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  1. Original comment

    Pioneer1 after reading greg's comment, it seems his solution is in two parts: 1 every black woman must be married 2 every black man must be a loving financially able partner.


    The problem is, the assumptions.

    1. that a fiscally poor or unemployed child or adult from a happy home or part of a happy home will not roam the streets or commit illegalities or commit crimes for profit. 

    2. that unmarried parents are by default bad parents. That is another false assumption.




    In my view, he offers solutions he thinks will work but they are flawed for the scope of the problems is beyond the solutions he offers. 


    PEople forget many black people or people in the usa in general moonshined, not because they came from broken homes or bad homes or unpleasant homes but for money. Black people from blues players to migrant farmers , didn't try hustles, try illegalities or crimes cause of some learned home traits. this was their financial reality coming to bear. HAttie mcdaniel didn't want to be a maid in real life. many black people who don't want jobs that are to be blunt, going no where, but don't have a legal financial path use others, and in the world of illegality is always crime. 


    And I know everyone knows the following or before, but I must say, people forget, the concept behind social welfare programs isn't to be a constant. The idea behind them is that the private will financially grow in time and absorb people in the welfare state. I think many people in the world forget the point of the welfare state isn't to be a constant in a person's life but to be a pillow on the way down so one doesn't commit illegalities in fiscal desperation but also can wait for the private sector to get better. The problem is, all industries or firms have ups and down and some of them have deep downs where they are not recovering. The problem in the usa from a labor perspective is simple, the usa has been losing favorable pay jobs for decades and hasn't replaced them. Yes, tech jobs exist but tech jobs will never replace what the automotive industry was able to provide before its heavy mechanization. Tech jobs will never replace what the farming industry before its heavy mechanization was able to provide. Tech in the usa has made human labor not as needed, and thus fewer jobs. Thus the welfare programs role as a buffer to extreme poverty has been vital to the usa in all earnest. I add to the western european governments as well. I hear trucking is getting its turn. that is millions of truckers in humanity are about to join the millions of former farmers/auto workers. It isn't that the welfare state is negative, it is that , it is needed. but the private sector has to bring the workers back in.  

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