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The color blood red is a dark shade of the color red meant to resemble the color of human blood

(which is composed of oxygenated red erythrocytes, white leukocytes, and yellow blood plasma).[2]




Human blood is red in color, ranging from bright red when oxygenated to a very dark, almost blackish-red

when deoxygenated.[3] It owes its color to haemoglobin, to which oxygen binds.

Deoxygenated blood is darker due to the difference in color between deoxyhaemoglobin and oxyhaemoglobin



Again, your sources are attempting to extract the BLACK PRESENCE. LOL.

White people existed in the Middle East and for thousands of years, and they

 like all humans can range from having a red tone to white.



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2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

How do you feel about the author Alice Walker and her work?


@Pioneer1 LOL. What kind of question is that!-- What does she have to do with this topic? LOL. 


I think her childhood was gripping. I think the movie, the Color Purple, after her book was amazing and it makes me see her childhood.

I think that her achievements in how she scored high in her intellect is amazing. She is brilliant. 

And, I feel deeply emotional when I think about some aspects of her life because as a Black African American woman here, in America, I can identify with a lot of her life.

Her choices in her personal life, in my opinion, reflects her American experience and I can understand why she like many people have made personal life choices to marry outside of their race and/or have nonconventional relationships. In my opinion too, it shows how American has uprooted us from our ancestral roots and left us in a sort of conundrum. 

But again, I don't understand what that has to do with our debate as of presently.


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And I agree with your assessment that Ms Walker is a BRILLIANT woman with DEEP understanding.

Did you know in her classic novel "The Color Purple" in letter 87 she writes of a tribe of African people called the "Olinka" and attribute THIS belief to them:

They say the white missionaries before Nettie and them come told them all about Adam from the white folks point of view and what the white folks know. But they know who Adam is from they own point of view. And for a whole lot longer time ago. And who that? Mr. ast. The first man that was white. Not the first man. They say nobody so crazy they think they can say who was the first man. But everybody notice the first white man cause he was white. Mr. frown, look at the different color thread us got. Thread his needle, lick his finger, tie a knot. They say everybody before Adam was black. Then one day some woman they just right away kill, come out with this colorless baby. They thought at first it was something she ate. But then another one had one and also the women start to have twins. So the people start to put the white babies and the twins to death. So really Adam wasn't even the first white man. He was just the first one the people didn't kill. Mr. look at me real thoughtful. He not such a bad looking man, you know, when you come right down to it. And now it do begin to look like he got a lot of feeling hind his face. Well, I say, you know black folks have what you call albinos to this day. But you never hear of white folks having nothing black unless some black man been messing with 'em. And no white folks been in Africa back yonder when all this happen. So these Olinka people heard about Adam and Eve from the white missionaries and they heard about how the serpent tricked Eve and how God chased them out of the garden of Eden. And they was real curious to hear this, cause after they had chased the white Olinka children out of the village they hadn't hardly thought no more about it. Nettie say one thing about Africans. Out of sight, out of mind. And another thing, they don't like nothing around them that look or act different. They want everybody to be just alike. So you know somebody white wouldn't last long. She say seem like to her the Africans throwed out the white Olinka peoples for how they look. They throwed out the rest of us, all us who become slaves, for how us act. Seem like us just wouldn't do right no matter how us try. Well, you know how niggers is. Can't nobody tell 'em nothing even today. Can't be rule. Every nigger you see got a kingdom in his head. But guess what else, I say to Mr. . When the missionaries got to the part bout Adam and Eve being naked, the Olinka peoples nearly bust out laughing. Especially when the missionaries tried to make them put on clothes because of this. They tried to explain to the missionaries that it was they who put Adam and Eve out of the village because they was naked. Their word for naked is white. But since they are covered by color they are not naked. They said anybody looking at a white person can tell they naked, but black people can not be naked because they can not be white. Yeah, say Mr. . But they was wrong. Right, I said. Adam and Eve prove it. What they did, these Olinka peoples, was throw out they own children, just cause they was a little different. I bet they do that same kind of stuff today, Mr. say. Oh, from what Nettie say, them Africans is a mess. And you know what the bible say, the fruit don't fall too far from the tree. And something else, I say. Guess who they say the snake is? Us, no doubt, say Mr. . Right, I say. Whitefolks sign for they parents. They was so mad to git throwed out and told they was naked they made up they minds to crush us wherever they find us, same as they would a snake.


(towards the bottom)


.....funny how THIS section of her novel was for some reason left out of Steven Speilberg's movie, lol.

Since her work is supposedly fiction, where might a brilliant woman such as her have gotten the idea that ancient tribes believed that Adam and Eve were not the first people but actually just the first WHITE  people who were driven out of The Garden which they believed was Africa?????

Do you think she just made this up out of thin air; or could there have perhaps been some DEEPER understanding and meaning behind this concept of hers?

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@Pioneer1 She did not major Biology or anthropology or Genetics or any of these areas. Today, the Genome Project was released in 2012 and is accepted world wide in that, All White males come from a BLACK AFRICAN MALE Y-DNA origin. This would be consistent with the ancient civilizations of KEMET.


Why are you trying to debate with me with someone who wrote fiction?


I do understand the stories about the White European missionaries in Africa and too, how they brought depictions of a 'White Jesus' and was even showed in one of my favorite films, Shaka Zulu. I do understand how Europeans made a massive attempt to white wash Black origins and extract the Black African presence out of the Bible, but today, scholars are admitting the truth because of science and data.


Alice Walker and many famous AFrican Americans have caused much confusion in their being activist and with regards to this very subject of 'White Adam' and 'White Jesus' especially because, like Ms. Walker, she married a White European Jew. And later, after they were divorced, she had done a lot of protesting against the Jews in the Middle East. Many African Americans show that they have been bedazzled by the very people they say 'raped them of true knowledge'. 


PIoneer, if you believe in the White format so much, then that is fine, but let us debate on their script. Whether it is tha Jewish Prayer book that you believe is truth or the KJV of the Bible that you don't believe has value as far as Black presence, I think that would be better to debate than someone who wrote about White Missionaries in Africa bringing 'their interpretation' of script that we can now read and decide for ourselves.



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