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  1. A statistic says that in the usa since 2020 more and more parents are financially supporting children 18 and over, but statistics from labor say jobs are in surplus....

    A statistics from the NYPD says that black hate crimes has gone up 100%, like jeiwsh hate crime, and asian hate crime went down from last year, but nyc media never shows a person not white incarcerated or in police custody after a hate crime to black people...

    The party of andrew jackson tried to gerrymander a map and was found unconstitutional by ny state constitution while state laws in texas or elsewhere allow for gerrymandering, but people keep saying one party or another are decent...

    The lies... amazing:) 

    1. richardmurray


      In amendment, most of the ny state judges that voted the redistricting map unconstitutional were appointed by andrew cuomo :)

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