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  1. I am in the process of trying to organize my notes I have collected over many years and am not close to being finished. So, I just googled a little to post some picture references. But again, this subject is huge and these pictures really don't explain the facts. Being tall is distinct from having a GIANT GENE and there are many forms of GIGANTISM. Today, this presence is different than ancient times for certain reasons, nevertheless, the presence of the GIANT GENE stems from the same origins--Genetically speaking. So, because I know the origins of this phenomenon, I simply entered certain words in my searce engine to gets some pictures. Because I know that based on their religion in certain regions in India where incest is still practiced, I googled the term India, Afganistan and etc. Because I know other scientific facts that correlate to the GIANT GENE, I would probably google also, Netherlands, Peru, and Saudi Arabia, the ancient land of the Canaanites. And also in the fareast, this phenomenon should be well recorded there too.
  2. @Troy The subject of 'race' is very difficult for me to understand. No matter how hard I try, I don't understand the signficance of the term 'racial construct' or race as it is defined today as oppose to long ago, when this term apparently did not exist. And, basing 'race' on phenotype, well, that is confusing. To add to this point too, America's system of basing 'race' doesn't help at all!
  3. GIANTS cont. I have to do a quick errand. I'll be back. but to continue on TOPCROSS and the lion named SAMSUN. In order for Samsun to manifest through reproduction, his male parent has to be a TOPCROSS and his female parent was from another species; therefore Samsun is a HYBRID. That is what a giant would be. Black AFrican men, the original anyway[!] would be TOPCROSS. Giants did not appear premodern Hominid presence because Neaderthals were prove genetically not to be a TOPCROSS. When a Topcross malefactor breeds with another breed the 'chromosome number' is only part of the picture but the name of the hybrid will have the first letter of the father such as LIGER; a cross between a male lion and a female TIGER. But, a male Tiger who breeds with a female Lion is another hybrid, but because the TIGER is not the more dominant of the species, then the offspring would be or could be a DWARF hybrid. And the name would be the first letter is T due to the father and the name would be TIGON for a male tiger who breeds with a female LION. now here comes the presence of the GIANTS.... When a TOPCROSS then again turn around and breeds with a HYBRID that already has his DNA... drum roll.... that is how you get A GIANT! That means that because the lion Samsun was bred in captivity in a zoo, he came from a topcross and a female that already had DNA from a topcross [hybrid] so to speek. So this is why the Bible DETAILS the 3rd and 4th GENERATION!!! A Giant comes from a specific kind of incest that concerns 'the mother' being an hybrid and a topcross. But giants did not appear on earth until the creation of THE BLACK AFRICAN MAN. So the scriptures are specific. When 'the sons of God' [SETH men] went out to breed with 'the daugthers of men [hybrids] then there begin to be giants in the earth. So then, there is much more science behind this issue though... cont.
  4. @Pioneer1 The term 'angel' can be misleading if not understood within context. This term can vary within context. For example, it can simly mean 'messenger'. In as far as 'sexual act' with angels or whatever, we have been conditioned and miseducated and our education has been streamlined so, this subject seems easy for me to understand only because I have been researching it for over twenty years. The Separation of Church and State in 1776 has given our government the privilege of not having to teach us from certain documents to which we can compare and contrast subjects, dated subjects. @Pioneer1 I'm not sure where to begin because it is a lot. Let me see... I can bring up some general references to sort of bring to light some issues but then, this will only be the start for the need to clarify more in depth the scientific aspects of this subject of 'giants' and 'angels': To start first with the secular approach because it seems to be easier to for Black people to accept: Some reference points would be based on; [1] the time frame scientist date DENISOVANS, NEADERTHALS and etc.... [2] the time frame scientist date the Maglemose man [?] spelling [3] the science of GENETICS and HYBRIDS [4] Egyptian scholars about the DNA of King Tut and now some references from the Bible; [1] Genesis Chapter 6, the first few scriptures about giants [2] the reference about Cain's son [3] the reference about Canaan's origins [4] Genesis Chapter 15 concerning Egypt This would only be a little bit of references that I can cite but the bigger picture is difficult to conclude briefly, but I will try. In the case of the famous lion named SAMSUN, he would be one of many examples to show the very process that occurred in the human 'race' or hominids in that is the same process. When an animal of a certain speciest breeds with another species, it can be either a 'giant' or a 'dwarf' but it is based on a TOP CROSS. ... cont.
  5. I seen a lot of hoax too. But there is some accurate evidence, but it is difficult to determine on the internet if you don't know what to look for. Also, Some of this information is deliberately kept out of public view.
  6. Lol Now I'm being nosy... Well, Jesse Jackson has been getting on my nerves too, lately.
  7. @Troy A TWA was a fashionable hairstyle when I was very young, in the 70s. It means Tiny Weeny Afro. The Black women used to wear TWA's and along with this hair style they would sometimes were 'chokers', a cloth-type necklace worn around the neck with a charm dangling from the middle. My husband said, his older sister would wear this style and the choker and all the AfroAmerican styles during the 1970s era. I was too young at this time to be into fashion, but I remember those days and the other hairstyles, the big afros and superfly type clothes. @Mel Hopkins Congrats on your Ebony article! Yes, I do think that denial is in play on a much larger scale, globally. Absolutely agree
  8. really? That's scary. I started to listen to one 'suggested' video after his interview with Ms. Alexander. I started to listen to a man named 'the Irritated Genei' but after only a few seconds, when I realized the subject, I quickly stopped. Thanks for the warning. I use to like Jesse, but I think he went off the rails.
  9. @Pioneer1 I agree with you in that people should choose what they want. But, I also think that presently the world is going through a process and this issue is being worked out by and by to the affect that eventually, there will be an existence in which positive relationships amongst people will exhibit a peaceful interchange. But today, this is difficult to achieve due to an evil intent to cause discord. I also think that we are confused today because we don't know of a time on earth where relationships were peaceful continually. We have been conditioned to view relationships today based on the modern mankind, and we are limited to this aspect. Gender uniqueness today was not the same a long time ago and so many people today believe that men should have many wives or women, people should have same sex intimate relationships, woman should be accepted to have many husbands or men, inter-racial relationships should be acceptable, and etc. WHO SET THE LAW? WHO SETS THE RULES? And why do we have so many break ups that the court has to decide? HOw should children be conditioned towards acceptable intimate relationships? Will there be a time in the future in which Gender specificity changes in terms of the human body? A long time ago during ancient civilizations, it doesn't seem like men and women reproduced as much as couples do today? And this issue, 'reproduction' is a major aspect of relationships too in many regards. It amazes me now that, based on my choices, I have caused reproduction, and my offspring could go on to reproduce. What if I cause a future Hitler to be born? But then what if I cause a future Imhotep to be born, live and become renown for good deeds? I don't think that we are conditioned to recognize accountablity as much as it was regarded in the past. But I think that self control is the key to individual peace. So, if a person feels that they can control, maintain and exist within peaceful multiple relationship then, it is a choice.
  10. Yes, I believe this issue still needs to be addressed. HOwever, I feel that if Beyonce and other Black women choose to wear blonde weaves or European type hairstyles, today, it is not as intense as it was decades ago in the negative sense of being an inferiority complex . I see a lot of Black women with afros and have dyed blonde hair. But however, this is some of my own experiences with this issue of Black women [and Brown] that have frustrated me on this issue of 'Black hair' being viewed as Bad Hair: My husband and I were sitting in the kitchen with our baby who was about 11 months old and his mother was at the stove but turned around and said to my husband, "He aint gonna have hair like Papa". Then my husband said to his mother, "Mom, what do you mean? So what?" Then she said, "Well, I am just saying, he ain't gonna have hair like Papa, that's all." And then about four years later, my husband and I were in the back seat of one of his older sisters, and as she was driving us to the store, she glanced over her shoulder at me, and said, "I wouldn't be caught dead with my hair like that." [I wore my hair natural, and it was alot at that time] My husband said nothing. But weeks later, I asked my husband did his sister always relax her hair, and he said H**l no. She wore a TWA during the 70s. And there is much more to this story but, right now today, this subject is always a topic on both sides of my family just about everytime we come together. Even though my husband's mother has nappy hair and all of her children have nappy hair, she was looking to see if her grandchildren have 'hair like her husband', my father-in-law. And my own mother made some words on this same wise. My aunt said one day just last year, that she had naturally straight hair like her mother, and after a moment of silence, I just couldn't bare it, so as her daughter [my cuz] was sitting there practically daring me to say otherwise, I said, "Auntie, I remember your picture when you came to visit us years ago, and you had an afro." Well, again, there was silence, until someone decided to change the subject. So, it's my experience that the subject of 'good hair' and 'bad hair' is still very prevalent. @Troy That video you posted was painful to watch.
  11. Yes, it did seem like he just tuned her out because his mind was made up and so, it's as if he planned to bring her on his show just to try to discredit her. He didn't even give her a chance. What a bully. WHEW! You are probably right. You know, I remember him way back on Donahue show and other forums. He was even on a panel once, with Michele Alexander but it seems that all of a sudden, he lost his mind; either that or he was lying in wait until he got the chance to do what he really wanted to do all along and throw down AfroAmerican people. I can't believe him. I was struck when he spoke against Sabrina Fulton's child like that. Evil. What an evil thing to do. Anyway, i don't want to dwell on him too much, because, I don't believe he is worth it. Man! In actuality, I understand the points he brings out, but he is arguing under the house so-to-speak. He speaks about the negative aspect of Black Americans, but does not deal with the accountability of this American government. He says that Black men who are raised by single Black women do not want to work; what a lie. He says that Black Americans are Morally Bankrupt and that we are accountable for this, however, there is no one on this earth under a government that is NOT educated and does well. We have been raped of our identity and etc. Speaking of myself, I am not a single Black mother, but I know there are so many single mothers out there that are hurting and struggling; they don't need this kind of abuse. Reproduction is a part of being human. Jesse Lee is attacking a person's human rights just because they are Black women and a product of slavery and mind conditioning, abandonement and etc. Young mothers need support from this government as well as the Black community. Yes, there should be acountability and there are a lot of loose women that just dont care, but then, there are also so many victims. I am so grateful so see Michele Alexander speaking out. She is so awesome.
  12. Yes, I really appreciate you saying this because it's been my experience that many Black people especially Black men skirt past this issue on how it affects us on a deeper level as you have laid out. And, I agree that Beyonce's wearing blonde weaves is putting out a negative message, but again, this issue is so prevalent. White society elevates certain people of color to keep this beauty standard ongoing. Yes, that's right too, her mother's name is Tina. But I knew that i heard that name 'Giselle' and so, I googled and realized that Miss Tina named her daughter, BEYONCE with this name! LOL! That's Beyonce's middle name. And so, yes, Miss Tina is light skinned and so, not only does the father push this beauty ideology but obviously so does the mother as well. But too, I feel that when ever someone tries to stand up for something really wrong as it applies to AfroAmericans, they are going to be attacked, and so, I am just not going to go at Beyonce. @Pioneer1 yes, and I believe you are right about this issue but nevertheless, it is wrong to destroy someones trust. If a woman agrees beforehand, that is one aspect, but if a woman does not choose to share, then, this should be respected. No I don't believe that you are connecting the dots so-to-speak here. History does not show this issue works at all, based on my research. This can't be right, because if we go as far back in history as we can, it was the Black African man that was first in all aspects regarding marriages being monogamous or polygamous. To look at this issue as monogamous relationships being forced upon us by the western ideals would be partially true, but to base it on 'a model'-- What model? The rapes and divorce rate in the history of the western civilization is not a model. But going back to my point about history, just about every civilization, Black AFrican, that is, actually was doomed due to this very issue! If you look at the end results, many of the ancient kings who had many wives, were completely 'done in' for various reasons, and one main reason would be the sons of the women would grow up, and their mothers would conflict viciously over 'whose son would be the next heir to the throne' or 'who would get the inheritance and etc. And as @Troy touched upon; the issue of COLORISM was many times a major factor in this multiple wives system that always crept up in the way and led to a lot of problems in Black kingdoms. So women may be quiet while their sons grew up and acted as if it was okay when a particular son was named as the heir apparent, but eventually, it became a major conflict.
  13. @TroyOkay, that is fine, I will leave it. @Pioneer1 Me too. I do blame them even more. ONe of the judges on this case was actually a Black woman. And yes, this is what Michele Alexander said too, in that there are a lot of cases like this, but it doesn't matter to me if it one or many; something needs to be done about this because it is unfair to say the least. This is an attack on the younger generation.
  14. @Pioneer1I have to sat that I do absolutely agree to this statement, but for now, I choose to overlook it--Passover it--- [1] because this is a sickness that I believe is plaguing the whole of us and some of us choose to exit this while others pretend they do, but find other clever ways to still promote White Supremacy, and [2] I anyone does anything positive to highlight Black suppression, the dark under world strikes with serious intent to undermine the work. Beyonce will have a problem with this issue because, well, have you seen her mother!? She may be like A CREOLE or something to that affect. And so, Beyonce's issues are rooted in Europe with this old culture of White Slupremacy in 'Black---light skinned--- face'. I think Beyonce's mother's name may be GISELLE, this name has xome history to it. In connection with this name, I have seen Jay Z wear a double cross, and so, I am presently doing to deep reserch on THE HUNGARIAN history as it is linked the history of the Seljuk Turks and etc. @Cynique @Pioneer1MOst Black women and MUslim women tht I have heard do NOT like poligamy!
  15. @Troy I don't know if you can see the file I uploaded but if you can, that would be the screen that popped up when I tried to edit this post. I am not sure how to notify you on the link you provided.
  16. Still will not allow me to edit. So, I took picture of page and will send it to link.
  17. yes. This is not my quote, but on point.
  18. This I believe is an unfortunate truth. Oh yes! And so, where did White Supremacy come from? My answer; it did not only come from White people. White Supremacy also comes from Black people too. Wow. I didn't know this.
  19. @Troy I tried to edit this spelling error but when I clicked 'edit', a screen came up that said ACCESS DENIED...GO DADDY...
  20. JAY Z & the KALIEF BROWDER STORY I never keyed in on this story about Kalief Crowder until I began to research about Jay Z and Beyonce’s sacrifices in their bringing forth the Trayvon Martin Story. But, because this story about Kalief maybe regarded as ‘old news’ in this community and based on what has been aired, however, I would like to take a hard-right turn though and ask some questions and make some conclusions that may lead to solutions not yet considered in this case and the many other cases being reviewed in America on this same wise. In light of this story too, it seems that America would be a system that rewards bad behavior on many levels and hopefully, the deeper layers of this story will soon manifest and present some serious issues with this system that have been downplayed and accepted as the norm and issues that could help to prevent this kind of torture that has been occurring against our people on a continual basis. This young man, Kalief Browder, has a story that would also be just as compelling as all of the other young Black men and older men who have been sacrificed in this system. Nevertheless, my deep gratitude does go out to Jay Z and Harvey Weinstein for offering up their sacrifices to get these stories out and attempt to put them in the forefront of the worlds’ consciousness. Because Kalief’s story was so put together like a maze though, it took me many hours to understand. Also, even though this story was presented in depth, however, there still seems to remain many common gaps in Kalief’s story, just as the stories of the many other Black Americans who have been wrongfully charged with crimes that they were never proven to have committed. So, in my summary, I hope to highlight some deeper issues about this case and fill in some other gaps that seem to be deliberately blotted out in some reports but presented in others and, in so doing, reveal how this gorgeous young man, with such a pretty clean youthful appearance was completely exploited by the system and many people all the way to the end. Furthermore, it was not until I looked at the AALBC site and read a post about search engines that I stumbled across the Six Part Series of Time~The Kalief Browder Story, on the Bing search engine, a series that was created by Julia Willoughby-Nason and co-produced by Jay Z that really caused me to see a more better picture behind this child’s sufferings. It is so amazing to me too, that Kalief’s hell began in 2010 during the first term of former President Barack Obama and two years before Trayvon Martin had been gunned down. Kalief was arrested and imprisoned in the infamous Rikers Island at the age of sixteen (16) for three (3) years and for an alleged crime of stealing a backpack that eventually was never proven. He was held in solitary confinement for two years, starved at times and he went through torture that was caught on camera. He was given plea offers that he rejected and soon the charges were dropped but eventually, and after he was released from prison, he committed suicide. And just as one of the most incredible dynamic women I have ever come across, Ms. Michelle Alexander, and author of ‘the New Jim Crow’ stated in this docu-series, Kalief’s experience would not be unique, but nevertheless compelling. It grips me especially because it occurs during a time when Black America had hope in the presidency of Barack Obama that there would be a positive ‘Change’ for us as this was his presidential platform. Michelle Alexander, author of THE NEW JIM CROW I will start with Kalief’s mother. Her name was not given but, Kalief was taken from her at birth byway of the Child Protective Services because it was said that cocaine or some type of drug was found in her system. So Kalief was born into the system and like him, the other two older sons that this woman gave birth to was also taken from her at birth. They were put into the foster care program and given to a woman named Vernita Crowder. Now the series does revolve around both Kalief and Vernita. When Vernita was in her mid to late forties (40+), she said she had a heart attack in 2000. But, after this time, however, she and her husband began to be foster parents and she said that for the fifteen (15) years that she had been a foster parent, she had about thirty foster kids. She had another heart attack in 2007 when she was about fifty-two (52) years old. Vernita initially adopted three Hispanic-looking children, Akeem, Nicole, and Raheem and then later, she adopted the three Black American brothers, Kamal, Deione, and Kalief, and she stated that she had seven children altogether. Now in several interviews reporters asks Kalief later when he was released had he any prior convictions and he said no. But in the docu-series it turns out that was a false statement. Because the reporters failed to do proper research prior to interviews, Kalief was put into a position in which he made statements without his attorney present that subjected his credibility to totally unfair scrutiny. So, prior to Kalief’s arrest for an allege robbery though, he was arrested for joy riding in a stolen BREAD TRUCK with a friend. He was convicted of a felony for this crime and also given a probationary period. Later it also came out in a deposition hearing that Kalief began to be associated with a gang before his arrest and tattooed his Blood name, SPADE, on his arm. So, in 2010 at the age of sixteen (16) as he and a friend were walking home from a party one night, the police drove up and approached them. Kalief was identified that night by the alleged victim in the police car, a man originally from Mexico and he alleged that Kalief had jumped him and stolen his backpack two week prior. Kalief was then handcuffed and taken down to precinct 48 and later booked and sent to Riker’s Island. So now, here follows my first set of hard questions that seemingly people don’t want to ask: *Was there another obvious reason why Kalief was arrested and imprisoned for three (3) years for an alleged crime other than ‘the system failed’? In other words; Could there be another motive and deliberate intent to imprison Kalief without ‘Due Process’ that was orchestrated by way of certain people in high places? Obviously, the punish of being imprisoned for three years would not even fit the crime even if Kalief were proven to have stolen a backpack! *Because Vernita was not working on a job outside of her home, how was she not able to account for the whereabouts of her six (6) children? How can any mother keep up with six kids and lead a normal life? What was her motive to become a foster parent in her forties and especially when after she had a heart attack? Did she have a congenital heart disease? Why would her health NOT be an issue with the Social Services Department when she was approved to become a foster parent? Why did not any documentary or report ever explain why Vernita had no children of her own or disclose this issue if she did give birth to children? Why does America attack Black American women for having many children and then gloss over this issue about Vernita having six foster children in this story about Kalief? It seems as though Kalief was set up for failure from the start of his life. The investigative reporters for the Jay Z production found out more details. The Mexican man was working at a restaurant and he told his brother what happened, and his brother called the police and asked them to check the surveillance camera, but he said the police did not follow up completely. He said that his brother, the alleged victim, was so traumatized by the experience that he left America and took a flight back to Mexico, and so he left the country and therefore, Kalief was held in prison even though the very allege victim was gone out of the country. And so, this alleged crime could never even become a conviction, but the docu-series brought out that the prosecution continued to make it appear, falsely, that they had contact with the witness even though the brother stated that in Mexico, his brother had no phone or internet accessible. Meanwhile, the brother also said the prosecution only called a few times before his brother left the States and moved to a remote area in Mexico. They knew that his brother had left the country, nevertheless, they continued to tell the courts that they had the witness. Eventually, the court attempted to coerce Kalief to plead that he was guilty to a felony, but he rejected the plea. Kalief was made aware of the pitfalls of having a felony due to his older adoptive brother Akeem who had been arrested, convicted, and pled guilty to a felony charge for which he served time. Akeem was pursued and dubbed, THE BRONX RAPIST and helicopters at one point flew over Vernita’s house and she underwent a media storm when Akeem was arrested. Furthermore, Akeem denied certain aspects of this charge, but he also said during the docu-series, that he was caught one day in high school at a time when a young girl was performing oral sex to him. So eventually, Akeem pled guilty to one count of sodomy which would be a felony and he served time in a jail for three months and then in prison for five months. So Kalief refused to accept a plea bargain and continued to claim his innocence. Finally, after three (3) years of being imprisoned at Rikers, the charges were dropped and Kalief was released and was only given a metro card. Because of the anguish he continued to have as a result of being abused in prison, one day, Akeem called an attorney, Mr. Paul Prestia, and he became passionate about Kalief’s case and filed a 20-million-dollar lawsuit against New York on behalf of Kalief. And, Kalief’s attorney, Paul, sought media attention and this was how the world began to hear about Kalief’s story. Kalief was aired on many shows. Eventually, he went back to school and obtained a GED and later enrolled and began to attend the Bronx Community College. But even after all of the support Kalief was given, it became too much for this child and eventually he took his life. Kalief began to be attacked by others in his community due to the media attention and at one point, he was shot in the stomach and then at another time, he was stabbed in the face. Yet at another time, he and his brother were faced with another conflict in his community in the Bronx and it would be during this time, that he was again arrested and given a court date appearance. Most of the reports and videos almost completely omit the real reasons behind why Kalief chose to take his own life and some even make it seem that it was an abrupt decision that Kalief had made due to his mental instability. Even Vernita continually commented that she had no idea of Kalief’s predicament that led him to commit suicide other than his constant statements of being mentality imbalanced. But however, the truth would be obvious in lieu of the facts that have been shadily presented. Because of the torture Kalief underwent while being incarcerated, on several occasions he attempted to commit suicide. And after he was released, he was admitted for psychiatric help and also, was prescribed strong medication. Kalief was told that if he did not take his medication, he would not be able to go home and so, most reports divert the truth with this aspect of Kalief. However, even though Kalief was overwhelmed by this horrific abuse by this system, as a matter of observation, he was highly intellectual and was able to express himself extremely well in the media. To say that he was extraordinary would be an understatement. Therefore, ultimately and except for his attorney Paul, just about everybody close to Kalief failed him. Seemingly, due to the circumstances at that time of his death, Kalief’s decision to take his life was not an irrational one. Even though he was able to stand his ground in Rikers, however, when he was faced with so much exploitation, greed and hate in society, and even though he reached out constantly for help, he was destroyed by those adults who should have shielded him. And so, the real truth that led to the death of Kalief was because in April of 2015, he was arrested, charged with a misdemeanor, and summoned to appear in court a few days prior to his death. Previously one evening, Kalief and his brother Kamal had become involved in an altercation, and the police were called and then apprehended both brothers. During the scene, it was later said by Kamal, that the two brothers hugged each other tightly and would not let each other go, and so, they were arrested for resisting arrest, handcuffed and jailed. After their release, they were to appear in court on June 10, 2015 but this led Kalief to take his own life on June 6, 2015 at the age of 22. On that day, Kalief took a cord and hung himself in his bedroom while his mother Vernita was downstairs. In addition, Kalief realized that the interrogation he endured in the deposition required due to the lawsuit filed, that the state tried to destroy him and had no intentions for him to win his suit. His was drilled and asked a barrage of questions about his character from his childhood upwards and made to feel as if he was responsible for the mistakes he made as a child and, wrong for seeking restitution for being imprisoned for three years on an allegation that the state could never even prove. Obviously, Kalief saw what he believed to be a pattern in that after his lawsuit was underway, and then arrested, he felt that he would become railroaded back into the system and then prison. Even though he desperately tried to overcome horrible obstacles, he soon saw no escape on earth. So, he made a decision to make his own escape. Kalief was born in 1993 into a world that never gave him a chance to thrive, so he made is exit. And then about a year and four months later, Vernita died of a heart attack. Prior to Vernita’s death too, she also filed lawsuits for the wrongful death of Kalief and during this interim, her now estranged husband decided that he wanted to pursue Vernita and wanted compensation from the lawsuits. So he obtained a lawyer to file on his behalf. When Kalief was first arrested, a bail was initially set at $10,000 but then it was downgraded to $3000.00. At this point, Vernita’s estranged husband had abandoned her long before this time and even though he was retired and had money, he did not give Vernita any money to bail Kalief out of jail. The bond was set at $900.00 but Vernita did not have it. Eventually, she asked a neighbor and came up with the bond, but however, when she went to the bail bondsman to have the money processed, she was surprisingly told the bond was denied because Kalief had a previous conviction, a felony charge for joy riding in the bread truck. So then, the courts changed their stance and said that Kalief had violated his probation of his felony conviction when he was arrested for the alleged robbery of a backpack. So therefore, Kalief remained in Rikers for that three year period and endured vicious and brutal beatings byway of other inmates, most of whom were Black like him, and also beatings byway of certain security guards. He was only 155 pounds and stood about 5’5” yet, he was brutally beaten by full grown men, prison guards and some of them also encouraged the beatings byway of other inmates. In an incident when Kalief attempted suicide, the guards watched and then after he dangled, they cut him down and beat him brutally and Kalief ran out into the hallway to be seen on the surveillance cameras. Therefore, the reality of possibly being forced back into prison led Kalief to take his own life. After Vernita filed lawsuit for the wrongful death of Kalief, her estranged husband tormented her and began proceedings to sale the house that she lived in for thirty (30) years. Finally, a few days after meeting with Jay Z about this docu-series, Vernita had a heart attack and on October 14, 2016, she passed away. Three days later her estranged husband had sold the house and all five of the surviving adopted children had to move out. Now, are another set of ‘hard-questions’ that has led me to make my brief conclusions on this heart rendering story of Kalief and I pose these questions to Black African American Descendants of Slaves: *If you were an upper-class Nigerian, would you agree to young Nigerian upper class children being raised by another culture in Africa just because of both cultures being darker skinned African peoples? *If you were a Moroccan, would you agree to Moroccan children being raised up by another culture in Africa such as Ghanians just because of both cultures being in Africa? *If you were an Arab, would you agree to Arab children of your tribe and culture being raised up in a European or Chinese culture? *What makes it acceptable for Black African American children to be legally fostered out, adopted, and put under the parentage of someone of another culture just because they are famous, Brown Hispanic or Black American from perhaps Brazil (Brazilian American) or from Mexico (Mexican American) or etc.? It would not be my individual responsibility to solve America’s problem for the rape and miseducation of my people, but, to allow this American government and society to shift the burden on Black African American Descendants of Slaves (BAADOS) to solve the problems with the foster care program is a great deception. European Americans know their origins, Asian Americans know their origins, and even Nigerian African Americans may know their origins, but BAADOS are a product of the Transatlantic Slave Ship Trade and thus, many of us began our existence here in America and are a complete product of this system. This Democracy and Republic has become our god and we have no other higher power. Many other cultures around the world are born and taught the ways of their people, their culture and their Birth Right (heritage) through formal processes, but we over here in the States are expected to attach our allegiance to America only. Therefore, wouldn’t that cause the flaws in this system to be based on these premises? But however, for Black Americans to not speak out about Black children being deprived of their culture and ancestral origins would be our responsibility as well. Would people from Japan agree to Japanese children being raised up by Arabs and to be taught by Arabs the Japanese culture? Would Russian people today agree to Black American DOS raising Russian children and teaching them the Russian culture and heritage? Only as slaves held captive within the European cultures had we been allowed to nurture White American’s children. This kind of rape of the mind, soul, and spirit of our children of their culture should be formally addressed by this system with adequate solutions. When we commonly accept Black mothers as being worthless, justify them being bereaved of their own biological children, view this earthly fate as being solely their own fault, as being innately a bad person and, offer no solution to address to our government then, are we not a part of the system that has thrown the towel in on our own women? When has it been normal for a mother to want to carry a baby just to get rid of it after birth? Kalief’s mother had three gorgeous sons that were given incredible names of which two are names that link them to African origins; KAMAL [ie. KHAM-AL], DEIONE, and KALIPH [ie. Kalief]. Howbeit, like Kalief, so many Black children are born to be abused by the system from the cradle to the grave. Many Black children are born and conditioned from birth to abuse other Black people and are encouraged to show deviant behaviors that inevitably lead them into being accused, convicted, and imprisoned. The states seem to avoid spending tax money on Black children like Kalief and this too may be the underlying motivation behind the fate of Kalief as well. He was not even allowed state funding to even have a trial! When children age out of the welfare system, their caretakers stop getting those paychecks. So, many of our young adults and even parents or foster parents become viewed as worthless consumers—not producers and thus a financial burden on the tax system. So, the next step may be the prison system for many Black youth therefore, would this be another reason why Kalief may have begun to believe that the state had no intentions of making financial compensations for his imprisonment? Our Black American youth are disconnected from their birth parents on a high percentage and designed to portray negative behavior and then be rewarded for this kind of bad behavior—TEMPORARILY. Soon many of them run into further conflicts—relationship conflicts—that lead them into the court system and then prison. And again, this process began at birth. Why are Black women, the nurtures for our culture, condemned to be all that bad in that they seem to have no adequate defense? Why do many Black women submit to being in abusive environments and then react aggressively defensive continually, even at times towards our own children to the point, we are cut off? When Black Americans continue to forget that we, as Descendants of Slaves, are actually ‘Descendants of SLAVE CHILDREN’ then, are we in condemnation of our own selves and have excused this government for their lack of accountability to our being completely cut off from knowing our true origins and cultures from the Motherland? If a Black child has been fostered out to be nurtured under another culture, that child’s life is cut off from his or her natural humanity. That is a form of Human Sacrifice. Have we not been raped of our culture and our heritage? Kalief believed he was cursed but why did not anyone explain to him that it would actually be the opposite in that the behaviors of people acting against him and exploiting him for financial gain in this society were cursed? Hindsight may have led some people to justify Kalief’s false imprisonment because the signs were already present at the time of his second arrest that his future would be bleak as he was free to associate with gangs and was not doing well in school. So, outwardly the eradication of Solitary Confinement for young teenagers 16 and 17 years old due to Kalief’s story may be a great victory but, inwardly, could this also be viewed as just a band aide for a bigger problem; the continual incarceration and captivity of Black Americans? Right there in New York, we have been made to anguish over the horrors of the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centers, but on the other hand, we have been blinded to the presence of the infamous prison systems in that same region that many BAADOS are forced to reside in and are the products of the greatest trade commodity in America that led to the trade foundation upon which this powerful system was built upon. I have researched and found some brief you tube videos about this story on google search engine. But afterwards, I actually found the entire series that was later completed and aired in 2017 on the Bing search engine. So, I have selected a few of the brief videos to share here and also the entire six-part series that features Ms. Michelle Alexander and many other activist who share their passionate viewpoints in the life of this amazing and beautiful young man, the late Kalief Browder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85EzySEBQo4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EZvKuW6yT0 Pt 1 THE SYSTEM p2 THE ISLAND p3 THE BING p4 THE WITNESS P5—Injustice for All P6 THE AFTERLIFE https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Kalief+Browder+Part+3&&view=detail&mid=15B7A5CDE4D23C31B69E15B7A5CDE4D23C31B69E&&FORM=VRDGAR https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Kalief+Browder+Part+3&&view=detail&mid=8AF456746BDB5720F7938AF456746BDB5720F793&rvsmid=15B7A5CDE4D23C31B69E15B7A5CDE4D23C31B69E&FORM=VDRVRV https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Kalief+Browder+Part+3&&view=detail&mid=4848980B7EB2D07848334848980B7EB2D0784833&&FORM=VDRVRV https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Kalief+Browder+Part+3&&view=detail&mid=E78C04726EF557F6BFB5E78C04726EF557F6BFB5&&FORM=VDRVRV https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Kalief+Browder+Part+3&&view=detail&mid=F08DAA8E53B4E9A9F2D0F08DAA8E53B4E9A9F2D0&&FORM=VDRVRV https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Kalief+Browder+Part+3&&view=detail&mid=D8587FA996742380EE45D8587FA996742380EE45&&FORM=VDRVRV
  21. @Troy Yeah, well, after reading this post, I used BING search engine today and all day and was well rewarded. I found video documentaries that did not show up on Google and was incredibly pleased!
  22. @Delano Thank you. And yes, there can be different ways of looking at abuse. For me, though, It is impossible for me to see 'abuse' as growth, but however, I think at times 'abuse' may be incorrectly viewed as other types of harships. In some sense, I do think some people can overcome abuse and be the better for it, but it is the kind of people that are completely broken that makes any form of abuse purely evil. Like you, I have a hard time rationalizing abuse.
  23. [II] ] Hidden Behind Mockery: BLACK NAMES of Eurasia~ PECHENEG During my research, I recently stumbled across this term that became described as ‘an EXONYM’ meaning a term that was used by others to describe a certain people in the past. However, after more research, I have come to discover much more truths about this term than what has been clearly written today and also, this term in its’ origin would not necessarily be an exonym altogether. But at some point, this term PECHENEG not only became altered but it also became demeaning and perhaps that would be why it is not a common word used today here in America in this sense. When I looked farther into the history about this term too, my conclusions are that what has been provided today completely clouds the whole truth. The fashion in which this term has been defined becomes a challenge to even summarize in script to reveal the wider scope and I believe that it would take a step-by-step process to unfold the complete truth based on also, a timeline to be included. So my first approach in making a summary of what I have learned would be to briefly offer my conclusive findings and then present the educational statements and references and then by-and-by unravel the confusion that has been so seemingly meticulously woven into script so as to render this kind of history in the form of a Byzantine plot. So first of all, let me conclude quickly on one of the most glaring points overlooked in the historical rendition offered on the internet sources. Even though the PECHENEGS are defined to originate in the east, however, that would be a major false statement to the highest degree and this part-truth reveals that in the very least, this part of academia has been a deliberate intent to mislead—someone. Yes, historical proof does place the PECHENEGS in the east, but that would only be part of the truth: The Pechenegs or Patzinaks [4] were a semi-nomadic Turkic people from Central Asia speaking the Pecheneg language which belonged tothe Oghuz branch of Turkic language family. [3] Three of the ruling clans of the Pechenegs were the Kankalis/Kangli…. … The Hungarian word for Pecheneg is beseny. [6] … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pechenegs That statement could not be farther from the truth in just about every aspect, based on what I have uncovered. Some sources will abruptly reveal that today, that would be the very name used for the EAST EUROPEAN BALKAN COUNTRY [ANCIENT GREEK LANDS] we know today as BOSNIA! Yes. So no, the origin of the Pechenegs would definitely not be Central Asia. That would be a complete lie and a well planned statement made by many a scholars in our Western Civilization. Another deliberate false report about the PECHENEGS [ie CUMANS] would be that they are a Sunni Muslim people in origin; this would be a part-truth. In short, for the Pechenegs that did live in Central Asia, especially Mongolia, they were driven eastwards at a much more distant time from the west. They are not originally from Central Asia, but they are a Western people in origin and this would be a well known but hidden fact by scholars today. In fact, everything the Pechenegs of the east did, actually defined them for who they really are in origin. Their Oghuz description would be based on their being enslaved much farther east at one point in time. But the Oghuz Branch became known as the Western Branch as they eventually broke off from the other Oghuz Huns of the far east. In fact the history of the Pechenegs is so vast, it would take time to even unfold. Nevertheless, the real hidden aspect, one that has been kept completely hidden would be that they defined themselves in every aspect too, as Hebrew Israelites. Yes, the term ‘PECHENEG’ stems from the root name BECHEN [ie. Becher, Bacharites...] which is written in the Bible during the days of Moses for the tribe of Joseph. Not only does this term define the Oghuz Turks in Mongolia, but it was common in BOSNIA and the whole of the BALKANS [ex. the Church of the Order of the PECS in East Europe]. But Sssssh! That is suppose to be a secret, A BLACKOUT from the minds of Black African people today: a TURKOMAN WOMAN [TURKUMAN-- CUMAN--PECHENEG, etc.] the Cuman-Kypchak Turks. The Oghuz Turks of Central Asia that came to form the Western Branch and that eventually marched into Byzantine Turkey Anatolia defined themselves as THE TEN ARROWS which would be a direct correlation to THE TEN TRIBES of Israel in the Bible days with their headquarters in SAMARIA after they broke off from King Solomon's son, and who lived in the Middle East prior to their overthrow in the 660s BC byway of the Assyrian Empire. So therefore, further reading through all of the confusion will reveal these little details about the Pecheneg Turkic Oghuz Hun people of Mongolia who later became more defined by their relatives who later joined them. So even though the term they would also used to describe themselves has been extremely suppressed, it too may resurface and become as common of a description as it was during their domination over much of Mongolia up through the Crusades. The script today can’t avoid all of their history because they stormed west into Turkey and East Europe with a rage; ABRAHAM, but therefore, they are called THE SELJUK EMPIRE in our history books. But indeed, they called themselves by their more ancestral name. they would answer to THE KERAITE EMPIRE [ie. KARAITE, or BLACK] EMPIRE. They would be the very reason for the start of the Crusades. And yes, to say that they were defined as Muslims would be part truth, but the part that is left off, would be that they were varied due to hundreds of years of going into and out of captivity. And they did bond with their ABRAHAMITIC relatives, of ISLAM [ie. Ishmael & etc.]. Some of these Karaites remained of that religion while many of the Keraites became Christians. What’s the big deal? We still today, are confused about the true history that revolves around the Christian Movement, and that doesn’t make us non-African Americans. At any rate, to complete my brief summary now and to make it more binding, I will break down another deeply hidden aspect of the Pechenegs of the east and the West in East Europe. The founder of this Seljuk Empire, named SELJUK THE WARRIOR had four sons; namely, Moses, Israel, John and Michael and it would be from his sons sprung the Seljuk Turkish Empire. And from him came Alp Arslan. The symbolism of the great Alp Arslan who led a force of some say, a small force initially, of Hebrew Israelites, KARAITES, into Turkey Anatolia to fight against the massive Byzantine forces and the Crusaders was the same symbol used by the tribe of Judah in Biblical times and today in ETHIOPIA; THE LION; the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. That man was so mad about being attacked by the Crusaders that it was said he wore a white death shroud in front of his massive military force to inspire them to arms. The down side of this historical past though would be that it was definitely a Black-on-Black conflict as it was in the distant Trojan War in the same country--ARMAGEDDON. Yes, the Varangian guards were amongst the Byzantines and many other kinds of people were on both sides, but it was definitely a Black-on-Black aggression; like the Biblical King David versus the Philistines. Unfortunately, we are many times all somewhat related but yet, we fight for the cause of someone else’s interest. The Byzantines were in conflict over the Catholic idols and the Seljuk Turks were in conflict, still over their stance in who Jesus really was when he walked the earth. And all the while, they were being scripted, the spellings of their names altered so as to wipe them out of history. The name of Moses became Musa, Michael became Mikel, John or Jonah became Yunus, and another common name amongst these Seljuks was Solomon which became Suleiman, and Israel became Izrail. LOL. Meanwhile, many of us over hear on the other side of the waters don’t even believe the Israelites even existed… mission to deceive accomplished. Nevertheless, the Seljuk Empire was for real! --- until that is, Daniel’s prophecy about ‘the abomination of desolation became a reality’. Then the Black African men, whether they were Muslim, Saracens, Huns, or Seljuks, or called themselves Karaites, Cumans, or Pechenegs; their dead bodies were piled up in heaps as fallen victims of the cannons. – Cannons, though, were mostly used byway of their lighter skinned Hebrew Israelite brothers, tricked and deceived into being on the other side of the cannons, on the other side of the deception and on the frontlines in the Genocidal attempt to wipe the Black men off the map. – THE GOLDEN HORDE. Kip Kip Kip…. Kipchaks… Oh there is so much more hidden history to be resurfaced! Seljuk (Warlord) ... In 985, the Seljuq clan split off from the bulk of the Tokuz-Oghuz, [1] a confederacy of nine clans long settled between the Aral and Caspian Seas. [2] …. The names of his four sons—Mikail (Michael), Israil (Israel), Musa (Moses), and Yunus (Jonah) – suggest … According to some sources, Seljuk began his career as an officer in the Khazar army. [6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seljuk_(warlord) *My Note: another Byzatine puzzle once unfolded will be obvious that the Khazarites were connected to the HAZARS of the ancient Assyrian Empire... absolutely nothing to do with Father Abrahams people! LOL! They spoke completely different dialects in the Crimea. Okay. It's time for me to publish... smh. Alp Arslan
  24. Yes. Okay, so I think I have a case of tunnel vision. no. but on a personal note, having endured forms of abuse, however, I have become cautious and been able to let go and break from the abuser. yes, I agree here.
  25. @Pioneer1 Maybe that is the big question that Colin has responded to in his actions. Maybe he can see a bigger picture. I'm not sure either, but something strange is going on in America. I think there is some kind of movement going on and certain Black people and others too are being targeted. In the long run, maybe Colin sees where the NFL may tie into something. There are a lot of Black men in this sport and well, maybe they may feel exploited too, as well paid pawns, while other Black men are being killed by police. The White House deals with economical issues and so, what about all of that money being passed around in the sports world? Just recently Will Smith starred in a film about how football players are being exploited and this too, seems like it was all a part of some movement from higher levels than just the movie making industry. This has become a legal issue. All of these cases about CTI or some kind of brain damage being downplayed are now a legal issue and a money issue and more. This system is crumbling and I think lawmakers are scrambling to try and make their fall a little easier at the expense of others. The NFL players maybe sensing something on these underlying levels and are connecting the dots, so to speak. Yes, I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but that is what I am thinking about. Right now, I just have a lot of questions, but they are loaded questions though. Something strange is going on in the world today, and not just in America.
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