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  1. ProfD  < ProfD - AALBC.com’s Discussion Forums > truth...




    partial , before the secession in the french-british war <called french - indian usually> and after in the war of 1812  you can see the british were willing to use natives or blacks to counter whites in the usa. Which to be blunt, ProfD is strategically a different situation. The british are not good, they were an empire, all empires are based on power, not goodness. but, all empires are willing to make arrangement in their fringes, ala the roman empire which in germania created the seeds for the vandals later. The roman empire didn't love the vandals, but the vandals served a function.  To me , your making too light of the strategic need of the british empire to have a minority in its favor , in the same way the usa supports israel in the arab world. Israel is given constant support, this is not cause most whites in the usa, are in love with white jews, this is cause they serve a function. 


    fair enough.. let goodness be where it is


    fair enough... I think leaders have levels of quality


    and same


    I think desire is the most important factor. I have never believed anyone is as ignorant as they seem


    Good point, I want to add, dispirited people are the farthest, beyond the mind is the heart. When the heart quits that is stronger than the mind's distance.


    I think racism is human and thus as long as humans exists racism will, the question is how we humans manage it. It doesn't have to be managed to obsolescence or cruelty


    Cynique < Cynique - AALBC.com’s Discussion Forums >  your right, add the native american. And beyond american, racism is as human as love or hate or selflessness, all are human. Nothing to dispute. Those who complain the most want something in their favor. Black people, native americans, women... have a lot of complaints. Nothing to dispute. The only thing is certain, is sooner or later, everybody gets their time at the top of the pyramid. The question is, will your group be at the top when you are alive:) 


    Yeah, justice is abstract because most think justice is about a universal truth or a universal balance, but it itsn't. Justice is determined by that which is in power at the time. Those in power changes and everyone can't be in power at the same time. 


    Yeah , it is boring isn't it. But as I have opined alot recently in this forum. If you are bored, try different things. The black populace in the usa has done nearly everything peacefully possible to live integrated with whites.  Very few things black people haven't done to make it better without violence. so... 


    thank you for coming out your corner:) 


    1. richardmurray


      Pioneer1 < Pioneer1 - AALBC.com’s Discussion Forums

      In my mind you posit a great question. The IRA was only a few hundred people. So from a historical point of view, I see your point. But in my mind, I wonder. The black community in the usa, like the native american , is in a very unique position. Not in terms of being abused as a minority but in the scale of abuse in the country in question. White jews have always been abused in europe but never to the scale. Even during the nazi era in germany, some white jews were given lenience or ease in a way never given to anyone black, or native american,  in similar moments in the usa. 

      I ponder the question you posit. you didn't ask it, but it is in there. 


      Your correct and thus maybe one of the problems. Again, when humans talk of a better tomorrow anywhere, they rarely ask about that which has not occurred. thus my point about a black party of governance. I don't know the future. but if we look at what hasn't happened, what hasn't occurred, maybe that can break the :) boring cycles. Maybe the black populace in the usa has allowed too much individualism in itself. Is the white populace in control in the usa? 100% . I am not suggesting that black people are in control. I am not suggesting anything is easy. but maybe that needs to happen internally in the black populace in the usa.  And I am not suggesting most black people in the usa today are onboard with anything like what I suggests as new things to do. But, maybe we go in circles in the usa cause we are doing the same things.


      and your right, my parents were there and didn't shy away from telling me the truth as a child... I can even argue maybe too many black adults lie to black children about the past. again, another thing we don't do.  So many of our forebears didn't speak about the past? was that helpful? perhaps. I am not trying to suggest I have all the answers. but  I argue, black people maybe need to tell our children some hard truths early on. stop expecting them to learn them and instead tell them . Cause I am certain most black parents at least, in certain communities in nyc, are very negligent in speaking about our phenotypical history with whites. I am not talking about telling black children to do good, or to be wary of law enforcement. I mean to get to the nitty gritty of what community did what to make the system of things we live in today... 


      I will like to add, black entertainers  in the usa have another issue. As entertainers they all to often live by salary to whites with money who govern the system. sequentially, black entertainers are simply not in a strong enough space in their individual lives to risk communicating to black betterment without concern to white backlash. I concur that many entertainers in their actions show a lack of knowledge to the black populace, or black culture or black history. But I want to add, most black entertainers live with a mask on. And make their individual profit in the least secure financial place, which is the arts. 

      I concur to your point but we black people tend to forget, real estate/manufacturing/energy sector, these industries are not dominated by whites by accident. these industries are where real power resides and as our forebears were enslaved, and our leaders from the end of complete slavery to today haven't led us to make our own space in the usa, we have a long way to go to own/control the kind of resources where a black person can speak without reprimand by whites. We need more than entertainers to be the leaders but as a nonviolent peoples and in my opinion, black people in the usa are the most nonviolent behind the native american, entertainment is one of the few places where we can grow. IT will take alot of time for us to be in control of such industries to speak out in the usa. 



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