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    KWL Live Q&A – Setting Up for Publishing Success: an AMA with the KWL Team
    Setting Up for Publishing Success – Looking at the Year Ahead

    The Kobo Writing Life team is excited to announce our latest Live Q&A on January 26th, 2022, from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EST. KWL Director Tara will be chatting with all of our viewers, alongside author engagement manager and KWL podcast co-host Laura, about how to set up for a successful year of publishing in 2023. If you can’t make it to the event, feel free to comment on this post with your questions and we can ask them for you!   

    Hi authors!  

    In our first live Q&A of the year, we are going to feature Tara, Kobo Writing Life’s director, Laura, author engagement manager, and Rachel, promotions specialist, as they discuss relevant topics and answer questions sent in by all of YOU, our wonderful community of authors, regarding how best to set up for success in the coming year!

    This AMA-style chat is a great opportunity to hear about developments at KWL, learn some new tips and tricks, and gain some inspiration for the publishing year ahead.

    We’ll be discussing and answering questions related to the following:

    How to make the most of your pre-orders
    Reaching new readers – with Kobo Plus and OverDrive
    Audiobooks and audiobook marketing
    Setting up a successful release schedule
    New series, new releases, and opportunities for new authors in 2023
    Market research – staying ahead of the seasons
    And much more!
    We will also have time for questions at the end, so be sure to join the live event and bring your questions! And, as always, happy writing.



    Finding Your Readers: a KWL Recap
    Using Patreon as an Indie Author with Lindsay Buroker
    Finding Your Ideal Reader with Sue Campbell
    Learning the Habits of your Readers with Emma Chase



    1. richardmurray


      my comment on the original post

      KWL Live Q&A - Setting Up for Publishing Success: an AMA with the KWL Team - Kobo Writing Life


      Richard Murray on January 25, 2023 at 8:54 PM
      Hello Tara Laura or Rachel,
      I enjoy these multilogs. But I will not be able to see this one. But i shared the event and will share it again ,after.
      My questions,i infex by topic.

      1. To be blunt, i only made a preorder for one of my books. I do not have a grand readerbase.
      Can you state the most successful genre for preorder of books?
      do videos or other media elements help preorders?
      a more successful writer commercially said that having an online community aids in preorders,is that true based on your experience?

      2. I have been on overdrive for years,like bookbub,but do either of them work for audiobooks? I dont recall an overdrive option for audiobooks nor does bookbub in my experience accept audiobooks?
      Am i wrong,or do any of you know a workaround?

      3. Will KWL setup audiobook pages to load on websites with an audio excerpt if available?
      All my audiobooks have excerpts. It will be nice for the book cover plus audio excerpt to be accessible in places like facebook?

      4. Please speak on whether release schedules need to change based on readers in various geographic zones?
      for example,if a writer is popular in china plus the usa, does market research or experience say it is better to have a schedule one for all places or to each its own?

      Can not wait to hear about new opportunities and staying ahead of the seasons. Thanks again to all three of you.

      for anyone else who reads this my newsletter can be accessed at rmnewsletter.over-blog.com


    2. richardmurray


      my thoughts while viewing


      3:17 get your preorder up and tell us about your new release pages
      no retrictions on preorders
      4:50 reach new readers with kobo plus
      no exclusivity. subscription readers are different from regular readers.
      will expand to new geographic locations.
      7:20 audiobooks
      audiobooks can connect to kobo plus
      you don't pay an aggregator fee when you upload direct to kobo and you get access to promotions
      you can set preorder for audiobooks
      13:19 ai audio
      it is accepted but kobo specify it is noted in the metadata
      good practice to note a.i. in the cover of the audiobook
      15:46 overdrive
      they have library promotions
      Overdrive doesn't do audiobooks
      overdrive price should be higher than ebook
      25% of books from kobo to libraries come from request from readers
      2022 overdrive had a 10% increase in sales
      kobo ereaders have overdrive integrated into their devices. 
      with kobo writing life you can access kobo+ subscribers, libby readers, overdrive users, and regular buyers 
      build a relationship with your local library

      24:56 what should an author look at for a successful release schedule
      set up preorder as early as you can, minimum 4 days before release, and clean metadata, make sure metadata is the same across all books in the series
      make sure subtitle is on the cover of the book
      make sure metadata is the same if the series has audiobooks or ebooks
      Kobo gives the first 5% of your book as free preview

      33:34 how can i republish a book
      go into your dashboard and you can at any time
      only three category options
      don't use conflicting genres, like fiction and nonfiction
      check what readers are reading in various geographs

      37:50 if you have a featured book without sales what will happen
      kobo rankings are based on browing activity, sales of similar books, not merely sales to a book
      covers play a huge role in promotions
      check global pricing

      42:13 great dad joke:)

      42:51 sales to expect from promotions
      bogo- buy one get one free, usually genre based. don't have to drop price

      percentage off promos- dont have to drop price, readers can use coupon code to save

      price drop promotions- themed around holidays or genres

      46:56 how can you tell if books are on kobo+

      49:17 at the moment no kobo + promotions


      56:54  what works on am*zon may not work on kobo
      make sure you target canada not just the usa
      make sure canada is in the geo pricing
      use links to partner stores with kobo


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