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Fae Farm

Fantasy Life, from LevelFive is the game that had the most fun in my home, cause we all could play, even offline, even traveling, together in an immersive world.    LevelFive is coming out with Fantasy Life i , but Nintendo has reached out to indie developer Phoenix games, to make a hybrid between  : fantasy life/animal crossing/stardew valley/Breath of the wild from the Zelda seriea. And Fae Farm is the result.      Farm to Fable: The Peace Seekers   Far

Fantasy Life i and Professor Layton and the new world of steam

Nintendo had a new nintendo direct video and the best news for game players in my home is the following two games. Fantasy Life i and Professor Layton and the New World of Steam. I know some feel fantasy life has a repetitive or boring structure but I don't. I think people enjoy the ability to change lives and functionality in a game like that. I know the new game will have two islands that a character must traverse, but I hope they didn't get rid of the local multiplayer, and I wonder how

Nintendo Independent Game Showcase review 11/09/2022

MAIN SHOWCASE GAMES   Venba Venba is a cooking game, with a story. It is about an indian family, on their journey of life. The game player has to make dishes and discover dishes throughout. It is a cultural game where indian music will be played. Out in spring 2023   Goodbye World The title is funny if you have ever been taught programming from the desktop era, ala Hello World.  The characters are Kunai and Kumade <unsure spelling> This is a lifestyle game where

Nintendo Direct 9-13-2022

THE BIG BUDGET GAMES   Fire Emblem Engage If you are a fan of the fire emblem series, this is a buy.  It will be out 1-20-2023 A divine edition with collectible items will be with it. Fire Emblem is a franchise game so what that means is, fans will be favored and non fans for whatever reason, take it or leave it.   It Takes Two - electronic arts usa, 2 players required Help two parents return to normal, can be played in handheld mode exclusively, I think.
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