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    Those who have rarely been the target of organized police gangsterism are once again lecturing those who have about how best to respond to it. Be peaceful, they implore, as protesters rise up in Minneapolis and across the country in response to the killing of George Floyd. This, coming from the same people who melted down when Colin Kaepernick took a knee — a decidedly peaceful type of protest. Because apparently, when white folks say, “protest peacefully,” we mean “stop protesting.” Read the entire article by Tim Wise. https://medium.com/@timjwise/violence-never-works-really-e0af884c03b4
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    AFRICAN AMERICANS DON'T GAZE ON IT!--DIRECT YOUR FOCUS How do you encourage young people during a time like this!? One thing I know for sure though, is that it is absolutely NOT good to continue to look at the video and images of DEATH and DYING especially of the recent horrific deaths of a young man in Georgia and of the Gentle Giant George Floyd that was filmed. EXERCISE SELF CONTROL. That's how I directed my sons a few days ago. DO NOT WATCH THOSE VIDEOS but certainly some one needs to watch them who is spiritually strong enough to deal with these issues. Look at the script, news reports occasionally but don't obsess on what has happened rather, DIRECT YOUR FOCUS on a positive aspect of how to deal with evil. And WHAT DO YOU KNOW, but the next day after I spoke to my sons, I saw an article of a famous American coach named Steve Kerr and he pretty much said the same thing! Steve Kerr can’t watch it, and Stan Van Gundy doesn’t need to. Many black people have to keep away from it, because watching yet another video of an African American being killed at the hands of the state strips away at their souls and state of mind — that it can happen at any point with very little recourse. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/steve-kerr-stan-van-gundy-trying-to-do-their-part-to-fight-racial-injustice-161711972.html “I don't watch the videos. Too difficult, too painful,” Kerr said. “I read about the situations and then I try to at least add my name to anything that might be able to help in some positive way.” https://www.yahoo.com/sports/steve-kerr-stan-van-gundy-trying-to-do-their-part-to-fight-racial-injustice-161711972.html …“Let's face it, we're a nation founded on slavery,” he said. “If we think that because slavery was abolished, that's the end of it, we're just blind to the reality of it. Modern society is directly impacted by centuries of racism, and slavery. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/steve-kerr-stan-van-gundy-trying-to-do-their-part-to-fight-racial-injustice-161711972.html
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    Today I sold a few copies of Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist. Ibram is a critically acclaimed author who won a National Book Award in 2016 (I recorded Ibram's acceptance speech). Despite posting video and publishing a review of his latest book. I have not sold many copies of his Kendi's books. However, today I may have sold enough copies of How to Be an Antiracist for it to make my next bestsellers list. This piqued my interest; why is there increased demand of Ibram's work on the site? I decided to check Amazon and discovered that Amazon is currently charging $44 -- minimum price for a used copy! The book's price is $27 new -- Max. Amazon has 3rd party booksellers competing to sell over priced, used copies of a book that is still in print and less than a year old! How many unsophisticated book buyers will Amazon trick with this scheme? The reader is overcharged and neither the author or publisher earns a penny on these sales, but Amazon will, as usual, make money no matter what. Sure, people falsely believe Amazon sells books at the best prices, and maybe some customers feel compelled to buy overpriced books from Amazon because they are already paying 10 bucks a month for a Prime membership. But price gouging on books during a pandemic ... how low can you go? I think people are beginning to see Amazon for what they truly are. They don't care about the books, the readers, authors, or publishers. All they care about is getting paid, and on that they have executed brilliantly. (left) Amazon screen shot* (right) AALBC screen shot (taken 5/31/20) *Yeah, I know I'm breaking my own rule of not allowing links to Amazon, but in this context I think it is appropriate.
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    I bet that was done to protect these home and other assets from the inevitable civil suit. They can't, short of a vaccine. But they will, cause our economy is service based. People have to eat out and get the "nails did."
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    .....mmmmmm BOY it's amazing how quickly the wheeeeeels get to rollin' and the geeeears get to turnin' when Negroes get to sweating and tearing shit up! They were killing Black people with impunity just a few weeks ago, now I'm hearing that people are getting fired just for LOOKING at a Black person cross eyed....lol.
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    Yesterday I sold more books than I did during my best month of sales when selling as an Amazon affiliate -- just one day of sales. Sales the day before that beat yesterday! The surge in sales has been experienced by every indie bookseller I have spoken to. After this post I will spend the next 10 to 12 hours processing book orders! I went to bed too tired to process yesterdays outstanding orders -- that has never happened. Customers, thankfully have been more than understanding -- this has simply been inspiring One long term booksellers told me he has never seen anything like this in 50 years in the book business! During my brief phone conversation with this brother I got more orders than I did during the entire month of May. I could go one and describe in much more detail -- i just do not have the time. I took the morning to update and add some website content. I added a couple more bookstores to the site. I also added audiobook excerpts to the top 10 selling books on AALBC (for just the past 4 days). Most of these books are out of stock and on back order, but every customer I asked was more than happy to wait! Here are the top 10 best selling books for the month of June (so far)! How to Be an Antiracist The Fire Next Time The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness So You Want to Talk About Race Between The World And Me My Vanishing Country Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America Sister Outsider: Essays And Speeches Their Eyes Were Watching God It’s Not All Downhill from Here Thanks to all AALBC's new customers; Now have to get to work to do 🙂
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    Ms. Tirado is one of a number of journalists around the country who were attacked, arrested or otherwise harassed — sometimes by police and sometimes by protesters — during their coverage of the uprisings that have erupted nationwide after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/30/us/minneapolis-protests-press.html *My Note: Ms. Tirado's eye is permanently lost. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Police threw tear gas canisters into crowds of protesters demonstrating against police violence in cities across the country this weekend. ... Fort Wayne, Ind., one of those canisters hit 21-year-old Balin Brake, a weekend editor at a local television station. … fresh out of post op. I might have to have surgery for broken bones in my face within weeks to come but for now all that happened is I did end up losing my eye. This pales in comparison to the hardships aftican americans have endured for decades. Stand up for what u believe in. https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/500467-texas-journalist-loses-eye-to-tear-gas-canister-during *My Note: His eye is permanently lost! Oh no! He is NOT in the military. He, nor anyone, should have to suffer this kind of loss. This government should not harm its citizens in this way. Period. ______________________________________________________ GET THIS! 13 Years ago, a White Woman was yanked out of her car by Derek Chauvin. Guess why!? ______________________________________________ The incident "tainted every experience I've had with the police since then," Borton said. Borton, who is white, said the episode gave her a very small glimpse into how many black Americans feel about police. … It was there she learned the reason she had been stopped — going 10 miles over the speed limit. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/minneapolis-woman-recalls-run-in-with-officer-charged-in-george-floyd-killing-i-lived-to-complain/ar-BB151h3r?ocid=msedgntp *My NOte: This woman launched a complaint, a formal complaint. ANd she explains that all he received was basically a slap on the hand. IMO, Racism is a form of insanity and will negatively affect many others not intended to harm. A Florida police officer pushed a kneeling protester to the ground. Then his black colleague stepped in By Scottie Andrew, Tina Burnside and Sara Weisfeldt, CNN Updated 9:47 AM ET, Thu June 4, 2020 Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Krystal Smith points at Officer Steven Pohorence after he shoved a kneeling protester in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Sunday, May 31. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/03/us/florida-police-shoves-protester-suspended-trnd/index.html Jane Fonda “It’s important for white people to understand the benefit of white privilege. Talk to me about that quickly if you can,” Lemon asked her. Fonda replied: “Because we’re white, we have had privilege. Even the poorest of us have had privilege. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/jane-fonda-george-floyd-don-lemon-interview-cnn-watch-a9543426.html
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    There are a wide variety of factors. Much of it self-reinforcing. For example, when an author says, "You can buy my book from Amazon." Everyone in 2020 knows this. But I can't tell you how many authors I have interviewed on video that will tell my audience to buy their book from Amazon!? AALBC is the one shooting, editing, and publishin their video -- not Amazon, but their condition makes this crazy scenario possible. Still I sold book as an Amazon affiliate FAR longer than I should have. I was afraid my customers would simply stop buy book from me. That is simply not true. For example, on Tuesday I had more book sales, in one day, than I had with Amazon in my best month! Now I know the reason is that there has been a national push for readers to support indie Black booksellers because of the pandemic and the police killing of Black people. If I were an Amazon affiliate I would NOT have gotten these sales, because people want to promote Black booksellers. Probably. but I have not had time to check. I only took the time to check Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist, because I saw a surge in demand for the title. I figured the demand was due to gouging by Amazon -- which turned out to be true, but the real demand came from a people looking for books on the subject but sourced from Black booksellers. Now demand for the titles has made it impossible for any booksellers to immediately ship these book. How to Be an Antiracist, will not be available from the nation's largest distributor, Ingram, until next week! Check out want Amazon was up to yesterday: They are still engaged in predatory pricing, but they have kept the price gouging at bay, at least until the scruntiny on these titles has abated. Price gouging during a time like this is just a bad, bad look -- even the mighty Amazon is not immune to this. I see Amazon has raised the price about a buck on this book and have removed a date when the book will be in inventory. Screenshot taken June 4th 10:35 a.m. My main distributor has more than 34,000 copies on back order! This is a big number. That is the earliest the book can be sent to a customer who order it from me.
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    @Maurice I completely missed this post. Awesome!
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    To Pioneer1, Thank you for posing this question to me. I would not allow myself to be subjected to this type of disrespect and abuse and would look for other employment and/or start a business. I would also report this matter to the proper agencies.
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    @Pioneer1, it continues to escape me why do you think this is a conspiracy against African Americans. Perhaps it is because I have never watched one and probably never will. But it seems to me that a white program, staring mostly white people would impact white people... How can this programming cause "...cause sexual confusion among AfroAmericans," when we don't even watch this stuff? PLUS one's sexual orientation is not determined by a TV program. Let me put it this way: how many more times would you, @Pioneer1 have to watch men in drag, on TV, for you to let another dude climax in your mouth?
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    Hey @Maurice I support my local business and if what I'm looking for is not available locally I buy online, from anyone but Amazon. Madinah, yes I see that Amazon has lowered the price (see graphic below). Amazon dynamically prices books to maximize revenue. I guess Amazon's algorithm discovered they were losing customers to other booksellers and dropped to price. Please notice that Amazon is still aggressive pushing their “free” audiobook and Kindle format. In fact the Kindle and Audiobooks buttons are the only ones that work. To buy the deeply discounted hardcover you have to click the small text below the button. The entire design and layout of the page is encourage the visitor to buy the ebook or audiobook — both published by Amazon. Because the ebook and audiobook are purely digital they both generate higher profits that a physical book. The price today ($15.35) is lower than AALBC’s price from the distributor. I would lose money if I sold the book at that price. The I don’t know what Amazon’s discount is for this book, but I know it is lower than AALBC’s. Plus, Amazon can easily afford to sell books at a loss, to eliminate competition. The elimination of competition is core to Amazon’s mission. Indeed this is the reason Wall Street funded Amazon for years while Amazon burned through money without making a profit, because they knew Amazon would ultimately become a monopoly. Yesterday I asked on of my customers why they chose to buy How to Be an Antiracist from AALBC and they replied: “This morning, I came across AALBC through a friend who posted on Instagram that she had purchased How to Be an Antiracist. She shared the name of AALBC to purchase the book from. I will continue to share AALBC & the list of bookstores on your site with others to ensure $ spent is going to Black Authors & Bookstore Owners who have written & curated books & resources.” Again, people are starting to see Amazon for the manipulative, greedy, indie-business-destroyers they are. People also recognize the added value that indie booksellers provide and are willing to pay full retail price for a book — even when Amazon tries to seduce them by selling a book below cost. Amazon screen shot (taken 6/1/20)
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    @Chevdove. Just read a further review of Barracoon and it sounds like a fascinating read. I'm going to add it to my wants list.
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    I really feel for Georges brother and family. So so sad.
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    Dreamed, Written, Narrated, Composed, Illustrated & Produced by Us. The Discards (Official Teaser)...
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    Yes, I believe that you would, @Maurice Thank you so much! Lol!!! You're right! @Pioneer1 Yeah! And by so many other means! Yes, and this is what I am thinking about in this very situation with Derek Chaupin! GET THIS!-- He worked off duty as a security guard to supplement his income. Guess what!? Derek Chaupin worked at the very same club where George Floyd was also employed as a bouncer!!! Oh yes. Now, I again, think this might have been planned. I believe that George Floyd may have been stocked. He left Texas to start a new life and had lived in Minnesota for five years and lost income due to Coronavirus. He obviously became depressed! But life can be a POETIC JUSTICE because sooner or later, there will be many other people of all walks of life that face this same economic depression, and what can the government do to prevent others from melting down? I believe that Chaupin was in a White Supremacist rage over his economics and he is ignorant enough to blame Black people, not this government that gave him a cushy lifestyle on the backs of slavery. And GET THIS--Derek Chaupin's wife is Asian, just like the other two police that held George Floyd down!!! Man!
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    Some good points raised. Now, how about registering with the forum. Join the family.
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    Doing my absolute best, absolute, I promise not to sound patronising ( and sincere apologies if I do) but I'm with you folks,well as much as I can be from across the pond. I'd be out myself protesting myself if I lived in St.Paul, NYC, LA, San Diego wherever. Theres been outrage over here regarding George Floyd albeit online and mainly from mid to far Left groups (which is fine in my book).
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    I, along with many others personally believe that Trump was Divinely put in that office to do JUST what he was predicted to do!
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    I have not watched the video either, nor do intend to seek it out to watch. I did see the photo. Yes, they also find this evil entertaining and it drives revenue. This country is unraveling before our eyes. Hopefully we will work this out. The rich like Mark, Jeff, and 45 have little to worry about. They will do quite well. The rest if, us especially those with darker complexions, will need to be prepared for a world of hurt. Some of us think we are experiencing this now ... you haven't seen anything yet. Hopefully we'll pull ourselves together, at least in time to keep the planet inhabitable for human life.
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    True!!! We need to keep fighting because that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Thank you.
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    I have been asked by a number of people to make it easy to buy all the books on the popular Top 150 Books for Black Children. Here is the link: https://store.aalbc.com/top-150-african-american-childrens-books/ You can now buy them all in one shot at AALBC (free shipping and no sales tax in 49 states):
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    In this pandemic time I have been listening to a lot of Afrobeats...especially Davido. His music makes me want to dance. Plus he filmed the music video of one of his latest songs, Assurance, in Barbados (where I'm from). Check it out! Beautiful Barbados 🙃
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    This was one of the reasons many psychologists warned the public about watching the scenes from 9/11 and watching those towers falling over and over again and said that the media should stop showing them so much. They said each time you watch it the mind takes it as actually happening all over again instead of just merely watching a repeat video so you experience the same trauma of witnessing it on a subconscious level. So to the point of the thread..... Not only does repeatedly seeing Black men get their ass kicked and killed affect the mind; but it causes a sense of depression and hopelessness in many people. It make Black males look weak, helpless, and emasculated. It kills the spirit in many people and makes them feel like giving up and internalizing their frustration into sadness and despair. And this is what the racists in the media actually want! If you noticed Chev, the mainstream media was actually RELUCTANT to portray the violence and confrontation of the youth against the police in Minneapolis Tuesday and even early Wednesday! They had no problem showing Brother Floyd getting killed on the street.....but don't show the Black folks fighting back! They actually tried to cover it up and pretend it wasn't occuring while they focused on Covid-19 hoping it would go away or simmer down. It wasn't until a full blown riot broke out Wednesday night that they HAD to cover what was happening because the world was witnessing what was happening! They didn't mind showing a Black man laying on the ground getting the life crushed out of him, because that made Caucasian men look dominate and Black men look weak. But showing AfroAmerican youth fighting back and standing up to authorities.....they didn't want to show that until they absolutely HAD to.
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    Well they're saying this OPENLY. A lot of Republicans in Congress are trying to kill further stimulus bills and other forms of economic aid that struggling Americans of ALL races are getting just to keep Black and Brown citizens from getting them. They claim that giving people benefits and assistance during the pandemic encourages them NOT to work but to rather stay home. But we know in Europe the government is literally PAYING people outright to stay home and not work so as not to spread the virus and no one is arguing against this logical move. Just like they have free healthcare over in Europe and no one is arguing against it. The only reason these things are a "controversy" in America is because Black people benefit from them. Honestly........ It may seem outrageous, but I believe the ONLY reason most Republicans went along with and supported the bills to give Americans extra benefits and economic assistance to begin with was they didn't expect most of them would live long enough to receive them. In other words, a few months ago the predictions of the virus was so dire.....these Republicans figured MILLIONS of Americans would have died by now so they wouldn't have been able to collect anyway. But many are social distancing and wearing masks and the death toll isn't what they predicted so now they want to pull back the benefits.
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    Watching The. Protest. In. Minnesota. Businesses. Burning,Thinking,About. The. Fire. Next. Time. By,James. Baldwin....
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    Well, they may be outnumbered. Derek Chauvin Shawanda Hill, right, the girlfriend of George Floyd reacts near the spot where he died while in custody of the Minneapolis Police, on May 26.
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    ...oh brother. @Pioneer1 ok I concede the mask is beneficial -- even some of the silly ones, including the klansman's
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    I AM EXCITED! I am waiting now for my book that I just purchased from this community: BARRACOON by Nora Neale Hurston. Oh, I am so excited. This book is my passion. My ancestor--my Great grandmother was stolen from East Africa many years after the Slave Ship Trade was supposed to be outlawed! Like this book, which is about a man who was stolen from West Africa and survived the voyage in 1860 and lived to tell his story, likewise my Great grandmother lived to be old. Her story was passed down through my relatives and she lived to be 'just' over 100 years old. One of my aunt who knew her, just died last year! And, I learned a lot about my Great grandmother from her and others. So, I am looking forward to reading Barracoon! WHAT AM I READING RIGHT NOW!? Well although this author is NOT African American, however, for right now, I am reading his book and it is amazing! The book is called A Dwelling Place by Erksine Clarke. It is about slavery in Georgia. He is a Harvard Graduate and his book won awards. It's so hard to put down. I have read about 400 pages into the total 600+ pages.
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    The only two songs ' linked ' on Pepper is the title track and With a Little Help from my Friends. The only things disappearing in a divorce should be the wife, ha ha.
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    @Pioneer1 I did not know this. WOW You said a lot here! Well, I am pretty sure that I won't get that kind of 'economic relief check' because in the past two times it was handed out, I did not receive it. I have finally paid all of my 'back taxes' off a few years ago. Due to trying to get into family court years back, I filled out my taxes so that I could get a larger pay check from my job to pay court fees, so for many years and INTEREST, I would always owe until after my children were grown. So, if you owed taxes, you could not get that relief back in, I think 2003 and then maybe 2008 during presidential elections. And now, the block is medical bills!! LOL. So, I screwed in every way! I totally agree!
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