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50% of U.S. Families Can Not Afford to Buy The Cheapest New Car

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Half of the American's can not afford to buy the cheapest new car ($14,000); either they do not have the money to pay for it or the credit score to borrow the money.  This he argues is one of the reason 45 was elected.


YouTube definitely knows what videos to show me, because there was nothing this guy said that I disagreed with.  The only difference is that he has data (and research) support my observations. 


Actually there were two other differences, the situation is actually a little worse than I thought, and there are actually solutions that can be implemented to fix all of this, but they would have to take place on a global scale.


I was listening to this video guy while working.  I think it is worth watching.  As I post this I'm 50% into the video and will watch it again when I can focus on it completely.



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