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  1. ProfD



    I had quite a few people acknowledge to me that yeah Crump and Merritt are getting Black folks paid, but it's at the expense of them losing their lives.

    But hell, even before Crump and Merritt came a long a lot of Black folks were getting killed and weren't getting shit out of it.
    Atleast the family is getting SOMETHING now even if they don't get their loved one back.


    I say get it however you can get it in this society.
    As long as you aren't hurting other people in the process.

    All money you  get WITHOUT violating other people is clean money in my opinion.

  2. ProfD



    Yep. There is a fine line between spicy enough to enjoy and too hot to taste. 😁

    You're right.
    However I've learned that as my tolerance for heat began to increase as I aged...the flavor or "notes" of a spice became more clear and distinguishable.

    Kind of how all hard liquor tastes the same to someone who doesn't drink, or all coffee tastes the same to someone who doesn't drink coffee....but if you're a connoisseur or even a regular drinker you can easily tell the difference.






    Cosby was a brilliant comedian. D8mn shame that dude looking chick helped in getting him thrown into greater confinement for a minute. White supremacy sent their message. 


    When I first saw her I thought she was transgender, for real.
    I'm not sure what happened to her because she didn't look AS strong in the face as she does today.

    image.jpeg.c5ed25ca35515016d98fa89b1d8b965b.jpeg  image.jpeg.5d68b1df6000784b375e2bff3e008b8d.jpeg





    Common is a conscience rapper. Jay-Z rapped that he could write lines like Common Sense but ever since he made $5 million, he ain't been rapping like Common since.

    Fast forward to present and these mumble rap n8gglets are not only rapping about nonsense, they repeat the same dumb azz lines as if they have a speech impediment. That sh8t is to music what McDonald's is to nutrition

    I think Jay-Z is a negative entertainer, but he's a genius.
    I have to give that to him.

    Most of the big name artists who came on deck BEFORE 2000 like Cube, Chuck D,  LL, ect....were geniuses in there own right.
    They were already excellent at what they did and just needed to be discovered.


    But these MUMBLE RAP artists are the wicked creations of racist White industry executives who are using the most disgusting and most embarrassing youth they can find to humiliate our people before the eyes of the world.


    I was calling them "mumble mouth" rapper even BEFORE I knew it was the actual name of the Genre!
    This let's you know how intentional it was to put these embarrassments on stage and call them "hip hop artists".

    These clowns are PURPOSELY chosen for their lack of talent and creativity...because just like you can easily spot someone WITH a genius artistic gift, you can easily spot someone WITHOUT a particular one.
    If someone is a HORRIBLE singer with a voice crackling....you don't have to even understand what language she's singing in....you automatically know.
    ......and these artists are NOTICEABLY horrible and lacking in talent.
    The are obviously vulgar and "off beat".  When you hear them they make you shake your head in embarrassment...and wonder what kind of INFERIOR and VULGAR people would produce such garbage.


    Look at Da Baby and how clownish he acts and how slave-like he sounds...like some nicca who just shuffled off a plantation 200 years ago.........








  3. ProfD

    But you know Winter for America can actually turn out to be SPRING for Black America

    The Seeds of Ancestors – Emergence Magazine

    .....if we play our cards right.

    Like Napoleon Hill said, every misfortune carries within it the seed for a FORTUNE....if you know where to look!

    As AfroAmericans we've had so many opportunities since a year ago to flip things around and build our own little economies.


    For example.....
    When the schools closed, many AfroAmericans discovered that they could do a better job educating their OWN children than the public schools.

    But that desire to stay on the Caucasian's porch...up under his awning where it's nice and shady...kept most of our people from moving.

    This Global Pandemic could actually be an  opportunity INTELLIGENT AfroAmericans have been looking for to structure and build our own independent miniature communities inside the larger national one LIKE the Black Wallstreets and Bruce-Streets of the past.




    Companies make maximum profits by shipping jobs overseas.

    And you know the REAL reason most of these jobs were shipped overseas..........was to keep them out of the reach of AfroAmericans.
    Before the 1980s, the U.S. was the manufacturing capital of the world.  Especially in places like Detroit.  But so many Black folks were working factory jobs and joining unions, making good money and buying homes and property....without a degree...White men got jealous and decided they had to "do something" about that.

    White dudes got tired of every time they look up, here's a nicca with a bigger house and nicer car than HIS grinning at him with a gold tooth in his mouth.


    Help; 4running out of fuel - Page 3 - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest  4Runner Forum
         "Heeeey there big time......"

    .....so they started sending the manufacturing jobs over seas.

    And when more Black folks started getting degrees and entering the corporate world...they started sending THOSE jobs overseas too






    Unless I'm in a hurry, I still look for a human being to ring up my purchases. But, I see the handwriting on the wall. The cashier's days are numbered.


    Lol...not with THIS virus still raging.
    Unless the cashier is a fine sister that I have a strong desire to flirt with...I'm taking my ass over to the self-check out lane to avoid them putting their sweaty hands on my pears and hot sauce bottles.

    Some of them women got all kinds of boogers and dandruff and flakes and shit stuck in them long nails from digging in their nose and scratching their itchy scalp...and now they want to grin at me while they're groping my groceries...lol.


    Yeah, in most of the stores this way they are trying to phase out the cashiers.
    But they're having a hard time doing it because the automated machines keep fucking up....lol.

    They have a row of automatic self-check out machines and every time you turn around one of those lights on them keep going off to request assistance.
    They have almost as many attendants to help with the self-check out machines...as they have machines themselves...lol.
    That acutaly defeats the purpose.

    -You buy alcohol and they need to check your age....need to call an attendant to check your ID
    -An item is on sale but the machine didn't register it...need to call an attendant to verify it's on sale
    -A woman stands too close to the machine and her titties get checked out....need to call an attendant to get her titties taken off the item list (or she won't be able to walk out of the store with them...lol).

    Those attendants STAY busy because humans are so in need and unpredictable that as much as they try, machines just can't take the place of a human.
    Banks keep trying to do it too....but end up going back to the friendly bank teller.


    First of all, why are police officers around the nation STILL stopping and investigating people for non-violent offenses in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC?
    Shouldn't all state and local governments put that on hold and use their officers and resources to HELP people and avoid as much contact with the public as possible to prevent the spread of the virus?

    Secondly the job of the police is to PROTECT the public and if a crime has been committed...to investigate it and if necessary apprehend the suspect and wait for the JUDGE/JURY to decide their fate and punishment if necessary.
    We don't need them to play JUDGE, JURY, and EXECUTIONER on the street.

  5. ProfD

    Maybe I should clarify my post.....
    Actually I didn't have YOU or anyone on this forum in mind when I said "you" called our brutha an ambulance chaser......I've heard MANY Black folks say that about him, lol.
    I was talking about our people collectively.

    My point that NEITHER Trump nor Biden was putting money in the pocket of Black folks the way people like Ben Crump and Lee Merritt have done.
    Yet they are often seen as pariahs in the community.

    But as far as Ben Crump.....

    Look, the brother is doing his job and winning cases.
    He's not a Criminal Defense lawyer....he's a Civil lawyer.
    Most people don't understand there's a difference and they keep asking him to lock people up as if he can do that.
    He's doing his job....which is winning civil suits or getting settlements.
    As long as he's getting Black folks paid, I can't complain TOO much about him.

    No he's not the most articulate and charming person in the world, and they say he's getting money from these cities to "shut up" the families of the victims....
    Well, that may be true but that's not stopping the REST of the community from speaking out and doing something about it.
    I think a lot of this hatred toward our brother is jealousy because THEY aren't the ones getting the millions, I know how petty a lot of our people can be.

    I'll take Crump and Merritt UNTIL some better lawyers come along and step up to take their places.

  6. Mel


    Ok -I’ve been to Beijing several times and you’re correct - it moved.  Out of sight, Out of mind.  But yes not only is the air nearly unbreathable due to the coal powered electricity that run the factories but everything we buy here is either made in china or assembled there including APPLE Products. 

    There are also many U.S. Corporations housed there including the NBA The times I stayed there it was in the same complex as their offices.


    You know....that could have been US (Black America) instead of China!

    Mao Tzedong actually studied the teachings of Marcus Garvey while he was in the U.S. and implemented some of his principles in his Revolution.





    blue collar in what respect?


    No top of what ProfD laid out for rebuilding the infrastructure and actually BUILDING it better than it was before......


    I personally think most people don't have the intelligence and discipline to be "professionals".
    I think most people are average in intelligence and goals.
    They just want to make enough money to pay the bills, have a little fun, take care of their children if they have some....and relax.
    Most people don't even want to READ a damn book, lol.

    So simple blue collar factory jobs where they're making things and green collar jobs where they're growing things should be the majority of jobs.
    That don't require extra education or skills beyond basic literacy
    And those who WANT to better themselves and their careers could do so by going to school, entertainment industry, ect...
    But atleast there would be an abundance of simple low skill jobs that pay a decent wage.

    This is also why I encourage OWNING Black businesses, but I also encouraging WORKING FOR Black businesses a little more lately.







    You nailed it!

    We need to get our people used to working again.

    I mean PHYSICAL work.
    Not the grueling work of slavery, but they do need to learn how to get outside and start sweating again while building up the community.




    I wouldn't call the Chinese employment program an exercise in diversity. 😁 

    Xi Jinping is gangsta as a benevolent dictator. He's running the country in excess of 1.5 billion people according to code (Communism). 

    China has a caste system and opportunities are handed out within it.  Same goes for India.


    Well...you might not necessarily like what I'm about to say but..quite frankly...that's how you MUST treat most people of color inside the system of Racism or "White Supremacy" (you can probably tell by now i don't like using that term) to get them to cooperate and work together for progress.

    Whether your talking about Africa or Asia or the Americans...so many of our people and people of color in general have been so conditioned by Caucasians to ONLY respect and love White people...that the ONLY time they'll listen and obey the orders of a qualified Black or Brown or Yellow person is if he/she has a STICK in their hand and is known to USE it frequently.
    Then you'll have some peace and order in the land.

    It's a shame it has to be that way...but the racists have made it that way.

    I've been a manager on many jobs and when you're dealing with some of our people you have to have a BAT in your hand and ready to swing it just to get them to cooperate with you....?

    Joe Clark, Paterson, New Jersey's "Principled Principal," Has Passed Away

    WHAT TIME...did I tell you to have your ass here by?
    No...no...no..no....WHAT TIME did I tell you?"


    Which is why I say this so-called "democracy" mess they're trying to push on people of color around the planet is a damn joke.
    People respect power and those in power.
    They do what you MAKE them do.

    Like you said, a BENEVOLENT dictator instead of a selfish evil one is what most of the people need.


    I know you don't hear people talking like that much.
    ...but after decades of observation, that's the conclusion that I've come to.

  7. Rev. Run



    Backing Off GIFs | Tenor


    You got it homie....

    It's your world.







    He WROTE for one of the greatest....the man himself...Richard "hold on muthafu--" Pryor!


    I loved his commentary but I personally thought he was too serious or angry to be very funny.
    I got the sense of a slight bit of RAGE being suppressed in his jokes. 
    He wasn't just a some fool or clown that got up saying random shit like Kevin Hart.  You could tell that real THOUGHT went behind his work.


    Did you see his brief appearance in Spike Lee's "Bamboozled" movie?

    I found THAT impressive because as much as I like him, I kind of took him as a "feminine" type of man in his demeanor.  But when he played that role in Bamboozled he was straight-masculine all the way.

  8. ProfD


    Man I love hot food.

    I used to eat hot Thai food every other day and even a lot of THEM couldn't figure out how I was able to tolerate it so much.


    I think most Black folks have a higher tolerance for hot and spicy foods.  We have a longer range of sensory perceptions so we can see more colors, hear more sounds, and even taste more flavors.

    The only thing that compromises this is indulging in the poisons that the Caucasians put out in the society to weaken these power like drugs, cigarettes, ect..


    If the food ain't hot then I'll ADD pepper to it, lol.
    I go to Whole Foods and get that extra-hot Cayenne pepper powder at about 90,000 Heat Units to add to food.

    Check ya boy out:




  9. Actually I didn't JUST quit...I quit my job about a week ago.
    Dozens of us did.

    I've heard that anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of the entire workforce at the company I worked for have quit over the vaccine mandates that they are imposing.

    ((Don't worry Troy this isn't gonna be an anti-vaxx propaganda post....lol))

    They sent us an email and a letter the other month and I told them to go jump in a lake of shit, lol.

    We walked away a week ago.
    First a few of us, then more and more as the week progressed.
    But it wasn't finalized and we thought there might be a chance through litigations and other actions to halt the mandate coming from corporate, but apparently it didn't.


    Despite the White employees being the ones who made the biggest fuss over the mandates and were the loudest voices in the room about half of the Black employees quit and a smaller percentage of the white ones too; which I didn't find surprising at all because Caucasians are PART of the system....it's THEIR system.
    So most of them will obey orders, take anything, or do anything they are ordered to do to MAINTAIN the system...despite all of their "Live free or die" rhetoric.

    But a lot of the younger Black employees are confused and sitting around squinting their eyes and twisting their lips over how so many of their "white friends" betrayed them and went ahead and stay and got the shot...while telling them for month and months how they'd NEVER take it.

    I'd just sit there listening to them and grinning because I KNOW the drill and I know that most of them are working together to support the system.






    "I'll NEVER take the shot!
    I'll NEVER compromise my values and 
    Live free or die baby!!!"


    ((five months later))





    "Well what do you want me to do
    I got a wife, a kid , and a dog to feed.
    Life happens dude...sheesh!"


    Lol...these people LIE like saying "good morning".
    You can't put your trust and faith in them and what they will or "won't never" do.
    I tried to tell the younger Black people this.

    They should have studied Neely Fuller Jr. like I told them to, and they wouldn't have been confused or atleast AS confused.

    When you don't understand racism and how it REALLY works...you WILL be confused.

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  10. Mel

    I'm not sure if it's that the Industrial age has GONE...of if it just MOVED....from the West...to Asia, and specifically China.

    There is a lot that I don't like about the Chinese economy but what I DO like about it is it's DIVERSITY.
    Unlike the U.S. where they're encouraging all kids to go to college and get degrees and pretty much give you a choice between a corporate job or low paying service industry job.....in China the government ensures that the Chinese labor force has a healthy mix of office jobs, skilled trades jobs, factory jobs, and agricultural jobs.
    So where you don't qualify for ONE industry....you qualify for ANOTHER.

    The manufacturing industry is alive and well in places like China and India where TENS of MILLIONS of people have relatively decent paying factor jobs still.
    They're supporting their families off of the jobs they're working in factories and on farms.

    No society is going to function well with a TOP HEAVY economy where over 75% of the workforce is dressed up, doing office work, and expecting the remaining 25% to pick up the trash and cut the grass.
    We MUST return our blue collar and green collar base if we want a stable economy and stable society.


  11. Mzuri

    Lol...what's up with the screw face?
    What's the matter?



    If we were to go strictly by that code, then a woman really shouldn't have ANY children because most AfroAmericans today can barely take care of THEMSELVES alone....let alone any dependents.

    On top of that....
    A Black person in THIS society doesn't really know when they'll end up in GREATER CONFINEMENT and away from any children they may produce.

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  12. ProfD

    He already said I wasn't Black...but after Rev. Run reads this he's REALLY not gonna believe I'm Black but.....
    I've never been a Franks fan.
    It wasn't hot enough for me....LOL

    I kicked it with the Tabasco sauce for a while until I started going to Mexican and Caribbean joints and getting the SHO' NUFF hot shit that they import from the islands.

    Now I rocks with shit that's so hot that you'll be able to take a piss and light it up like Morris Day did in that one movie, lol.


  13. You really don't know HOW many children you're gonna be able to handle in life because you don't know the FUTURE.

    You might be healthy with a good job and plenty of money RIGHT NOW and alone, broke, and sick as hell 5 years from now.


    And since you don't know the future or how you'll end up, it's nice to live in a society where a STRONG SAFETY NET of social programs are in place that allow you to support yourself and any dependents you might have in the event you fall on hard times.
    It allows you to keep from falling through the cracks until you can get back on your feet.
    And even if you NEVER get back on your feet.....atleast you can have a roof over your head and a warm meal in your stomach and not live like an animal on the street.


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  14. Rev.



    I’m surely convince now u are not black 


    Lol, well......what color are you "convinced" that I am?




    I just told u the problem is white supremacy and to combat that we have to called them by their own name which is really pink people and red. 

    So to combat the problem of White Supremacy...the solution is to start calling them "pink people" or "red people".

    So that's your solution, huh?
    That's the "big truth" you were getting around to drop?

    And you expect THAT (calling them the pink/red people), will get a damn KNEE off of somebody's back....ok.

    Negro Logic




    so therefore I know u thrive in a chaos my brothers and sisters are not gonna pick up arm and did what the pale race did to this earth murder steal thief that’s you’re characteristic not ours.



    Pioneering comic Paul Mooney dies at 79 | Richmond Free Press | Serving the  African American Community in Richmond, VA

    I don't know what YOU'RE talking about...."

    It looks to ME like quite a FEW Black folks are picking up arms and using them......but not against the "pink people" as you call them; but against eachother.

    Whether it's in Oakland, Atlanta, or Somalia.

    You see silly negroes running around with gats in their hands popping at eachother while ducking behind garbage cans and cars

    Only difference is, here...after it's all cooled off and things have died down, a couple vans full of White folks will roll up...tape everything off..and clean up the mess.

    Like I said before, being oppressed doesn't automatically make you righteous.
    You can be both oppressed AND evil.
    Just like you can be both STUPID and evil at the same time.

    And a lot of our people are all three.

    The problem is not JUST "white supremacy"....but also Negro Stupidity.

  15. Mel

    Yeah, I have a FEW of his United/Independent Code books at home that I often give out as gifts from time to time since you can't run down to your local Barnes and Noble or independent book store and buy one.

    Sexism and racism are intertwined.


    Before racism appeared on this planet (about 6000 years ago) I believe men and women lived in relative harmony.

    Institutionalized sexism and misogyny come from Caucasian culture.

    When Caucasians came down from the mountains and started interacting with people of color in the Middle East, Europe, India and other surrounding areas....they found that just like THEY wanted to have sex with women of color, their women wanted to have sex with men of color.  It got to the point where they couldn't trust their women so they enacted strict religious laws that forbid them to have sex, enjoy sex, walk around showing themselves and in come cases even their faces.

    That's where a lot of the "covering up women" culture came from in the Middle East.
    It didn't come from Islam itself, they were practicing that THOUSANDS of years before Muhammad.
    They started wrapping their women up and forcing them to stay locked up in the tents to make sure they didn't have sex with the people of color they were dwelling among while they were nomads


    And ofcourse because of slavery and colonialism that occurred around the planet...Caucasians planted that SAME perverted mentality into the minds of so many men of color.
    So you see abuse of women going on all over the plant where the men have been colonized by Caucasians (European or Arab).

    But if you look at some of the REMOTE "tribal" people of South America, Africa, or Asia...you'll notice that the women and men have equal status in society.  
    Different roles, but equal status.

  16. ProfD

    On top of what you just said........
    I'm beginning to wonder if the message itself might have to be SIMPLIFIED for the majority of our people (AfroAmericans) to receive it and accept it.

    It's getting to the point that trying to have a basic common sense conversation with some of our people, especially many under 30....is like speaking to them in broken Espanol.

    You start talking to them about racism and they tell you:


    Black man smoking cigarette Stock Photos - Page 1 : Masterfile

    Ahhh ha ha ha.... ain't no racists around here. 
    All the White dudes around here is COOL!
    Matter fact, Jared smokes weed with me in the alley
    out back on our 15 minute breaks.  Jared cool as hell!"

    Jared got a whole damn PROUD BOY tattoo on his scrawny arm this doo-ragged negro probably hasn't even noticed it.
    And even if he DID see it....as stupid as some of our people are, he still wouldn't pick up on what it means and how he might be smoking weed with a violent racist.

    Some of our people are so far gone, you have to take ELEMENTARY SCHOOL steps with them.




    I can answer all you’re question but


    But you haven't answered ANY of them...so how would I know that?

    See brother, you're steadily talking and talking and talking but you're not telling me what I'm ASKING you for.

    If someone asks you for help to pay the rent, you don't leave a damn CHOCOLATE CAKE on their doorstep, ring the bell, and then trot off grinning....thinking you did a good deed.


    NYPD Officers Violently Arrest Young Black Man After Seeing Him Smoke Weed  In The Park

    "When I called you up nicca, did
    I ask you for a damn CAKE?"



    That's not helping them.

    If you want to help them, give them what they ASKED of you.
    And if you don't, well....that's your right.

    But don't give them a whole heaping helping of what they DIDN'T ask for.








    and we have different beliefs so therefore everything I will write (say) to will fall on death eyes.(ears) so there is no point.


    Well hell if there's no point, why say ANY of it?

    If you aren't trying to sway people or change their way of thinking...why even TALK to other people except to order some food or cash a check.


    See, Rev...don't take this the wrong way but this is what I call "Negro Logic".


    Find out what makes sense, even take a few classes on it, and then turn around and do the exact OPPOSITE....that's what Negroes often do.
    And wonder why they end up having so many problems.

    Teaching the Black man to wear a dress, while teach the Black woman to be STRONG....and wonder why the family is so jacked up....Negro Logic.

    You'll spend 45 years on a street corner barking at Black folks as they walk pass reading from the Bible and telling them a whole lot of what they don't want to hear and don't NEED to hear quite frankly....
    But won't take 5 minutes to come down off the step-ladder, shake a brother's hand, and find out direclty from HIM what his immediate needs are like paying a bill, a doctor for his daughter, a better paying job, ect...


  18. I think intelligent Black people should be business owners but I'm backing away from the idea of pushing  business ownership on Black audiences now unless I'm talking directly to people of a certain pedigree or on a certain level.
    We know working a J-O-B for someone else isn't the quickest way to get rich, but most people aren't gonna get rich ANYWAY so why even put it in their minds to?
    Somebody has to do the labor and keep society running, infact the vast majority of adults must willingly participate in this process.

    More in line with the theme of this thread.......
    Many of our people need to get back to learning how to work with their hands,  farm, build, raise animals and crops, and live off the land.
    Skills that the vast majority have lost, becoming urban dwellers.

    A portion of us...say atleast 15%.....need to learn agricultural skills and start growing food OURSELVES so that we can feed our community.  




    This is another reason why having land is so important and why it must be an essential part of any Reparations Package.

  19. 15 hours ago, nels said:

    Laughable. It's quite obvious that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, whatsoever. Sheer ignorance is an understatement, to say the least; don't speak to what you don't know. There is so much in the ridiculous explanation you provided that it calls into question your understanding of politics and voting, at a minimum. Even attempting to reply to the gaslit-induced response you gave would be a waste of time, and I'm certainly not going to try and convince or persuade you otherwise.


    Joe Biden actually lost his sorry lying corrupt butt off to Donald Trump in a massive landslide and darn near every Democrat out there knows it (literally), except perhaps for you and your faithful fellow believers; keep that CNN and MSNBC channel pipeline going, folks. As a software, systems, hardware and process engineer with many many decades of experience across more than 20 business and government verticals, it amuses me that people make up their own set of facts to support their irrational arguments. I watch them crash and burn all the time.


    Having worked for one of the largest voter registrars in the country and having an unbiased thorough understanding of exactly how clean elections at all levels (i.e., federal, state, local / municipal) work from end to end (e.g., planning, design, architecture, acquisition, procurement, staffing, vetting, vendors, ballots, tabulators, statistics, servers, networks, routers, cryptology, etc.), including the courts through which they adjudicate, the gap between what you think you know and what actually happened on November 3, 2020, is practically unimaginable. I have no problem taking heat in any forum and welcome 'real' challenges. However, when you demonstrate the logic of a scarecrow trying to take a shortcut through a brush fire, you lose your audience, your credibility., and more. Bounce back as much as you want, but you will never win this argument, at least with me.


    Keep the gaslighting coming and don't let the door hit you on the way out.  

    Believe whatever you want and say whatever makes you feel better. It's good for your blood pressure.


    Read it about 5 times and STILL didn't see an actual name of a person that Black people should have voted for or should vote for today.

    A lot of complaining, insults, baseless accusations, etc....but no actual NAMES for who Black people should be getting behind to support.

    So the question remains to you sir:

    Who Owl GIF - Who Owl Blink - Discover & Share GIFs






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  20. Rev.

    but the earth is getting closer they skin cancer is on the rise birth rates are down divine judgmen


    Ok, now how do you know this to be true?
    Did you get this revelation of divine judgement DIRECTLY from the Divine World Itself?



    so the fight is not with us it’s with what they can’t see


    Yeah but, can YOU see it either?
    Have YOU actually seen and spoken with the Being or Entity that you claim is going to fight with them and did They PROMISE to do so?



    I've asked you so many question and you've answered so few.
    Can you atleast answer SOME of the questions I've posed to you.

    The way you avoid my questions, I'll have to start calling you Rev. Run after all.....lol.

  21. Neely Fuller Jr said that if you don't understand RACISM....what it is and how it works...everything else that you DO understand will CONFUSE you.

    He didn't say what you "think" you understand, but what you actually UNDERSTAND...will still confuse you.

    You'll be running around scratching your head trying to figure out why there are so many homeless people, or so many sick people, why don't your insurance cover this, why are the police allowing that....


    5 Bad Work Habits You Need To Change Right Now! - Page 6 of 6 - Kuulpeeps -  Ghana Campus News and Lifestyle Site by Students


    So much injustice and so many problems in this society won't make ANY sense to you, because you left the factor of RACISM (what it is and how it works) out of the equation.

    Take RACISM and.....
    -Pop that in your tape deck.
    -Slide that in your CD drive.
    -Insert that into your USB drive.

    ....and EVERYTHING will start coming together and making more sense.





    When I say Indian I didn’t mean Native American I’m talking India continent of Asia 

    how can arrows and bows stop guns never heard of don’t bring knife to a gun fights and people naturally love life the more you see people dying in front of you you give up they use gun gums were an eastern idea..


    I thought you were talking about the Native Americans, but the same concept applies.
    If White folks went over there and oppressed them....then WHY were they allowed to?

    Again, it would seem that which ever person cursed them would also have stopped them from attacking people.
    Why curse them in the first place if you're gonna let them do whatever the hell they want to do????

    Also, why were they ALLOWED to invent guns to use on people?
    Why didn't the African or Native American come up with it first?
    The same people who went around slaughtering and taking land just HAPPEN to be the same people who invent all types of powerful weapons?
    It's more than a coincidence.

    They were SMART enough to do it....that's why.




    another tactics they use they used to kill buffaloes for fun just so the native Indians in America will starve to death why do you think so many white people don’t believe listen idk if u white or u dealing with whites their no statue limitations on murder one day they will have to answer for their documented crimes 

    But who guaranteed you that?

    And I mean did somebody talk to you FACE TO FACE and TELL YOU FACE TO FACE that they were gonna answer for their crimes?
    Or did you read it out of some book, some script, some scroll, or it just "feels" like they're gonna eventually answer for them?

    And again, why were they ALLOWED to commit those barbaric crimes in the first place?

    Don't let your cousin steal my bike....THEN tell me you're gonna smack him around for it. 
    Don't let him steal it in the first place.

  23. Rev

    So if they were cursed...why were they ALLOWED to go around  the world committing systematic genocide?

    1. Why didn't the same person who cursed them, STOP them from doing it?

    2. Why didn't the people they did it TO....stop them?

    And don't tell me it was because they had a kind heart and didn't believe in killing.
    Africans and Native Americans did fight and kill among eachother from time to time.



    that’s a nurture if a beast a lion care not who or what it kills…and no remorse for what it kills…

    Yeah but even a LION got sense enough NOT to kill it's own cubs.
    He'll kill a deer or buffalo to feed TO his cubs...with no remorse, but not his own cubs.

    What about the American Negro?


  24. ProfD

    Above and beyond the exchange between Mzuri and myself, the larger debate about healthcare and other social services is really a RACIAL one.

    In all actuality any adult with an IQ over 100 knows how important it is for society to have a strong safety net; not only for chronic never-do-wells but for well balanced and even successful people who for some reason met with a tragedy or misfortune.
    Even the right-wing Republicans in Congress who constantly preach against the "welfare state"  instinctively KNOW this.
    They may talk that rhetoric...but nobody want to TRULY live in a dog-eat-dog  sink-or-swim environment.

    They really want to preserve those social services and medical benefits for WHITE PEOPLE...and keep Black and Brown people from enjoying those benefits. That's what their rhetoric is really all about.  So they have to speak in coded language and point at welfare queens or drug addicts or anybody to justify why they're cutting back benefit and insist on covering SOME but not covering OTHERS.
    But people who aren't as smart and educated as them will listen to this and BELIEVE it....which is why you got so many rednecks with no teeth in their mouths flying a Confederate Flag and yelling:




    Stream Rednecks Summer Games (T.G.O. Original Track) by Tactical Groove  Orbit | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

    "I sure wish the government would git their  rotten hands
    off my Medicare!
    I like it just the way 'tis!!!"

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