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  1. WOW now that is amazing! I am so far from where you are in life! You have no idea! Your daughter is absolutely incredibly beautiful. So I assume you have the twins and an older daughter; that's amazing. I don't know how you did it. I'm still on a long, long road stretched out ahead of me! My sons are older, yes, but it is crazy difficult... I don't know why!? They are frustrated sometimes... they complain sometimes and say, "Mom, I'm the ONY ONE, THE ONLY BLACK MALE..." I don't know what to say, how to help them. YOu say, your daughters are presently single, are you single now? IF so, do you think they shy away from heterosexual relationships because of how they view your relationships? For me, I've been married for years and it's been a saga, not becsuse of my relationship to husband, but because it seems most people are in a rage over the reality of us being married. We are loathed, but not by my father's people. We get wonderful support from them but they are far away. My father-in-law adored us, And, I guarantee you that you probably know more than me about mtDNA!--LOL even though it was a big chunk of my major. However, my approach on this subject is based on another angle than your book. However, I welcome your criticism and help for what I would like to share!--since you've already written your book. How exciting! Believe it or not, I am researching with hopes of publish a book one day too, but I'm no where close to that point! I would love to get your book!
  2. Thank you very much! My advantage, I have come to realize is that my ancestor, she came very late towards the abolishment of the actual law. I still can't believe myself though, that my aunt who knew is still very alive today! And she is still of her full mind and a young girl and knew the slave girl, her own grandmother, for a few years before she died. You know, I read Roots, by Alex Haley four times!-- And it still grips me when he wrote his account of the Griot that gave the oral story of his ancestor. I met ALex Haley and he signed my program.
  3. That is hard. May I ask how old were you when this happened? You are right though, I agree. At some point, there needs to be some kind of accountabilty, that was your father. No wonder many Black women don't know how to feel...about our fathers, Black men. Sometimes, adult mothers are so caught into the hardship they deal with, they lose sight of their role, still, as nurturers and they keep the cycle going. For you, you had daughters, so you were put right back in under the role. But for me, I did not have daughters, but, I always think about how to react to young girls especially the ones that my sons interact with. It scares me to think that I would be as cold to younger Black women or girls in general, in the way I felt my mother treated me. @Pioneer1 @Kalexander2 Okay . LOL! Can I ask for a Time out here!!! I just want to make a comment to men, and since you both are commenting in this thread, it seems good to direct it to you both: I feel that as @Mel Hopkins stated, that black mothers should take the blame for bad behavior. And, if Black men care so much about the Black woman being victimized, what about the victims striking at children--the victims? What role should Black men take in this REALITY? Shouls you just stand by and say nothing, do nothing, just feel sorry for the whole group without making any intervention? I feel strongly about this issue here. Shouldn't Black men, fathers do something in this situation? Don't you realize that some Black women are dangerously abusive to the Black child? They strike at the child, and take out their being victimize on the Black child? I feel that Black men should do something too, help out the Black children too, when this kind of abuse is going on. This kind of abuse is incredibly prevalent, I feel, in the Black culture.
  4. @Mel Hopkins Yes, I read about the American Slave Albert Perry and the new information on the AO HAPLOGROUP, Y-DNA. I have to tell you though, for the past year, I have went over the Y-DNA HAPLOGROUPS and I can see the manipulation here in regards to the science community, and I will explain in a little while. I have not been able to make a conclusion though, I just see some contradictions in what has been reported about the Y-DNA. I will get some quotes though. really. Tlhat's new for me. I would love for you to shed some more information on this!
  5. Yes, I absolutely agree with what you have said. I say, pray without works are dead, dead, dead. And as far as 'end times' I have gotten out of my past mentality and the understanding and conditioning of what I once believed about it anyway. I do hope though, while I work for a better existence from the issues going on today in this world when it comes to racism. @Mel Hopkins I really need that hug! Thank you. You know I still sometimes that I never left that conflict. And you said a lot when you speak about broken parents raising children. That is what brings me so much inner turmoil. I think about the Black women of these past generations, and I am so glad that I was not in their shoes!--But at the same time, what kind of escape do children have when they are in a situation, an environment like that? I find it fascinating though, that you had twins and furious at the conflict you faced...cause I know how that feels when a female, doctor[!] reacts negative ... to a Black mother-to-be! Thank you and I hope we collectively find our voice... because I don't believe this system will improve if we, as Black women don't have the proper voice.
  6. @Mel Hopkins I forgot to address you question about career. I did not go after my career with the mindset that I would be a homemaker and that is the most shocking part of it all! I never even considered that would even be an issue until I was faced with the issue of trying to find a good babysitter. I didn't want my kids to suffer like some of the stories I have heard and what I went through. Both of my sisters were sexually abused and I've heard so many terrible stories like this, and I suffered as 'a latch key kid'. I never saw my mother as she was a career woman and yes, the women in my family demanded that I do the same. But I came to a point where I refused. But when it comes to BLACK WOMEN, I believe it is a terrible saga due to societal persecution. We are damned if we leave are kids and work and then, we are damned if we don't. We are viewed as selfish if we seek a career and then we are framed as lazy soap opera watching stay at home Moms if we don't, but other women don't get this treatment, in my opinion.
  7. @Mel Hopkins Wow! this thread is interesting. The photos you posted are very interesting. You know, I have worked in a genetics lab and my major is in Biology with emphasis in Secondary education. And after I've studed about the mtDNA and the Y Haplo group, it seems to me the scientist are not revealing everything. Actually, I think it is the other way around, but I need to look at my notes regarding the mtDNA. That is the one that does 'mutate'. But the term for the Y-Dna haplogroup is that it is more stable and it does not RECOMBINE like the mtDNA and this is why scientiest know the origins of mankind, which they say is much more recent than the Mitochondrial Eve. Alll Y-DNA has a basal MARK that shows their origin is in Africa and it is called 'basal a'. All males have this 'basal a' mark and it does not recombine.
  8. Greetings! You have a lot of insight! I love what you wrote. And I appreciate so much, your input! You know, I am still deeply hurt what has happened to me but, because of the positive experience I have had from so many other women during that particular saga in my early marriage, I still do view my victory based upon the other Black women that came forward on my behalf. I did write that but I think, it was missed. I was too beaten down and trained and conditioned to not defend myself against my mother, and today, I still believe in that. Deep inside, I believe that it is dangerous to confront your elders in a outright hostile manner, so therefore, when I gave up, it seemed out of no where, I got calls from the Church mother, and long story short... I was told that a coalition of church mothers had gotten together, and called the Judges mother! LOL. One of the Church mothers actually knew the judge's mother and was named after her. And they told her my story. ... So, the judges mother called her son and told her to "give that woman her sons back"! They told me to hold on, don't give up, you are going to get your kids back... and I did. I couldn't believe it! I resigned earlier. I quit my career job, because I had a nervous breakdown. My kids meant everything to me. My father told me that my mother was mentally off and angry because she didn't give birth to a son. My mother was a social worker and she made friends with the judge, a Black woman, and my kids were seized, with no warning, no trial... 3 years later, I got media attention from WB22, a news station owned by Jews, and they did aggressive media and uncovered the conspiracy... Even though my mother had no contact with me, my husband, or my kids for over a year, she alledged that my husband, sexually abused his sons, my own sons... they were five and seven when they were seized, so they very upset, years later when they heard the details...
  9. lol... It's hard to 'forget' about everybody else... But thank you. I do need to keep focus on my real goal, my offspring... that is the focus... the next generation.
  10. This thread was really enlightening but then, it went south. Too bad. @Pioneer1 @Kalexander2 I really don't know what to think after what I REad though, and I read this thread twice. Europeans, Caucasians, European Jews, White Jews, Hebrew Israelites, Ethiopians, Mexicans, Native Americans... etc. I still learning, so I can't make any sound conclusions yet, on what is going on in this world except for that Racism, and White Supremacy and Colorism has plagued this world on a Global scale. But based on my recent research, I am rethinking about the kind terms like European Jews and such. Now, I am repharsing this term, and saying Jews in Europe, because when I think 'European Jew' I was condition to visualize White Jews, but this is not the whole truth. Anyway, I want to share more about myself. I am not particular right now if I am defined as being Black, or African American, however, I specify though, that I am a Black African American descendant of slaves. Because my maternal Great-grandmother came over here through the slave ship rather late, I know about her through my relatives. My aunt, my mother's oldest sister, is still living today and she's in her nineties. When she kept me when I was young, she talked about her, the slave woman' because she knew her first hand. Every year at the family reunions, her oral history was repeated. My great-grandmother was stolen as a little girl in the AD 1800s, from East Africa and from the Port-of-Sudan byway of Arab Slave Traders. She was caught when she was doing her chores, carrying water from the well. She was put on a British Slave ship, at a time that, by law, the British had supposedly outlawed slavery!!! She was stolen during a ten year period that a notorious Black slave trader had operated and his name was Bakir. By the time she came to America, she was impregnated and she gave birth to a son, that was light skinned and grew to be tall. She was about thirteen, she just started her menstruation. My aunt said, that she saw her sometimes write Arabic letters in the sand. She lived through 1850 and in 1865, her first husband, who was sold earlier further south, walked all the way back to be reunited with her in South Carolina. ... She died in the early AD 1900s, I think. I wrote it down, but can't remember exact date right off hand. [2] Fast forward, when my son was about five, I searched for tutor, paid, and took my son to learn ARabic, because I wanted to him to learn a language from Africa. I read books to him from the library on Swahili, but I couldn't find any other AFrican tutor at the time, so I settled on Arabic. It was a brief time, because the woman that began, after a few weeks she told me that she consulted a British professor at the college, and was advised to stop. However, for a couple of weeks, my husband and I would go to their place. After a few weeks, she told me that she was not Jordanian, but Palestinian. She wanted me to know that every time I came over, she asked her husband to get up because she was afraid of my husband. Both her and her husband told me that my husband was, for certain, Hebrew Israelite. ... [3] One of my sons worked at a grocery store where a young Ethiopian girs worked. She told my son, "You are not African American, you are Ethiopian. You look like my uncles." When he was in college, his friend, an AFrican young man from Rwanda or Uganda? told my son, that he looked like he was from Ethiopia. So I don't know... My mother's people, my sister, looks just like those people over there in Eritrea and Ethiopia. scary. So this thread is interesting to me. I don't know what to think. I am just learning about the history of Anatolia Turkey, and it is 'blowing my mind'. The notorious slave trader, Bakir, was enslaved as a boy, and I think he was from Turkey Anatolia. White Supremacy has done a great damage to the ethnic world. Recently a few years ago, when Obama was in office, Miss Israel pageant winner was from Ethiopia. But recently, she was pictured on tour in America at a Jewish event and she was seated in front of the Jewish flag. But the Ethiopian Jews' flat is NOT THE SAME! Such exploitation. Nevertheless, made friends with a European Jewish girl years ago, and she reminds me so much of one of my sisters, in traits. So, I just don't know what to think. [4] But here's another riddle to this puzzle: When I first met my husband, he look like any average Black African American man to me and he sported his afro. But on my first date, I sat down beside him at the table, ... and after a few silent moments, he started laughing silently... he saw me out of his side view, ... I was staring at him... it caught me off guard. His profile caught me off guard... He was all into Black POwer, he showed me his books on Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he talked about Black music, he loved jazz, ... and he introduced me to his college friends and etc. But I never sat near him until that day. He had long black eyelashes that I had not noticed until that moment, and his hair, his afro was very, very black. But what stunned me, was that his eyes were very deep set, he had... like a forehead... well... lets leave at that. He was laughing silently, and then he said, "yeah, I get that a lot." Then before I stopped myself, I just --without thinking-- I said, "What are you!" My uncles, my fathers people, the fellows I knew growing up... Black African American men... After a while, he said that his father was full blood Native American and his mother was Black African but from another tribe. Now, my other son's got her forehead... and he looks to me, like he's from the Carribean. So there ya go... I dunno. ...
  11. Thank you. This is a tough issue for me and difficult to talk about. It is my constant rage and motivation at the same time. I don't even know how to frame it because most of my oppressors were actually Black women. I think a lot of Black women have trauma from the slave experience and it's ignored today. But I think what happened to me stems from that foundation. Nevertheless, there is no excuse, in my opinion, for a Black woman to throw down another, if she chooses to fend for her little ones. I love my mother still today, but I also confused and angry. She did me in. She threw me down. and she had a lot of help. If it had not been for the other Black women, her age and generation, that defended me, I would have been completely destroyed. My sons, her grandsons, don't want anything to do with her. They are still upset, and, believe it or not, sometimes they blame me!
  12. I love your analogy and I thinking... Haven't made up my mind yet, but this kind of conflict makes me wonder about men vs woman when it comes to tough decision making. Let me bring it home a little better: More than 20 years ago, my husband and I went through a terrible human conflict and, I am grateful for him being with me through it. But due to making this a long story short; I wonder many times what people would do if they were faced abruptly with the reality of their little children being abruptly seized and taken from them... like slavery... I think men cope with this issue differently than 'a true natural mother'. I've seen many stories where some women don't seem to 'lose it' if their children are taken from them, some have abused their own children, and etc. But me, I lost it. I know what it's like to have your spirit broken. I went through hell. I was severely persecuted by my own family members because they wanted me to stay on the job, put my babies in day care... I fought for my college degree and career job... First AFrican American woman in the Shipyard as an Industrial Hygienist, etc. etc. etc. ... but when I couldn't find a decent babysitter, I kept my own babies... tough decision... Stay-at-home-Mom--- Penalty... YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT IF I TOLD YOU... FAST FORWARD... When your enemies are your own people... and other step forward to help you.... Well, ... This American system is based on Colorism and White Supremacy... but that doesn't mean that Black people are not White Supremacist... What some mothers will do for their children... When you're hungry, you gotta eat! ... ... I was thrown to the wolves... @TSegal LOVE IT! AMEN.
  13. LOL I hear you, but for me, it's okay. There were times when I needed help, ... and guess who came to my rescue!? Anyway, peace out! I'm going to force myself to go to sleep... somehow.
  14. Again, Thank you for your response. LOL. I have to agree with much of what you just said! So, I put on thick skin and get peace my own way! I understand how people can be pessimistic but I find so much peace in focusing on the positive too in all kinds of people. I've had some crazy good experiences with White people too, and I focus on that too when I do research and deal with racism.
  15. @Kalexander2 @Chevdove: It's perfectly okay if you were religious, I learn the seriousness of right wrong by both the rod and the Bible. As I alluded to before, your efforts are admirable and noble. Your frustration seems to be getting the best of you though. We live in a world that has no pity for the downtrodden, nor mercy for the weak, especially if you're Black. The oppression we experience is often done with lies and deliberate misguidance through biblical scriptures. Unfortunately, you'll have to physically fight Black folk if you try to wake them up to that fact. Fact is, passages from the Bible may soon prove to be useless when you hit the heart of your research project. Be prepared for hurt and disappointment. In case you may not have noticed, I'm a pessimist with no faith in mankind, Black, nor especially white folk. Yeah, like I said, if you have an idea about something on your mind, pursue it with vigor. But be honest with yourself first; whether it's worth your while and/or capable of changing how you feel.
  16. Ignore that statement. That was a mistake it came from the first page of this thread
  17. Actually, I'm not a religious person, but I like what you saying about social disparities. I am very frustrated with the Church because they only present part truths. If they use the Bible as thier text, they should use the whole Bible and this is not the case. So absolutely, people use only part of the Bible and are missing the real messages. You are so right. Yes, I get what you saying; My information, for example on BLUE EYES today, is scientifically proven by scientiest and published to be a mutation, but my research in connection to the Biblical description of Cain that matches the date today of the archeological evidence as being around 6000 years ago and found around the BLACK SEA, would be a theory. I agree with you on that. That is my conclusion and interpretation of the data provided. So yes, people need to draw their on conclusions. I don't know where you are at right now--time zone-- but I am up at some ridiculous hours for the past weeks--my sleep is off. I can't sleep. I'm up researching. I need to go to sleep... but can't.
  18. I hope that people will focus on the facts though, the reference that is presented and published, NOT BY ME, but by others. Anyway, again, I appreciate the interchange and the well wishes, I have so much more to present.
  19. Just presenting scientific facts and this is crucial in any kind of research. People can draw any conclusion they choose but facts are based on evidence. NEANDERTHALS and their presence today is a fact.Where they defined in published words compiled in the Bible; Yes, absolutely. Do the dates quoted by scientist today match Bible accounts; Yes, absolutely. So, my research, I choose to back up with both ancient records from the Bible, Egyptian records, and published scientifice works today. Anyway, I do appreciate the interchange with you. thank you.
  20. But that is not th point. It is REFERENCE MATERIAL. The ancient published written works compiled in the Bible and dated are references that confirm the subject at hand; NEANDERTHALS. This is the point. The GENOME PROJECT and the Bible have the same conclusions. it's not about prediction; it about referencing published written works. This is a scholarly process that has been established for thousand of years--REFERENCING. The Bible defines MUTATION and today's scientist discovered archeological proof around the BLACK SEA AREA of Black AFrican specimens that have DNA of BLUE EYES. This is a proven MUTATION. It's dated 6000 years ago and that is the exact time span the Bible details Cain. But that is not th point. It is REFERENCE MATERIAL. The ancient published written works compiled in the Bible and dated are references that confirm the subject at hand; NEANDERTHALS. This is the point. The GENOME PROJECT and the Bible have the same conclusions.
  21. Excellent. No it's not my theory, the GENOME PROJECT is scientific fact. But again, I've added about the mutation of BLUE EYES. I forgot to add that the date scientist provide is 6000 years ago; that is the exact dating of CAIN. ... another finding today that supports the Bible on THE ORIGINAL SIN in reference to CAIN. Recently scientiest also found archeological specimens around the BLACK SEA area and, DNA analysis proves them to have the DNA of an African-typed man, and with BLUE EYES. Scientist know now through these findings that BLUE EYES stem from BLACK PRESENCE because pre-Adamah beings did not have blue eyes!!! And they further know that Blue eyes are the result of a mutation.
  22. All you need to do is google it. This GENOME PROJECT was released to the public I believe in 2012, so it's common knowledge now. There are so many links and I do plan to present references from secular sources, only now, I choose to concentrate on the Bible. as you did post the OXFORD DICTIONARY definition of INTERSEXED all of what I am saying here is so easy to check yourself. But I would love to add on to this subject right now and also add another finding today that supports the Bible on THE ORIGINAL SIN in reference to CAIN. Recently scientiest also found archeological specimens around the BLACK SEA area and, DNA analysis proves them to have the DNA of an African-typed man, and with BLUE EYES. Scientist know now through these findings that BLUE EYES stem from BLACK PRESENCE because pre-Adamah beings did not have blue eyes!!! And they further know that Blue eyes are the result of a mutation.
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