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You Get What You Vote For: Washington D.C. Thugs, Heathens and Hoodlums Wreak Havoc on the Nation's Capital?

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DC residents drive short distances, afraid to go out in daylight as crime crushes city




And by the way, looking well past this article (which is one of perhaps thousands on DC crime), the vast majority of the crime victims and perpetrators in D.C. are black, as in black and ain't never gonna be anything else but black, no matter how hard they try.

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Crime is an issue in cities across America.


In fact, some crimes are being committed by folks for whom the people voted. 


America needs a wealth redistribution program to eliminate the poverty that leads to disenfranchisement, hopelessness and despair. 


The greedy and narcissistic criminals need some type of rehabilitation program.😁😎

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53 minutes ago, Jeromex said:

Embarrassingly, the majority of violent crime is committed by blacks.


Stop!  We have been over this before @Jeromex If you continue to say things that YOU KNOW to be factually untrue I will ban your account for simply being a straight up spammer. 


If you'd like to continue simply acknowledge what you've written is false, and we can move on. You may reference the FBI's data; they provide a handy tool. It is not perfect (there is no perfect data set), but one can see the arrests for white folks are more than twice that for Black people in 2021.


@nels statements about DC crime is factually accurate, but his conclusion that "...this will never change" is his opinion. Which you are free to express.


The information Nels provided and his conclusions are biased and misleading.  The fact is Blacks make up a larger percent of the population (based upon 2020 census) so of course more Black people make up more of the victims and offenders of crime.  if you factor in income the numbers will be more pronounced.  This unfortunate but not unusual or unique to Black people.


I seriously doubt that Black people go to white websites and write,


"Hey there is a serious problem in Montana with white-on-white crime!  You white people are responsible for +90% of the crime and you are +90% of the victims! White crime in Montana is higher than the national average something must be done about this!"


The media don't talk about the problem of white-on-white crime.  Instead, we focus on Black folks and create the false impression that we are worse than white folks.  Even some brainwashed Black people buy into this propaganda.  This, as the good @ProfD often reminds us, is a direct consequence of living in a white racist society -- we are all affected.  Sadly, some more than others.











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Interestingly, DC crime has never felt as bad at ground zero as it is reported to the outside world. 😁


Of course, there are certain things that you just don't do here but that goes for any city. 


From a personal security perspective, it's  always a good idea to keep your head on a swivel at all times. 


Otherwise, I've never felt like I'm living in a war zone here in DC.😎

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On 9/19/2023 at 5:30 PM, ProfD said:

Interestingly, DC crime has never felt as bad at ground zero as it is reported to the outside world. 😁

that is always the case — the media hypes everything.


It is one reason I don’t to listen to “the news.”  

Funny, when I first read the title of this post I thought it was about the insurrection.

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The thing about crime in the 'hood or ghetto is.....
Usually if you aren't INVOLVED in it....you don't experience it and usually don't even observe it.

This isn't always the case obviously, because bullets don't have names  on them (unless they come from a racist who scribbles racist rhetoric on them).
But usually.

Based on what I've seen and know living in and near different hoods around the nation, I'd say over 90% of the time if you

1. Stay to yourself
Don't go thugging and getting involved in illegal shit
Don't hang out with thugs and gangsters....including dating them and screwing them.

2. Mind your own business
If you see shit going down don't get involved in it trying to be Superman.
I've told so many brothers, WE need to be the man in the relationship and stop letting these women get you in trouble by involving themselves and you in shit that ain't none of yall business.

Infact, don't even stand there STARING at people who are engaged in dope dealing or fighting.....just act like you don't see it and keep it moving.

If you want to help somebody who is a victim...try to wait until the perpetrators are GONE so you can help them and call 911.
Don't do like a lot of wealthy White folks do and scream:

"Well I'm gonna call the cops RIGHT NOW!"

As if THAT'S supposed to stop everybody from doing what they're doing.

....and end up getting jacked up and peed on while laying out on the ground.


If you do this, you'll usually  be safe even in the roughest of areas.

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