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  1. @Pioneer1 LOL! That is just crazy! The first question is, if a person is attempting to fight or struggle with God....from which source is this opposition coming from if not Satan? Everyone know this common Bible story in that Jacob wrestled with God for a BLESSING and to be FORGIVEN!!! LOL! You are telling half stories! Where did you get this lie from, your White Jewish manual? Yes, Israel did wrestle with God but for a Blessing and to be forgiven for his sins. Geez.
  2. @Pioneer1 No, that is NOT my list but the Bible states this--NOT me. If you believe in Jesus, according to the Bible Jesus didn't come to eliminate or replace the law but to FULLFILL it. Yes, he did, but to imply that the New Testament does NOT cover this is issue of Homosexuality would be wrong. Jesus was accused wrongly for being around people that needed his help. He was judged wrongfully for being around drunks and etc. I would hold fast to it and not try to hide it or ignore it simply to get along with or gain favor with the greater society like I see happening today with many religious people and their position on homosexuals. This is a confusing statement. Are you saying that the Bible is wrong about the 'unforgivable sins'? Please quote where in the NEW TESTAMENT Homosexuality is an UNFORGIVABLE SIN, then we can debate. This issue doesn't have anything to do with me going along with it or trying to gain favor. It is NOT something that should be judged my me!??? I have no interest in judging someone for this issue.
  3. @Gibran Okay, I will read your link on Ephraim. I understand what you say about the Ethiopians being distinct CUSH HAM and that the HEbrews looked link them early in time. But, [1] Moses' wife was an Ethiopian [2] the Book of Daniel praises the CUSH HAMITES for constructing a Golden Empire [3] AbraHam's maternal origins is CUSH HAM and [4] the Bible clearly states that God blessed the Hebrews to intermarry with the Egyptians after the 3/4th generations after the Exodus and, [5] the Bible clearly states that one of Solomon's wives was 'an Egyptian daughter of the pharaoh' of which he built her a house. The Hebrew Israelites intermixed with the Hamites.
  4. Me too. I try to be cautious and concerned about picking up a virus. But just in case you do, don't worry too much because there are ways to get the problem fixed without a lot of trouble. I mean, you may have to pay a little, but not hundreds of dollars as some crooks try to get you to believe. Don't go to Staples, because they are a rip off, -- at least they tried to do me in! MICROSOFT tech support are reputable but, there is a fake number though, when you use search engine. Ask them, and they will admit, they are NOT microsoft. The cheapest route for me as been BEST GUY--THE GEEK SQUAD. They are reputable, and tell you the problem and can fix it without much trouble, at least, that's been my experience.
  5. @Gibran As a Biology major and one who had done research in this area, I need to add to this but first let me say, WAY TO GO!!! Now that is bringing the scientific proof! Accordingly, the E1b1A haplogroup is known to be most common in West Africa, the place we were kidnapped from. However, that is not exactly what the scientist are saying about this specific haplogroup, however, they say, I think it is most seen in the Sans Bushmen and I think the pygmies too. And I have done some research on the San Bushmen. But again, you need to research the HORN OF AFRICA because this group is also said to be of the: E1B1 HAPLOGROUPING, more specifically, the E1B1B grouping. But the scientist will NOT say that these groupings, E1B1A or E1B1B stems from Abraham, at least, that i have come across yet. However, I do know that they have presented alot of confusing statements too about this DNA study. It is truth though, that [1] the DNA STUDAY and the Y-DNA Haplgroups are unrefutable and [2] they present the mtDNA studies of women to try to steer away from the more stable Y-DNA proof. In fact, they try to determine some conclusion based on mtDNA regarding male haplogroups. I hope to share some of my research too, on this deliberate mis-interpretation. However, @Gibran again, if, as you say, the Hebrews look like AFricans and hid in AFrica, then it is because they are intermixed. The ancient prophets hwo intermixed with HAMITIC women in AFRICA, the MOTHERLAND, would not be deemed as wrong because that is what they were supposed to do when it came to SOME HAMITIC people. Abram became ABRA-HAM... because he was part HAMITIC. That is their MATERNAL ORIGINS--CHAM. THE RAM was the supreme idol of ancient Kemet/Africa and therefore, perhaps, Abram's name was changed to AbraHam due to idol worship not being deemed appropriate? So, as far as West AFrica, yes, I agree the Hebrews or Original Semites would be scattered all throughout and some stayed intact, but you are saying that the Hebrews look like Africans, and God accepted some of the Hamites. Didn't the Lord deem the CHALDEANS, of CUSH HAM as being the best empire in the world? in the Book of Daniel, they are said to have organized THE GOLDEN EMPIRE. The Hamites are the best. The Hebrews are the priesthood and they supported a lot of those Hamites, but Cush Ham and etc. are the best of the best, IMO.
  6. @Pioneer1 I think this is a fair question: But since you make the claim that we as a people are descendants of Abraham and the Israelites, how does your acceptance or tolerance of homosexuality agree with the Mosaic Law's CLEAR stance of not only condemning homosexuality and homosexuals but actually call for their physical punishment? And, my answer is this; Jesus came after the Mosaic laws and so, we now have the NEW COVENANT [ie amended covenant] today and even as in the Old Testament, this issue is supposed to be dealt with as a matter of 'the king'/government. We are not suppose to just go around condemnng folk as common folk. More importantly, there are only two (2) sins that are said to be unforgivable and homosexuality is NOT one of them. Again, my issue with this homosexual law today, is that I believe that a lot of it is undercover PEDOPHILIA and this ties directly into being 'an unforgivable sin'. This system had benefited in this way, 'pedophilia' and this bothers me a lot. In slavery, children were also encouraged to sexually abuse each other, and from this comes a feeling of guilt, shame, self-condemnation, and acceptance through feeling there is no way to change, but children should and can be helped to deal with this evil conditioning and be reformed, but a grown adult who practices pedophilia is a whole other issue and this government sweeps this under the rug. Also, there so many other reasons why, FOR THE BLACK AFRICAN AMERICANS this issue may become unique due to slavery and the prison system. We shouldn't just go around condemning victims, but this government needs to be held accountable because this is a human rights violation as well. If someone chooses to be homosexual after they have been raped or molested, that is NOT the initial issue here, but it is this system that deliberately attacks our freedom and think it is funny. Have those rules against homosexuality now been abrogated? Never. In fact, the New Testament really goes into detail. Jesus even said this would be the issue in the last days, however, again, as I stated before, this issue goes way back in time to the Black AFrican mankind was even introduced to this phenomena. This idea was 'stange' and it was brought into Africa. It is definitely attack on the priesthood, especially AFrican men.
  7. WOW!!! Just WOW!!! She is so beautiful. Love her hairstyles through the ages! Love her cheek bones.
  8. @Gibran Yes!!! I have seen this video, and also commented on it about a year or so ago! Very good video and very informative!
  9. , but redddish like a light-skinned person. Malcolm X was ruddy. Absolutely!!! During our flight from the Romans, some of us chose to remain in place and these are The Igos and the Lembas, who though still in Africa are Shemites. Okay! But I also hope you dig into the research about the HORN OF AFRICA because those nations are actually Hebrew Israelites as well. The very names of many of the leaders, both men and women are Ephraimitic names [ie JOSEPH] in Eritrea and Ethiopia and Tigray. Also the Beta-Israelites and etc. These people fit the Biblical description written about in the Book of Ezekiel in that [paraphrasing] 'the the cry of the Chaldeans shall be heard in the ships first, and ... The intact Hebrews that were forced back into Africa, in the Book of Deuteronomy 28, that you quoted, this is what happened to many of them who were forced out of Anatolia-Turkey and East Europe and Russia after the Crusades. They were driven into Africa and then at the late part of the Slave Trade EAst Africa was hit hard during the Arab-British slave trade.
  10. But for the record, do you want to know what Miriam said or did to get herself a cursing. Well, she got into God’s business by fussing at her brother Moses for marrying a foreign woman. God loved and favored us so much that He wanted us to remain pure, free from the taint of others outside our tribe The Bible says that Miriam was angry because Moses' wife was ETHIOPIAN [ie. CUSHITIC]. the word ETHIOP means BLACK FACED. sunburnt faced... the word CHEOPS means EARTHEN FACED, or BROWN FACED the word SINOP means EASTERN FACED CLEOPATRA refers to her being from Black Orientals-- CLEOPS HEROCLEOPOLITAN refers to a two party system that took dominane during the 2nd Dynasty-- one Theban and the more supreme Eastern/Oriental CYCLOPS--- MAGOG--giants supposedly, one-eyed in appearance the word OP means 'eye' or 'looks like'... OPTICAL would be a connection to this term Miriam was angry due to issues of COLORISM. God blessed Moses for marrying a HAMITIC-TYPED [ie African-typed] woman. Abram was born in the land of the CHALDEANS--BLACKS. His was the product of an HAMITIC WOMAN, that is why he was A RAM [ie ABRAM]. David married BLACK WOMEN, but also others too. Hamitic women are not all BLACK AS THE ACE OF SPADES, but came in different shades. JOSEPH, the firstborn of Rachel, the choice of his father, wore THE COAT OF MANY COLORS--- this is symbolism for the ISRAELITES being represented on earth from being very, very, fair skinned to Black skinned PEOPLE OF AFRICAN-DESCENT. It is the HAMITIC TRAITS that defines BLACK PEOPLE of AFrica more so than skin color. Skin color would be a secondary trait, but COLORISM and WHITE SUPREMACY has plaged this world, that is why it is important to understand the presence of the NEGROES [IE AFRICAN PEOPLE, HAMITIC-TYPED PEOPLE]. I absolutely agree with you about how the Hebrews were scattered and that we need to come back together. But God did say that one day He was going to gather us all up. It would be then, after we REPENT, that all our woes will be over I agree!!!
  11. @Gibran At that time period, I do agree!-- But as you said later on, they messed up! The whole Bible is about us------and not about any other peoples on the entire face of the earth! ... As harsh as it may sound, Jesus’ whole ministry was not to save the world, but to save us, the Chosen Ones of God, the lost sheep of Israel Gibran, the most important issue here is that, today, we are reading the Bible via non-Chosen people! So, even though, as you said, Jesus said that he came to appeal to the Hebrew Israelites, but this is just one aspect of the Bible. Jesus also said that he came to help the world. So prior to his coming, as you did say, the Hebrews were suppose to be representatives for 'the truth and true way of living' but they messed up. So as the prophet ISAIAH did say, THE GENTILES SHALL COME TO THE LIGHT. God, Most High, declared that if we disobeyed Him that He would send us back to Egypt in ships. ... God said that He would scatter us among all the nations of the world. I agree with what you wrote about West Africa, and the Ouidah!!!--Being Jews! But as you did say too, we have been scattered in other parts of the world. Gibran, my great-grandmother was stolen from EAST AFRICA from EGYPT and put on the slave ship. There was a massive slave ship movement in the HOrn of AFrica that occurred during the Arab Slave Trade and the Spice Age in the ad 1800s. but it was the Romans who did us the most damage Oh yes, I agree. h yeah, lest I forget, I must add that by the time of the Roman slaughter of us, ten of the twelve tribes of Israel had been dispersed and the two remaining tribes, Judah and Benjamin, simply became The tribe of Judah.…. Once more, we are the descendants of the tribe of Judah. Moreover, we are Judah! @Gibran When Israel [ie Jacob] lived, he stated that the SIMEONITES would be scattered throughout the homeland of Judah, therefore, they are also referred to as JEWS. PETER is a Jew, but the Bible also states that he is from the tribe of SIMEON. Also, the maternal origins of THE JEWS is CANAANITE that is probably why SIMON THE CANAANITE ZEALOT was one of the 12 APOSTLES of Jesus. Therefore, there really is no such thing as being 'pure' for many reasons. But for the record, do you want to know what Miriam said or did to get herself a cursing. Well, she got into God’s business by fussing at her brother Moses for marrying a foreign woman. God loved and favored us so much that He wanted us to remain pure, free from the taint of others outside our tribe When Israel [ie Jacob] lived he said that after 'Judah prevailed and would be 'the firtborn' but after SHILOH COME' then JOSEPH's generations would receive the blessings of a firstborn. Therefore, based on many scriptures, it would be the descendants of Joseph too, that represent THE HEBREWS too. The tribes of Judah and Joseph were intermixed starting with the woman named EPHRATAH during the days of Moses. But as JOseph married an Egyptian woman of HAM, there is no such thing as a pure Hebrew or a pure Jew.
  12. @Gibran You have done a lot of research! Hopefully though, you will continue to confirm and write! In the past, even now, I have had the privelege of sitting at the table with Black men, some of whom are scholars and have been encarcerated, and I have been a help to them as they remind me of you! Many of them are very well learned, and much more serious about getting at the truth than others. There were no so called white people in Egypt until Alexander the Great conquered it. If you go back much farther in time, way back before Alexander the Great, way back before Moses, you will see that, indeed, there were many WHITE PEOPLE in Africa and ancient Egypt. If you google NOFRET and her husband RAHOTEP, you will see that they existed thousands of years even before Moses' time. Nofret was White and Rahotep was REDDISH as he was the bi-cultural [ie bi-racial] son of Seneferu. Seneferu was a Theban king, who overthrew the 3rd Dynasty. Seneferu bonded with various women, and White women [ie Asiatics] and this later caused a civil crisis due to his sons fighting over who would be next in line for the throne of Egypt. Also, if you google AMEN-THE-UNIFIER, who came before the 3rd dynasty, their were many white people [ie Asiatics] in Africa. In fact, that was the very reason why he warred. He defeated them in the North and unified all of Egypt. But later, he too, bonded with an Asiatic woman and this eventually led to Seneferu, who overthrew the 3rd dynasty. So what you are overlooking, is the intense issue of COLORISM, that was a definite part of ancient Egypt for thousands of years. Joseph looked so much like an Egyptian, having adopted their dress and customs that his brothers had no idea who he was. If Joseph would have been white, his brothers would have immediately picked him out among the black folks, but that was not the case. ... These were all brothers, as black as the ace of spades. ... His name was Isaac whose father was Abraham, also black. Don’t forget about Abraham as we will need to look at him again later. @Gibran I agree that Joseph looked like the Egyptians but what you are not recognizing is the issue of COLORISM that plagued Africa at that time, and even long before. Although Isaac was definitely 'Black-typed' however, he was not 'black as the ace of spades' because of his mother who was very light skinned. But, I agree about Abram [ie Abra-HAM] being very dark skinned; Black. Joseph was brown skinned and Moses was very, very fair skinned, based on my understanding of the words in context. Also, this reference is very faulty in comparison to other scholars: Here is the passage from Zondervan taken from online: {“Ham: The youngest son of Noah, born probably about 96 years before the Flood; and one of eight persons to live through the Flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races; not the Negroes, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites.” – Zondervan Bible Dictionary[ As even you have said!!!--Ham could NOT have been the only progenitor of the dark races; but so was SHEM!!! This would mean that Noah was 'PERFECT IN HIS GENERATIONS' meanng, all of his sons were BLACK! It was the wives of Noah's son's that made the difference in the offspring in respect to distinct traits, not only skin coloring.
  13. @Gibran Really!? I find this interesting. I think that it was around the AD 1500s when Michelangelo was living. Not sure. But also I believe that there was a deliberate movement that began around the AD 1300s when many Europeans began painting idols of Black African-typed ancient people 'white-faced'. The movement became known as the Rennaisance Age. We have always cozied up to the notion that we are the descendants of Africans, but nothing could be further from the truth. We simply look like them, and that is why we blended in so easily with them And that is why any time, the Hebrews, the Children of Israel, had trouble at home, we always fled to Africa to hide among them @Gibran Would it be fair to say that the reason why the Hebrews were not recognized in Africa is because they were INTERMIXED with AFRICANS? You see, it seems like a contradiction, here, when you say that the Hebrews, Jews are not AFRICANS but they looked like the Africans and Original Egyptians. The Africans were selling us, the Hebrews, into slavery. ... The Africans were fully aware of who we were and since we were not African, they had no scruples about selling us. In fact, the Africans despised us I absolutely agree, but here again, I don't think it should matter though, if the Jews are defined as being AFRICANS or NEGROES because, they had intermixed with these Africans. For me, it doesn't matter, but I agree with you, in that their is a absolute distinction in these terms! Also, just like JOseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers and relatives, the Jews were also doing the same during the Slave Ship Era!!! It is true though that Europeans lump all of us African-typed people together and made no distinctions. They went at the entire BLACK and AFRICAN presence in the world... even in Australia and etc.
  14. Oh yes!!! Some of the African Americans that operate some churches are just as much as predators on our people as Americas' corporate world! WOW!!! I learned something new today.
  15. @Gibran I agree-- I Think it is important to be an individual because of the uniqueness that people possess, individually,-- but when it comes to survival in this world, individualism has it limits. We would have to come together as a people, a culture, if we want to survive because of the genocidal attempts put against us continually. This somewhat speaks to something that evidently bothers Chevdove (and me 2) because it was then in our evolution that we started to pull the "Victim" card. Thank you!!! Black men have always been victimized, but when has anyone ever been listening? If no one could believe black men were getting lynched, who the hell was going to believe they were being molested, so they shut up. Until now, Well, it's time, it's been time a long time ago!!! No matter what their religious, political, or sexual preferences, if we are to achieve anything significant as a collective, then all black people must be included. When it comes to 'SEXUAL PREFERENCES', I have no problem with choices that adults make. I was literally kicked out of my home shortly after my college years because of my support of my male friends that were homosexuals. But, when it comes to the SILENT TREATMENT of PEDOPHILIA, this would be when I speak out! I will never accept this. In fact, this is the basis of all of my research and purpose. America began due to the enslavement of BLACK CHILDREN for the most part. Therefore, this issue needs to be addressed. Too many times, we as Black people love to deflect to how White Catholic priest are pedophiles and selectively ignore the issue of how this system has conditioned and encouraged Black adults to engage in pedophilia too. NO, we should not 'include this group'. We need to address both issues because this is how slavery was so well maintained. We are Shemites! YES!!! Yes, it is... I am!... I think anyway, that I am somewhat familiar with this subject.
  16. @Delano Recently, I have not followed any personal stories, but when I did, all that I have heard from Black men who are homosexuals was that they had been molested when they were children or young; therefore, Delano, it this is the case, then, IMO, that should be the focus of our government. I do not understand, why there seems to be a HUSH over this issue of victimization. I even think I heard Don Lemon say this very thing. I think he said that he was molested when he was a child. Delano, that bothers me greatly.
  17. @Pioneer1 What!? PRIMitive not only means FIRST but it also means PRIME or ideal LOL! You gotta be kidding.
  18. @Pioneer1 LOL I thought it did; But maybe I did not make a conclusion. I will try to give another example later. For now, I will see if I can make a better conclusion regarding the example that I did offer. Can you provide for me CLEAR HISTORIC examples of how Black men not controlling their sexual appitite led to the downfall of their kingdoms and the enslavement of their people. I gave an example of the 18th Dynasty in ancient Egypt. I highlighted Thutmose III in his SEXUAL APPETITIE for Mittanian women over his own womankind. Then I said that he encouraged his son to do the same and he was worse. The two of them launched a major campaign agains the Original Egyptian royal women and even the grave of the Dowager of Thutmose III was desecrated. This obsession became more and more intense and many Mitannian and Asiatic women were brought into ancient Africa, Egypt, during these times. THE DOWNFALL OF THEIR KINGDOM The downfall of the 18th Dynasty was extremely dramatic. But as far as the residue of the Original Egyptians, I cannot say that, at that time, they were driven into slavery, but today we know this to be true! Back then though, the 19th Dynasty of the Ramasids deemed the 18th Dynasty to be 'a curse'. The pharaohs, I believe Ramasis II had King Tut's tomb covered up by constructing a workman's village overtop of it. Senemut, the ruler that took over after the death of the last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, desecrated the tombs of some of the pharaohs. Today, that land is dominated by Arabs and the Original Egyptians have long since been driven south. During the time of Napoleon, many Nubians were captured and forced into slavery. A CLEAR HISTORIC EXAMPLE(S) I guess I could bring up another example. The 12th Dynasty too. Well, actually, I need to go back and get the actual pharaoh. But One of them had a harem and later, he was murdered by one of his wives because of the conflict over who would be the next pharaoh. Then, going back much farther to the 4th Dynasty, this happened again. And, it was an intense conflict over whose son would get the throne. But again, I would need to go back and get the references. However, I know more details about the 18th dynasty for now as it is fresh in my memory. I don't think that having multiple sexual partners worked back then like you think. bot "the breakdown of the black family stems not from white values but from those black people who lead a loose, multiple-partner lifestyle that"
  19. @Gibran Something is wrong with this story here! You mean to tell me, that you feel guilty, but what about you father!? Did your sister say this to her father!? Why would a young Black boy at the age of 12 be conditioned--CONDITIONED-- by society and by Black women to feel guilty!? Why are Black boys made to feel as if they can fill the shoes of a grown man? My husband said some of these same things! LOL! He said he would fight and protect his sisters and ... got beat up sometimes LOL because his siters were older than him and therefore, he would fight older guys. LOL. And to continue this story though, his father-- My father-in-law-- was a 'Rolling Stone-- where ever he laid his hat was his home' --- LOL. He was NOT there for his sons and they learned a lot from the streets. Fast forward, they are being abused by the women in their family and made to feel guilty because they were not there for them--- MAN!!! I'm thinking-- Shouldn't these Black women be saying this to their father--husbands--Baby Daddies!!!??? They gave My father-in-law a PASS and never confronted him, at all!!! They idolized this man! I am not kidding you. Me and my husband went rounds on this issue. HIs self esteemed was so abused due to the women in his family putting unfair responsibilities on him and guess what!? He took it out on me and my sons--HIS SONS! @Troy LOL Have you ever watched the Maury Povich show!? Maybe not in this community, but I have seen 'crazy' want protection and idolization.
  20. @Gibran WOW! You write well! And, I am looking forward to re-reading all that you wrote, in other threads too, because you have packed in a lot for me to grasp.
  21. Your question was about my willingness to have sex with a woman who has multiple sexual partners, and I told you that I and other men do it all the time in this society. It's nothing new or unusual. @Pioneer1But, I was still though, making a comment in this regards about commitment and relationships.
  22. @Pioneer1 If that is what you get from it, then that is okay. I think that your summation is surface though, and you are not looking at the deeper issues. Even though Europeans have mis-dated the records, and we today, cannot translate Egyptian heiroglyphs well, this ancient historical period is well documented. I RELY UPON SCHOLARS LIKE THE LATE Dr. HIBBARD and IVAN SERTIMA and I agree with his assessment about Nefertiti and etc. being 'a White' [ie ASSYRIAN WOMAN]. I only gave you one example and the 18th Dynasty is pivotal in the issue of WHITE SUPREMACY and COLORISM but there are much more ancient accounts that reach back thousands of years before this time period. For you to conclude that a White obssessed African pharaoh and a White obssessed African woman dignitary being put down as being justified for having gender hatred as valid, is not my assessment. But this type of history may help us to understand our issues today. I'm sure that wasn't your intended point, but that's what one would gather from it upon close examination. No, @Pioneer1, actually CLOSE EXAMINATION would involve you doing more research! If you look deeper into the history about this time period when Egypt was a dominant super power and civilization, you come to other conclusions. Did I lie about Hapshepsut's voyage to the 'land of Punt'!? No!!! Was this expedition well documented? YES. ARe there other references about the thousands of Syrian captives and Nubian captives being forced into Egypt during this time period? YES! Are there other records of the manual labors that went into raising these massive stone pillars of the Egyptians including Hatshepsut and etc. ? YES ARe there other records about STONE QUARRYING and how back breaking it was to have to take a hard obsidian rocka and POUND and POUND and POUND continually in order to carve a groove into bedrock to raise these pillars for the ancient Egyptians? YES Do you believe that the Egyptian servants that did this hard labor were White like Charlston Heston!? LOL Maybe you need to do some more close examination. Black-on-Black hatred and gender hatred was encouraged by White Supremacy but Black people have a definite part of our own destruction too. This is what I am highlighting.
  23. Yeah, we are being mis-information via probably the Western World. This issue in Dahomey is not that much different than what is being reported about Keny all the way over in the eastern side of AFrica. IMO, a lot of these present day Matriarchal societies stem from White involvment with the Slave Ship Trade Era. Black African women have been so oppressed... and now... here comes the White world trying to offer ways to help these women combat conflicts that have arisen on a gender basis. I am saying this because of a recent video I watched and in it, there is Hilary Clinton in the midst. I absolutely understand all of the sides of this conflict in Kenya which this thread reminds me about. But what I want to know is just where does this horrible butchery come from in that Black African women are mutilated by Black AFrican men!? This is insane. Anyway, here is the video:
  24. @Gibran Yes, absolutely! I think this is part of the problem. Thank you!II Jesus is just the Greek translation of the Hebrew Yashu or Yashua. The name "Joshua" is yet another translation of that same word "Yashua" Yes, I agree, but still 'the letter Y' is also a 'replacement letter' though too. For example, the words ASSYRIA and SYRIA. Both of these terms have been written in various ways, and all of the words are unique to the time period but the origin goes back to an ORIGIN. 'Assyria' today is not written this way in the Western World, but this is a deception. The Syria today still used the very same Flag as the Ancient Assyrians who had separated from their Syrian relatives based on Colorism. So; 'An Assyrian' means 'WHITE SYRIAN' [ie. As= White] but they come from the same oirigin as the Syrians: ASSHUR SHEM. 'A Syrian' is 'An ORIGINAL descendant of ASSHUR SHEM [ie. AS=White; he was part White!!!; part Canaanite], therefore, they were a darker skinned people. The Assyrians dominated over the Syrians for hundreds and hundreds of years. The Egyptians enslaved the Syrians but worshiped and elevated the Assyrians. So, the 'letter y' is a replacement letter here, but all of these terms within context can mean distinct meanings. The land of SHUR is the land of the Assyrians and Syrians in certain areas. Based on the scriptures, ABRAM [IE AMBRA-HAM] was told to separate from his father TErah because Terah clung to the Assyrians. So AbraHams grandson, Jacob [ie ISRAEL] bonded with two SYRIAN GIRLS, LEAH and RACHEL. The Assyrians were serious WHITE SUPREMACIST.
  25. The Beginning of this 18th Dynasty was founded by Kamose and Ahmose and their mother was a great influence in their rise to power. And what many people don't highlight but actually overlook is that soonafter, this dynasty was completly usurped. AFter the pharaoh lost his son, and he had no male heir, his daughter married a foreign 'Black' man but this man later dominated over his wife and he assumed that dynasty name and continued onward. This would be the beginning of problems. this man, THUTMOSE, came from the NODEAST [ie Northeast] civilizations of HURRIANS and ... long story short... it became a Matriarchal System. Soon Thutmose III who warred up north in Assyria, Mitanni and etc. brought a bunch of Mitannian woman [ie. WHITE WOMEN] into his court and it was this man, that threw down his own ORIGINAL EGYPTIAN WOMEN [ie BLACK WOMEN] and replaced them with these white women. THUTMOSE III elevated Mittanian women and he took his young son around Egyptian in a new campaign. This new campaign he struck out the name of HATSHEPSUT and etc. he closed up her pillars, and more importantly, he STOPPED addressing the royal egyptian women with their ancient INHERITED TITLES. He took the royal attire of the Egyptian woman that were passed down through the generations, and gave them to his white-Mitannian women, ... and this why today, many Black Africans are obssessed over idols like QUEEN TIYE--because they think she was a Black AFrican woman, but she was NOT!!! She was wearing an 'African wig' taken from the original Egyptian women and given to her and others. Then after Thutmose III did this, his son was even more worse than he had been... But the other part of this story is this-- the Egyptian women were also to blame, because they also had an obssession with foreign men. Even though Hatshesut is hailed today, however, she was the first one in during that time to enslave African people on a ship that sailed south into the land of Punt and thereabouts. It was during her rule that Nubians and Syrians began to be enslaved. So, when Thutmose III came of age, he got rid of Hatshepsuts court official, Senemut, and this started him on his rampage... This is just one example of how we today are suffering from the repercussions of gender conflicts of the past. And look at how many men are running around having sex with or TRYING to have sex with women who are already married or have boyfriends. As if a woman having multiple partners is really THAT big of a deal. I'm speechless! LOL. I find it hard to grasp though, that you have never been so in love with a woman that would not want some type of commitment.
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