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    Hi @Faith U. I would love to be featured on your poetry blog. Do you have Twitter or Instagram? I can message you my email address. I go under Melica Niccole on both sites.
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    This well help you understand why people like @Delano and 40% of Americans, some very well "educated," are deniers of man made climate change and why those who believe the science not not moved to do anything about it. There are many videos and books on the subject of why people deny science. They explain why people reject the efficacy of vaccinations or even evolution. I've taken a keener interest in this subject recently because when trying to explain the downside of say an Amazon monopoly or the adverse effects Facebook's dominance of internet, I fail. I tend to come at people with data and facts. You really have to find some common ground and appeal to people on an emotional basis. Obviously climate change is a FAR more serious problem than Facebook or Amazon could ever be, but they all three share the characteristic of not being perceived as immediate problem. Facebook and Amazon can actually be dealt with in the future, climate change, however, is unique in that if we wait too long to actually deal with it; there will come a time when it will become too late for humanity. Some believe we have already reached that tipping point.
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    @TroyI'll take credit for being right that Kaepernick's knee-bending accomplished what dramatic protests are designed to do: make waves and create repercussions. NFL owners, Donald Trump and other black athletes, were either agitated or inspired by Kaepernick, and a majority of white Americans showed their true colors when they disapproved of this demonstration because it forced them to stomach the idea that the American flag flies over a racist country, and is a meaningless piece of cloth when it comes to equal just for all under the law. Most NFL owners have been forced to find ways to placate their players, - nudged into putting their money where their mouths are to the tune of donating 85 million dollars to black causes, while Trump and the defiant NFL owners has been further exposed as the racist numb skulls that they are. The media has given honorable recognition to Kaepernick's for sacrificing his career to call attention to police misconduct in the black community. This a moral victory, which is pretty much all that black people can hope for in this shitty country. What would have to happen for you to consider your call to boycott Amazon a movement that produced results? Or is it simply a gesture?
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    Meet me at half of pi That’s 1.57079632679 Square units from our starting point It’s half of a moon Half of the distance that it takes For my eyes to encounter yours Half of the time spent letting true love find me When all I had to do was meet true love half way If only Pi would have meant more to me When I was a Geometry test taker With no real equation to apply The rationale of it all Now I sit here Carefully examining the equation D = 2r Which, if calculated correctly Displays the midpoint between you and I If this circle that I speak so highly of Was reshaped with precision and care It would morph into something so beautiful That all those like it could see a heart Now I say with such truth and conviction Meet me at half of pi Today Tomorrow And every day that I breathe this glorious air
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