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  1. Who knows?

    Cynique No surprise that you are led wrong, because you are wrong and all of your verbal acobatics and distortions won't distract from the fact that, as usual, you don't know what you're talking about. Well like I keep saying....if I'm wrong, then PROVE it. Just provide empirical (not hearsay) evidence and proof that what I'm saying is wrong. You are just pondering and wondering outloud....not providing concrete facts about the Universe and similar concepts. You have evaded every challenge i have put to you in regard to your unfounded accusations and declarations and just keep resorting to the same old repetitive litany. If you were the only choice, i would love white men, Now see... Why do you have to make strong emotional statements like that? Talking about if there were NO OTHER Black men on the planet.....besides me....you'd just go ahead and start loving some White men....lol. See, this PROVES that you disagree with me simply for the sake of being disagreeable. I hope everyone sees the anger and the hatred and which side it's coming from. I'd NEVER say that to YOU. I'd NEVER tell you that if there were no other Black women around....well....I might as well start loving some White women, lol. I'd wait and see where things went first.....THEN if things didn't work out....well.....I'd have little choice but to consider White women.....lol. but fortunately there are other black men around who are different from you. Thank goodness! Oh yeah.... I forgot, you love and admire HALF-Black men (like Obama and Kaepernick) ALMOST as much as you love and admire White men. (You obviously haven't read the last 2 posts on Part 1 of this thread. Troy is who you need to be trying to make your points with.) You obviously haven't read the FIRST post on Part 2 of this thread because I addressed Troy.
  2. Who knows?

      Cynique Being curious is not a aberration. It's a quest for knowledge Being curious and questing for knowledge isn't the problem, it's WHO you're RE-questing that knowledge FROM that leads me to believe that you are inlove with White men. ....either consciously or subconsciously. BTW, Tyson and white scientists are in accord, so where does that leave you? It leaves all of us in the same position because THEY aren't arguing with me. Like I said.....they WOULDN'T. Unlike you and Troy, they wouldn't challenge my OPINION unless they had EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE or PROOF that they could bring to make their case against it absolute. SMH. Nah sweetie don't do that.... Shaking your head too much may be what CAUSED the problem in the first place, lol. Grab a turkey leg and some dressing and go on over on the couch and rest yourself...lol.
  3. Who knows?

    Cynique You're obsessed and paranoid in this regard and come across as an unbalanced individual with a personality disorder. Seek help YOU are the one who's self-admittedly pondering. YOU are the one who is starting thread after thread asking questions. So YOU are the one who obviously needs "help".....lol. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is not a white man; he is a premiere black scientist and he would challenge and even refute just about everything you imagine you know about science No scientist worth their weight would dispute what I've said. Most of them would simply leave it alone because THEY are smart enough NOT to get into an argument they can't win.....lol. Those who do decide to touch on it would simply call it "inconclusive" because they knew they couldn't come up with any EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE/PROOF that actually contradicts what I'm saying.
  4. End of Poverty?

    Troy The dictions just describes how the roace is used it is not a scientific definition. Lol....huh??? It also describes how the science has evolved leading to the knowledge that race is purely a social construct. Marriage and the idea of "husbands" and "wives" are also social constructs. But they're also REALITY. Just because something is a social construct, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Wikipedia is not the best sources of information, but if you read the entire document, you will see the evolution of the word over time and across cultures. It also describes how the science has evolved leading to the knowledge that race is purely a social construct. There is no basis in our genetics to allow us to categorize us into "races." All of this information is in the document that YOU referenced Pioneer. It is amazing how people can read a document and come away with completely difference conclusions The only things I needed to come away with from both Wikipedia and Merriam-Webster's dictionary were definitions to support my position on multiple races....and I did just that. I've SHOWN you that the concept of race is a way to categorize humans. Now whether racial categories are SOCIAL constructs or GENETIC constructs are irrelevant. Categories are REAL. They do EXIST....whether you agree with them or not. Now that I've I've proven my case on the reality and existence of racial categories among human beings, perhaps we can get back to discussion the causes of poverty.....lol.
  5. Thanksgiving Day,Black America.

    I don't celebrate ThanksGiving. It's just a day off for me. The same with Christmas. And it's been like that for over 20 years. I've actually considered petitions to force the banks and other public services to stay open and operate in my community on these so-called "holidays" because I don't want to be FORCED to observe a so-called "holy day" that I don't recognize as holier than any other. Problem was, I got more support from White people than Black people so I abandoned the effort.....for now, lol.
  6. Hmmmmm............... I'm looking at the one with the tattoo on her shoulder. Perhaps someone can arrange for her to come on this site so that I may ask her a question....lol.
  7. Who knows?

    Cynique Stable" mind as in a stagnant mentality? No, stable mind as in not letting White racists influence your mind into confusion and disbelieving reality (what you actually see). White men can easily raise all kinds of doubts in your mind about the Universe and Who created it but if you notice -they don't give you actual answers to the questions they raise.   You don't know the origin of the universe. All you are doing is parroting the intelligent design theory, taking the easy way out. No one on in this thread does. None of the White men you like quoting and pondering the lame ass ideas of, do either. Yet that doesn't stop you from obsessing with them and pondering on every little quack theory they come up with. Just face it, you are in love with White men....lol. And your reference to schizophrenia has nothing to do with "uncommon" (rare) sense. I'm neither hearing voices in my head nor suffering from paranoia. Hallucination isn't the ONLY symptom of schizophrenia.....so are delusions or "twisted" thinking that can't be straightened out with reason.   Troy where do you think "The Supreme (most powerful) Being" came from? How did they come into existence? I don't know, but it is an IRRELEVANT question to this conversation. I made the statement that I believe the Universe is created. That statement is VALID until PROVEN true or false. Trying to figure out the ORIGINS of the ORIGINATOR is a mere diversion. Because while you demand proof to the contrary, your position can not be proven either. Then what is the argument? If you don't accept my opinion.....you don't accept it. But you can't call it "illogical" or "unreasonable" UNTIL you can disprove it as such. Which I don't believe you can....lol. Pioneer makes declarative statements on premises that are either; patently false (which I assert is illogical, or just dumb, as in the case of multiple races), or which can not be proven to be true (as in the case with there being a creator (implying an very powerful sentient entity) of the universe   Now all I've done is ask @Pioneer1 to respond to a question which I think will expose a flaw in his reasoning (perhaps that is why he is dodging it), and you are bogging this down in technicalities. The very theme of this thread was is based on a "theory" that can't be proven true. Yet you are perfectly willing to consider it if not accept it all together! You are willing to consider that we are images or mini-images of the Universe that can't be proven true......but NOT so willing to accept that there is a more powerful One Who CREATED that Universe! Del Troy how can an opinion be invalid? If it's coming from another Black man.....that's how. If it comes from an educated White man in glasses, even if it can't be proven....it's accepted.
  8. Who knows?

    Ofcourse it's my opinion....... But my opinion is valid UNTIL PROVEN otherwise. When I say Someone I mean a Being, The Supreme (most powerful) Being. But NOT a "person", as in a "human" being. I believe that the Universe was created by Supreme Intelligence and is being maintained by that same Supreme Intelligence. If anyone can prove OTHERWISE.....let him/her produce actual PROOF (not paragraph after paragraph of jaw jacking that leads to more questions and no answers...lol.).
  9. Who knows?

    Cynique Like i said, you can't wrap your finite mind around the idea that the universe created itself Ofcourse I can't "wrap my mind" around it....because my mind is firm and STABLE. But someone with a weak and flabby mind can "wrap" their mind around anything because it's easily mansplain manipulated like silly putty.....lol. People who are weak minded and easily influenced are liable to believe ANY silly concept that is introduced to them without matching it with common sense. I prefer uncommon sense when i ponder. You're not alone. There are schizophrenics who share the same preferences!   Troy   If it is true then who created the "Someone" that brought the universe into existence? Who said That Someone had to be created? Perhaps They were ALWAYS in existence, having no need to be brought INTO existence. "Creation" is just our limited way of understand the order of things. It is based upon the passage of time which is how we perceive the universe, but time may not be the true nature of the universe. The popularity of "creationism" has less to do with perception and passage of time and more to do with an innate feeling in most human beings that force them to acknowledge that there is a Grand Power that produced and organized the natural wonders that they see in the universe. Nature has a way of HUMBLING human beings who become too arrogant and think they know everything.
  10. End of Poverty?

    Cynique The epitome of mansplaining. I well aware of the "soup kitchen" community. You just need to be kept in check when you resort to hyperbole as was the case with you declaring that white college students were being paid $50,000 a year for serving hot meals to drug addicts, and subsequently contradicting yourself by saying these white kids serving hot meals to drug addicts were ones sentenced by the court to do community service. Keep it real. I keep it CIVIL. If I kept it "real" I'd have cussed you out a couple posts ago.....lol. Every other word would have been "N" this and "MF" that....lol. For you to call my statements contradictory is like me saying an apple is a fruit and you digging up a post where I called an orange a fruit and using THAT as an example of a contradiction. It's a silly attempt to play a game of "gotcha". Troy the science is clear. There is only one race and the world is an oblate spheroid not flat. This is not "my word" or "your word." These are just facts man. Again, this is my point: you have no problem disputing facts based upon your own limited knowledge and intuition. But "science" never said that there was only one race.....TROY is. But you're right about one thing, this is no longer simply MY word againt YOUR word. I've enlisted the help of Merriam-Webster:   1 :any one of the groups that human beings can be divided into based on shared distinctive physical traits. c :a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/race   And Wikipedia "Race is a concept used in the categorization of humans into groups, called races or racial groups, based on combinations of shared physical traits, ancestry, genetics, and social or cultural traits" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_(human_categorization) So both of these OFFICIAL DEFINITIONS back me up on the fact that not only is "race" a form of categorizing people.....but also the fact that there is MORE THAN ONE RACE.
  11. Lead Poisoning in New York City

    Troy Well that would be true if you buy into the premise that this was a conspiracy in the first place. Well you certainly didn't know about the lead poisonings in Flint and New York until someone EXPOSED the fact that it was happening. This means it was being kept SECRET.....and the key factor of a conspiracy is SECRECY. I do not believe that white people got together and say hey well can damage some Black people if we introduce led into their environments Neither do I believe that ALL White people...or even MOST White people as a group....got together to plan this. But one thing seems to be clear...... The White people who ARE responsible for doing this seem to be stronger and more determined than the White people who aren't. You ARE aware of the Tuskeegee Experiment where Black men were secretly given syphilis and monitored, aren't you? Certainly racist conspiracies against Black Americans aren't unheard of.
  12. Troy I'm gonna get you -Sheeeeeyyyid...... I wish I could "get with" ALL THREE of them....one at a time....lol. Cynique Do your daughters know you're posting pictures of them all over the web? That one in the black leather coat looks like she'd slap the TASTE out of man's mouth is he came at her sideways....lol.
  13. Who knows?

    Cynique Who says the universe was created by a someone? Your common sense SHOULD say it. First of all, the fact that the Universe EXISTS is proof that Someone must have brought it into existence. Second of all, there is so much order and intricate detail in the Universe that clearly an Intelligence was involved. Apparently your mind can't conceive that this wasn't the case. That's because my mind operates on LOGIC, not peer pressure from White influence. When you think for YOURSELF instead of letting White people tell you what to think.....you'll automatically conclude that a Higher Power than man must have created and designed this planet and Universe. Black people didn't question the existence of The Supreme Being who not only created but intelligently designed the Universe UNTIL contact with White people.
  14. End of Poverty?

    Cynique According to your previous post, these people feeding drug addicts are white college graduates earning $50,000 a year until they can find a job in their profession. If you'd stop looking for excuses to poke holes in my statements and just use your common sense, you MIGHT come up with an interesting concept about what I've said...... That concept being...... Lol, are you ready for it? ALL OF IT is true! When you go to places like homeless shelters, drug rehab centers, and other places that focus on feeding and supposedly helping the poor you find a MIX of people involved. Some are staff members who get paid. Some are volunteers doing it for their church or social organization. Some are former and current clients who choose to turn around help out. Some are people sentenced by the court to do community service. There's a wide variety of people doing things for a myriad of different reasons. This doesn't nullify what I said, it just includes it. Troy you continually assert there is a Black race, a white race, as well as a few others. And you say that there is only ONE race....the "human race". Am I correct? If so, it's basically YOUR WORD against MY WORD. How does you offering an opposing or contradictory position "prove" mine wrong? Besides just saying it over and over again, what evidence have you brought to PROVE that there is only one race?
  15. SLAVE AUCTIONS,African Men Sold.,Again.

    As we've learned from the soldiers who were killed in Niger, the U.S. military IS in that area of Africa and is quite active. If Black America had the political power and influence we SHOULD have given our numbers....we would have forced the Pentagon to send a few thousand troops into North Africa to investigate and prosecute those involved with slavery and other forms of human trafficking.