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    It is a video


    everyone knows that the civil rights act was initially for the black community and became extended to all non white males, and with the immigration act the "flooding" was applied. It shouldn't be a secret.

    But the sister's , the immigration lawyers, point is true. The south carolina guy was rude to her. Yes, illegal immigrants are used to do two jobs: block blacks , descended of enslaved, from a job plus also have a person willing to get a lower wage, who is most illegal immigrants. 

    The lazy narrative is from white media. But, the USA is why countries around humanity are poor, or dysfunctional. From eastern europe to south east asia to west africa to the entirety of south america, the hand of the USA brews dysfunctional poor countries all throughout humanity. Thus drives their populaces desire to immigrate and no country accepts immigration like the usa. It is a perfect circle. 

    The problem I have with the narrator is she is missing the point. She is focusing on the battle for jobs when the true issue is ownership. if Black people owned more then they will not have a problem with wages, cause more blacks are employed by... blacks.  If I own a movie studio , the scale of Disney, and I mostly hire black people throughout the labor sectors then that actually helps black people. 

    Kinda Velloza is correct. Immigrants still pay taxes. 

    The south carolina guy really doesn't like kinda velloza... it stings, I wonder if they know each other or met each other on the talk circuit before cause wow! 

    She is black from guyana, you are black from south carolina, please find a room and have hot sex. 

    To guyana, guyana recently found oil! but the government of guyana isn't some socialist, egalitarian government. It is like Gabon, or Angola, two other recent oil states that , yeah, black oil barons, but these countries don't have governments built on communalization. These governments are tribal in nature. full of clans who place themselves in halls of power. 

    Of course, I have travelled to various places. I know for certain that many tribes in the village exist. 

    I love how Tammi Mac doesn't use the word whites. I know this is fox. I am glad Tariq used that word whites. 

    One point is, this show need to be on TVOne. I am not saying that I want the sister to lose her show, but part of the problem with black people is we have to use black owned media entities more. Even though the scaling of black media is too small. 

    The issue of how Black immigrants from the caribbean or africa view the usa is complex. As people from fiscal poor countries, they adore the possibility in the usa. As black people, they respect the Black populace in the USA. As black people in a country controlled by white power, they know of the phenotypical bias but it is set in stone and has gone on for so long it isn't viewed as challengeable. 

    Gregg Dixon is historically short. Black leaders circa 1860s , in particular the Black church, supported integration. They didn't fight for ownership. They didn't fight for all the things Tariq or Marcel suggested. 

    The problem is complicated for the Black populace in the USA.  

    I love how Tammi Mac admitted Black americans seperate themselves when they get those PHd's and all the panelist laughed:) which is telling.

    I love how the freddi guy wasn't listening and blamed the biden administration for the trump, amazing.

    Kinda Velloza's point is correct about immigration law. The rule of law is supposed to be a factor of peace. if the rule of law doesn't matter to those who are being influenced by the USA, which is illegal immigrants being detained then, it is a slippery slop. 

    Yes, immigrants in latin america, can not walk to spain. And brasil... the flavelas in brasil isn't an upgrade to some one from central america.

    The host forgot the lawyer came from guyana , not ghana. 

    People come to the USA because most governments in humanity are controlled by clans. If you take out, China/Russia/USA/some western european governments, most other governments are run by clans.

    The blood of the murdered native american by whites is actually the foundation of the USA, not the labor of blacks or the domination of whites or the dreams of other immigrants whether unwilling or willing. 

    The problem in this show, like many of these talk shows,  is the points don't lead to solutions.

    Gregg Dixon , who wants to be an elected official, but is part of a party of governance that he himself says is opposed to his position.  So what is the solution. Run independent or start your own party. He loves history. History proves the usa at one time had only one party, then became two and throughout its history has added more and more with varying success.  

    Tariq Nasheed is clearly a DOSer, or I will use his term Foundational Black. But he is an artist, like myself. I am not knocking down being an artists. But, the artists with the most money in modernity, don't control the water, energy, food, construction. Foundational Black Americans need infrastructure support. As an artists, he can only get money for his work. Unless he is going to spend all the money he makes on infrastrcture needs, at best he is like myself at this moment, a charlatan. A pulpiter, which I can't stand, but is the truth. 

    Kinda Velloza says the non immigrant Black populace has to engage more functionally to the USA. And let the immigrant community be. In her mind, Black unity is lose. She accepts the tribes in the village motif I usually use. All she wants is for the various Black tribes to stop attacking each other. 

    Samuel Q Elira is a candidate as well, he wants to make things better. He doesn't have any answers. But he thinks Black people need to unite cross tribes in the village. As an elected official to prince george's , a majority black county I think. Maybe he can usher great inter black communication and effort in that county. 

    I wish the host would had focused on what these people wanted and how to get there. I find most of these shows, not merely black social commentary but white or women or asian or latino or anybody, social commentary shows are focused on cross arguments, when I think statin solutions is a better use of time. 


    I love how Kinda got the last word on the south carolina guy:) hilarious:) 

    I laughed a lot, lovely. I love banter. 

    1. richardmurray




      Many of these social commentary shows, from like it is with gil noble to le grand librarie in france to this have one , in my view, dysfunctional structure. They don't focus on solving the guests problems with their strategies.

      Gregg Dixon- is trying to be an elected official, whose slogan is to improve the black descended of enslaved community will improve the entirety of the usa.  thus he wants a country whose populace is not mostly descended of enslaved people to support his agenda and use the black populace of south carolina as a seat to make legislative strides to said agenda. But his strategy has flaws. First, he himself admits that the donkeys don't serve his agenda. so he is part of a party of governance against his agenda, by his own words, but has in the other major party a clear opponent to his agenda. He seems to know history somewhat, so he must know the usa first had one party then became two, andrew jackson, then became two major with minors till today. So make a minor party in south carolina's black community is the solution to his strategies flaws. 

      Tariq Nasheed- is an artist. He makes money by people buying his art. But until he makes enough money to financially support Foundational Black Americans, he is merely a preacherman. He is asking a people he stated are historically abused to finance his art work and be inspired by it, but doesn't suggest what he will do if he achieved millions or more dollars for his books. I assume it will be to write another book. 

      Kinda Velloza - is an immigration lawyer whose parents were Black immigrants from Guyana. A country that recently became an oil state and whose government is run by a set of clans, like most nouveau oil state governments of black countries <ala Gabon or Angola> in humanity. Her point from a very fortunate position is Black DOSers need to fight their fight and not attack recent Black immigrants. She admitted her personal tale, which I have heard from many others who are Black but recent immigrant as well. And she admitted it is not up to recent Black immigrants to concern themselves with DOSers fight. so, she offers a strategy that actually has function. Black DOSers get their tribe together, recognize many more Black tribes exists in the usa <jamaican/nigerian/guyanan/indian/ and more>, stop blaming recent Black immigrants from wherever or demanding recent Black immigrants from wherever take up your fight. And Black tribes need to stop hurting each other.  I said in this very community similar. Each tribe has to figure out how to grow and each tribe has different situations. But they can all do it. I will add, lets be better than booker t washington/frederick douglass/web dubois/marcus garvey whose time and movements collided too much. I think douglass and Dubois the younger were particularly negative, whereas Washington + Garvey simply failed to reach where they needed, but the legacy of their movements is in memory. 

      Samuel Q Elira - says he wants to be an elected official of prince george's county which is a black county by majority populace. Financially above average,a la the black rich. so his goal of communal cohesion in prince george's county's  black populace is probably achievable absent any true effort by him. For he didn't suggest any ideas. All he suggested was pleas of positivity or unity. Which are not negatives but are not plans. And prince george's country when DC United , an MLS sports team, had a black majority owner, disproved of a stadium in that county. so, prince george's county has black people in it with money but not necessarily the greatest imagination when it comes to black wealth building. 


      My extended comment




      SHows like this need to be on TVOne which is black owned. Why doesn't black enterprise have a show on TVOne for this or Sharpton's action network. I am not knocking the sister, nor do I want fox to cancel her show. Fox black is an attempt by Fox to be more relavant as the murdoch clan broke up the fox media giant into three much weaker pieces, one piece sold to disney. so... I get it, but Black ownership has to be first in the usa, if war or weapons are not be used.


      IN AMENDMENT AGAIN- for a little laugh

      For the record,  Dixon wants to lay with Velloza. All men have four women we infatuate with. Ones we love, ones we lust, ones we like, and ones we can't stand. Many black men as boys fantasized about ororo munroe with the iman accent , drawn all inhuman , and reply to her beckoning, I'm comin baby.  .. anyway... The way he kept blocking her speech, it is clear he thinks on her. he literally picked on her. I wish she would had asked him to lick her pussy. I wonder if he would had paused if she did that or had an immediate response, gardless her ring.

    2. richardmurray



      their leaders utilize a strategy that demands of them as individuals to accept an unfair scenario for the sake of peace


      The following doesn't relate to Black people anywhere but in the USA...

      Black folks in the USA have always doubted the elephants or the donkeys, the strategy is to make either of them better from the inside. The problem is that strategy while non violent + non confrontational to whites requires a very long time to work. And black leaders have never had the courage to admit to the larger black populace that they must learn to accept abuses on the way. The purpose of the strategy is to be nonviolent or non confrontational to whites and within the black community to make either party stronger and thus mold the usa into the country frederick douglass dreamed it would be. 

      Yes, circa 1965 most Black people had lived a life of fear , remember enslavement wasn't a joke it wasn't merely unpaid labor it was total true domination. So most blacks feared whites in a deep personal way. The majority of black leaders at that time, who were not modern style entertainers, were all advocates and most formerly enslaved. So they al were used to patronage from white people. Thus, between the honest fear plus hatred the majority of black people had side the infatuation with a positive link to whites that most black leaders were addicted to. You get the strategy of working in white institutions: the military <from the army to the local city law enforcer,  instead of promoting a black security/military force>, the two primary parties of governance <I call the donkeys or elephants, focusing on them not making a black party> , white owned firms <ala being ceo's of firms over owning their own>. 

      The end goal is the idea that all peoples in the usa are empowered if all the individuals in each community/race/tribe/group/populace/rank/order/gender/range/language/age/religion or other grouping term place position in what already exist over making distinct alternatives. 

      Native Americans don't need their own military even though they have been tormented by the US military if they join the us military and over time the US military serves them.

      Black Americans don't need to own their own fiscal firms even though they were enslaved to white owned financial operations if they become employed to these firms and over time the firms serves them.

      Women don't need their own governments even though they have been dominated and controlled by men in the US government if they join the US governments and over time the government will serve them. 

      The strategy is individuals push into spaces forcing their makeup to be multiracial, while rejecting their own tribal connections which rejects biases in the future. It is a non violent or non confrontational strategy. 

      The problem is the time it takes for individuals to force a multiracial functionality into monoracial institutions to succeed will be by default longer than anything through violence <war ala most countries history/anarchism/terrorism ala the irish> or tribalism<the nation of islam or the kkk, neither of which represents black or white people but both suggest they do > or communalism <ala the back to africa or booker t washington's movement> 

      Most people get frustrated and most leaders are unable for various reasons to admit to the masses, the one by one of individuals changing institutions will take a very long time and be full of failures/rejections/defeats/pains for most of the people being led. 

      This is why the strong people lead themselves tactic gets mentioned alot. The idea is, if more individuals accept the strategy and what it means. That individuals have to get through the hurdles without help and are not to help others after they do. It will make it faster. But, that is the weakness in the strategy. Humans are by default of the monkey tribe, and monkeys are by default communal. The group always takes precedence over individualism. 

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