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  1. ProfD

    Like you said, we need to CODIFY our culture.

    Niggaz love doing shit that don't work.
    Racist cop shoots down an unarmed Black woman and these fools get out in the streets marching and twerking and going on.


    Three women filmed twerking on top of a police car in Chicago similar  incidents in Seattle St. Louis - Salten News

    Damn nigga twerking and flapping their wide open ass on top of police cruisers and shit as if THAT'S gonna stop them from killing more people.

    We need to establish a solid culture that actually WORKS for us as AfroAmericans.
    Like Neely Fuller Jr. said, find out what works and employ THAT instead of constantly doing shit that has been PROVEN not to work.
    Find out what works then CODIFY it as part of our cultural code.


  2. ProfD

    I suspect that if something is wrong with the BRAINS of some of these Negroes....no amount of teaching or home training will help them.
    We'd just be "spinning our wheels" and getting nowhere so to speak.
    Just burning rubber on the ground.

    Like the Gap Band song


    TIR 8: Gap Band Originals Tell How They Made Their 'Outstanding'  Contributions

    "Burn Rubba....Burn Rubba....Oh no no no...."

    Oh no....
    We can't afford to waste too much precious time and energy on some of these niggaz.

    Some of these fools grow up in good two parent suburban homes with plenty to eat, their own rooms (not that growing up with 2 parents or in the suburbs are always good, but generally it makes for a better environment to raise children) having everything they needed and STILL turned to drugs and gangs and the street life.  When you ask some of them, they'll claim they were "bored" or wanted more money or didn't want to listen to folks tell them what to do.  Internal CHARACTER problems that are hard to solve, especially when there's a dysfunction in the brain.

    But I agree that we should atleast provide the sound and solid foundation to raise smart successful independent minded Black children to LESSEN the probability that they will grow up dysfunctional slaves and criminals to the System.  Even if we can save ONE child and raise them to be a successful Black man/woman we should leave no stone unturned doing so.  But we won't waste too much time on the dregs of society.

  3. I thought about that relocation move for years.
    That we should all flood the South or a few southern states like Georgia and Mississippi and concentrate political and economic power there.
    But then changed my mind because it leaves us too vulnerable in OTHER parts of the nation.

    Why just GIVE the rest of the nation away to Whites and Latinos and Asians....who clearly aren't limiting THEMSELVES to any region.
    Latinos....especially Central Americans....are migrating to all regions of the U.S. in larger numbers and trying to dominate certain industries.

    I say we just leave CALIFORNIA and maybe the coasts of Oregon and Washington state....but still maintain or establish large concentrations in major cities in every other state INCLUDING Hawaii and Alaska!

    Ofcourse it really doesn't matter WHERE the Negro migrates to, if he's gonna have that same SLAVE mentality of going along to get along and just working for someone else and grabbing up a bit of food, some weed to smoke, some liquor to drink, and living until he drops dead.
    No desire to rule or dominate or do for self....just "survive" day to day.

    A damn slave is a damn SLAVE no matter where he goes.....so he might as well stay in California or where EVER the hell he's at, until he changes his mentality.

  4. You know something.....

    As I get older and observe more among different peoples, I'm beginning to suspect that to a large extent this "victim mentality" may not have totally been a result of slavery and instilled into many of our people by White folks.
    This inferiority complex seems to be something many of our people just HAVE in them and it came from...."who knows" where.

    I mean....
    It's hard to justify why a bunch of young people in their teens and 20s are calling White folks "boss man" and have absolutely no problem accepting authority and taking orders from them at work or in various organizations but when another Black man of the same position try to tell them what to do they roll their eyes, get an attitude, and tell them "nigga you ain't shit" before running to the closest White man they can find to complain.

    Again, I've seen this among teens and 20s year olds!
    They were no where NEAR slavery or the Jim Crow era....yet they somehow "instinctively" practiced this behavior.

    I'm beginning to believe being a VICTIM or SLAVE is just "in" some of our people and White folks simply took advantage of it.

  5. I don't have the best feeling in the world about this situation....

    I think Black folks are being given so many Divine warnings to just LEAVE California.

    From the threat of Earthquakes, anti-Black hatred from Latinos and Asians, mass incarceration, etc......

    Except for a few Black millionaires as a result of the entertainment industry, there is no real reason for most Black people to stay in California except for either being born there or expecting the glitz and glamour of California life portrayed by the media.

    The Black population has already been decimated in L.A. and other cities, so what are Black Californians holding on to?

    My dial is set on Black folks just packing up and leaving.  Go to Nevada or Arizona and set up shop, but just LEAVE that place.....nothing to look forward to there.

  6. 3 hours ago, ProfD said:

    It remains to be seen what Rep. Jeffries will do when he gets behind the wheel.


    My gut feeling from hearing him speak is that Rep. Jeffries will be busy towing the party line and working on behalf of all Americans.


    Rep. Jeffries won't have time to focus on Black issues especially considering there's no agenda (reparations).


    Often times, Black folks think politicians can solve their problems.  That's not what they do.


    Politicians manage government resources and they come up laws and legislation to make life easier for citizens. Black folks need to put something on the table. 😎


    Well put!

  7. On so many jobs and in so many organizations, AfroAmericans have satisfied themselves by just being allowed to join and be a part of OTHER people's agendas.

    So many times I've talked to fellow Black coworkers who complain about "they" may fire them,  or "they" aren't treating them right on the job, or "they" aren't paying them enough.
    I ask them who are the "they" that you're referring too and they will look at me a little puzzled and taken aback that I would ask such a question.
    Then they explain they're talking about the INSTITUTION or ORGANIZATION we're in.
    But when I drill a little further and point out that me and them are PART of that institution or organization because we're members or employees....then they finally admit they're really talking about the WHITE FOLKS who run it!

    And that...in a nutshell...describes the mentality of most Black people in this society and in this world in general.
    They constantly see themselves as OUTSIDERS.
    People who are just grateful that White folks hired them and gave them an opportunity to come in from the cold and make a little money and hope that those same White folks don't fire them.

    But what if we changed our mentality to believe WE are the owners of the firms and companies we get hired in to?

    What if we start believing that WE can help shape the policies and decided who goes and who stays and that the long term goals of the firm we work at will be?

    In short, what if WE become the "they" we talk about so much?

    What if we join the Democrat or Republican party NOT simply to sit in the back trying to figure out if "they" are saying something we want to hear and hoping "they" may do somethign that will benefit us but join to actually TAKE OVER the party and set the agendas OURSELVES?

    Think about this.......

    Seriously.....think about it carefully.

    At your job, what if you decide to have far more influence over it's policies?
    What if you convinced other Black people at the job to do so also?
    Start demanding more access to power, decide the pay scale, who stays, who goes?

    Just THINK about it and imagine the shock and awe on the faces of your White co-workers at your audacity of making plans and setting an agenda instead of going along with THEIRS!

    How to Run a Successful Business Meeting

    Black man at the table:
    "The plan sounds good but.....it's not gonna work.
    Here...let's try a different approach this time"

  8. ProfD

    Part of the "victim mentality" that I often speak about is feeling that you have no control over the institutions that you belong to.

    For example.......
    In the different jobs I've worked I try to stress to Black co-workers.......stop saying "they" hired you and "they" might fire you and "they" don't want to treat you right.
    Because we both know the "they" you're talking about are White people and you feel they OWN the damn job and have the fight to hire you, fire you, mistreat you, and there's nothing you can do about it but put up with it or leave.

    But what if you took up a more realistic mentality that since YOU are now working for this company that you are now actually PART OF IT?

    What if you start saying WE instead of THEY???

    What if when a White co-worker disrespects you or a White Supervisor mistreats you, instead of crying you DEMAND justice by going to HR with a "knowing" that as a MEMBER of this firm/company they have an obligation to submit to your demands??

    It changes you perspective of things and you actually get more success than you expect because you no longer see yourself as an outsider or victim but as a legitimate and well respected member of that firm/community who has just as much right to a job and position there as any White person.

    And that SAME mentality should apply in any organization we join as AfroAmericans!

    If we join the Democrat Party we should see ourselves no just a outsiders grateful that "they" let us in "their" party....and not even as just members....but join with the intention of STEERING the party in the direction WE see fit!

    How can I get mistreated or taken for granted in an organization I control?????

    Once we have a seat at the table we need to start DEMANDING that others pay attention to the goals and agenda we place on the menu!



    Multiethnic Business People In Meeting Stock Photo - Download Image Now -  Multiracial Group, Diversity, Business Meeting - iStock

    "Hey, how are we doing today guys!
    Well, you remember the goals we set the other day?
    We're gonna SCRAP 'EM and start all over because I don't think those plans will work"


  9. I've been hearing about this brother for a long time.

    I did a little....very little.....like 5 minutes worth....of research on him and I like what I've seen so far.
    He has an AfroAmerican wife (or Black atleast).

    I hope he doesn't end up a flunky for Alexandra Ocasio Cortez or the so-called Progressive members of the Democrat party who aren't about Progress for Black folks but are pushing their own strange agendas.

    We need a solid Black man who will also fight for Black issues WHILE....let's keep it real....towing the party line when he has to.

    I don't expect a Malcolm X up in Congress.
    It would be nice to have one....but I don't expect one.

    I'd be satisfied if we had an AfroAmerican Rep or Senator who just spent 20% of their time and platform focusing strictly on Black issues and getting them accomplished.
    That's better than what we have right now.
    Just Black faces sitting up there like bobble-heads occupying positions while towing their party's line.

  10. ProfD


    The day n8gglets clean up and act right, the beneficiaries and stakeholders of white supremacy would lose their minds.  Jaywalking, littering and smiling would become criminal offenses for AfroAmericans.


    And speaking of Jaywalking.
    I knew California wasn't shit for Black folks when I almost got a ticket by a cop for "Jaywalking" down in San Diego!

    I was on a residential street and happened to just walk across the street in the middle of the block like millions of people do all across America every day.  This cop stops me and tells me I need to cross at the cross walk at the intersection of the block instead of the middle.




    That's was my FIRST wake-up call to how racist and police heavy California was against AfroAmericans.

    I HEARD of ther term "Jay walking" since being a kid, but never heard of anyone getting in trouble for it....UNTIL going to Cali.









    THAT would be a tall order, seeing as how, that is another form of White infiltration, imo. This system has poisoned the minds of Black people and now, it would be difficult to separate from negative elements within our cultures and within ourselves as well and adopt a positive mindset that would enhance our presence as a unique culture. 

    Over the decades, imo, Black people have signed on to just about everything that used to be 'a white format'. 


    I would love to hear some statements about positive aspects that has made us a unique people, you know, revisit some positivities. 


    That's why it's so important to not only establish but as ProfD often talks about CODIFY your culture!


    When we CODIFY our culture, then no one can infiltrate it and change it or contaminate it with garbage and immorality to derail it or cause instability because we'd immediately spot the difference.

    Just like many other cultures have the SAME marriage customs, SAME language, SAME diets, SAME dances, and SAME songs for centuries....so you won't modify or infiltrate them.

    Black American culture changes every 10 or 15 years or so because it's not CODIFIED.


    So people can introduce disrespect for elders, disrespect for parents, drug abuse, homosexuality, and a host of other dysfunctions into the culture since we don't have an actual CODE to prevent it from being accepted.


    On top of it being easily influenced from the outside.....other people can easily STEAL aspects of our culture and claim it as their own because we didn't codify it and stamp it as authentically OURS.

    We need to CODIFY our culture and protect it.

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  11. Chev



    Yes, this statement about their form of Colorism is printed! It is written often that the darker skin Beja and mountain people are ignored in favor of the ligher skinned ones. 

    Yeah I was trying to remember the name of those tribes living in the more remote areas of Ethiopia.
    Another is the Omo Valley people who are not like the more Asiatic Amharic people with the lighter skin and straighter hair.  And they are heavily discriminated against because of their darker skin.
    They are the original inhabitants of that region before the lighter ones came.



    Ethiopia: Fight for Land in the Lower Omo Valley — The Nahmias Cipher Report

    Omo Valley Ethiopians


    Are Ethiopians half white? Why do they look different than other Africans?  - Quora


    Typical Ethiopians




    Anyway, from a Biblical perspective, those Ethiopian Jews know better! They know what is required of them and until that do so, they will be called on it.



    🤫 Shhhhhh....but I'll let you in on a little secret:

    As much as I preach today that the Israelites were most likely  White/Caucasian people who invaded Canaan....I USED TO believe....and still hold the possiblity...that the lighter ones were the actual Children of Israel who came down in that region through Egypt after the invasion of the Babylonians back around 700 B.C..

    I'm not sure which belief is the actual truth.





    Those Ethiopians maybe need to check themselves on bonding with their relatives maybe, I don't know, but then, that is a problem over hear in America with the indigenous peoples too. 


    Oh, you think those somewhat distorted features may be a result of incestuous relationships???

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  12. Look who popped up across my Youtube screen yesterday......


    At first I thought it was some brother running for Mayor or a member of Biden's Administration until I looked closer at the name.

    Troy you're looking kind of professional up in this video.
    Looking like you know what you're talking about...lol.

    I wonder does the Wall Street Journal know you like WE know you....LOL.

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  13. ProfD

    But then you have to look at what exactly do AfroAmericans DEMAND of either party.

    Black folks are good for getting mad because other folks won't "treat them right" when we have it well within our power to treat OURSELVES better than any other group of people possibly can.

    Take the Reparation thing for example....

    It's well within our power to FORCE the Democrat party to take on Reparations as one of the TOP 3 essential platforms of any agenda of the party.
    We can demand every major city and nearly every major state to adopt Reparations as one of the central movements like you see those rainbow flags flying around all over the place.
    But instead, niggaz think it's took much or too extreme to demand that White folks submit to paying us Reparations, but spend the rest of the time mumbling and grumbling about how "everybody else" get's their needs met.

    The Democrat party just like the Republican party is only as good as WE make it for ourselves.
    If we join these parties and CHOOSE to take the back seat and go for the ride while letting others take the steering wheel, then we can't blame the party....we have to blame ourselves.
    The Green Party and Socialist party won't be any different.

    AfroAmericans need to change their mentality from constant "victim" to VICTOR.



    Why Marvel Didn't Recast T'Challa After Chadwick Boseman's Death - Variety

  14. His comedic genius..............

    With this one skit, he summed up the various and often conflicting political positions of AfroAmericans in a way that most political analysts and career politicians couldn't do.

    Expressing how White liberals get it wrong on so many levels.
    Expressing how the "bling bling" is part of our culture even if it doesn't make a lot of sense.
    Expressing how skeptical we are about the vaccines.

    Politicians would do well to pay close attention to Dave's comedy and take notes.

  15. If we regulate and deal with many of these brothers and niggaz the way they NEED to be dealt with, I believe law enforcement would soon be involved.
    For several reasons.....

    One of which, THEIR money making enterprises would be threatened by the streets being cleaned up.

    And I'm not talking about dirty cops on the take for dope, I'm talking about cops, judges, lawyers, etc....making BILLIONS of dollars from Black criminality and dysfunction and it's management.

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  16. ProfD

    Many Ethiopians don't even consider themselves African.

    Colorism and "featurism" is bad in East Africa. 
    A product of centuries......probably even millenia.....of being colonized, enslaved, and infiltrated by various Caucasian invaders from Persians to Romans to Greeks to Arabs etc.....






    Amazingly, western media does not provide these African and Caribbean conflicts with the same coverage as Ukraine

    Ofcourse not.
    Infact, they HOPE the conflicts keep going and they HOPE the niggaz kill eachother off.

    That's why we have to watch the media and Western governments very carefully.
    When they speak, they speak from a "White Supremacist" mindset and point of view 

    They'll bring a lot of attention to Ukraine and beg the world to help it get resolved in because those are White people slaughtering eachother.
    Meanwhile there's been civil wars going on in the Congo and a few other parts of Africa for DECADES with hundreds of thousands of people being killed, yet the Western media barely says a word.

    They WANT them to fight and kill eachother off.

  17. ProfD

    That's true.
    And one of the reasons they won't is because a large percentage of them are INSINCERE and aren't really down for the Democrat agenda but are really Republicans/Right-wing infiltrators who just join the party to monitor it and neutralize progress in it.

    Another problem is the tent of the Democrat party is way too big.
    Too many different groups with different agenda that conflict with eachother.

  18. ProfD

    Not sure about the Secretary of Transportation but one member of the LGBT community I WOULD love seeing more of is Biden's Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.



    Karine Jean-Pierre has got to go - Washington Times


    Karine Jean-Pierre Named First Black White House Press Secretary

    That's a CUTE ass little chocolate cup cake.
    Her face is so cute and happy she needs to be on a box of cookies or cereal or something.

    She's the type of lesbian who would have made me spend a LOT of time back in the day pursuing her trying to "change" her to straight.....lol.

  19. ProfD

    I'm sorry, you're absolutely right I meant 2016!

    I think both elections were stolen by the Republicans.
    But the thing about it is......the Democrats for the most part didn't even put up a fight to get the White House.

    There was CLEAR and MASSIVE voter fraud and suppression in both elections, especially in 2000.....and the Democrats just "moved on".

    I remember back in 2000 during some sort of tally in Congress Jesse Jackson's son who was a Congressman INSISTED on calling Al Gore "Mr President" and Al Gore reprimanded him over it.
    The Black Democrats....back in 2000....were actually ready to fight it out but it was those racist hypocrites in the party who held them back and suggested we ignore the obvious injustices and let G Dubya take the office.

    The same as what happened in Florida and Georgia recently......just shut up and move on.

  20. Perhaps the Democrats or atleast the Progressives (actual and so-called) should become as politically ruthless as the Right-wing and just IGNORE Andrew's discretions.
    Perhaps they should have done the same thing to Anthony Weiner who was ran out of office for showing dick-pics.

    What was really disappointed about was how the media destroyed John Edwards some years back and I thought he would have been a pretty good President.  I met his wife at an event.....kind woman those few moments I met her.

    You'd think people who criticize Conservatives for being sexually uptight and old fashioned would be the LAST people to condemn others for their sexual behavior.

    I know the man was married and supposed to be straight but....why would any Democrat be "disgraced" after being discovered as a bi-sexual with his lover???
    Kind of defeats the purpose of one of the main focuses of their platform....which is sexual freedom.

    At any rate, perhaps Democrats should just say "fuck it" and go ahead and support their guy ANY WAY regardless of any dirt dug up on them.

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