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  1. Jean Watson


    Excellent observation.

    One of the things that contributes to the weakness of African people is their DISUNITY.  Not just in the U.S. or Caribbean but even in Africa itself in so many cases.

    Your example of Castro having to send HIS troops from Cuba even though nations like Nigeria and Ethiopia ALONE had far more troops in actual numbers than Cuba that could have been sent to help protect Angola is a great example of that.

    But because of selfishness and not carrying about their fellow Africans of a different ethnic group, as well as general distrust and disunity among themselves...they couldn't organize to save their fellow Africans in Angola and a non-Black man from the OUTSIDE had to take the initiative to step up and do it.

    The pettiness and jealousy must come to an end.

    You see this same pettiness and jealousy occurring among members of the Diaspora community as well.  
    Can't put minor differences and disagreements to the side to focus on a BIGGER cause.  

    Some can't let any kind of perceived slight go without a retaliation against their fellow brother or sister, but racists can kick their ass up and down the boulevard day in and day out and they'll smoke a pound of weed a day TRYING to forget about it and move on.

    Self-hatred is a huge factor in this distrust and disunity.
    You mentioned Nkrumah, and as powerful and intelligent and visionary as he was...it was a bit disappointing to learn that he actually chose an ARAB woman to be his wife and mother his children instead of a Black woman from his native Ghana.

  2. In  my old neighborhood too.


    I remember watching boys climb up on top of garages and do flips off of them...and adults would watch them do it, laid back with a bottle of malt liquor in their laps,

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  3. It appears that many of our people have decided to make a living off of being permanent complainers.

    As oppressive and destitute conditions increase in society; instead of organizing to actually SOLVE problems in the community....they've decided to grab a bullhorn and march up and down the streets crying and complaining about them day in and day out.

    George Floyd protest: John Boyega speaks, Keke Palmer urges soldiers

    "Listen to me yall.
    I might not do too much....but I got a lot to say!!!"


  4. Troy



    Again allowing negroes to catch measles, mumps, or rubella would be more effective


    Maybe according to YOUR thinking, but not necessarily to the racists who MAY have designed these different programs.


    Measles and mumps make people physically sick.
    Perhaps they don't want a PHYSICALLY SICK population who they have to take care of and can't do any work for them.
    Maybe they just want to screw up their MINDS so that they can physically work but but don't pose a threat.



    again, spoken like a true eugenist.


    Lol..well how many eugenists do you know to make that comparison??

    The root of the word "eugenics" is EU....as in EUropean.

    Eugenics is promoting EUROPEAN genes.

  5. Troy

    The Hebrew Israelites STRONGLY believe in the Bible.

    And another thing.....many of them teach that King James was a BLACK man, lol.

    I guess some of them got tired of being hemmed up over their Bible being authorized by a White man named King James and it got to be so embarassing that some of them decided to figure out a way to make King James "Black".

    They are the only ones I hear saying this.
    I haven't seen any other literature anywhere else calling King James a Black man.




  6. When I was a kid there still were a few neighborhoods around the city that was nearly all White...but just a few.

    One was called WARRENDALE.

    Right on the edge of the city.


    It was notoriously racist.

    I had an uncle who for some reason choose to move there and we would go visit him and saw Confederate flags flying on people's porches and dummies of people with nooses around their necks.

    We all knew to be out of that neighborhood before it got dark as no telling what might happen.


    His house eventually got burned down.


    Eventually some of the old die-hards died off and more Black folks forced themselves into the neighborhood and there was a lot of back and forth.

    Between the fighting...Arabs started sneaking into the neighborhood, and now guess who dominates it??


    Arab Americans...lol.

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  7. Troy



    I don't think the MMR was a conspiracy to kill Black people.

    Frankly, I'm not sure what the MMR was designed to do, however as I said before that maybe it was designed to NEUTRALIZE Black progress by producing more Autistic Black boys as well as a host of disabling mental and physical defects.




    Yes infant mortality is WAY down thanks, in part, to the MMR vaccine, but Black people are also living longer (save last year because of the pandemic). 


    You're conflating two issues:

    1. Black infant mortality 

    2. Black people life span

    First of all, including a low infant mortality rate into the average to make the claim that Black people are living longer is a bit deceptive.

    For one thing, maybe nature INTENDS for some weaker babies to die so as not to contaminate the gene pool with weak or defective genetics.
    So artificially LOWERING what would normal Black infant mortality rate may actually cause more harm than good in the long term by allowing very weak genetically defective babies to not only grow up but even reproduce their defective and weak genes in their offspring

    Also, if we remove the infant mortality rate factor....how do we KNOW the lifespan of Black people has actually increased since the introduction of the MMR?

    The MMR was introduced sometime around the late 60s and early 70s.
    With the level of violence, drug addiction, incarceration, ect...that has affected the the generations of Black people born since...how do we KNOW for sure that it has increased the lifespan of Black people?

    We're Black people born in 1970 healthier than their parents and grand parents???  Many older people would say no.

    And besides the high homicide rates....

    There are Black people who are getting cancer and diabetes in their 20s and 30s....something totally unheard of a few generations ago.





    Lets be clear more people will continue die, needlessly, suffering on ventilators, struggling to breathe... simply because they were not vaccinated or infected by someone else who would not get vaccinated to wear a stupid mask.


    It seems to me that BIGGEST reason people are dying from the virus has less to do with who was and wasn't vaccinated and more to do with the federal and various state and local governments ENDING the mask and social distancing mandates too early when they knew the Delta variant was rampaging through out some communities.

    Don't tell the public that the coast is clear and that it's alright to walk around Wal-mart without a mask on and without social distancing because you've been vaccinated (and we'll take your word for it that you were) and then sit up and point fingers at OTHER people for the surge.


  8. Troy



    Man just a few minutes ago some Black Israelites, here on Black Wall Street were debating a Brother over who wrote the bible. 


    Is that a website you're refering to or the actual street overthere in Tulsa?

    Hebrew Israelites have a reputation for preaching on the streets and confronting people who disagree with their theology.




    The Black Israelites position was the same as Pioneer's @Pioneer1 you a Black Israelite?



    I think you're exaggerating....lol

    I'm not a Hebrew Israelite and I don't even talk like them.  I've studied their theology, what about what I just said even REMOTELY reminds you of what they teach????

  9. Chev



    It's about nation building and yes, during the 19th century, 'the countries' in Africa were actually divided up into 'nations'! 

    So, Ethiopia, Egypt and Libya are ancient countries with a lot of history, but during the 19th century the continent of Africa was carved up into nations.


    I'm not asking about "the continent of Africa" but about THREE SPECIFIC NATIONS.    Where the nations of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Libya "invented" in the 19th century?????


    Since Troy REFUSES to answer the question....lol...will you answer it for him?





    That's not true! The Bible is a compilation of many, many separate books written by different authors over the course of thousands of years


    Two things can be right at the same time.

    The Bible IS a book..and the Bible is COMPOSED of many different books.





    Again, 'The Bible' is a compilation of many books written by different authors over the course of thousands of years. The book of REVELATIONS was written by John, the Revelator during the time period of abt A.D. 90 during the Roman Empire times. So, whatever John was educated in script form was the language that he scripted to write his revelations. He definitely would not have written his book in any form of ancient Egyptian script at the time of the Roman Empire! He would not have written his book in any ancient Kemetic script form either. 


    Finally....a question answered!

    So the Book of Revelations was NOT written in Egyptian ancient Kemetic script.

    Now we're getting somewhere.

    So are you suggesting that John wrote the book of Revelations in Greek or Roman?







    WHAT!??? LOL! 


    The Bible contains about 27 books of the New Testament.
    If was dated back to the Exodus as you claim...that means that the New Testament books would have had to have been written atleast that far back too.







    Oh! That is the problem with using only one reference source! 


    Well right now I'm using YOU as a reference....what is YOUR definition of "Bible"???

    And can you please show me or give me a link to what YOU are calling "The Bible".





    however, the Bible is a compilation of many, many separate books written by different authors over the course of thousands of years.  For example Solomon wrote the Book of Eccleisiates [sp?] and he lived during the 900s bc. It is a separate book. Then Jeremiah wrote his books over a hundred years later after Solomon; I think he wrote his book abt 700s BC. Then Nehemiah wrote his book over a hundred years later after Jeremiah, I think abt 400s BC during the Persian Empire times, etc.


    Well how do you reconcile THAT statement you just made with the one you made on Posted July 23:


    Again, the Bible was dated at the time of the EXODUS abt 1400s BC; it was written in the Egyptian script and language of that time period NOT European. 


    Which is it?

    Was the Bible written over thousands of years including up to and past 400 BC?

    Or was it dated at the time of the Exodus of around 1400s BC?


    Those are 2 different sets of times you're claiming the Bible was dated as being written at.

    Also, you just said that the book of Revelations was NOT written in Egyptian...yet it's part of the Bible.
    But you said the Bible was written in Egyptian.
    So how can a book be said written in a language that an entire section of it was not?

  10. Chev



    Oh Man! I hope that you remember this when we debate in other forums! LOL!


    Not only will I remember it...I'm likely gonna SAY IT AGAIN TO YOU, lol.

    Got a lot a few people around here who like to deny reality and dwell in abstract/theoretical worlds.




    I don't know anything about the MMR being a conspiracy or not, however, I do believe that this system has conspired against African Americans to some degree.


    Check out the works of Dr. Wesley Muhammad, Umar Johnson, and Rizza Islam.

    I know quite a few people who said their children got sick or changed in personality right after they were given the shot.

    Whether we believe this or not, it's clear to anyone over 50 that there is definately a difference in personality and intellect between the various generations of AfroAmericans and SOMETHING has caused it.

    When Black folks were having our own babies at home with midwives the infant mortality rate may have been a little higher but the babies who grew up didn't have NEARLY the problems so many Black children have today.

  11. 8 hours ago, Delano said:

    America would not exist without racism . Even before it was a nation it had institutionalized racism and oppression .


    America could definitely exists WITHOUT racism.  
    It just wouldn't keep this same structure.  Without racism, much of the excessive laws and regulations and structures that exist in the U.S. today may as well be dissolved because they were set up for racist purposes in the first place.


    Originally, the ONLY laws the founders of the U.S. intended for their nation was the Constitution and a few state/local laws.  But because of racism they started adding more and more laws and regulations designed to be enforced SELECTIVELY to limit the success of AfroAmericans.

    For example.......

    If racism no longer existed in the U.S. you would have UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE within a year.
    So there would be no need for a Medicare, Medicaid, and VA system and many of the insurance companies would go out of business too.

  12. Cynique  AKA SPINderella



    OK, hell. A typical example of how you frame your rebuttals by putting your spin on what has transpired, supplying motives for what you say someone has done as if you can read their minds. Which you can't.

    Who needs a mind reader for you when you're an OPEN BOOK of spins and contradictions...lol


     I never said there were no such thing as conspiracies. What I contended  was that theories about the nature of a possible conspiracy were what i was skeptical about



    I see how you spun that position around when you were challenged on it.


    Female DJ playing turntable wearing black cap and white sleeveless top HD  wallpaper | Wallpaper Flare


    I didn't belieeeeeve"




    And, believe me, the stigma of your respect is something  i can do very well without!


    I guess that means I don't have to worry about you tarnishing my brand by having wearing my respect then....lol




     For somebody who thinks he's so smart you obviously  cannot make a distinction between "conspiracy" as a noun and "conspiracy" as an adjective.  


    ...and for someone who thinks I'm so dumb and discombobulated, you sure are investing a good amount of time and energy TRYING to counter what I'm saying...lol




    especially since none of the theories had ever been officially declared to be indisputably true - the reality of which your brain can't seem to process. 


    That's because it's NOT reality.

    The reality is...MANY Conspiracy THEORIES have been turned into Conspiracy FACTS...or just plain old "conspiracies" as you prefer

    Most criminal investigations involving multiple suspect are Conspiracy THEORIES in their early stages until enough evidence and proof is gathered to make them ESTABLISHED FACTS.




    Can you cite a theory that has ever been officially declared to be true?


    It was theorized that the Russians were helping Trump to win the election in 2016...and after an investigation it turned out that indeed they were.

    What was once a THEORY of Conspiracy turned out to be a Conspiracy FACT.




    I can picture you over there in the corner,


    Try picturing me standing in front of a chalk board with you sitting in front of me as I try to educate you on certain matters, lol.


  13. Troy


    A FAR more effective way of killing Black people would be to keep the vaccines from us.

    Who said their ONLY objective was to KILL Black people?
    Perhaps the objective of the racists are to LIMIT the Black population and NEUTRALIZE Black progress by producing a generation of autistic and intellectually compromised youth.

    Do you think that the Black youth born after 1970 are smarter than the Black youth born BEFORE 1970s, collectively speaking?




    "Bad" people can raise good or even great people, and great people can rear bad people.


    There's a difference between CAN, DO, and LIKELY.

    Ofcourse bad people CAN raise good children, but what is the LIKELIHOOD of them doing so?
    You COULD have had just as good of an education and career going to your local highschool instead of a specialized highschool...but what was the LIKELIHOOD of you doing so?

    A person CAN fall from the Empire State building and survive....but what is the LIKELIHOOD of them doing so?

    Let us focus on REALITY and PROBABILITIES...instead of basing arguments on THEORY and POSSIBILITY.


    This sounds like what a eugenicist would say.

    What me and the Eugenicist have in common is that neither of us want to be in a community with people we find undesirable.

    The Eugenist doesn't want to be in a community with Black people.
    I don't want to be in a community with violent criminals, thugs, racists, sexual deviants, ect...

    So I admit we do have THAT in common.

    What about you?

    BTW.....I find it interesting that you don't believe in "conspiracy theories" but obviously believe in EUGENICISTS.

  14. Cynique

    We have no common ground because when it comes to America

    We have no common ground because I'm grounded in REALITY while your position is admittedly abstract and theoretical (e.i. "wishful thinking")?

    How can you find common ground with another person's IMAGINATION?



    You revere the flag.

    I do?
    That's news to me.



    You think America is your country I think it's where I reside.

    And is that a necessary contradiction?


    btw, I earned the pension that i am living on

    ((said in a deep voice and a side glance))

    Yeah, and WHERE did you "earn" it, Cynique???
    What NATION gave you the opportunity to work in and earn the money?





    I never said that conspiracies don't exist.  it's the theories they concoct that i question.  In the course of human events wherein humans do what humans do, no organized secret plots are necessary for shit to happens as nature takes its random course. That's the way of the world. Public policy or political conflict are not conspiracies; they are overt not covert.   


    So in other words since you can't support what you said about Conspiracies never turning out to be true....you resort to a "who cares" attitude.

    Well perhaps that should have been the position you took all along.  I would have respected that much better than your initial  attempt to DISMISS them as foolish and ridiculous.











    I don't think black people or anyone else can afford to divide ourselves into good versus bad people. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of us hurting ourselves and others. There are consequences for that one way or another that people have to pay. However we can't write everybody off. Think about it - someone as great as Malcolm X who was a criminal and served time in prison. But his life was changed by the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and working in The Nation of Islam. To me our problems and struggles are not a zero sum gain. We have do lots of things to better ourselves and this country. 


    You're more than welcome my brother!


    The question isn't can we afford to divide ourselves between the good versus bad, the question is can we afford NOT to!

    When we have a large and increasing percentage of our people who are drug addicts, gangsters and wanna-be gangsters, little children getting shot around the nation on a daily basis, and other atrocities happening....clearly ALL skin folk ain't kin folk.

    The righteous and intelligent among us can't afford to put their safety in jeopardy for the sake of "uniting" with the montrosities that racism has made of many of our people.  

    What you said about brother Malcolm is absolutely correct but brother Malcolm was reformed by a MIRACLE.  Miracles are acts of the Divine, not human beings.  So you can't waste time expecting all or even most wayward people to all of a sudden change for the better and become an asset to our community.  You'll be waiting for 2 centuries and many good brothers and sisters during the wait.


    At some point, those of us who already woke and righteous must cut our losses, get together, and move on for the sake of our children and our future.


  15. Cynique

    Being a citizen of this country by way of being born here is not a certification that the country belongs to you, which is what i meant when i said America is not our country, - the reason for that being the stifling disenfranchisement of institutionalized racism. It is why Blacks are still engaged in the struggle to obtain even first class citizenship. Being born in this country certainly didn't endow slaves with any rights.

    Most Black folks in this nation aren't slaves.

    Cynique you're playing WORD GAMES.

    When you say "our country" are you implying that a person must OWN the entire nation and have a cash receipt in their back pocket as proof that this country is theirs???

    We're talking about CITIZENSHIP...not necessarily OWNERSHIP.

    To say a country is YOUR country doesn't mean you OWN the nation and have total control of it.  It means it's the place of your nationality....and the 14th Amendment solidifies this regardless of your feelings otherwise.


    -You were born in the U.S.
    -Got jobs in the U.S.
    -Raised a family in the U.S. and probably bought a house in the U.S.
    -And now are getting a Social Security check and other benefits from the U.S.

    .....but wanna sit up there talking about you're "struggling" to become a first class citizen and playing word games.





    .In regard to your thoughts on conspiracy theories, cherry-picked facts make theories inconclusive and selective data is the gist of conspiracy theories which is why all these theories do nothing but provide choices for habitually suspicious people. Can you cite a theory that has ever been officially declared to be true?...As for resorting to autism, grasping at straws as a possible way of incapacitating black men, how far fetched can you get? 

    Claiming this isn't your country while you're collecting a check from it is far more "far fetched"...lol.

    If despite all of the evidence and proof that racists have sat around and conspired to harm Black folk, if you STILL deny that conspiracies exist.....you're on your own, lol

    Even as we speak the Republican party is going from state to state conspiring to prevent as many Black folks from voting as they can.  But you STILL want to sit up there with your arms folded and deny the reality of conspiracies.  Well, you're welcomed to do so.  
    I'm not gonna argue with you, lol



    Under existing circumstances, black men are perfectly capable of self-destructing on their own.


    You do you know those "existing circumstances" weren't conspired for that very purpose???

  16. Cynique

    What "you would say", doesn't make it so. And the fact that blacks have "less power in this nation" can mean that it's not ours. You can't erase reality with platitudes and replace it with illusions. The author of this post implores blacks to continue the 400-year struggle, and that struggle involves acquiring the kind of power that Donald Trump's immigrant father earned in one generation. And Trump, in spite of his repulsiveness, commands more power than Oprah Winfrey and Robert Johnson - and Barack Obama, 3 of America's black step children.  I comply with your inadvertent confirmation that having a home doesn't empower a child, inasmuch as having a "home' is not synonymous with having a country.

    Power and citizenship are two separate things.

    Many FOREIGN DIPLOMATS have more power to break the law than the average citizen.  It's called Diplomat Immunity.  That power doesn't mean this is THEIR country.

    However you're right, we can't erase reality with platitudes OR sour grapes. We can go back and forth sharing our OPINIONS but let's go the LEGAL and OFFICIAL route on this one........


    According to the 14th Amendment:

    "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States"


    If you were BORN IN the United States (as most AfroAmericans are) then this is officially YOUR COUNTRY.  You're a citizen here whether you THINK you are or not or whether you're feel you're TREATED like one or not.


    Everyone has their own opinions, but all of this sitting in a corner with your arms folded and lips poked out mumbling is irrelevant.  

    This is official law.




     All my life, starting with the assassination of JFK, conspiracy theories have saturated America, and not one has ever been proven to be conclusively true.


    How do you KNOW this?


    One group comes with information they claim are facts to prove it's true....another group comes with information they claim are facts to debunk it.

    It's a matter of choosing which side you believe.
    Simply REFUSING to accept the evidence and proof offered doesn't mean it wasn't proven.



    What purpose would a preponderance of autistic black boys serve?


    A means to reduce competition with White men for jobs, power, wealth, and sexual access in this society.


  17. Mel


     Funny thin  is I kicked Italian Victor’s azz when he called me a n-er.  We were rolling around in the school yard until Mr. Weintraub with the awful toupee finally pulled us apart. 


    Lol @ "Italian Victor"

    I would think if you went to school in New York there would be SO MANY Italians named Victor in your school it would be next to useless to give him that name.

    It probably wouldn't be too much better than saying "Italian Tony" or "Puerto Rican Hector"...lol.

    But your story brought up an interesting memory of a Nigerian girl I used to pick on in the 4th grade.  I think we even fought eachother once.  I didn't pick on her because she was Nigerian because I didn't know about that at the time;  I picked on her out of ignorance because she was dark skinned with African features.  
    It's shameful looking back on it now and I regret doing it.  She actually turned out to be a very beautiful girl....cheerleader...in high school.

    I didn't experience much racism as a kid.  My neighborhood was ALREADY Black when I was born into it.  It was almost all White about 10 years earlier but by the time the late 60s and early 70s rolled around it was pretty much mostly Black.  There were only a handful of White people left.  Usually those too poor to leave.
    I still remember some HIPPIES who used to sit on the porch with their shirts off with long hair, playing on their guitars and waving at everybody who passed...lol




    "Down on the corner...
    Out in the street....."


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