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  1. @Pioneer1 I'm not sure. I have not been in Florida long enough to know for sure. I think it is significant but, I have heard comments more than actually seeing a lot. I see people holding hands and walking around that appear to be homosexuals, but I really don't look that much. I just remember hearing a lot about Florida when I was young. But @Troy is right, I believe. What big city is not like Florida?
  2. @CyniqueYes, I remember hearing the news report once about Aurora Borealis at some point in 2000s and, I vaguely remember it being said that this was somewhat visible, from my point-of-view in north carolina, but it would be more visible for people in the 'more' northern part of the hemisphere. I agree! Yes, a lot of people believe that the Bible is 'a book of fables' like you. Perhaps the 'supeior intelligence at work' will one day reveal itself, but so far after thousands of years of human existence, I am not going to hold my breath that 'it' will up and reveal itself without some sort of script or hand us any solid proof or written proof or evidence that will be incorporated into this American educational system, unless of course, this 'superior intelligence at work' is a White ... cause if it is any thing other than White, then it will probably be altered into being 'white' or fabled or etc. So far, White people have not proven to me that they know the source of how the sun came to be, or how we as humans came to be or the beginning of reproduction or evolution... So far Black people or any one else on earth has been able to solve these mysteries...
  3. @Pioneer1 Are you saying that you see 'drunk Caucasian men' fight each other and Caucasian blood relatives, like White brothers fight each other? In Sanford and Orlando, there are a lot of Haitians... alot. But also, I don't know if Haitians and Carribeans are a part of the trend in Florida, but Homosexuality and Lesbianism is rampant amongst the Black people. Homosexuality and Lesbianism is really significant in Florida. I was pretty surprised to see this, and it made me remember way back when, hearing about Florida and gay right protesting. BLACKS and GAY rights were always linked together... I think it is strange though,... why Florida? Why was Florida a hotspot back in the 60s for this issue, now fast forward... and here we are... under a law!!!---via a Black president. Go figure.
  4. @TroyI don't know if it is worth it, because after I took pics, I have to enlarge it in order to see it, but I will experiment to see if I can. Now that is a rare treat! Years ago, I sa a comet too, because of the news reports. This comet stayed in the sky and was viewable for weeks and even during the day time for some viewers. I agree. Back in the early 2000s, I did too. I was able to see this meteor shower viewing it right next to my house. Me and a lot of neighborhood kids stayed out all night into the morning looking at it and it was amazing! The meteor shower is called the LEONIDS and was in November and it was warm enough outside so that we did not get sick, as we laid on the ground in the street looking up!
  5. I remeber reading everything I could get my hands on about this case. It is gripping. I hope to be able to read your book. Best Regards!
  6. @TroyThat is awesome! I did too! but my pic is nothing like yours. I took a pic of it eclipsing with my phone and two of them actually came out pretty good. I was surprised. yes, there will be more! I dozed off too and bolted up... I've missed some before because I couldn't stay awake. I missed this past recent meteor shower. But it supposedly only lasted an hour and heard it was cloudy anyway.
  7. Yes, I stayed up! I saw it and it was beautiful. At first, I didn't think the moon would turn red. When it began to eclipse, it remained illuminated and then darkened by and by, but when it became almost completely eclipsed, it became a dark reddish-orange color. And it remained this reddish hue for almost a complete hour! Once, I saw a total lunar eclipse years ago, in Durham, North Carolina, and it became full not long after 6:00 PM and it was low and at an angle in the sky, but this one became full when it was straight up over head. It was almost midnight when it reached totality.
  8. LOOK UP! I just thought it would be cool to share this tidbit. If I can catch the news and hear the information about upcoming eclipses tht we might be able to see over here in America, it could be a learning experience in getting better understanding of how eclipses occur. There will be a total lunar eclipse tonight and supposedly viewable in North AMerica... if the clouds don't cover it. Another arrangement like this one is not suppose to occur until over a decade later, I think. And, this one is also a supermoon. Even though this aspect will not be obious, one site explained it pretty well, in that I can understand it. The site said that imagine holding a baseball and a tennis ball in front of you. The size different is obvious, but if it is far away, then it is not so obvious. That is what this particular Supermoon will be in relation to its position with our earth and the sun.
  9. Yes, I agree that many of them are confused, and that is the sad part, because no sound Black Voice is helping them to not be confused, and this is how they are being exploited. true LOL! No Wait a minute! LOL. Maybe they re-defined this term as they have done in other cases but, this word 'MENTOR' goes back to ancient KEMET, BLACKS! The pharaoh named MENTUHOTEP [ie. MONTU] is one name that shows this origin. It stems from IMHOTEP, and the pharaohs developed a father-son apprenticeship, whereby the heir chosen to become pharaoh would MENTOR the pharaoh as the kings saw themselves as MENTORS to the great high priest IMHOTEP. so true
  10. @Troy Yes! Thank you! That is the correct word 'ADAPTATION'. Yes, I see this in Boston happening all the time!!!--White college kids, and adults actually walking around in the snow, with flip flops and shorts!!! I am NOT kidding. But then, there are other white folks that are like Blacks, in tht they wrap up and get cold too. I lived in a townhome with white girls and etc. and it is true, that they tolerate cold temperatures extremely well, more so than Blacks on the average. ANd this is scientifically defined so, that should not be hard to understand. Like Neanderthals, scientist even say that due to this admixture that Europeans express in their DNA, their skin is much thicker than people of African descent and this is a direct connection to how they can tolerate cold temperatures better than darker skinned people. that is true. I agree that BLack people tan. I know I do. But @Troy spoke about 'skin burning'. I agree in some cases, but not for the mutation of BLUE EYES. White people who are Supremacist want to view BLUE EYES as being 'an upgrade' and want to view dark traits as being negative. But the MUTATION OF BLUE EYES still today carry a lot of defects! Many people who have blue eyes are also COLOR BLIND and have many other issues due to this mutation. So, in the case of BLUE EYES, it is definitely NOT an upgrade. It is definitely beneficial, though.
  11. @Troy Oh! okay. Yes, now, I do watch the clips that you put up. And, my sons told me that Boondocks was good. I also watch the clip you put up of In Living Color. And it was hilarious! I also clicked another clip on that one, and saw a sketch with the late Vandross, and it was also too funny! You know, I do agree that white people were affect but here's my IMO on this; From the Black perspective, it really doesn't matter to us, except that we should know how this process of Whitewashing us is orchestrated. Many of the masses of lower class white people are sacrificed too, but solely to deceive us!!!--into believing in the desired 'movement'. White Supremacy goes back far in time, than most Black people are willing to believe, IMO. And, when it comes to white people being sacrificed for the sake of 'our' acceptance of Homosexuality, it is sad and unfortunate and I don't like it either. But, it is the origin of homosexuality that also becomes problematic for white people and why they would definitely be affected on a wide scale. This phenomena begins before the African CIVILIZATIONS FORMED. It stems from a mutation and a mutated-intersexed origin and Black people are NOT ORIGINALLY an intersexed-mutation! We stem from an ANATOMICALLY MALE and FEMALE presence during the time of AFRICAN CIVILIZATIONS. This is issue is so crucial to understand. We are being forced to accept something that is NOT apart of our physical body makeup for the most part. Yes, there are a significan number of Brown Africans that are born intersexed today, but it comes from being intermixed today with Europeans who have the higher percentage of birth rates of being born intersexed. STELLA WALSH of the 1936 Olympics Now, the media pushes Semana and so the hype of the past has been overshadowed, but the scientific facts about the birthrates of Europeans born intersexed is far above any African percentages because of the origins of this phenomena does not begin with Africans. STELLA WALSH of 1936 Olympics
  12. I watch that video. Since I've joined this community, this was the first time I've seen any videos of Boondock or In Living Color. I made a delibarte decision NOT to watch certain shows. My sons watched Boondocks, so now I know what they've been watching. I had my babies and raise them beginning with the 90s. So now, this video is pretty accurate but it did not help the Black adults of yesterday teach this Y-generation for the most part. This Black Live Matter Movement seems to go along with the homosexual laws of today and this video outcome of the White system infiltrating this issue very well. This White Supremacy Movement of Homosexuality is heavily supported by Black Americans, both men and women of tday. IMO, this movement began 400 years ago and then as a result of the Prison system. And, the part that strikes me, although not highlighted in this video, is the issue of PEDOPHILIA that piggy backs on this homosexual movement in the Black world.
  13. I don't view a mutation as an upgrade. But nonetheless, some mutations are beneficial.
  14. I have had dreams like falling but never hitting the ground. I was told that if you eat late and then go right to sleep, this may cause nightmares and this is the case for me at times. But, I do believe that some dreams are symbolic.
  15. A PHOTO~ THE ORIGINAL BLACK AFRICANS & JEWS IN THE EAST & NORTHEAST: ABKHAZIA There is so much HIDDEN HISTORY that has not been a part of our Western Civilization Educational System and this information about the ABKHAZIA would be just one of many missing pieces. At once, I thought that this term did not apply to the Original Jews or Israel [ie the Ten Tribes; Joseph] but I stumbled across some information recently, that causes me to have to do some more research. I thought the term KHAZITE, and KHAZIA referred to ethnic people of the MEDIEVAL time in the east and northeast world that marked a distinct kind of people that later became associated with Jews of the Crimea in the nodeast [ie northeast] world but in some text, it does seem to reveal the presence of ancient Israel too. Also, the term ABKHAZIA seems to be more correct as in the terms ‘Aboriginal’, ‘Abyssinian’, ‘Abraham’, ‘Absalom’, ‘Abigail’, ‘Abner’ and etc. of which refers to ‘original and indigenous Black people’, but still, the present information does not specify the origin of the term ‘KHAZIA’ completely. The following photo and reference of these obviously BLACK AFRICAN-TYPED PEOPLE OF THE NORTHEAST may help to eventually get the whole truth: An African man in Karabakh. Photo by George Kennan, 1870. https://www.georgianjournal.ge/pictures/image2/028196a23af6a7ef6436aa21c6f122cb.jpeg “Abkhazian Negros” were completely driven out of Georgia by communist in the 1930’s. Nicknamed “black men” by locals, a small group of them used to live in the village of Adzyubzha. https://www.georgianjournal.ge/society/29814-how-black-people-came-to-abkhazia.html By Unknown - livejournal.com, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8701583 Photo of Afro-Abkhazian family from "Caucasus. Volume I. The peoples of the Caucasus", St. Petersburg., Kovalevsky P. I., 1914, Afro-Abkhazians, or Abkhazians of African descent, also known as African Caucasians, were a small group of people of African descent in Abkhazia, [1] who used to live mainly in the settlement Adzyubzha at the mouth of the Kodori River and the surrounding villages (Chlou, Pokvesh, Agdarra, and Merkulov) on the eastern coast of the Black Sea in Eastern Europe. [2][5] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Of course, since this technology of a photo dates these people to be close to the time that the FEZ eventually became outlawed in ancient Anatolia where the Ottoman Turkish government used a lot of conquered SELJUK TURKS to constantly war in the west in East Europe, this would be an amazing connection to the past during the medieval times all the way back to the CRUSADES. The ancient warrior, Seljuk, and founder of the SELJUK EMPIRE in the AD 1000s and that dominated Turkey Anatolia for about 200 years connects to this term KHAZITE in that some report that he may have been a soldier in the Khazite army. He had four sons that he named MOSES, ISRAEL, JOHN, and MICHAEL and, from this man came the Great Tugrul and later Alp Arslan and etc. And Seljuk the warrior and his people were written in script under many titles such as THE KARAITES [ie KERAITE JEWS], OGHURS, ONOGURS, TEN ARROWS, TURKIC, BLUE TURKS and etc., terms that were not a part of our educational system. These terms link these Seljuk Turks to being enslaved in the far east and eventually, they broke off from TENGRISM and migrated to Central Asia and adopted Islam. Soon, after many other conflicts, they split off again and became connected to Christianity. However, historians today still offer vague information of how these Turkish warriors became the very focus that led to the Western World to start the CRUSADES. Prior to the Crusades and before the Seljuks overpowered the Byzantine massive forces, the Byzantine government was in constant conflicts with the ethnic world in the west which was ‘East Europe’ and in the east where the Seljuks Turks resided. At one point, the emperor Romanos began to persecute the Jews and so, there was a Khazite man named JOSEPH that retaliated. The Byzantines constantly conflicted with the Thracians, Slavs and Bulgarians and these ethnic people were connected to the Turks of the east too! Prior to the Mongolian Empire that overthrew them, the Seljuk Turk homelands became INNER MONGOLIA. These Black warriors initially had begun to operate a far flung trade route from their lands to Egypt but soon, they became enraged by the Fatimid system in Egypt. At this time, their capital became known as Merv. But, for some reason, they became re-routed and thus directed their attention up in Turkey Anatolia. So while the Seljuk Turks were warring up in the north, Saladin was warring down in the south in and around Jerusalem and across North Africa. But, the story we, as African Americans, here does not include these kinds of details. We only here about the Arab Movement of which occurred after the Black African-typed men started warring. The Karaites, the Islamic men, the Abbasid Caliphat and the original Muslims came together at some point and the Pentateuch, the First Five Books of Moses, became their scriptural focus. There seems to be a lot more missing pieces to this puzzle. http://www.tppra.org/sites/default/files/news/1_171.jpg The ethnic origin of the Abkhazians of African descent—and how Africans arrived in Abkhazia—is still a matter of dispute among experts. Historians agree that the settlement of Africans in a number of villages in the village of Adzyubzha in Abkhazia (then part of the Ottoman Empire) is likely to have happened in the 17th century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abkhazians_of_African_descent *****My Note; the 17th century means AD 1600s***** … They opined that the Ethiopian version of the origin of the Abkhazians of African descent is true since there are several parallels between the name of the villages in Ethiopia and in Afro-Abkhazian villages like Bagadi, Gunma and Dabakur. [6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abkhazians_of_African_descent *****My Note; That means JEWS; Ethiopia or former Tigray in the Horn of Africa is today, a government of people dominated by the HABESHA/HEBREW ISRAELITES ***** https://abkhazworld.com/aw/images/img/Ubykh_Abkhaz_Leaders.jpg *****My Note; THE SELjuk Turks & Haile SELassie*****
  16. @Troy Pence said that!? WOW! You know, I believe that many people think of 'end times' as being one of these last generations, but IMO, this concept of END TIMES began a long, long, long time ago! But, yes, I think there are certain ways the earth is changing but, I just don't know ...
  17. @Pioneer1 I completely disagree. But you have a right to interpret it the way you choose.
  18. Some scientists theorize that some, if not all of the mass extinctions that have wiped out thousands of species of life on Earth might be correlated with magnetic reversals. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/is-it-true-that-the-stren/ Interesting. I don't understand this completely, but I believe that the Magnetic field does change and when it does, I think it would cause some kind of change to happen on earth.
  19. @Pioneer1 No one common person is suppose to STONE you because you FORNICATE. That is a matter of government. When Jesus told the adulteress to GO and SIN no more, he is KING. No ONe is suppose to STONE you because you have multiple sex parners in your marriage, and commit that type of ADULTERY in agreement with you wife. That is a matter of government whether it is the Kingdom as in the Old Testament or today, under the Separation of Church and State. No ONe is suppose to judge you, as a common person for your belief in FORNICATION, and this does not mean that Christians cannot interact with you in a college environment or on a job. VICTIMS of Pedophilia and prison molestation, is a matter of government and Christian are the very ones that need to reach out to these victims. NO ONE should shun HOMOSEXUALS, especially CHRISTIANS. Everyone is unique on this planet. If you have a personal story in mind, that you need for me to assess, I will try, but if you generalize about homosexuals, that is a supremacist attitude. If you genearalize about Christians, and African American women and etc. I cannot speak on anyone but myself. You're making excuses to be friends with and accept what your book clearly condemns and tells you NOT to accept. I do NOT accept FORNICATION but, I don't reject my friends if they do this! I only let them know my poisition. The Bible does not support your statements! LOL. And, I was actually kicked out of my house for this too! LOL. I had a college roommate that was in a relationship with an older man, but she nevert told me that he was married! However, one weekend at home for the weekend, I told my Mom and something triggered, in my conversation. So, she asked me his name, and it is a unique name. When I did, my mother 'had a fit'. It was her boss! He was high up in the government, a retired history professor. She told me that he was married. So I told my roommate immediately that next evening when we got back to our dorms. She was shocked! She quietely walked out of the room and went down the hallway to use the pay phone. Long story short, I did NOT stop being friends with her! I told her how I felt about it and later found out much more. Her nickname was RED BONES but her other name referred to her as being 'Sandy complexioned'. Turns out, not only did this man have a relationship with her, but her older sister as well. And... she also had dated his son!!! HOWEVER, I met her mother, a single woman and this story, for me, is heart rendering. Her mother was SLOW. But she was a very, very, smart, intelligent girl. They came from a poor, desolate, rural area and this man took advantage of these girls when they were too young to know what to do. There is a lot more to this story... including this man orchestrating a plot for my friend to set me up with one of his friends!!! I became very close to this girl. ANd she came to depend on me heavily. And... because of me, she one day got the strength to break free from this controlling man and it was very, very dangerous!!! LOL. Me and another friend once, had to go down to the front lobby with her to give him all of his gifts he gave her....... HE ONCE FOLLOWED ME INTO THE COLLEGE CAFETERIA to try and find out from me where she was!!!... She finally became friends with her sister again. She praises me to this day, for my strength and for being a role model. She tried to be close to my mother, but my mother hated her!!! My mother dared me to be friends with her at the time we were roommates. And once when this girl called me for help because she was stranded, my mother dared me to go help her and demanded that I stop being friends with her. But, about 30 minutes prior to this incident, my mother's friend and co-worker, had came to visit my mother and to share with her how much she enjoyed her weekend with a married man at some resort! So, after my mother took a key and came into the bathroom to tell me that she demanded that I stop being friends with RED BONES, 30 minutes later, I got dressed, came into the kitchen and politely asked her why she demanded this when 'Christian' had just left and you just told me and 'my sister' how Christian was having this affair with a married man!? ... My mother's faced changed, and contorted... she looked as if she was going to hit me... so I backed up quietly, ... and left and went to the bedroom. But about 5 minutes later, my mother had my sister, bust open the door, and she came in and told me to get out of her house. So I did. ... I developed migraine headaches at this time of my life and heart problems. I have been physically abused by my mother since I was a child... Since then, it has been determined that she has some kind of mental problem. I don't know.... today... I don't know.... My father says that my mother tormented him... I know my mother hated me because I look just like my father... I still love her though, dearly, but I am strong and I have a strong convition. So, you can have your opionions about HOMOSEXUALS and how African AMerivan women befriend them and etc. but if you have a question for me, be specific. I would never STONE a homosexual, or shun them.
  20. Yes, me too. But, I would be completely two-faced and a liar if I didn't tell the truth here; My natural hair is real long and really full but only because, at times, it is easy for me to braid my hair and I braided in hair extensions. So, when I took out the fake braids, my hair was all there, natural. So, I love to do that too, because it is Hell to have to manage my natural hair all of the time.
  21. @Troy The Bible definitely contains historical content but it is also definitely not chronological in how certain historical event have happened. The Bible is a compilation of many books most of which have been written by many different people over a timespan of thousands and thousands of years. In some of these books, the authors, mostly men, have also recorded their visions or wrote about something that they have witnessed or also, included published statements of others during their lifetime or etc. And, Song; like the Song of Solomon, the Bible contains differnt kinds of published works that are booked. The Songs of Solomon is a book that actually is written as a song equipped with 'verses' that contain important aspects of history too. As far as the 'faithful' aspect, when it comes to 'true events' that have come to past, that needs to be confirmed, NOT accepted on faith, IMO. As far as things that are prophesized about the future, then, this would be something of faith. As far as other aspects that I don't understand either, as for me, there is so much that I do understand and have confirmed, that this causes me to give the Bible contents credit, and I hope to understand more.
  22. @Pioneer1 AGAIN, THE BIBLE DOES NOT SAY THAT I, a common person is suppose to go out and JUDGE or PUNISH a HOMOSEXUAL!!! LOL! That is crazy! The Bible doesn't tell you to SUPPORT homosexuals but to PUNISH them.I'm making it clear that I'm not saying this....but the Bible DOES. The Bible does NOT say this!!! STOP lying against the Bible!!! I told you that is a government issue. God in his word NEVER allows common people to judge a person for this sin. But if you are so sure, then provide the Bible reference. The difference is that the people Jesus was hanging around needed his help and they KNEW they needed his help. Most homosexuals today do not think they need help nor do they think there is anything wrong with them. Stop lying on individuals. Stop reading the mind of God. And, stop judging a child!!! @Pioneer1 What is wrong with you!? Child victims of molestation and rape should NOT be punished!!! You are too judgmental. You are lying against what is written in the Bible to support your hatred against Black people who believe in the Bible. But since WHITE SOCIETY no longer condemns it and makes it almost illegal to speak against it. No! Obama is NOT WHITE SOCIETY!!! LOL!! You are lying! Black people voted for Obama, their bi-racial or Black leader, and knew well of his agenda months before they went to the poll to support this HOMOSEXUAL LAW! GEEZ! They knew he threw down his pastor, Reverend Jeramiah Wright. What is wrong with you? Because of former president Obama and about 90% of the Black Americans and the church, this is now law. You know this. Why are you lying against the Bible. The Bible does NOT support anything you have said. Again, I would never reject someone who has been victimized as a child or by the prison system or etc. just because they are homosexuals and the Bible does NOT list this sin as being unforgivable, at all. People should have the same human right as you to work out their own salvation as long as they are not harming innocence. When the crowd wanted Jesus to stone the 'adulteress', however, they eventually left off!!! Then Jesus told the woman, [parapharasing] Where are your accusers? Go, and sin no more.' Jesus did not punish her. Just as I wouldn't punish you for believing that it is okay to have multiple sex partners even if they are married!!!
  23. @Gibran Dr. Ephraim is making up things! He is saying things that are not in the Bible and that are not confirmed! Now, he trying to say that Moses listen to Miriam and put his wife away! God told Moses that he was going to get rid of the Hebrews and start all over again with his sons! Moses generation was listed all throughout the Old Testament even up to the time of Solomon! Again, JUDAH’S descendants MATERNAL ORIGINS is CANAAN HAM through TAMAR! Again, JOSEPH’S descendants MATERNAL ORIGINS is HAM!!! LOL This Dr. Ephraim’s name means that he is claiming he is of JOSEPH not the JEWS! As you mentioned in another post about The Book of JASHER, based on my research it speaks of AbraHAM and agrees with how he became confederate with the Hamites. I too, believe though, that AbraHam went up into the military camp of Shem and this is how he learned how to fight, and later trained the Canaanites born under his household [ie tent city]. I am not into all of the story line about Menelik either, but it is obvious that many of the Hebrews are still in East Africa. It would be ridiculous to think that they migrated all the way to West Africa where the Yoruba’s and Dogons are and, not drop down into Egypt and Nubia and the Horn of Africa. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Of course, many Hebrews migrated or were forced back down into East Africa and thereabouts, just as Deuteronomy 28 stated. All of this hatred against the Hamitic presence is pointless, IMO and promotes Black-on-Black Hatred--- Self Hatred. We are all intermixed. The Hebrews had terrible conflicts amongst themselves and the Hamites and etc. had conflicts too. But for us today to try and NOT be Hamitic or NOT be African-typed doesn’t seem like a good thing. Dr. Epharim’s Y-DNA report shows E1B1A and later he came back and said they did away with the subclade and now, he is listed as simply E1B1A. Today, they say that this group is also significant in the Horn of Africa but that it is also significant in East Asia especially Tiawan, which makes sense to me based on my research. The connection to Sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia seems obvious to me when you look at the Sans Bushmen and how light skinned they can be and their similar Asiatic traits. But nevertheless, the E1B1A and E1B1B is predominantly Africa. IMO the A group, E1B1A, would definitely be African because the African continent is the dominant land of HAM NOT SHEM! This is detailed in the Bible that AbraHam journeyed in the land of Ham. What is the problem with being associated with Ham and Africa!? So, Dr. Ephraim’s haplogroup being linked to the E group and Shem and Ham should be good IMO. We shouldn’t be fighting over whether it is E1B1A or E1B1B. In the Bible, the Egyptian Hamites lost the priesthood due to idolatry and God gave it to the Hebrews, but later, they lost it too! The 23andMe, IMO, can be a waste of money because they are tricky. This company only does the MATERNAL LINE EXCLUSIVELY!!! But the Family Tree company are the only ones that test for the Y-DNA Male line!!! Nevertheless, the scientist today have deliberately put out partial information even when it comes to the E group. They have successfully instigated Black-on-Black conflicts over faulty information even about the E-group. They know Black Negroes are Color messy and this is the root of why some Blacks don’t want to be connected to Africa completely, IMO. AbraHam was pulled out of the early Shemites and separated from Terah, his father for this very reason. Terah bonded with the Assyrians. The Shemites land became flooded with Pedophilia. This is why AbraHam was told to go down into the land of Ham. God corrected the Hamites, He did not reject them. They are not cursed but they laid the pathway for the Black African world.
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