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  1. No

    I don't believe people are borned cursed or entire races are be cursed.

    There are many many thing we don't understand about why some people are more successful than others, but I don't believe it's due to curses.

    I do believe much of a group's success in life have to do with their collective INTELLIGENCE.

    How well can they think and plan?
    How well do can they figure things out and retain information?
    How well can they control their temper and emotions?

    I believe a lot of our people have low intelligence and THAT'S the major problem.
    Not all of us, but many of our people don't have the intelligence to defend themselves from the racists who control the planet and because of this...like the "slow kid" at school....many are constantly being taken advantage of.


  2. nels



     If you don't understand that you've been gaslit by the Democrats, the RINOs, the Left, the CCP, the Oligarchs, the Globalists, the Mainstream Media and the like, then there's little value in trying to mature this exchange.



    If you believe a BILLLIONAIRE from WALLSTREET has your best interest in mind and went to Washington D.C. to "drain the swamp"....


    A Big Win for Donald Trump in Nevada - The New York Times


    "I tell ya....

    No one understands  working-class values like me!"



    ....then YOU'RE the text-book example of being gas lit.





    I did not resume engaging in discussions on these boards for the fun of it


    I know.
    The White Republicans put a battery in your back and SENT you on an online mission to sway the Black community and get them to either vote Republican or not vote at all.

    The question is.
    How much butter did they promise to slab on those biscuits...lol








    Don’t let these people frustrate you.

    Don't worry, he's not frustrated.

    The only time nels will be frustrated is when them White folks cut his money off...lol.

    When they take his online psy-ops gig away from him and send him back to being a stock-boy up at LOWES.



    Lowe's Announces Additional $80 Million Bonus To Associates And Plans To  Hire More Than 50,000 Front-Line Workers For Spring | Lowe's Corporate

    "Look man...can't you read???
    It says it right there on the  PACKAGE
    It takes a philips OR a flathead....damn!"



    .....you'll REALLY see a frustrated nels, lol.








    And we won't even GET into the voter suppression and outright voter fraud of the 2016 election when Hilary got 3 million MORE popular votes than Trump but somehow he ends up winning the Electoral College????

    Why does this keep happening?





    Serious voters don’t go to rallies during a pandemic.



    But brainwashed rednecks do.
    They LOVE participating in covid-spreading events

    Then go back to their jobs flipping flap-jacks at Waffle House and sneezing all over the damn place spreading the virus.







    When you started with the name-calling, you showed your hand.

    Glad you know it’s time to fold.  #Bye



    I guess you can say his antics were the final "NEL" in the coffin...lol

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  3. 9 hours ago, Rev said:



    democracy is bullshit there is no democratic government it’s an illusion for example they say democracy is when u electing a president by voting him right so okay we vote for a president every yell democracy 


    Who nominate the supreme judges in the battle for abortion rights right now how come the people don’t decide if it should be right or wrong how come the people don’t decide anything else but only by those whom we appointed to make decisions for us. But. Anyways the world is meant to be under kingship that’s why it says thy kingdom come only kings rules if u understand only king rules then you know who the rulers of the world is for now…. Til the appointed time 

    Exactly.  We don't have a democracy here...we have an OLIGARCHY where a hand full of people sit up and make the laws and rules and the people have to abide by them whether they like them or not.
    Every now and then when they want to TEASE the people and make them THINK they have some say so...they'll put out a REFERENDUM.

    They'll bring some issue before the people they've already decided on and tell them to "vote" on it if they want it.
    But that's only a FRACTION of the laws they actually enact.

    They didn't ask for a REFERENDUM on the Patriot Act and bring it before the people for a vote.  They just got together and PASSED it.







    Alright Rev, while I was initially reading some of your posts with a side eye, I see you coming around a corner here.  


    Me too.
    I keep wanting to call him Rev. Run.....lol


            "Who's house????"




  4. Chev



    Yes. ISAIAH is one of the main prophets that wrote about the apocalypse.


    I don't recall Isaiah writing about the Apocalypse.
    Refresh my memory with scripture of him actually writing about the end times.





    And yes again MOSES is the one the main ones that started the prophecy of End Times altogether!!!



    What part of the Bible does Moses talk about the end of the world?
    I don't recall reading any of this.





    Yes again for KING DAVID!!! All of his decisions were based on the First and Second Coming and End times.

    That is what the term NEVIIM means!!! LOL. It refers to the major prophets of whom wrote about the 'TIME, TIME and HALF OF TIMES' meaning 


    Chev it's not that complicated.
    You're adding your own extra spin on things.
    "Neviim" is simple a Yiddish spelling of the Hebrew word "Nabim" which means Prophets...plural.
    Plain and simple.





    the 1000 + 1000 + 500 year time period upon which afterwards would begin the End Times Judgment Period!


    Ok, now that's 2500 years...from WHAT date?






    Every Book in the Bible is written by prophets and so, everything written, whether it is parables, historical entry, other civilizations, other empires,  or etc. everything revolves around prophecy of End Times


    So Matthew was a prophet?
    Mark was a prophet?
    Luke was a prophet?
    John was a prophet?


    Was Paul who also wrote a lot of books in the Bible a prophet too?






    Yes, it's relevant. Definitely because, as it was also prophesized about the Black kingdoms continually giving into White Supremacy, it was also prophecy that God got tired of delivering them, so he let the Gentile who came to the light continue for A TIME, TIMES AND HALF OF TIMES!

    It is prophecy that they would do the same thing that the Black kingdoms did and separate from God... hence, Separation of Church and State on July 4, 1776.

    It didn't SAY this in the Bible.  You're FILLING IN the blanks by super-imposing these dates and ethnicities on the scriptures that don't mention them.

    You're trying to FORCE the scriptures to reconcile with your personal views.


    People have been doing that with scripture for THOUSANDS of years.

  5. Mzuri

    Trump didn’t dodge the draft, he received a medical
    exemption, by you repeating your lies is not going to change
    anything, just keep losing your own credibility.


    A medical "exemption" for a healthy 20 something year old man in the middle of a war IS as draft dodge.

    It's the common way RICH kids like Donald Trump dodged the draft.
    His millionaire father paid some doctor to whip up a bunch of lies to send in and keep him from being drafted in and he did it FOUR TIMES.

    You should be upset that while your husband put all those decades in serving the nation.....some ELITIST BILLIONAIRE got to tap dance right out of selective service and his duty to the country.  And had the nerve to then turn around and try to LEAD it.



    That is their parents’ responsibility.  
    Don’t you think?


    Because their parents don't always have the money to give them the care and treatment they need.
    Just like YOU may not have the money to give your husband the care and treatment HE needs and must rely on the Government to help.

    It's the responsibility of SOCIETY to make sure children get proper medical care if they are sick or injured...despite their financial status or what family they were born in.

    America is a NATION....not a DICTATORSHIP where only the "first family" deserves special treatment.


    Right now you just sound like a progressive socialist

    YOU'RE the one who sounds like a socialist the way you're heaping praise and gratitude on SOCIALIZED medical programs like the VA and Medicare...LOL

    The VA and Medicare are GOVERNMENT programs, not private.
    It's the very socialized medicine that so many Conservatives demonize as ineffective.

    Yet you spend the last few posts bragging on how wonderful government medicine  has been to you and your family.

    What next, demonize SOCIAL SECURITY too?

    Social Security Cards | Mount Holyoke College


    That's also a form of socialism.

    Wake up and smell the KOOL-AID...before you end up drinking it, lol

  6. Rev



    Haitians nation are meant to rule by a king they tried that they assassinate him he was assassinated by a mullato who. Hated blacks and call himself French so theirs a lot of agents in Haiti that won’t let the country prosper. 

    You're right.
    Ayiti is was meant to be ran by a King.....as are most Black nations.

    Black nations don't fare well under "Democracy'....our societies are ran better under the guidance of a righteous and strong leader.

    One of the reasons the West are going around trying to spread "Democracy" all over the planet is because they KNOW that it doesn't work and leads to chaos and instability in these nations.  So they promote it.

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  7. Mel Hopkins



    Yeah, I've dealt with Negroes like this all  over the internet.
    All up on social media, on facebook, on Youtube...in chat rooms and in the comment section trying to sway and confuse Black folks.

    I know their strategy.
    To sew doubt....indifference...CONFUSION in the minds of Black voters.
    When a person is scared or confused....like a deer caught in headlights...they STAND STILL.

    They know if they come RIGHT OUT and say "vote for Trump" or "vote Republican"....that will spark a debate by someone challenging them.
    So they just put a seed in your mind to not vote at all.

    That's good enough to to ensure that a Republican will get in the seat.


    The only place they really didn't try this tactic TOO much with is in the California Governor's race.
    If you notice, Black Republicans didn't say TOO much about Gavin Newsom outside of expressing their dislike for him.
    But very few Black Republicans/Conservatives showed any support for Larry Elder...who is a Black Conservative himself and pushes all of the right-wing rhetoric that goes along with that role.


    Why not?

    Because the right-wing Masters who gives these Negroes their orders told them NOT to.
    Right-wingers are RACIST..first and foremost before anything else.


    California Governor is a VERY powerful position.
    It puts you in line for the Presidency after a couple terms.
    They may not like Newsome but they'd rather see a moderate and somewhat liberal leaning WHITE man stay in that position before letting a handkerchief head Coon like Larry Elder get in it, lol.

    Anything might happen.....
    Elders might get in that position...start feeling a little powerful and FLIP THE SCRIPT on them.  

    "So THIS is what it feels like to be
    I get to call my own shots and not
    have to dance to anybody else's
    tune anymore....feels good.
    Feels REALLL GOOD!"

    He's liable to have an epiphany...stop cooning... and start preaching like Malcolm or something..lol
    Start giving Black folks in California Reparations and letting folks out of prison in mass numbers.

    These racists aren't gonna take THAT chance with putting him in a position that powerful, lol.

    Republican like their negroes where they have control over them.
    Put them on the internet, in social media, or on Fox News and use them to attack OTHER Blk folks to keep the chaos going....that's what Black Republicans are good for.









    It's not my job to tell anyone who to vote for. It's their job to figure that out for themselves. I'm long past trying to drill common sense into people's heads. They're supposed to be adults, so let them use their best judgment. I've been around the block many times, and I've learned to keep the flamethrower in a safe place at the ready. If you're interested in having a mature dialogue, then I'm open to that. However, if you venture out to far on thin ice, the temperature may rise much faster than you think.

    :rolleyes: Was there an actual CANDIDATE or POLITICIAN that you think Black people should support in all of that you just said?

    If not...then:



    Woodsy Owl (Character) - Comic Vine


                                 WHOO ?   WHOO ?



    Like Woodsy The Owl, lol


  8. Another issue with Ayiti I think, is that the nation is suffering from Spiritual CONFUSION.


    It started off as a nation of enslaved Africans who were Catholic under the French.


    Then they REJECTED Catholicism as the slave religion that it was, embraced Vodou and the Spirits of their Ancestors, and this LIBERATED them and made them so powerful that they were able to defeat the world's most powerful militaries at that time.


    But when they got free and comfortable....many of them went BACK to worshipping the White Jesus and practicing Catholicism.

    Many if not most even MIX Vodou and veneration of the Ancestors with Catholicism....causing spiritual confusion.



    You can't serve two Masters.

    You must accept one and reject the other.

    Perhaps trying to serve two Masters is worse than just serving the WRONG one whole heartedly.



    I'm very curious as to what would happen to Ayiti if all of a sudden the entire nation had a Spiritual Revival where they once again rejected ALL forms of Catholicism and White Jesus and went back to their pure Vodou and Ancestral roots!

    I wonder how fast we'd see a change in her fortune.

    16,249 Black Gardener Stock Photos and Images - 123RF


  9. ProfD

    If this nation were over 90% Caucasian like it was 200 years ago...they'd have NO PROBLEM providing all citizens with Universal Healthcare just like they do in Sweden, Norway, Canada, and other mostly White nations people like to brag about so much.
    But when you have a policy of KILLING OFF people of color instead of saving them.....free quality healthcare kind of gets in the way of that, lol.

    This is why they have so many "health care programs" that make it extra complicated and confusing for so many to get the treatment and care they need.
    So they can play games with it.

    Like Neely Fuller Jr. said:  EFF   ENVIRONMENTAL ERROR FACTORS.

    They make things extra complicated and put things up there they don't need to be ON PURPOSE...just to cause problems and more confusion.

    They even legalize aspects of Medicare and Medicaid so they can have and excuse to lock people up for Medicare fraud and other "crimes"
    Things you NEVER hear about in other nations.
    Looking up a person who lies on an application just to get a treatment for their cancer?????

    I used to think it was all about the money, and for many it is.
    But in Wht Supremacist ideology...money isn't the end all be all...it's just a TOOL used to maintain power and control.
    They'll spend EXTRA money to maintain power and control.

    That's why the federal government's FUNDING of Medicare, Medicaid, and VA as well as Obamacare costs 10 times more than if they'd just simply give everyone free quality healthcare access.
    Racists will pay extra and go out of their way....just to keep things in chaos so that they can maintain control.


  10. 11 hours ago, Rev said:

    White man is nothing but savages why would anyone chose beast over humanity


    @nels how could even say such a thing if the black mind should stop looking at life through prism of race au contraire it’s the white mind that’s looking at thing through race Africans  embraced them and they turn around and devour them. Now you said if black person are offended by the confederate flag they have a lot to learn nope it’s you little lesson if a dog ever bite you every time u look at a dog you will have that memory that fear that feeling just saying symbols are interpreted different by different people you don’t know what anyone history is. But I know one thing the world were subjugated by white yet we do not hate them we demanding equal right lol that even sounds stupid. We were equal amongst our peers that idea of inferiority didn’t even comes to our head till the interaction with the white man 


    📢  PREACH!!!!!!!




    13 hours ago, nels said:

    The black mind should exercise common sense and stop looking at life through the prism of race, which is a crutch that is killing black ingenuity and excellence. If you're offended by the confederate flag, then you have a lot to learn.


    Well enlighten me then.

    What EXACTLY do I need to learn about the Confederate Flag so that I won't find it offensive?

    That question was half-way rhetorical...lol.
    Because if I've learned anything from your responses to my OTHER questions for you....it wouldn't be wise for me to stop my whole day and sit by my computer waiting on a detailed answer, lol.


  11. I can't get behind all of that kneeling.
    Kneeling before the U.S. flag is showing more respect for it than standing, in my opinion.


    52% white Americans oppose kneeling during national anthem | Daily Mail  Online


                               🙄  Look at it!

    This looks like MORE of a show of respect...even reverence...than standing!



    I think it's a backwards tactic.

    I heard some White dude convinced Colin to start taking a knee instead of walking off the field.

    He was gaslighted, and ended up falling for the Ole Okey-Doke.
    And now a lot of other Black athletes have been duped into doing the same thing.

    You got a whole row of Negroes on their knees bowing to the flag now....following in behind Colin.

    Personally, I'd just stand still and have my mind elsewhere.
    No need to make a spectacle of myself.

    Kneeling, standing , squatting, jogging in place.....NONE of it will stop police brutality anyway.

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  12. Rev


    Not sure what to tell you, chief.


    If you were "called" to do a mission and bring a message (the truth?) , then my  words and our reaction to what you say should be of no consequence.




    Like Minister Farrakhan used to teach:


    Farrakhan Calls the Vaccine the White Man's 'Death Plan'


    If YOU'RE the one who's supposed to do something...then nobody has to TELL you to do it, you're gonna get on up and do it!

    If you have a determined mind and are CALLED to accomplish a mission.  You're gonna roll off the couch and get on up and do it..whether the people understand or accept your words or not.

  13. Mzuri



    What does Donald Trump have to do with anything other than the fact that 
    you lost your potato chip argument

    You brought up your husbands decades of service in the military as justification for him receiving quality health-care...suggesting that those who DIDN'T put in service to this nation didn't deserve it.

    So I offered Donald Trump...who DODGED the draft and didn't serve at all in the military....but still received top notch healthcare as an example to see if you thought it was fair or not.


    If you don't think it's fair that a person who bought a bag of cheetos should get the same right to good health as a person who served in the military...then what about someone who actually DODGED the military?


    Also, along that point......

    If you are suggesting that a person who hasn't contributed much to this society doesn't deserve free healthcare or quality healthcare.
    Then what about children and adults who were born disabled and haven't worked AT ALL?
    Generally speaking children have contributed little to the taxes and production in this society...does that mean they don't deserve quality health care?


    I say ALL U.S. CITIZENS deserve free decent quality health care no matter their income level or social status.
    No favoritism when it comes to health and saving lives

    No one should sit in judgement and decides who deserves to have their cancer treated and who should deserves to die of cancer in an alley alone because they were "lazy" by someone else's standards.


    Homeless man featured in viral video dies in LA alley | News24



    Didn't Jesus say something about whatever you do unto the LEAST of these...you do unto him?
    You feed the hungry, HEAL THE SICK, visit those in prison, etc...

  14. 3 hours ago, Rev said:



    what does age or nation have to do with this 

    mom a child of the Sun age doesn’t mean wisdom Jesus begins at 13 and some people when they older they start to lose their marbles….

    You speak of TRUTH and said you had it and want us to have it too.
    You can start by telling us the TRUTH about your self and a little about who you are.

    That's fair, isn't it?

  15. I don't mind people listening to music; but all that rocking and ducking and head bouncing and throwing your hands in every direction that so many younger folks do in public is EMBARRASSING.


    You drive down the street and see a young brutha with a bushy head of hair, a wild look in his eyes, and a crazy grin on his face RAPPING to himself and tossing his hands around like a fool.


    How many other youth do you see doing this besides AfroAmerican youth?



    I was in a restaurant the other day getting some take-out and didn't even want to sit on the customers bench because it was a young couple sitting on it...BOTH of them looked like they were over 300 pounds.
    Both of them had pants on too small for them and the dude had half his ass and crack snuggled up against the couch.
    And BOTH of them were bouncing and rocking to whatever the hell they were listening to.

    First HE started listening and acted a fool bouncing and rocking and working his hands...then took one ear-piece from his crusty ear and gave it to HER and then SHE started bouncing and rocking from side to side.
    Every 30 seconds or so they would grunt out a lyric or two to whatever they were listening to.

    They both were keeping rhythm together.....I'll give them that much.
    Bouncing, rocking, and acting a fool  at the same time with the same moves.

    I didn't want to get close to them.
    I didn't even want to SMELL them.


    It's as if most youth have no more sense of shame or awareness.
    When I was a teen SOME young people didn't have this, but today it seems as if MOST people under 40 don't have this and will do anything that pops into their mind anywhere no matter who's looking.

    By the way ProfD....she was in PAJAMA BOTTOMS, lol.


  16. Mel Hopkins



    If they can just get Black folks NOT to vote, the Republicans feel they've done their job quite well.


    They really don't care too much for the Black vote themselves;  because they don't want to hear any complaining from Black Republicans who may feel they are obligated to do something for them since they voted.

    They really want Black folks OUT of the political picture all together.  
    So just keeping Black folks out of office and unable to vote is their goal.

    The Democrats aren't much better.
    Which is one of the reason I'm not a Democrat today.
    You get tired of constantly having to choose the LESSER of two evils.

    However I would say that there are more decent, kind hearted, and socially conscious Black folks IN the Democrat party (for whatever reason they are still there) than in the Republican party.  So I tend to incline towards them more so.

    But I recognize that both are actually different sides of the same coin with the same people running both camps at the very top.






    The question is unanswerable. 


    How so?

    You mean he can't even provide a list of current politicians who he thinks would have been better for Black people than Joe Biden?

    Then what's the point of even telling Black people NOT to vote for him then?


    He didn't have to tell me btw...lol...because I didn't vote for either one of them.





    But, I believe Bernie Saunders could have made a real difference.  Given how easily he was cast aside by the Democratic party in favor of a Biden/Harris ticket -- who no one was excited about -- I can only assume this was because Bernie was going work for the people as opposed to the plantocracy the way Obama did. 


    Well.....I don't trust Bernie Sanders.
    For a number of reasons.


    One of the reasons I don't trust him is because he knows he won't win the Presidency but continues to run...which takes votes away from a Democrat who can.
    Which makes me wonder if he's secretely working with Republicans.


    Secondly, he's from Vermont....a nearly all White state.
    How can someone who comes from a nearly all White state even KNOW about Black and Latino issues let alone have our best interests in mind?  
    It's easy to PLAY Liberal and SAY Liberal things when there aren't any Black folks in your state to deal with.  But let me see how they fair when they're under your governance.



    And did you see the way he flat our rejected monetary Reparations for Black people?



    He didn't hold his tongue about it.
    Which tells me that he can be pretty brazenly insensitive toward Black issues if he is elected to national office.

    I actually AGREE with the substance of what he said.
    That there are better ways to help Black people than JUST writing out a check.
    But the way he said it and the fact that he doesn't support Reparations....but is considered a champion among "Progressives", is a bit disturbing.

  17. ProfD

    MAN....I forgot about those plastic runners on the carpet until you brought it back up!

    I had an aunt and a bunch of friends who's mothers had them.
    And you had to take your shoes off when you stepped off the plastic.

    We had that big bowl of plastic fruit on our coffee table...lol
    So I know what you mean.

    We didn't have a White Jesus on the wall.
    But we did have a picture of MLK.

    Some Black folks had a picture of MLK....White Jesus...and JFK all lined up, lol

    I had a friend who's mother actually would walk around the house TALKING to that White Jesus on the wall when she got frustrated, like loosing her keys...lol.



    "I wish you'd HURRY UP 
    and help me find 'dem keys!
    I gotta git to work!"







    Everybody had their furniture and carpets covered in plastic.  And 

    it was so uncomfortable to sit on.  Now we don’t do that any more

    because we all have carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.

    Well a lot of Black folks today don't even HAVE furniture in their homes!

    You go in some Black homes today and there's noting but a few milk crates a flat-screen tv on the wall, and a control pad for video games.

    Some of these people don't even have BEDS to sleep on.....just a mattress on the floor.



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  18. Mzuri


    No, I know Medicare ain't free.
    But it SHOULD be.


    Infact, there really shouldn't be any need for Medicaid, Medicare, and VA as separate institutions but their should be ONE huge FREE healthcare system for all U.S. citizens to go along with any private practices people want to go into if they choose.


    No need to chop it up with all of this CONFUSION over who deserves to get treated when they get sick.

    -Ok...we'll give it to poor people but not to middle-class or rich people

    -We'll give children health care, but not adults

    -We'll give pregnant women care, but not old men

    -We'll give it to people over 65 but not to people 25

    -We'll give it to people who served in the military but not to those who didn't.





    Everybody has paid tax in this nation whether you worked or not.
    If you just bought a bag of POTATO CHIPS...you paid taxes on them and have paid into the system.



    Enough of the ultra-complex confusion and what Neely Fuller Jr. calls  EEF


    Neely Fuller, Jr., Author Info, Published Books, Bio, Photo, Video, and More



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