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    News roundup for bloggers - Genius Media Group, Inc, the company behind the annotated lyrics website, is suing Google and Lyric Find for $50 million. The complaint mentions copying lyrics from the site and using it on the results page. Here's a link to the Brooklyn based media company's complaint filed December 03, 2019, in Brooklyn Supreme Court of New York State County of Kings https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/ViewDocument?docIndex=3E0o8kQz4X3cWcbbid67wQ== Several news sites report Internet Society (ISOC)'s Public Interest Registry, a nonprofit, sold the top-level domain dot-org registry. The winning bidder is a private equity firm Ethos Capital. Allegedly, the dot-org registry is Ethos Capital only asset, but their website ethoscapital.com indicates otherwise. In July this year, ICANN, the nonprofit responsible keeping all things equal and equitable in the domain registrar world, also voted to lift the cap on registration fees. According to news reports, there will be no registration fee hikes. Still, your dot-org registration fees could go up and become cost-prohibitive. Sadly, nonprofits mostly use the dot org extension for their organizations' websites. And other online nonprofit news media websites containing a treasure trove of information also use the dot-org extension. Should those websites not be able to pay the domain registration fee - that information might disappear. If you're a dot org registrant, you might want to secure registration for the ten years to keep your domain name. At least it will buy you some time while these things shake out.
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    If you haven’t heard about A’s latest dastardly deeds, here are two of the most recent: A (no need to keep repeating the name, the initial will do) was not ordering the number of books from various independent bookstores and publishers that they had placed large orders with previously. To have this happen just before the holiday season was a disaster. This is not in the update, but I recently heard from an independent bookstore owner that orders were now larger than they had ever been. I didn’t say anything, but I have a feeling the returns are going to be larger than they’ve ever been, too. Here’s the link to the response from the Independent Book Publishers Association: https://www.ibpa-online.org/news/news.asp?id=478273 As many of you know, writers’ rights to their work are bundled, like pickup sticks held together with a rubber band. For instance, you can sell the rights to the e-book, the rights to the audio book, the rights to the hardcover, and the rights to the soft cover. All these rights are sold separately, one pickup stick at a time. In the case I’m going to describe, writers sold the rights to the audio book version of a particular book. However, now A has decided to create an Audible Captions Program. What’s that? Instead of just listening to the text, the listener can also read the text on the screen. The sentences are broken up into a few words at a time. Then they disappear. A trumpets this as a way to help remedial reading students gain fluency in reading. Besides the disappearing text, the other problem is an “acceptable” error rate of 6%. On a page of three hundred words, there will be 18 “acceptable” typographical errors or otherwise mangled words. A intended to do this with all the books it had control over, not just those in the public domain (the writer is dead and the estate no longer owns the copyright). In other words, A was going to make a version of the book for which the writer had not been paid and had not given permission for the work to be produced (destroyed) in this way. Since September, A has been in court fighting a lawsuit waged by the writers and publishers whose work it had intended to steal. For now, A has agreed to roll out this program only for books in the public domain and the books it publishes. Look at the hypertext to see what happened to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Here is the link to the article from the Independent Book Publishers Association: https://www.ibpa-online.org/news/news.asp?id=467194 I am so pleased that so many of us at AALBC.COM are working together to break free from A’s chains. Troy, thank you for making this possible. I wish you continued success with your online bookstore.
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    I know I've mentioned this several times. But white imperial society rewards coonery and acquiescence. This woman is being rewarded by white liberals for her promotion of homophilia among black people. I'd also like to point out that Botham Jean's brother, the coon who hugged the white killer cop in court, was rewarded by white conservatives this week when he received an "Ethical Courage Reward" from a Texas police union. Crazy living in this world.
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    @Pioneer1 I agree the program sounds like woke psychobabble designed to seperate naive students from their money by capitalizing on Cullors notoriety. I would have wrote that "...extends beyond the hashtag." I know that's cynical but...
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    There aren't [m]any books out there about the Creole Rebellion. So I have to describe it from my knowledge of it all and from accounts/research. White imperialist Thomas McCargo and the Johnson and Eperson Company were transporting 135 enslaved Afrikans from Virginia to New Orleans aboard the Creole in November 1841. One of the ancestors onboard was Madison Washington. He escaped imperial slavery and fled to Canada a year earlier. But Washington returned to Virginia in search of his wife. He was re-captured, placed on the Creole, and was on his way to perpetual slavery. Brother Washington’s fighting spirit wasn’t having it. Washington led 18 other brothers on an all-out mutiny aboard the ship. They killed one white imperialists and overwhelmed the rest of them, including Captain Robert Ensor. We suffered one casualty, as one of our warriors died from a gunshot wound. Washington gave the navigator two choices – take them to Liberia or be thrown overboard. The navigator said the trip was too far. Ben Blacksmen, another brother, remembered a story about a place called the Bahamas. The navigator said he could take them there. They arrived in Nassau sometime in late November 1841. Free black folks working at the port greeted the brothers and sisters. The 117 ancestors onboard were immediately freed and told to live happily ever after in the Bahamas. The 17 soldiers were arrested. But five months later, April 16, 1842, a Nassau Court ordered them freed. They lived happily ever after in the Bahamas. The Creole Rebellion is technically the most successful freedom fight in our history since so many of us were freed. But the story did not have a completely happy ending. Three enslaved women voluntarily went back to New Orleans with the white imperialists. They chose slavery. Their children (one boy, one girl) went with them. It’s a sad reminder that coonery is real and DEEPLY ingrained. But our innate fighting spirit is as well.
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    It is probably a minor ranking signal -- google is too opaque to say -- but they did publish a video saying it was a signal. Given the risk of potentially having to pay much more may make it worth the investment. I only have one .org domain, https://cis3630.org i just looked it up and it expires in Feburary!
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    Google is notorious for copying content. What makes this so bad is that they bury sites in search results for doing the same thing! This acutally is a good idea anyway if the business or entity is not going away soon. It is less expensive and is a ranking signal the Google uses (domains with expirations far in the future get an SEO benefit.
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    @Wendy Jones me too! I'm so proud of us and @Troy for this "writer's write to be read and profit too" movement!!! :D
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    This might be the ONE time in my life I'll quote Tupac Shakur: "Every other city we go, every other video. It's all about you. No matter where I go, I see the same ho."
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    Hi Rolanda, I am a member of Word Lovers Book & Literature Club, and we review books. Please post link to your book's info.
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    Kareem If what you say is true, then wouldn't "ignorance" in a sense be bliss? I mean, if things are destined to be this way anyway because of overwhelming factors beyond the control of any handful of individuals. Perhaps the Sambos and Sell-Outs have it right all along, since you can't beat 'em.....hell...JOIN 'EM!   requirement. A really cute Lebanese girl and I used to study together. She was a righteous woman; used to point out false translation in both the Qu'ran and Bible. She spoke Hebrew and Arabic. Wish she lived here because we had a deep connection. I miss her a lot. A lot of Arab women are sexy, and it's one of the reasons Arab men try so hard to keep them away from AfroAmerican men and even out of the country in many cases. They have a lot of African genes that give them nice figures but their culture enforces a kind of gentleness and shyness about them that I find really attractive. They say in France some of the Black and Arab young men are fighting with eachother because a lot of the Arab women there like and identify with the Kardashians (I guess because of their dark hair and full features) and they are running out trying to get themselves Black boyfriends like the Kardashians...lol. I've acquired several of the "lost" books, all in Hebrew, and paid unbiased college students who spoke Hebrew to translate them for me. You immediately know why the Book of Thomas and the Book of Enoch were eliminated when you read them. I've read the English translation of both the Gospel of Thomas as well as the Book of Enoch. Can't say I believe fully in either one but the Gospel of Thomas was instrumental in me actually making the decision to leave Christianity years ago.   I'm not all that concerned with the purity of drugs I took in college. I just wanted to make clear that what happened in my childhood was not a drug-induced hallucination. The brother I encountered was black with dredlocks. He also spoke with an unfamiliar accent. He definitely wasn't American, that's for sure. OK, I gotcha. Well my brother, from what you've told me.....you may have actually had an encounter with an Angel. It reminds me of something the the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught concerning Jesus. I'm not sure if it's true or not but he said that when Jesus was a little kid he was taught by an older MAN who would come to him from time to time imparting knowledge upon him and teaching him various things. In Nation of Islam theology "angels" are actually human beings. Infact, many of the beings historically called "angels" in the Bible were for all intents and purposes HUMANS with advanced power and knowledge.
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    Hey! I haven't even seen this thanks for sharing it @Mel Hopkins
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    I am not your friend. I am not here to please you. I am here to help shape you. It is my job to help you become a worthwhile part of society one day. So no I am not here to without merit to daily praise you. No, I don't have to play with you and as you get older the meaner I will seem so thank you, the fact that you are upset with me is a accolade you see. Your complaining is actually a compliment to me, so you know I am not a genie in a bottle and your wish is not my every command. I know when you have children you’ll better understand. So please don’t get it twisted I know you didn’t ask to be born you say every day but really who’s punishing whom because the teenager you are is making me want to run away. Eventually you will come to find that there are things in life far meaner then I will ever seem. When you look back on your childhood it will seem like such a dream, so what is meaner than a parent? Let’s talk about your very first, like tent, no I mean rent. The bus dang I meant car payment, bills, groceries, bosses, friends spouses, oh I got off the topic of this conversation. Okay we will revisit this subject when your 25 and can re-evaluate the situation. You’ll probably think then, she wasn't as mean as she seemed to be, but you’ll have moved away from home and now we will use that room for AIR BNB
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    Depending on her age: It is quite normal for girls to like girls more than boys. People it's normal. To you who were born little girls, you should remember that. Okay so. The problem is when parents over react. The other problem is when we don’t tell girls that sisters, women we trust, grandmas, mothers, cousin, with woman we love there are simply lines we do not cross, the perversion comes when we cross that line and it’s in that very moment that God’s intent is lost. All women should know that the strongest bonds we will ever create will come from other females. We set the examples, it's an attraction thing, it's not a sexual thing, it's an ethical thing, not an experimental thing. We as woman are naturally attracted to one other. It is actually how we become friends. How we form bonds that are called sisterhoods and this is determined by commonality, it’s in today’s vernacular said sister of another mother. If you can remember that far back when we as girls at a particular age actually disliked the opposite sex all together, yes it’s normal. These are who we refer to when speaking B-B-F best friends forever. Young girls should not only be taught but, learn to love the female part of them. Nothing is more beautiful than a girl that flows into herself. she blossoms from within. Femininity should be treasured; so when masculinity come into the equation, the balance is understood. The two that twain as one was a journey as we stepped through each phase of each ones memory of childhood. Now there was a time where growing up was transparent to say the least yet now we must provide strong examples of healthy male female relationships that others desire to exemplify, which is in essence of what we want them to see. I wanted a man at a time just like dear old dad, or to be sitting old like my grandparents enjoying every moment had. I just don’t want them to think it's not normal for females to interact. Everyone is going so far to the left that women seem to torture one another and that is just as harmful as the latter, and it’s just an awful way for women to act. So think it through. What are we teaching them to be. We lose more to that perceived because they get lost in the illusion of what the natural eye can’t see. Which is when women unite as sisters we can change reality we can uplift one another set the lost mind free. It is this very reason they separate us because they fear our unity, so they pit us against each other, they dread our harmony.
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    This was handy. I was unaware of Sisters so when I hopefully visit NYC next year, I'll visit this shop as well as Revolution books and Schomburg.
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    Thanks @Wendy Jones I was talking to a publisher and they told me "A" would order books send them back before the payment terms (that A defined) expired only to reorder the same books just to avoid paying for the books by extending the terms. The publisher loses money on each book they sell through A. They were forced to increase the price of the book. In the meantime, given the lack of competition the publisher is selling far fewer copies. Everyone, including the publisher, author, reader, and bookseller are worse off. The only one benefiting in this scenario is "A." The real problem is that readers don't appreciate how they are less well off. In an world with "A;" books are more expensive than they would be otherwise (save the most most popular titles), and readers are exposed to fewer titles because of a lack of competition.
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