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  1. The New Religion

    THANK YOU! Cynique Go think up some more nonsequitor metaphors until Mel can put you in your place. Again What the hell are you talking about? I was right about B.C. meaning before Christ, which means I was correct about everything else that followed. YOU were the one wrong about the relationship of science and religion. And MEL was wrong for challenging me on this issue. Seriously, what kind of DREAM WORLD are you two living in??????
  2. Actually Troy.....

    Cynique How energized you've become! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's funny how you end up saying the SAME THING three nights in a row....lol. 1. Last night....you said it to ME. 2. The night before....you said it to your 72 year old boy-FRIEND after he took is "magic pills". 3. And the night before THAT.....you said it to your original boy-TOY after replacing the batteries in it, lol.
  3. The New Religion

    WTF Ok...how did I end up being the one supposedly "wrong"???????????? Perhaps some patient person might be willing to take time to slowly and carefully EXPLAIN to me how I ended up "losing" the argument......lol. Basically Cynique said that science NEVER espouses religion. I thought that statement was incorrect so I pointed out that scientists use the term "B.C." when giving historic dates. B.C. stands for BEFORE CHRIST and "Christ" is a Christian term, thus establishing the FACT that science indeed DOES incorporate religion from time to time. Instead of Cynique defending her erroneous statement, Mel jumps in and says that B.C. "probably" stands for something else, and then goes on to interject African history and names of the month in the argument without once proving me wrong. Ok....... I check the thread today and all of a sudden Mel is calling me a fool, Cynique is praising my supposed "epic take down", and Del is being attacked. Seriously.....is this some sort of joke? I admit I'm not the smartest person in the world but I'm pretty sure I wasn't wrong nor was I taken down. I'm pretty sure B.C. meant what I said it did. I'm pretty sure it proved Cynique's statment wrong. But perhaps I'm wrong and just not smart enough to realize my error. If so, can someone CAREFULLY and PATIENTLY explain to me how I was "wrong" and how I supposedly got "took down"???????
  4. The New Religion

      Mel For example, if that statement you made were accurate - then today wouldn't be Mars-Day, the god of war day... - If you researched a bit - you'd probably learn that the demarcation probably had to nothing to do with jesus and everything to do with politics ... You say it PROBABLY had nothing to do with Jesus....lol. If you're not sure about it why are you arguing the point in the first place? Besides, I didn't say said Western society was built around Jesus....I said it was built off of CHRISTIANITY with the FIGURE of Christ holding prominence. And yes it has to do with politics, because Christianity WAS/IS a political movement designed to unite the Roman Empire. Which is why they continued using the same Roman deities and customs disguised under different names. further if you got really deep you'd know western science IS African Science Calling Western Science "African Science" is like pointing to a turd in the toilet and calling it a pizza or fruit salad....lol. It may contain ELEMENTS of the original, but it's far too modified to be considered the same. Listen, stop arguing with me about this, you know I'm right.....lol. If you noticed.... Cynique is STAYING OUT of this....lol....because she knows better than to fight with me on it. She's sitting back hiding and leaving you here all by yourself. Zaji Thanks for the link. It too proves what I said about B.C. being religiously based terms.
  5. The New Religion

    Why on Earth would I go through all of that....lol.....when I already KNOW why? Western society (including it's so-called science) is an out-growth of CHRISTIANITY or CHRISTENDOM in which "Christ" is a prominent figure. And his supposed birth date is the demarcation period, full stop.
  6. Bringing Fire...

    Del & Zaji I don't think it is possible to verify most information. I don't know if you can personally verify all of the information you recieve BUT.... You can atleast stop accepting information from KNOWN LIARS. The intelligent thing to do is accept your information from people who are known to have always presented truthful information with no errors or falsehoods or deceptive motives.
  7. The New Religion

    Mel Or that can be Before Common Era / Common Era or Current Era Lol....really? Well exactly WHEN does the "common era" begin? And what event supposedly occurred that separates THIS era from the one BEFORE?
  8. Actually Troy.....

    Cynique I have no problem accepting there being only one race inasmuch as all humans walk upright on 2 legs, have the opposing thumbs and forefingers that enabled them to pick up objects to use as tools, I suppose you have no problem accepting there being only ONE SEX or ONE GENDER also since most humans share the same physical characteristics you mentioned above.   And of course, this opinion could be deemed by some as a subjective one, knowing my disregard for pioneer. ......especially after I EXPOSED that disregard, lol. I felt it only fair that everyone who reads your prejudicial statments will know the REAL reasons behind them.
  9. The New Religion

    How can you sit up there and say science never espouses religion when the very DATING SYSTEM Western science uses is "B.C" which stands for BEFORE CHRIST????? Claiming that Jesus was a "Christ" or even than a "Christ" was born is a CHRISTIAN/RELIGIOUS concept!
  10. Melanin and Money

    Mel What's with you and all this "Black women gotta do this" and "Black women gotta do that" ????? Are you and Michelle Obama trying to get together and start your own Black Girls Rock Amazon tribe.....lol. Also if we chose not to work for corporations but instead grew and produce raw materials, assembled products and sell wholesale to large corporations. Becoming producers would allow us leverage. We'd absolutely have to function as a monolith to make that happen. I don't think we have to be a monolith as a community to make this happen. We have so many Black people in America that even if just 10% of Black people agreed to work together to produce our own food and assemble our own products that would still be 4 to 5 million people....which is more than enough to do it. Elijah Muhammad with the Nation of Islam grew their own food, made their own clothes, and ran their own stores and restaurants with less than 1 million members in the entire organization. Infact, look at the Amish and what they're able to accomplish with their minimal numbers. Our biggest problem is that the SMARTEST of Black people too often would rather take their intelligence and talents and negotiate a pay check from White people to help build White society INSTEAD OF staying in their own communities and using those same talents to build up Black America. As far as wealth is concerned, however, we don't have leverage. We spend a lot of money but we own next to nothing. Black wealth is near zero percent here in America. Less than 1 percent of Black-American families have a net worth of 1.4 million. According to an article I read, 98 percent of available land is owned by white families. You have an excellent point about the available land mostly owned by White families, however this is where the more CONSERVATIVE side of me comes out. While I don't disagree with anything you said, I will say this. When we speak of wealth, White people didn't get their wealth from the moon. Besides the land they took from the Native Americans and the labor they forced Black people to engage in....they basically MADE THEIR OWN WEALTH and gave it value by working dilligently in their own economic system. Black people are going to have to learn that real wealth isn't GIVEN...it's PRODUCED. Going to work for Google and getting a $2,000 a week pay check from them isn't wealth. If I get a plot of land and plant 1500 banana trees.....those bananas are WEALTH. The land it's own is WEALTH. The money I get from selling them is WEALTH. It's not really wealth if someone else controls it's distribution and flow; it's not really wealth until YOU have a measure of control over it. In other words, Black people need to stop waiting on White people to GIVE them loans, grants, and a template or framework in which to acquire wealth and instead use our own creativity and what we already have at our disposal to start generating it among ourselves.
  11. The New Religion

    Troy What?! Your categorization of science is completely wrong @Pioneer1. Science, unlike the world's great religions, would change a belief tomorrow if new information was presented that proved the current belief false. You speak as if the scientific community is a monolith. There are many conflicting and contradicting positions WITHIN Western science. You see this with BIG PHARMA all the time where certain drugs are deemed safe now but were considered dangerous in the past....only because there wasn't much money to be made or some politician didn't receive a big enough bribe to vote for it. So this so-called "science" changes based not only on new information but fresh money....lol.   Indeed, it is often religion that holds science back, even killing people for speaking the truth because it conflicts with religious doctrine. This practice continues to this day. I'd even argue that religion holds back spirituality. Some religions may hold people back spiritually but science tends to rob them of their spirituality ALL TOGETHER. Keep in mind that when I say "science" I'm not talking about KNOWLEDGE in general from where the word supposedly got it's name from; I'm talking about that general body of information that has been ordained as acceptable by the majority of Western institutions. There is a lot of truth and wisdom and knowledge in Voodoo....but it's not accepted as "science". There is a lot of truth, wisdom and knowledge in Native American, African, and ancient Asian culture and belief systems.....but the knowledge they offer is not accepted as part of official "science". People all around the world for millions of years and more have believe in spirits and souls, but because Western scientists claim they can't test it in a laboratory....they don't consider it part of "science". As far as many in Western academia are concerned, if it didn't come from a White man in a white coat with glasses....it must not be true, lol. If any religion is guilty of holding people back spiritually, it's the organized religion of WESTERN SCIENCE.
  12. Actually Troy.....

    So basically you've decided to: -IGNORE everything I said in my previous post...... -PUT WORDS into my mouth and attribute to me a position that I've never taken..... -then proceed to argue against that position and claim victory? OK..... Lol....shame, shame, shame.
  13. Actually Troy.....

    I hope you don't talk like that to your 72 year old stud muffin you say is always asking you to come over so he can "rock your world".....lol.
  14. Actually Troy.....

    And I said I wanted PROOF of your conversion.....so "not"....until I get what I asked for.
  15. I didn't say I had a problem with the film. I haven't even seen it yet. Everyone I know who HAS, said it was a good film.....so I'm not dissing it. I'm just saying that PERHAPS it was a catharsis. Cynique said it was "escape entertainment"....and that's what a catharsis is. It's a means of ESCAPE from your reality when you feel you are powerless to change it.