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    I don't know if Frank James was the shooter in the subway, but if he was, he offers an interesting query challenge.

    NYC's black community always had black people in it, who love to suggest a usage of violence is incorrect. The reason why is complicated, it isn't merely about right or wrong. But, one of the juxtaposes between white controlled media of nyc /the black church in the black community of NYC/black employed class in NYC is the idea of gun violence in the Black community as something of youth. The narrative is, the youth must get the violence out of them. But, Frank James is sixty something years old. Frank James was an elder teen in the 1970s. So Frank James is not a Black person who is without a decades long look at the Black community in NYC, in NYS, in the USA and with that a high potential for a very honest while negative appraisal of many things in this area. 

    Many will suggest mental imbalance, as in NYC that is suggested for anyone who is violent. From white media to many or most black homes in NYC, mental dysfunction or imbalance is always the reason behind any violence as if, being violent can not be from a mentally sane person, which of course is a lie. 



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    2. richardmurray


      @Stefan It all boils down to a simple question. 

      Is the Black Individual free to do as they want in the USA today? For many black people, I don't think most but I can be rong,  in the usa the answer is yes. I say this with offline conversations in mind side other Black folk in the usa. Sequentially, if you are Black in the usa and you feel the Black Individual is free to be in the usa, then you may view the power of the White collective is between nonexistent/mute/irrelevant. 

      White power is not an individual force. It is collective, and thus the only way Black people can defend themselves from it is with Black power. but Black power requires a Black communalism/collectivism that by default is against how many Black people in the USA interpret being an individual in the USA. 


    3. Stefan


      Dude, please stop using that word sequentially. Because you're employing it incorrectly.

      And cut down on your word count. Stop insulting your readers as if they are completely clueless about the world.

      You honestly sound as if you are speaking to fourth graders or folks who were magically transported here from a hidden jungle or a cave. 

    4. richardmurray


      @Stefan I explain my positions, it is verbose, but I find online, people love to make positions absent explanation and I oppose that. outside of that, I can only advise you to look at less of my prose

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