women when they speak on Black men's behavior.


    their website

    their youtube



    I shared Harriet Washington's book before but I will share it again

    Medical Aparthied
    The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present

    her twitter



    Bill Maher referred to men in general , or his the polls he cited refer to men in general, but I offer a question. 
    To black men in any relationship, married or girlfriended, do you lust for your significant other?
    I did not say  like or love. I said lust. Offline I asked Black men, who are not strangers, in various places. Do you want to make love to your wife? I should had asked, do you want to fuck, but that style is not common to my offline speech. 
    And the question is, do you want to fuck? 
    Making love is beautiful, erotic, pleasurable. While lust is clearly carnal, a thing of the body, it has its own purity or power. 
    Now you may ask, what does male lust toward women matter in the context of women's empowerment. I say a lot. As women group, individually or collectively, men need to learn to do in majority what we have not been guided by past male generations or in media we own to do. Desire strong women. How many people see porn movie's entitled, gangbang ass blasters 16? From porn to music videos to many films, males are not presented or guided to desire a strong woman. Strength defined as independent from males or others in general. The independent woman is a difficulty, the independent woman is a challenge, the independent woman is mentally deranged. The woman you lust for is a living toy, a mechanical servant, an affordable commodity. 
    I have always viewed lust as partly about what you like to touch. From Black women berating black men in the home for their illegal activity while making money to Black women trying to be reporters while their communities starting with their husbands deem them antagonistic to the order of the world, Black men have to embrace the beauty of Black female independence. But that independence is not leading to a world where men are needed for money or opportunity. That independence is leading to a world where men are needed for three things with no attachments made of rings or papers or religion or clothing or money or bank accounts but supported by patience. The three things are love, liking, lust. 




    “Hey Chris, I won’t be at the Academy Awards, and I won’t be watching,” she said in the video. “But I can’t think of a better man to do the job at hand this year than you, my friend.”
    I shared Jada Pinkett's quote cause I recall a video of Chris Rock's response to Pinkett at the Oscars. No I have not watched any Oscars in my life and yes, this past weekend as well. I recall Rock replied in a video saying "we don't want you here"
    My point is, Pinkett didn't focus on anything but the academy awards but Rock's reply was very personal. His words, and I didn't hear his whole joke, suggests the majority at the Oscars at that time were jubilant Pinkett didn't come or dismissive of the Film Academy's inequality or lack of quality. 
    He replied violently to a litigious argument. Later Will Smith replied violently to him after aiding in a mock to his wife with laughter. All Jada Pinkett did was show disapproval to Rock's joke, she never got up and made any physical gesture, which as one woman noted, is against the law. 
    My point is the dissonance between Black Women's litigious culture and Black Men's violent culture.


    Question, do Blacks need to care about non Black viewpoints?
    When one is litigious, one cares about the nature of the court of law. The court of law is a place of opinion. This is why, law enforcers who commit crimes or illegalities can get leaner sentences from the same judge who placed an uncommon or harsher penalty on a first time offender who is Black. 
    One of the big contentious points between the Black genders is the consideration of the non Black. The non violent culture Black women brew demands a respect to the consideration of the non black , a potential enemy or stranger. The violent culture Black men desire, though do not brew as a group <at least functionally>, is by default unconcerned to considerations of the non black, regardless to whether enemy or stranger. 
    My point, Black people will be completely free when we don't care about the opinions of the non Black. But, on the road to that freedom , which will occur one day as it existed in the past, Black people must be delicate in how we consider the opinion of our actions in or out of our village.   


    1. richardmurray


      I Am Writing A Letter To Congress About Judge Brown



      My Reply not given 
      I don't know if you wrote a letter or will write a letter. I don't know who you will send a letter to , or if you will not send it.
      I wish Ketanji Brown well, I assume she will be confirmed, I don't concur to her governing philosophy.
      But, if you want to know what I think need to be in a letter of support about KEtanji Brown Jackson. It is the following.

      The United States of America was born with two things, a reality side a philosophical ideal. 
      The reality we all know though never said: imperial/fiscally greedy/enslaving boaster country whose people have never paid for its sins witin its boundaries or beyond. 
      The philosophical ideal is advertised as the reality from before the USA was founded to the timing of this prose. Said ideal is that all humans are of one clan, not always family, not always friend, sometimes enemy, sometimes rival, and if law is designed with elements absent religion, absent financial greed, absent revenge, then its rule is a foundation of civility, an aspect that trancends human history as mandatory for the survival or growth of any people.
      In the USA , if you break up all into phenotypical plus gender groups, KEtanji Brown is a Black Woman. Black Women have functionalized the philosophical ideal more than any other similar group in the USA, from their homes to boardrooms or classrooms or the street. KEtanji Brown who is not married to a Black person, while having a career based on merit in the bureaucracy of the government, presents the philosophical ideal. She is married to one whose people some say merit a vendetta upon them. She has a career of opportunity through patience, not power or inheritance, in a government that is hisorically an enemy to her people. 
      HAving a representative of Black Women , whose life reflects said philosophical ideal, on the Supreme Court of the USA is the most verified representation to an ideal that was and is not present or real, but is the hair of hope that the rule of law hangs on.

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