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A Burning Question

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Another black man has been murdered by a policeman after being stopped for a minor traffic violation.  The unarmed victim, who had outstanding warrants due to unpaid child support, decided to resist the prospect of being arrested and while trying to escape, was brought down by gunfire.


The question that continually arises in my mind is: WHY, with all of the publicity about how little value is placed on black lives by law enforcement officers with itchy trigger fingers and "take no prisoners" attitude,  do black males who know they have targets on the their backs, confront or flee from the cops, risking a chance that they will be shot down like runaway slaves???  


Maybe in the heat of the moment their lives don't even matter to them, and they decide to go down in a blaze of glory creating an incident that nowadays will elevate them to the martydom ranks. Becoming cannon fodder for policemen provides grist for the mill of a black population handcuffed by the frustration of being subjected to racism and injustice on a regular basis. 


I hate what America has become on so many levels. The only thing I'm grateful for is that I can withdraw from all of this BS into the sanctuary of my private world.


Time to return to "Let Us Prey", the book I'm reading about yet another disillusioning thing in this world: religious enslavement.     

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About two weeks ago I was riding in the car with my son. We were pulled over by the cops. I could see in my rearview the dude was going to pull us over. I saw it as a great opportunity to teach my son about how to respond. As I pulled the car over I reached in my pocket and pulled out my Driver's License and Insurance card. I keep my stuff readily accessible when I'm driving. I had my son open my glove box (where I keep my registration right on top so I can get to it quickly, I explained why to him later) and I had all of my paperwork in my hand with both hands on the wheel with the window rolled down when the officer walked up. He didn't have to ask for anything, I didn't say anything smart and I didn't ask him why he pulled me over. None of that was important. What was important was

1. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong

2. I don't have anything on my record that would warrant any real drama


 I didn't say anything or make any strange eye contact with the cop so I minimized the interaction. The dude took all of the info to his car. I sat patiently. Had he said get out. I would have gotten out. Had he said turn around and put your arms behind your back, I would have done so. He didn't do any of this. He walked back up to the car, gave some bullshit excuse about why he pulled me over and gave me my stuff back. I pulled off and rolled the window back up. I explained to my son that your only job is to not talk unless asked a specific question. Have all of your paperwork ready when you're pulled over. You don't have to sir, but you say yes officer, no officer.


Don't look at the cop sideways or with irritation, even if you know he is full of shit, just give the info. Keep your hands on the wheel and wait for him to finish.  In short, don't resist, don't fight back, just keep it simple and straightforward. If it all goes to hell, it was going to anyway, but your job is to minimize the likelihood of it all going to hell.


When I watch that video I see a dude who didn't have a dad who explained to him that the best thing you can do is be quiet and do what you're told. I explained to my son that my first priority is getting home to my family, not manning up to a guy with a badge and a gun. 

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I've been pulled over by the police so many times I can't recall them all.  The majority of the times I was not doing anything wrong.



A few weeks ago,  I got two tickets a block from my house.  First I was pulled over for making right turn around a slow moving car that was in the right hand lane.  I'd been behind the car for two blocks and did not want to be held up any longer.  The guy was probably looking for a parking spot.  Anyone who drives in NYC for more that 5 minutes knows that this is not unusual.


Nonetheless, I was pulled over by a cop who probably had a quota to fill.  I only spoke when spoken to, despite my frustration.  Arguing with white cops never turns out well.


After being given summons, I drove off and the cops stopped me again!  He did not like the way I pulled off, and said I drove within a foot of a double parked car!? 


Was he trying to provoke me?  Did a have an arrest quota to fill?  I wanted to punch him in the face and I'm sure my expression made that feeling plain.


Trust me, wealthy people don't deal with this nonsense, their neighborhoods are not patrolled by cops who need to fill ticket quotas.  Residents of non-black communities are not harassed, punished by police officers.  The fines and penalties levied on people in my community are oppressive.  You can barely drive a block without seeing a car booted to be towed away. 


In my place in FL, the cops don't even pull me over.  I've never gotten a ticket.  People do not have their cars towed away for have three parking tickets as they would be in NYC.  Folks in FL park their cars in garages.  The police officers do not cruise the the street in nice neighborhoods looking for expired registrations.

I completely understand why some Brothers, under a lot more pressure than I, lose it during encounters with police.

I'm glad the cop who shot that brother in the back 8 times is going to jail.  I'm sure the other cons will take care of his monkey a-s.

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That definitely sounds like par for the course quota filling. No way to avoid it outside of living in another less policed neighborhood. I would go to the court and fight both even if it took time out of my day. Even if it takes three hours its equal to not paying 300 plus dollars.

Overpolicing poor neighborhoods is something I've always explained to whites as the problem with racism in the USA. It's not that there isn't crime taking place in better neighborhoods it just tends to be better hidden and seen less because cops aren't there all of the time.

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The rules are simply not enforced as strictly, and or as harshly, in more wealthy communities.  Needless to say as you arrest more people crime appears worse, as is the case in poor communities.  This probably contributes to higher crime as people have fewer resources due to the oppressive fines they are subjected to.


In the NYC a pack of cigarettes sells for about $14 bucks, due to local taxes.  Needless to say this provides a strong incentive for people to buy and sell bootleg cigarettes (brought in Virginia and sold in NYC).  People have literally been killed in NYC for selling cigarettes in this fashion.  Most famously, Eric "I can't breathe" Garner, was executed by police as a result of selling cigarettes illegally.  This is no different than a drug lord killing a rival dealer for selling on their turf.


I could go on all day with these inequities, imposed upon poor people, inequities that people with money don't have a clue about.


Well in my case, I have no choice I have to go to court.  That is another way they "get" you.  Poor people don't usually have jobs that allow you to take off without losing a day's wages.


As a entrepreneur and someone who works with people these issues are quite plain to me.  When I worked, and lived in a "corporate bubble", I was aware of these things, but one doesn't really "get it" until they really live it.  


It is like walking a tight rope, in a windstorm, without a net, over a tank of hungry piranha with the government shaking the rope on both ends.

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A video currently making the rounds in the media is one of a white guy who has just killed his girlfriend coming toward a cop who has arrived on the scene.  The advancing killer stops in his tracks, spreads his arms and begs the cop to shoot him, obviously not caring what happens to him.  The white cop refuses to accomodate the murder's request and, instead, subdues and handcuffs him.  I burst out laughing when I saw this.  My only thought was if that had been a black man, he wouldn't have had to beg the cop to shoot him.  He would've been a dead nigga.  The cop's superior was later shown praising the officer for exercising restraint.  Even when guilty white offenders ask to be shot, they are safer than innocent black ones running for their lives.  Life in post racial America.


Jesus, when you comin back to deliver your po ol faithful negroes from evil?  Dey's gittin tired of hopin. 

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