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    At least, one problem in modern humanity isn't complicated. It is very simple. It is a question.

    How do you get a humanity that has a tiered system of white christian male europeans on top by militaristic power to be a humanity that is tierless? 


    The problem with said question is any answer or process requires a majority in humanity to want the goal. And there lay the true problem. Any action can be deemed to the goal or against.  Elements of the Nigerian government have made an action that can be deemed by some long overdue to Black empowerment, to African empowerment, to Nigerian empowerment. Others can deem this a part of the process to be tierless, a nonviolent action that is trying to bring empowerment to a region in humanity controlled by those outside itself to its detriment longer than anyone has been alive.


    What is the truth of the Nigerian governments actions? The truth is , it is both. No one is wrong in however they assess it. But arguing between the assessors gives greater hope to maintaining tiers than being tierless. And, if tiers maintain the only question you need to know is which tier you will be in. If tierless, then all the minorities in every community in humanity wanting it lucked out.

    1. Chevdove



      It would be great if other countries in Africa supported each other on such movements!

      If they did, then Nigeria would not be vulnerable for negative responsed from other non-black or non African models already under contract with them. 


      I also hear that some leader in Africa are requesting that outside countries pay a better price for the raw materials that they want to get from Africa. 

    2. richardmurray


      @Chevdove yes, it has happened before and will happen again. 


      Yes, africa as a continent always had , has and will have those in it who are not enslaved to those outside

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