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  1. Troy


    I guess the problem in catching the sarcasm in your title is that most people expected Twitter to be different under Musk -- mostly worse.

    Were you trying to imply that people would think it would be different, but that nothing has changed?


    I knew if Musk took over and had his way, racists would abound and run free range over Twitter without worrying about being deleted and banned.  So with regard to that, yes it's is different.


    But not different as in better, the racists have more elbowroom now.

    And the rub salt in the wound, although White right-wingers are being allowed to do their thing....a Black right-winger like Kanye is STILL being silenced and deleted.
    Which let's you know it's still all about race no matter what political affiliation you take on to be accepted.








    In the latest news, Musk is demanding that Twitter employees "commit to extremely hardcore work" for the company or else they will be fired.  He's also ended remote work.  Reads like that dude is planning to run a cult or dictatorship

    Well he's catering to the needs of WHITE MEN.

    The entire "work from home" thing has been throwing White men into a hissy-sissy-fit rage for the past 2 years.

    One of the major ways they get their "supremacy" rocks off is in the work place where they can boss people around and tell them what to do!
    That's one of the reasons so many White men were crying and dying for things to "get back to normal" despite being paid MORE MONEY in many cases to stay at home.

    Like Neely Fuller Jr. said, these racists LIVE to dominate and mistreat people of color.  


    That's what they live for.


    If they can't do that, they'd rather not even be alive and many of them would rather just kill themselves.


    So although it makes more economic sense from a corporate perspective  Musk, Trump, and these other White men in executive positions are trying to end that "work from home" detail because it's having a negative effect on the egos of White men.

  2. ProfD

    I'm happy for our sister's success, although I wish she HADN'T won....lol.


    However I seriously doubt her Administration is going to have much of an impact on the crime, violence, and homeless problem plaguing that city.
    One of the reasons why is because it's not an "LA" problem but a NATION WIDE problem plaguing most major cities across the nation, and the problems are getting worse because of the economy and shitty way the governments are being managed.




    You'd be surprised at how many AfroAmericans in the past as well as in the present wanted and want to be part of the U.S.A.
    Probably more than who would care to admit it.

    They may trash the U.S. from time to time but when they leave and go to some other nations and come back, the aquire a new found love and respect for the nation.



  3. My issue with the Ethiopians is many of THEM tend to be racist themselves against other Black Africans.

    They wanna get out in the streets yelling and cussing about injustice from the Europeans and U.S. but many of the lighter ones with straighter hair and keener features treat their fellow Ethiopians with Black skin and kinkier hair like shit.  And come here TRYING to disrespect many AfroAmericans.

    I'm gonna have to monitor the situation with Burkina Faso.
    They are a heavily Muslim nation which means they are likely heavily influenced by the Arabs and Arab culture.
    Just like the Europeans....the Arabs come with their religions and traditions and start turning Africans against eachother causing violence and turmoil.

    Not just Muslim against Christian and African traditionalists, but many of these Muslim groups turn on and fight EACHOTHER!

  4. ProfD



    Yep. I think you clipped that Kanye quote about slavery from your signature right before he put his feet in his own azz and then his mouth.


    I was expecting for SOMEBODY to bring that up....lol.











    Dave was right on so many levels.

    I don't claim to speak for Jews, however I think what many of those who are SINCERELY offended (because many of them practice fake outrage) by what Kanye said are offended at him claiming to go "Death Con 3" on them.
    Claiming to go to war with an entire group of people is clearly over the line.


    Another issue I have is you already have a lot of White racist Holocaust deniers but now you got a lot of ignorant niggaz running around quoting White racists and Nazis and claiming to deny the Holocaust too.  Not because of their OWN research done from a Pro-Black Afrocentric point of view, but just some silly ass niggaz getting their info from Neo-Nazi racists and running with it.
    Like Kanye who get's a lot of his information and political beliefs from racist Right-wing White folks like Trump and Musk.





    I've seen a small review about that book Hebrew to Negroes, and I am interested in if there are valid references used to support some of the content. 

    I believe research needs to be backed up with references. I wonder if that author incorporated scholarly research from the Horn of Africa, thos Habesha people over there have solid governments, colleges, churces, books, infra-structure, etc. and to not consider that kind of information is like missing the elephant in the room, when it comes to knowing how Hebrews became 'Negroes', etc. 


    Well here's a rather informal debate/discussion I saw going on on Sa Neter's House of Konsciousness the other night where this knowledgable brother with the braids went in heavy on debunking the book.....








    The Habesha people interact with the Israeli system in the Middle East, Egyptian system, Sudan, etc. We've been miseducated. 


    The Habesha people have strong Middle Eastern genetics.
    It's also interesting to note that many of the lighter more Arab looking people of Ethiopia and Somalia generally segregate themselves from and don't get along too well with the original dark skinned more African people of that land who were there before they arrived.


    If you look at many Ethiopians and Somalis...most of them look mixed.










    but this was decades ago and what I knew about African history was from the European perspective, which is to say I knew less than nothing.

    That's a great way of putting it because it would be better to know nothing than to have a head full of lie that you must first clean out before receiving the truth!

    It's one thing to be UN-educated, but to be MIS-educated is much worse.

  5. Chev


    False sense of power! Well said! I am not speaking agains the Black elected woman, though, but in general I think what you said, @Pioneer1is very interesting.


    Yeah, I think it's a trick or some game they're playing.
    At less than 6% of the population, there is no way Black folks have that much political power in Los Angeles to justify the attention they're getting.




    Yes, I hope that her presence will help AfroAmericans be better represented there! 


    I'm hoping most of the Black folks will just LEAVE Los Angeles and California all together.  Move down South or to the Midwest where there are more of us with already well established Black communities.










    This is a very tall order because there are bunch of wayward, emotional n8gglets running around out in these streets who don't care about their own lives or anybody else's.  We have to get them in check first.


    I'm not sure how viable of an option checking them will be considering that at this point we don't have enough organize power in law enforcement and the judicial system to ALLOW us to handle the negative element in our communities.


    Probably right now the best thing for AfroAmericans to do is SEPARATE themselves from the wayward negative element as best we can and form our own small communities of intelligent and righteous AfroAmericans.


    If we can't lock them up and punish them, then we can atleast get away from them and keep them out of our circles.


  6. ProfD


    Nah bro. AfroAmericans  can't run forever. We have unify,  stand and fight to make things right wherever we live.


    Yes, we should unite and stand and fight....but they niggas in California HAVEN'T been doing it lately and I don't expect them to do it anytime soon.
    So if they're not going to, rather than continue to be subjected to humiliation and ostracization by Latinos, Asians, and other groups more dominant there....it's best to pack up and leave and go whether we're they literally have a fighting chance.




    While I disagree with AfroAmericans having to learn Spanish, I do believe they should not have to move when another group of people show up


    We should have been learning Spanish anyway regardless of a Latino invasion.
    But no, you shouldn't have to move...but niggaz in California have become so weak and complacent when it comes to dealing with Latinos and Asians....an individual brother or sister is MUCH BETTER OFF moving away than sitting in the fox den constantly harassed and fighting while most of the other few Black folks there ain't doing shit but smoking dope, going to jail, and offering themselves up as sacrificial dummies to these other groups.










    You have to choose your battles WISELY.


    At less than 10% of the population state wide and probably under 10% of the population of Los Angeles itself at this point...it's a waste of time and energy for Black folks to put up any sort of political or social struggle.
    It's much better for our people to leave and rebuild a stronger foundation elsewhere.









    The elections themselves don't have to be rigged. Gerrymandering, the electoral college, and voting rules have created an environment in which our representatives do not represent the majority of people.


    But when all of that fails...which it so often does...then White folks go back to old fashioned CHEATING or voter suppression in order to maintain rulership.

    All of those laws and rules were pretty much set up as a game so White folks wouldn't have to get their hands too dirty and give the aire of fairness.  But if that no longer works, they will rip that mask of civility off in a heartbeat and go back to raw savage domination by any means.

  7. On 11/14/2022 at 12:15 PM, Stefan said:

    Why anyone thought Elon would be different from his White Supremacist father is beyond me. The use of the N-word skyrocketed on Twitter after Musk took over. 

    I take it the sarcasm intended behind the title didn't bleed over too much through the web....lol

    I guess one of the drawbacks of the internet is not always being able to read people's faces when they're making a statement.

  8. richardmurray

    I don't know if I'd call Stacey Abrams a warrior or even a fighter.
    She's a smart sister who is very politically astute, but she didn't fight for the Governorship of Georgia the first or this second time.

    Clearly voter suppression and fraud occurs all over that state as do most states in the Union, so she'd certainly have a case in calling out voter suppression if she chose to do so.  But like a "good Democrat" she caves in to the advice her White benefactors whisper in her ear and saves her energy to help White folks get in office while denying herself the honors.

    She's allowing herself to become a TOOL of the Democrat Party with nothing in return for herself or her people.

  9. ProfD

    You have a point there.
    However I still think Adrew's biggest mistake was not fighting for that Governor's seat.
    If he had exposed the voter suppression and fraud going on in the state of Florida and demanded a just and fair election he probably would have gotten in the seat and that scandal wouldn't have happened.

    That incident was a set up designed to seal his coffin politically.

  10. On 11/13/2022 at 6:20 PM, Cynique said:

    "Feeling the need" to capitalize the word black is  not a grammatical rule. Essence Magazine,  in particular, obviously feels the need to adopt this element of style  because of its demographics.  The official policy of most newspapers and magazine is to use the phrase African-American when referring  to this minority group and they do not capitalize "black" when it is used as an adjective. Some may opt to capitalize the word Black when it is used as a noun that is inter-changeable with African American.   "Professional" writers who work for publications follow whatever style their employer has established as their standard; not the one they personally prefer.   

    Yada yada yada...........

    Like i said, you don't know any better so I won't hold you to PROFESSIONAL standards (or even normal standards....lol); but some young person reading this may be enlightened by the exchange and realize that the word "Black" when referring to the race should be capitalized and will do so when the opportunity arises.




    3 hours ago, Cynique said:

    @Pioneer1the color "black" used as an adjective to modify the  noun "folks" doesn't  need to be capitalized, Dummy.  And what YOU expect has nothing to do with reality, as usual.   The only black people who care about me divorcing the race, are juvenile jerks like you. The rest are sophisticated enough to not concern themselves with what  cynics decide to do.






    Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) gave her thoughts about Joe Biden’s potential vice president pick on Friday during an ESSENCE Live townhall, saying she strongly believes Biden is going to pick a Black woman as his running mate.


    Rep. Maxine Waters On Joe Biden: 'We're Going To Have A Black Woman VP' - Essence







    Democratic strategists worry the party isn’t doing enough to motivate Black voters.



    Democrats growing anxious — again — over Black turnout - POLITICO





    Apparently PROFESSIONAL writers feel there is a need to capitalize the B.
    But I guess YOU know more than the "dummies" do, huh....lol

  12. On 11/12/2022 at 12:35 PM, Troy said:


    @Chevdove and @Pioneer1 this material seems to be related to the stuff you all talk about.   I had no interest in the film or book, which why I did not react to Harry's post back in 2017.  Clearly, there is interest in the subject matter, but if you think there is something I (we) should know please share. 

    It's more propaganda designed to keep Black people buried in the Church and Bible.

    Every generation or so they come up with a "new" recipe to keep Black folks tied up and going in circles thinking Jesus is on his way back and if we just "hold on a little bit longer" and wait and recognize our true greatness.....everything is gonna be alright.

    Just like that image of the sister in the video with that patient serene smile and glow on her face.



    woman screaming, silhouette vector Stock Vector | Adobe Stock

    Meanwhile Crack, AIDS, mass incarceration, violence, etc....has been plaguing the community for the past 40 years or so, destroying the lives of MILLIONS who haven't lived to see Jesus come back or Negroes turn "back" into Hebrews.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Cynique said:


    it's as though black folks are just tone death when it comes to using correct English.   It really is their second language.

    It's as though the word "Black" should be CAPITALIZED when you're talking about the race.
    But what should I expect from one who "divorced" herself from the Black community and started shacking up with others.






    Famous White Men Who Have Been Married To Black Women | Black woman white  man, White man, Black women

    I'm gonna let my NEW man in on ALL of the secrets!



    4 hours ago, Cynique said:


    2,550 Crazy Old Lady Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock


    So here I am.  i have no idea why i am still walking around, having changed very little over the past 50 years. 





    I do....lol.

    Waiting on a man....any man...to pull up.

  15. I'm not sure if Dave was trying to show how hard and brave he was by making fun of Kanye's alleged antisemitism and adding a few shots of his own that no doubt could be considered antisemitic.
    I personally don't have a problem with anything Dave did and think it was a good routine, but I question the wisdom of it.

    Personally I would have touched on Kanye a little bit and then left it the hell alone and focused on Trump and politics or something else.

    Dave's skit also reminded me of something Kanye said that REALLY made him such a big target and in my opinion WAS antisemitic....straight up.
    Tweeting you're gonna go "death con 3" on the Jews????

    Come on man, what kind of dumb ass shit is that to say?

    First of all, YOU'RE NOT.
    You're just tweeting and running your damn mouth.....like the typical nigga often does.
    Ain't planning to actually DO a damn thing.

    Second, it's DEF-COM (not Death-Con), which is a military term.
    Again, Kanye just expressing more of his ignorance saying shit he has little understanding of.

    Third, if a White man would have said he was gonna go "death con" on Black folks we'd rightly be angry over the shit.
    So why wouldn't Jews get offended at that silly shit?

    What do you mean?
    Are you planning to kill people or something????

    If you're gonna call out Jews for what they did to Black people then DO THAT.
    Like the Nation of Islam or Wesley Muhammad, do your research and do a report or book about it....intelligently.
    Don't tweet out stupid shit that is obviously offensive and doesn't serve any purpose except to inflame. 

    Kanye brought that shit on himself.
    Don't get behind that fool.

    Whatever "the Jews" are doing, they got enough sense to do it behind closed doors and not tweet it all over the damn place like  a red-hat wearing idiot.

  16. 5 hours ago, Chevdove said:




    Yes, but this girl is too young to have that much hate on her own. This is learned behavior, imo.

    Someone put their demons in her.




    Lol....someone "put" the demon in her???

    She IS the demon.

    The damn devil itself.

    If she's like most White folks, she probably has to try hard as hell every day to keep FROM acting out like that.
    Most do a better job of keeping their mask on.

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  17. Well.....
    Take that dude Andrew Gillum who was going to be Governor of Florida a few years ago.
    He had a pretty stellar career but after he "loss" the election (which I think he was cheated out of but he refused to fight for it) some months later he ends up being found passed out and naked on a yacht with some gay White man grinning next to him taking a picture.
    He was politically ruined.

    I'm not sure the entire truth behind the incident.
    I think the brother was set up, but perhaps he WAS on the downlow and got caught slipping.
    I'm not sure one way or the other.
    But I don't think all of that education, hard work, and years of building his brand should have been flushed down the toilet because of that one incident.

  18. I hope Trump decides to run again to further expose the sell-outs in our community like he did the last time.

    I didn't realize there were SO MANY sell-outs and people....like Kanye....willing to put Trump's racism and bigotry to the side just to slide up next to him for a few butter-biscuits or just the PROMISE of some biscuits until he ran.  I thank him for exposing those critters like roaches.

  19. ProfD

    The BEST thing Black Los Angelios can do to better themselves is LEAVE Los Angeles and go further East.
    Don't stop until you're east of Las Vegas.

    But no, I don't think her being mayor will necessarily make things worse DIRECTLY.
    It could though.
    You know, like Obama being President gave a lot of racists cover to practice their dirt all while claiming this nation can't be racist because there's a "Black guy" in office.

    Now the LAPD and really run rampant and if you utter a word of complaint they can just say they were working under the orders of a Black female mayor.

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