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    I last looked at this site a few months ago. Until today,that is. But what pissed me off was that the doc had a screening in London a month ago. No prizes for guessing who missed it. I've yet to see it. https://www.jamesbaldwinproject.org/
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    Pioneer1 You have to think like a white imperialist that steals everyone’s identity and land, and claims it as their own to get the definition of Africa. Frio is actually a Latin word for “break” or “crumble.” It’s a verb. White people’s little Spanish language (from Spain) changed it to cold, an adjective and noun. Frico is another form of the original Latin frio, but also means “chafe,” another verb. The present-tense infinitive of frico is fricāre. We know the prefix "A" meant "not": atypical, asymptomatic, etc. Africāre is probably the first white version of "Africa," which technically is gibberish. But again, thinking like a white imperialist who steals and claims everything as their own, it means "not cold." I wrote about this in my college linguistic class. Language and etymology are always fun to decipher. Another interesting term is lesbian. There is an island in Greece called Lesbos. Since Ancient Greek society mandated men be homosexuals (kind of like modern USA and Europe - its their normal culture), particularly their hoplite soldiers, they exiled all women to the island of Lesbos before trading many of said women to Egyptians as sex slaves (which is likely how Egyptians lightened up, if you will). The women ultimately had sex with themselves because there were no men, thus the term "lesbian." A few Greek men would impregnate women, but those men were considered low-class slaves, strictly for breeding to keep the population growing. But today, the people of Lesbos (men and women) are called Lesbians, just like people from Mexico are Mexicans, etc. There was actually a lawsuit filed in Greece like 10 years ago to stop people from using the word Lesbian as a homosexual term in the country because it denigrated the people of Lesbos. Here's an article about it. Interesting stuff. https://operation-nation.com/?p=50
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