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  1. Mzuri


    Another reason Elder won't become Governor is because Republicans are very strategic and they tend to use Black Conservative politicans where they're "needed" instead of where THEY want to be.
    It doesn't matter where Mr. Elder wants to be, it's about where the Conservative leadership WANTS him to be.


    Most Black Conservatives are used for 2 things:

    1. To pull Black voters away from the Democrat party which has had a strong hold on our people since Roosevelt


    2. Put them in positions (political or media) to promote ultra-right wing agendas that a White Republican wouldn't be able to get away with.


    California isn't Progressive or Liberal in MY opinion. 
    I think it's a racist state that loves locking up Black men and displacing them with Mexicans.

    However it does have a lot of Leftists with Leftist policies and Black or White...Elder is too Conservative in his views for Republicans to take the risk of backing him only to lose.  They're gonna go with a more Moderate Republican for Governor of California





    Newsom just sent everybody in Cali a stimulus check 
    BRIBE so all the dummies will forget why they wanted
    him out and keep him in office


    Lol...that's true.
    And that was smart.

    Newsom is a career politician and he knows how to give the people what they want in order "get in" good with them.
    Give the children candy to shut them up.


    Elder...on the other hand...is NOT a career politician.
    He will get on a microphone with that wide mouth of his and eyes stretched saying whatever come on his mind.  And there's no telling WHAT might come out of his mouth...lol.

    He's liable to say something crazy that messes the Republican Party up in California for the next 15 years...lol.
    And then he'll be on Fox New the next day looking crazy and trying to explain what he meant...lol.








    Larry has a problem with some ultra evangelicals that are stuck on Election Fraud.

    Many of them are also stuck on racism and ain't voting for a Black man no matter how Conservative and right-wing he proclaims himself to be.
    They don't trust him.

    They know there was no "voter fraud" taking place against THEM.
    THEY are the ones who engage in voter fraud...against Black folks....not the other way around.
    It's just an EXCUSE they were using to push for Trump to get in.
    They couldn't admit they wanted a coup....so they had to use "voter fraud" as an excuse to justify their actions.




    Actually he produced the movie 🎥 “Uncle Tom: The Movie”. It had the late Herman Cain in it.


    Yeah..lol...I forgot about that until you brought it up!


    Now believe it or not I LIKED Herman Cain!
    It's a shame he died.
    I actually find his death suspicious.


    Herman Cain was a BIT of a Tom but he had Charisma and he was his own man.  He pushed his OWN beliefs...and the Republican Establishment...like the Democrat Establishment...don't like that. 

    Both the Democrats and Republicans are controlled by racist Caucasians at the top and don't like it when negroes get too "uppity"

    Herman Cain was one of the few Presidential Candidates who actually came to the CITY (not the suburbs) of Detroit and talked to the Black residents.

    Like I said....I find his death suspicious.




    We need as many Black Faces as possible in all positions.


    Going by that logic...did you vote for Obama to be President over McCain and Romney?

    And we need to understand there is a difference between a Black FACE and a Black MASK.

  2. Daniel


    You and I both know that Larry "Fox News Contributor" Elder will NOT be Governor of California.

    They're using that negro as a mascot and making fun of him.


    The Republican party would nominate Caytlin Bruce Jenner as the Republican Nominee before letting Elder get anywhere NEAR the Governorship

    They are about 95% sure he's an Uncle Tom...lol...but that 5% is enough to make the worry what he'd do if a Black man got in such a powerful position.

    Larry is an OLD SCHOOL Tom....lol.
    The kind I remember when I was a kid.
    The kind who would twist their lips all to the side and talk corny and funny with no base in their voice ATTEMPTING to talk proper and sounding even more foolish...lol.
    If they REALLY wanted to "Tom" it up....they'd go to work with their nappy hair parted to the side trying to imitate Caucasians...lol.

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  3. Just like there is a difference between REPUBLICAN and CONSERVATIVE.....there is a difference between DEMOCRAT and PRORESSIVE.

    While the Republican Party is a right-wing party that can rightly be called a Conservative Party because most of it's politicians are Conservatives.....the same can't be said of the Democrats.

    Most Democrat politicians are moderate and many are actually Conservative.  Less than 25% are truly Progressive.

    Another problem is there is no set solid Progressive Agenda.

    I consider myself an AfroAmerican Progressive and many of my values are differnt than most Caucasians who call themselves Progressive also.  We find ourselves disagreeing quite often on which issues we should focus on.

  4. I knew they say she was killed either playing the piano or singing but I forgot exactly which one.

    She was actually killed by a crazy Black dude.

    A damn shame.

    Both her and Dr. King's father should have been protected.
    They should have had around the clock security at their church and residence for the rest of their lives, even BEFORE Dr. King was assasinated.

    This wasn't just a failure on the part of the government to protect the family of a national figure, but it was also a failure of the AfroAmerican community for not properly protecting the family of one of our own iconic figures.

    What happened to brother Malcolm's wife was just as bad if not worse.  I think she was burned to death by her own grandson.

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  5. Daniel



    I apologize for any misunderstandings, but:



    “Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, ‘What makest thou?’ or thy work, ‘He hath no hands’?

    Sounds NOTHING like:



    Genocide doesn’t have the same meaning to an all powerful being as it does finite beings.


    They look like two TOTALLY DIFFERENT statements to me.

  6. Mzuri


    Hello dear.

    Everything is not well with me, but most things are...lol.

    I'm not gonna forsake great in search of perfection


    Obviously I don't share your political views but I'm impressed with your post because I didn't realize you had so much political and historic insight.


    I don't listen to Don Lemon btw...I think his a mascot for CNN.
    A token negro male they can point to to claim diversity.


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  7. Chev


    Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya were "invented" YES--as a unique NATION in the 19th century, but prior to this time, they were not known as nations, but by other descriptions. 

    In the past, the countries of Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya were defined by other standards


    So you're gonna focus on the word "nation" and say since they weren't called "nations" before 19th century...then that means the NATION of Egypt and NATION of Ethiopia and NATION of Libya didn't exist before the 19th century?

    So if I showed you in the BIBLE where Ethiopia and Egypt were referred to as NATIONS....and the Bible was written BEFORE the 19th century....would you STILL hold the same position that they were "invented" in the 19th century?




    No. the authors of the New Testament did not live that far back in time. 


    Which begs the question how could the Bible go back to the Exodus when the authors of half the book didn't even LIVE back in that time let alone write it?





    Okay, I will look for a link. But my definition of 'Bible' would pertain to the root word of it, 'BIB' which refers to 'LIFE', like the word BIBLIOGRAPHY. The Bible is 'a Book of Life' 


    Ok..here you go....lol

    Then we may as well end this discussion now, since we're not gonna agree on THAT definition of the Bible.
    That definition you just gave is NOT a definition of the Bible that I can agree with.





    The Bible was defined back then in the 1400s BC as 'the Word of God' or 'The Pentateuch' or 'the holy scroll'... That was how it was defined.


    See...and again, the definition keeps changing.
    Not only can't I agree with YOUR definition of what a Bible is..but YOUR definitions of what the Bible is keeps changing from one era to the next.

    If we can't nail down an exact definition, the argument can be ongoing because as soon as I present you with THIS date....you'll switch to another definition with another date attached to it.





    and like you @Pioneer1 I believe that that group strongly believe in the Bible


    They aren't like me. Because I don't believe in the Bible.











    Genocide doesn’t have the same meaning to an all powerful being as it does finite beings.


    Did The All Powerful BEING tell you that?

    If not...how did you arrive at that conclusion?

  8. Lol @ Mzuri's first post





    Mzuri you must have been angry at someone when you first typed that out.
    It wasn't too vicious, but it seemed out of character for you..lol

    Now we need to talk this thing out.........


    You obviously are against Biden, and I don't blame you.  They don't call him "Jim Crow Joe" for nothing.
    But I HOPE you aren't a Trump supporter or Republican.

    Both the Republicans and Democrats are different sides of the same coin. Neither has the interests of Black people in mind at the very top leadership....despite what some of the voters may think or say.

    However as bad as the Democrat party is...the Republican party is a RIGHT WING party.  Meaning it's the closest thing to a NAZI party as is legally allowed in America.  
    "Right-wing" means racist and fascist and that's what the Republican party platform is.

    They may USE Black people, Latinos, and women to push their agenda....but their agenda isn't to help these groups.

    Not saying YOU'RE doing this, but we as AfroAmericans can't let our anger and disappointed in the Democrat Party push us over the edge into joining an Right-wing racist party that's even WORSE.

    Hershel Walker and many Black Republicans are literally selling out their own people by joining a right-wing racist party and agreeing to do their evil bidding.

  9. I didn't know they even SOLD movies at the Dollar Tree.
    You're making me want to run down to the nearest Dollar Tree and browse for some movies...and other items while I'm there.

    I LOVE Dollar Trees.
    First of all the products tend to be BETTER than Family Dollar or Dollar General and MUCH cheaper.
    Plus the stores are usually bigger and laid out much better and more open.

    Family Dollar and Dollar General are rip offs. 
    I don't even know why they're open or why people shop in them.


    As far as this brother goes.............

    Jamaicans speak English; I don't know WHAT language that brother was singing in.
    Was it Hebrew?
    It certainly didn't sound like Hebrew or any Jamaican Patois that I've heard of.

    Sounds like he was just making rhythmic sounds for White folks to bop to.


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  10. Chev



    I don't believe I do that. 


    Trust me..lol...you do, from time to time.






    But I don't believe that drugs have altered the brain to a great degree 'alone'. I feel that there are so many other factors as well, that have been a negative affect on Black people, and some of it has been brought about by our own actions as well. 


    I actually agree with this statement 100%.

    Like I said; you don't ALWAYS deny reality, just SOMETIMES when it comes to religious discussions.

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  11. Ok, I watched nearly all of the video.


    I'm not a mathematician so I'm not sure how correct he is in most of his statements.  Many of the more simple calculations exercises he asked the audience to do seemed to be correct but I'm not sure about the more complex statements he made.


    There are 3 things in his presentation I found problematic:


    1. He didn't come very prepared. 
    No power point or projector period. He holds up some big bulky pattern for a few minutes then goes to a trunk rambling through items that he gets but doesn't pass around or even mention much.  This make him look a bit confused and unsure of what direction he's trying to take the presentation.



    2. When asked direct questions that challenged his theories he seemed evasive trying to change the subject  several times instead of giving definite answers.  In one case he acted like he couldn't hear the question  the young man presented to challenge one of his theories and kept asking him to talk into the microphone which looked like a bit suspicious.  I've seen people do that before to evade questions.


    3. Like Troy eluded to, when you talk about being able to cure AIDS and Cancer, those are serious claims that shouldn't be made lightly.  It's cruel to give people false hope when it comes to things that cause so much suffering and death.  Either you definitely can cure them or you can't.  



    His examples of currency and the mathematics involved in it were also problematic for me.

    At first glance what he said about a dime and .10 times .10 of a pound and it's contradictions in applied math made sense, but upon 5 minutes of thinking about it...it didn't.

    It looked like the White dude on stage and many of the White people in the audience were WINKING and SMILING at eachother as if they were "taking the piss" (as they say in England) at his expense.  As if they brought him there for entertainment purposes in the first place.
    But perhaps that may have just been the way I was reading their reactions.

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  12. I haven't watched the video yet because of timing.....

    However I do remember Terrence Howard going on a few talk shows talking about he invented a new form of mathematics.

    Again, I haven't seen the video YET....but I wouldn't be surprised at his findings.  AfroAmericans and Blk people in general are creative by nature and we're constantly coming up with new facts, theories, and ways of doing things in general.
    AfroAmericans don't often appreciate the genius in our own ranks UNTIL a Caucasian validates them first.  

    Infact, I suspect that's one of the reasons Caucasians...even the racist ones...like to keep us NEAR them in their societies, lol.
    Most Caucasians just know how to do and follow the directions they were GIVEN.
    But take away the directions and instructions and they're a blob of confusion and frustration.

    They need us for our creativity.
    You can see this on many jobs where the ones who come up with the ideas are usually Blk folks in the boardroom or lunch room.


  13. Well...
    The fact is MOST AfroAmericans actually DO have Native American ancestry.

    Probably not as much as many claim, but we do have a significant amount and can usually trace it back to which Ancestor.

    Many Blk folks today are claiming to be THE ORIGINAL Native Americans...which I find to be problematic because it's generating more enemies.

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