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  1. 3 hours ago, Cynique said:

    Who calls people mulatto anymore? That's that's the outdated term you use in order try and make your ambiguous point.  Nowadays people are called bi-racial or mixed if their parents are of 2 different races. This actor could not play a white role. He looks black. 

    I use the term....because it's accurate.
    It's more accurate than simply calling someone "mixed race" because there are MORE THAN 5 different races on the planet a person could be mixed with.
    I also use the term Zambo and Meztizo.

    Further, he doesn't "look Black".
    He looks like an actual Mulatto with phenotypical features that are pretty much in between his African and Cacaucasian parents.

    Problem is, in the United States we're so used to calling EVERYBODY Black.....not just Mulattos but "Quadroons" and "Octoroons" with only trace amounts of Black ancestry....that most people just toss him in the Black category despite the fact that no pure Sub-Saharan African looks like him.

  2. 11 hours ago, ProfD said:

    Shoplifting in the Big Apple and Beyond


    Apparently, with a pandemic on the loose and unemployment up, there's a shoplifting crisis in major cities across America:




    Former NYC police captain and mayoral candidate Eric Adams says he's going to handle it if/when elected.


    I just figured the store shelves were bare because the shipping containers were stuck in the water.


    Now, you've got folks walking into stores wearing a mask and walking out with a trash bag full of stuff. 


    I guess every day is Halloween out in these streets. 😁😎

    What happened to them FLASH MOBS people were engaging in a few years ago where a gang of them would just run up in a store snatching everything in site and running out?

    I'm surprised more of that ain't going on now.

     I also hear that were really undercover police operations where mysterious figures were texting people to meet up in certain locations




    That law seems unenforceable. What do they mean by "defamatory," I wonder.

    It will be enforced SELECTIVELY...like most laws in the West are>

    Laws like that were DESIGNED to be ambiguous and hard to figure out what the actually mean.
    This is so they can be interpreted a million different ways and used to trap you when they want.


  3. 3 hours ago, Cynique said:

    Not a problem for me if  he's bi-racial. He got black hair.




    No problema para mi tambien.....

    But the problem is calling Mulatto people "Black" can be quite deceptive because it gives the impression that race relations are improving and Black people are being given sexy roles....when they're STILL promoting the image of "Caucasian  beauty" but just labeling them Black.

  4. ProfD


    Corporal punishment (flog, cane, waterboard, amputate, stone, etc.) would reduce crime immediately.  


    I wouldn't support stoning or amputation because I don't support IRREVERSEABLE punishments.
    But as far as flogging and caning and doing it repeatedly depending on the crimes they committed...absolutely.

    This is why violent crimes are usually so low in African and Asian nations despite more poverty.
    They will PHYSICALLY punish you over there in those nations.

    Now of course, I'm not with the corruption and massive poverty that exists in this nations and that should be addressed.

    But the fact that a place with MOVE poverty has LESS crime should tell you whatever methods they're using to punish criminals are working.


    Like you said, warehousing people is BIG BUSINESS in the U.S.
    Literally, especially with private citizens.


    Did you hear about the "special meeting" they allegedly had back in 1981 among the big time music executives in Los Angeles who met with other wealthy movers and shakers.
    They got together to discuss having enough traffic to make privatizing prisons profitable.  And they said that's when the decision to promote GANGSTA RAP was introduced!

    I'm not sure if you knew this or not but Eazy E was a Republican and you know George Bush invited him and the NWA to a luncheon.












    I remember reading a post of yours a few days ago about Black people in certain areas in those regions being victimized and, earlier today, I was shockingly remined of what you wrote because someone told me that a lot of the victims in the recent killing of 119 prisoners were actually Afro-Ecuadorans!!!

    So, I researched and it does seem like it! OMG!


    Absolutely digusting.

    It's so sad to see Black people caught up in this mess way down in South America.

    As rare as it is to even see and hear about Black Latinos on television, and now so many are going through this mess.

    I knew that many Black folks lived in slums/Favelas down in Brazil but I didn't know they were going through this in other parts of South America too.


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  5. Daniel


    @Pioneer1your credit card 💳 is an ancestor of Crypto. 


    Either that, or Crypto currency is a monsterous MUTATION of the credit card.


    Credit cards are stable and the value of them are stable.


    Crypto currency as a shaky as a California fault line.


    Study finds drilling may have caused deadly 1933 California quake | 89.3  KPCC


  6. 8 hours ago, Cynique said:

    Nowadays a lot of Nigerian actors are beating out the competition for leading roles among home grown black actors in Hollywood.  In the hugely successful Brigerton series, the romantic lead, who did not personify a negative image, was played by a black Englishmen named Regé-Jean Page. 

     😍 😚  🤪 







    Problem is....the man pictured above is NOT Black.
    He's Mulatto.


  7. Chev

    So on October 14, Jesus was hung on the cross and a few hours later after a total solar eclipse, Jesus died at 9:00 P.M. on October 15 and three (3) days later on October 17, he rose again and it was also written that many graves were open

    Chevdove......................................................................................................where did you get this information from?

  8. Mzuri

    Well that answered my question..lol.


    That crypto-currency jive is nothing but a TRAP to reel people in and take their REAL money.
    And quite possibly get them imprisoned.

    A few years ago I heard people bragging about how it's untraceable and you don't know who's doing what with bit-coins.

    I said.....

    getTV - Nathaniel Taylor (1938–2019) would have been 83 today. He's a '70s  TV icon as Rollo Lawson, but he's also in movies like TROUBLE MAN (1972),  WILLIE DYNAMITE (1974) and PASSING


    "Fool...if YOU know about it,
    why wouldn't the IRS and FBI?"



    They know who's got what...and what they're doing with it.
    They're just sitting back and waiting to make their move.

    Next thing you know you see strings of people in cuffs being hauled into Federal court in bit-coin scams.
    Yet they CLAIM it's the new currency and nobody can find out about it.


    These people come up with one scam after another.
    That's why Black people need to HURRY UP and buy our own land, grow our own food, and build our own cities so so many of our people won't end up caught in these traps they put out.

    Like we talked about in the other thread.....when you don't mind actually WORKING and PRODUCING something for the money you're getting, you're not a susceptible to be suckered into these schemes.

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  9. 5 hours ago, ProfD said:

    Yeah mayne.  VB has been out of the closet for several years. 




    Now see...I didn't know that.

    I only knew him as the weekend anchor on CNN...like Fredricka Whitfield.
    But then he graduated to weekdays.
    I didn't know much about him but I thought he was a pretty solid brother though.






    3 hours ago, Mzuri said:




    Victor is a Cry Baby



    You mean VICTOR has been on there snotting and crying too???


    That channel is so jacked up.

    Thought CNN was even-steven.   
    You had 1 gay Black man (Don Lemon) and 1 gay White man (Anderson Cooper).  Ok
    Figured they weren't really humiliating the brothers like that.

    Now I find out Victor is...something......gay?...bi?
    He said he was a "member of the LGBT community" but didn't say WHICH department his membership was in.
    He certainly doesn't look Trans.

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  10. ProfD


    Quick aside......


    As I study back in history, I'm beginning to wonder if the Civil War really WAS fought over slavery.

    After studying it a little closer I'm beginning to believe the war was really fought to keep the southern states from seceding and forming their own little nations.
    They were making so much money from slavery that they wanted to branch off and do their own thing instead of seeing so much of their revenue go to Northern states.


    I have been convinced that the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 was a last ditch effort of Lincoln to turn the tide of a war he was losing and gamble on "freed" Black folks to pick up arms and join the losing North against their Southern masters.


    And the gamble paid off.

    Once Black folks were allowed to fight...the North started winning.


    But I say all of that to say......and think about it...if the Civil War was fought to liberate the Slaves, then why wasn't the Emancipation Proclamation made BEFORE the war go started instead of in the middle of it?

  11. Mzuri



    You don't know what a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is? 


    I thought that ALL tokens were non-fungible, if you kept them in a cool dry spot.



    These were all the rage a few months ago, and then they weren't,
    but now they are again. 


    Don't worry....once they get a few more "Daniels" to invest in them...like the Terminator -they'll be back, lol.

    But that should let you know right then and there something is SHIFTY about them.

    If the value is THAT unstable that it can rise and fall like that, it tells you it's a scam with a string attached.
    They sucker people in to take their money and when they get enough suckers sucked in...then they lower the boom and take the cash and dash.

    Now honestly young lady, how much REAL hard-currency cash were you able to make off of investing in this stuff?
    You don't have to tell me all your business...but did you make atleast over....say....$200 profit, investing in it?????





    People call them nifty or nifties.





    "Well they should stop calling
    them "nifties"  and start calling
    them "SHIFTIES".

    Because the whole thing sounds SHIFTY to me.
    Some of those involved in inventing them were probably shifty as hell and designed them not only to cheat folks out of their REAL currency but get them in trouble with the IRS.

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  12. ProfD



    Nowadays, it's hard to get the talented 10th in the same room.  They've got platforms that allow them to do a whole lot of talking without solving any problems.  I'm not going to drop names but you have an idea.


    If you read my posts you'll notice I constantly talk about the most intelligent AND decent Black people coming together to build.
    Because we have plenty of INTELLIGENT Black people in our community.  Problem is many of them are IMMORAL and use that intelligence for evil and selfish purposes that do nothing to uplift the collective and in many cases help destroy the community for self enrichment.


    As soon as they get in the room with eachother, they start competing with eachother over who's the smartest, who has the most money, who should be the leader.
    Egos so big....like Biggie said...ya hat can't fit you.





    "When da' lime light hits ya......."




    Regardless of whether it's a country or a corporation, when it comes to leadership, a small percentage of folks leads the multitude.

     A Talented 10th doesn't absolve the role of the 90%. Every  individual within the community has the responsibility of using their knowledge, skills and abilities to make life better as well. 


    💯 Beautifully stated!


    You can't have a society where EVERYBODY is in charge and doing what they want to do in their own direction.
    You need a society where you have clear, qualified leadership who are dedicated to moving the community in the right direction...progress.


    One of the problems with out community is you currently have too many chiefs and not enough Indians.












    Trump of course.


    Now that was easy!


    @nels   See how easy it was for him to admit he supports Trump.
    Now why can't you just admit that?





    It hasn’t and won’t happen because it promotes elitism and not excellence.


    Elitism is part of human nature.
    You'll always have a minority of leaders and a majority of followers.





    It’s not even about the White Community, it’s about the relationship to the other 90% that’s the problem. 


    And vice versa
    The Black masses also have a problem respecting it's leaders!


    When the Chinese or Japanese leader tells the people what to do, the put their head down and shuffle off to do it.

    Try telling a nigga what to do....even if you are CLEARLY more qualified than him.



    samuel l jackson" Meme Templates - Imgflip

    "Ooo da' fuck you thank
    YOU talking too???
    You ain't nu'na my daddy!
    Don't be tellin' ME what to do!
    Where dem White folks at??"


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  13. Ahhh  man......

    Just saw today, actually just a few minutes ago that my man Victor Blackwell of CNN is either gay or bi-sexual.


    I had no idea!
    I'm thinking Don Lemon was the only one but I thought brutha Victor was holding it down for the straight masculine brothers and now he drops THIS news on the public while discussing the Dave Chappelle controversy.

    Well.....atleast it's news to me.
    I thought the brother was straight.

  14. Daniel



    You are so condescending. Stop drinking your white milk


    Lol....I will if you promise to stop drinking the Republican's Kool Aid.



    Kool-Aid Man on Twitter: "OH YEAH!! #TheyGrowUpSoFast  https://t.co/yqqIBSnD1r… "

                  "Make America
                    Great Again
                 Oh Yeaaaahhh!"




    We invented math. Most dealers and thieves do arithmetic.


    Big time dealers and successful thieves have high IQs and CAN do advanced arithmetic.
    Their brains helped get them where they are in the first place  
    But most pushers and crooks don't.
    Most have normal to below normal IQs and struggle with it.

    These workers aren’t mentally incompetent. When they change their focus their conditions will change. 


    That's wishful and unrealistic thinking.

    You can preach that "feel good" talk all day because YOU don't have the responsibility of taking care of these people and making jobs for them.

    The fact is SOME people are mentally incompetent and nothing outside of a Miracle will change this.

    So it's best to produce good paying jobs suitable for them instead of trying to FORCE them to be smarter and get more education to improve their finances.

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  15. Mel

    BUT when black men LOVE our bodies it's endearing, it's foreplay. it's LOVE. 

    Well I love the Black woman's body, even those with a collapsed uterus!

    It says to us or (at least me) black men feel they're home

    Ofcourse....lol....most of us literally CAME from it.
    Living inside of a Black woman for 9 months.

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  16. What is an "NFT"...another internet scam?

    One of those crypto-currency TRAPS that have been set up to shift money around and make you think you're actually gaining something in the confusion?

    Ain't building a damn thing...just playing games and tricking people out of what little money they DO have.

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  17. Well first of all the entire criminal justice system needs an overhaul.

    Most of the laws on the books be they federal, state, or local....don't work well for AfroAmericans.
    They are either too harsh, too easy, or irrelevant and shouldn't exist at all.
    Infact, I'd go as far as to say over 90% of the laws on the books shouldn't exist.

    Further, like we've touched on earlier....there aren't enough mental hospitals to house people and give them treatment...which isn't by accident.
    They DEISNGED it this way so as to save money on spending and helping people.

    But the punishments need to change too......
    Most people who are locked up shouldn't have been locked up for the crimes they've committed.
    Most of them should have gotten either a fine or CORPORAL punishment (i.e. "flogging"....)

    I totally support some people getting their ass whipped as punishment for certain crimes instead of locked up in a cage for 10 or 15 years.




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  18. A house divided cannot stand.
    However is this house really divided...or is it ROLE PLAYING that's really taking place?

    There is something that great and wonderful Elder Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. said that actually I had been seeing since my teens.

    I would watch White boys PRETEND to fight around Black boys.
    I wasn't sure if they were doing it to be cool or what but it was obviously fake and would rarely escalate to getting physical.  And if it did, it would be a few slaps and shoves.
    I knew White dudes could do more than that to eachother and often did when they were TRULY angry.

    I saw this more and more on jobs and other places where White men would do almost like a "role play" where they would pretend to hate eachother or fight with eachother specifically around us, but didn't QUITE understand why they were doing it other than they wanted us to see it.

    I wonder if the same thing might be going on here.

    I wonder how serious the leaders of BOTH sides of the debate really are in their positions and how much of it is just role playing to pretend they're really fighting with eachother to give the illusion that they are divided.

  19. 3 hours ago, ProfD said:



    Pioneer has volunteered to start threads on my behalf but I'm a grown azz man. I should be able roll my own. 



    LOL...it's all good bro.
    Nothing wrong with giving my brother or sister some help if they need it.

    I would have started threads for Cynique too.....if she asked....nicely, lol.


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