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  1. Krazy as hell Alexander had the nerve to sit up and say:   "WELCOME! Though that should be Troy's job, he's the administrator of this site. " Why you BUSHY headed bastid.....lol. Over 20 years running this site, but I guess YOU know Troy's job better than he does....lol. Why don't you stick to things you're good at - like pushing dumb conspiracy theories about who's running America and who's trying to take over East Asia, lol. ....and let other people do what THEY are good at.
  2. Pioneer1

    Is. America. The. Beast,Revelations-13

    Since you like to insult my mother so much who is a Black woman......maybe YOU can answer that question. Why is a Black woman YOUR number 1 target?
  3. Pioneer1

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    And so are your LESIONS !
  4. Fool, the only reason YOU'RE AROUND today is because I "showed off" and someone was impressed.....LOL.
  5. Pioneer1

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    I have an admission to make too! For years I wondered if a man and a woman urinated in the same toilet over and over again without flushing would it ever make a baby. Lol, and YOUR PRESENCE is the answer to that question!
  6. No problem. That's what SPECIAL EDUCATION is all about....Special K, lol. Now put you helmet back on and go run along and play safely.
  7. Pioneer1

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    WTF????? Sounds like a "man crush" to me. Fool, you've got the WRONG "pony" to try and ride and get a cheap thrill.....lol. This STALLION only likes mares...lol.
  8. Krazy Alexander said: "Unexpose yourself or go show your mommy." I don't know about where YOU come from, but we just didn't do that in OUR family, lol. Tell me something Krazy Al...... When you hear the term "family values", do you still get flashbacks of what you and your siblings were SOLD for? Please just tell me you don’t plan to home-school your kids. Please just don't tell me that you even HAVE kids.....lol. I thought they sterilized those of your mental condition back when you were trying to grow up.
  9. Pioneer1

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Perhaps if YOUR mother felt the same way about YOU.....you would have grown up in HER custody instead of in STATE custody.
  10. The only one around here who has "crushes" on sisters is YOU....you incestuous freak, lol.
  11. Perhaps the REAL question should be...... Why is there a need to KNOW the identity of everyone who is using the internet? ......unless you belong to some secretive organization and are building a profile of the users and what they think. Much of the spying that is taking place today is a violation of privacy beyond the wildest dreams of the so-called "founders" of America who are claimed by some as the champions of liberty and basic personal rights. Some people are going to jail simply because of what they said or posted on Facebook. I think what Roseanne said about that sexy ass Valerie Jarret was not only inappropriate but down right appauling. But the idea that an employer can discipline you or even fire you because of what you said on Twitter or Facebook is even MORE appauling in my opinion. And the worse part of all of this is young people are being conditioned to voluntarily give up their privacy and personal information in the name of being "transparent" without the slightest understanding that all of this information they're sharing with the world just might be used to harm or manipulate them socially, financially, or even legally. You'd be a fool...or just Krazy as hell..lol....NOT to conceal atleast some of your personal information when navigating online today.
  12. Chevdove I love your story of your ancestors. I wish I knew my ancestral lineage as well. Perhaps one day I will. Back in Africa, most nations had "griots" who were able to recall their ancestral lineage back for dozens if not HUNDREDS of generations. Now you end up going to "ancestry.com" and hope they get it right....lol I think it is indeed possible for you to be be both White (or African, or Asian) AND a Jew at the same time because "Jewish" is both a religion and an ethnicity. A person could be a Jew because they come from a mother who was Jewish and practiced a the Jewish culture while at the same time not practicing Judaism as a religion and even be atheist. But now when we start talking about ISRAELITES and HEBREWS....that's a different story. These are actual biological lineages that depend more on ancestry than culture.
  13. Pioneer1

    Is. America. The. Beast,Revelations-13

    Krazy Alexander 2 uttered: "I associate with white folk only when necessary and infrequent as possible in person." Oh come on now Krazy Klarence....I mean Krazy Alexander.... Do you REALLY expect us to believe that???? How can you call your contact with Whites "infrequent" when they feed you and give you your medication several times a day? BTW, I thought you said there was NO SUCH THING as race.....so who are these mysterious "White folk" that you speak of....lol. Chevdove & Tsegal It's great to know and understand scripture but I think it's dangerous for Black people to put too much faith in "end times" and the "end of the world". ...especially when we expect it to be THE answer to all of our problems. It pacifies too many of us and prevents us from actually DOING THE WORK that need to do to make this planet a better place for ourselves. That's one of the main problem I have with most of these organized religions an their protocols. They keep you waiting and waiting and waiting on something OUTSIDE of yourself to change your environment. Our people have a "laziness" problem where all they need is an excuse to sit down and DO NOTHING. Waiting on "the lord" to take care of it all provides a convenient excuse for that. Most of them were waiting on Jesus to come back during slavery to put an end to it but generation after generation was born, enslaved, tortured and died until a CIVIL WAR where hundreds of thousands of people were killed and maimed finally brought "official slavery" to an end. We must always put our faith in the SUPREME BEING. However we don't know the Plans of The SUPREME BEING, so it's often best not to guess at them and begin to roll up our sleeves and get busy doing what the Chinese, Indians, and other groups are doing which is WORKING. China and North Korea and India ain't waiting on Jesus to come back or pointing their finger at Europe telling them that "karma" or the devil is going to pay them back for what they did. They are building factories and sky scrapers and mapping out the future for their children and future generations so that they will no longer be in a vulnerable position to be mistreated.
  14. Pioneer1

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Krazy Alexander   I see. So, do you think it is possible a 'trace' through the Southeast Asia desert could unearth patterns and language of Black folk? The original Chinese were BLACK. All through out South East Asia and into the Phillipines and even up in Japan and Korea if you go into the rural forest areas small Black people called by different names STILL exist in large numbers. Just like these small Black people were the original inhabitants of Europe, they were the original inhabitants of THAT land as well. Yes, I'm starting to get, really, good at it. I almost know all the right buttons to push. All the right "buttons to push" huh??? As I said before, the definition of a troll is one who likes antagonizing people and causing trouble.....lol. Basically what you're saying.....Krazy.... is that you're getting good at TROLLING people. The higher the monkey climbs...the more he shows his tail, lol. Mel I also agree with Cynique - WHEN did we become two or maybe more distinct groups of blacks? Also, how and why did we change physically. Well I know there's atleast THREE distinct groups of what we would call "Black" people on this planet. One group is the African type who TYPICALLY (but not always) have dark skin, kinky hair, thick lips, and broad noses. Obviously you have the San people of southern Africa with their light brown skin and the Amharic and Somali peoples of eastern Africa with their wavy and straight hair and thin lips/noses.....but the vast majority of NATIVE Africans are the Blacks I described above. But then you also have the Blacks of Asia. Herodotus when writing his Histories called them the "Ethiopians of Asia" and claimed that they were so Black that even their semen was black....lol. But these were the Dravidians of Southern India. Most of whom are dark skinned, with straight hair and mostly thin lips/noses. Then you have the Polynesians and Aboriginees of Australia who are an entirely different group all together in my opinion and they were the ones populating much of Southeast Asia and the Japanese island as well as Australia, Indonesia, ect.. I don't have solid proof of it but I believe that either: 1. The African and Polynesian/Australian Blacks CAME FROM the Indian Blacks or 2. All Black races shared a common ancestral lineage that resided in the Middle East before they branched off into different directions. Perhaps there different features are owed to different "families" who may have migrated in different directions and keep reproducing within the same genetic stock.   The antiquity of the Tuareg Women indicates they were a matrilineal tribe ( it may indicate some were the original Hebrews.) The men followed the women. Anthropologist report women and men lived separately - even after marriage. Surprisingly,  Today, some reports indicate their lifestyle hasn't changed. Also the Berbers were nomads then and today so if some converted to Islam it would make sense how it would spread. Oh you're breaking it DOWN today huh....lol. Not only the Taureg but Ive also heard the Ibo (or Igbo) people of Nigeria were related to the original Hebrews who came out of Egypt/Kemet as well. We KNOW the Dogon of Mali are ancient Egyptians and received much of their science while still there. But speaking of the Taureg and matriarchies....... The myth of the Amazon women actually came from a NORTH AFRICAN people called the "Amazigh" people who still exist today. The Greeks called them "berbers" which meant barbarian but they call themselves "Amazigh" and practice a very matriarchal type culture where the women were warriors. Herodotus I believe again speaks of the women of the Amazigh cutting off one of their breasts at young ages so that they could be better fighters with the bow and arrow.
  15. Krazy Alexander #2 said: No wonder you use an avatar, are you that "300-pound man sitting on his bed" Well, I'm certainly not that 300 pound man sitting on YOUR bed with YOU sitting on top of him...lol. "My life is full of excitement and variety" That's called NOT TAKING YOUR MEDICINE.....fool. I hope your caregivers don't let your imagination take you so far away that you forget your way back....lol.