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  1. Delano < https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/3868-delano/ > asked

    He asked what type of leaders we need, and then defined we from the black community on earth to each black community in a city or town, indirectly. 

    Well first, the scope of the group is the largest factor in the quality of leadership needed. To rephrase, the black community in your town , that I think Delano is a part of needs a leader that is inadequate for the global black community. 

    The global black community varies in fiscal quality/knowledge/culture/views/gender demography. Yes, all humans are human. All humans need water/food/shelter but we all don't need money, we all don't need to be superstars, we all don't need a mosque or a church, we all don't need to be married, we all don't prostitution to be illegal, we all don't need something that another human being needs.  And once you add a racial element , ala Black/male/christian/asian/or other categorical form to the pronoun. you have a problem. Who determines who is black? who is male? who is christian? who is asian? 

    What I have found living in NYC is individuals have an idea on the collectives they are apart of. Individuals like myself. But , sadly in some ways, what all humans who live long enough find out is, the idea of the group you are apart of is rarely the truth. 

    For example, Former Mayor Bloomberg is considered a new yorker by many and I daresay most in NYC, but not by me or many others. He was raised in connecticut or massachusetts, he is not from NYC. But, because he is a businessman who as an adult did most of his activities from NYC he s a new yorker to most in the city. 

    What is the point? Who is we. 

    Many Black people in the USA see themselves more American than Black. More Christian or Mulsim, than Black. More Asian than Black. 

    When searching for leadership qualities, the smaller the group of people the more specific or less complex leadership needs. 

    For example, fiscally rich black people in NYC don't need the leaders the fiscally poor black people of NYC need. And a leader to the fiscally poor or fiscally rich black people combined has a very complex problem, cause the needs of the two fiscal halves in the black community in nyc have needs that collide with each other. 


    1. richardmurray


      I said the following to delano in the forum


      will restate your question, 

      do the needs of leadership change based on the quantity of humans in a group? A common philosophical questions. many answers, none are right or wrong. Speaking specifically to the USA, a country with a multiracial while racially imbalanced populace , the legal argument is clear. The USA legal culture, national culture, states the answer is no. The Declaration of independence of the USA through its content suggest the essence of leadership in humanity has no difference based on quantity of group/time/place. So in the usa, historically from a legal view, the answer to your question is no difference exist in leadership based on quantity of people. Now the declaration also states that leadership must take into consideration the people being led. So to wrap it up, in the legal context of the USA, the type of leader needed does not matter, whether global or to the neighborhood, but the leader must take into consideration the want of the community and whether it is feasible to be in any union with another. So based on the advertised standard in the USA, the type of leader the black community needs in the usa, from sea to shining sea or in your local neighborhood, is the same. But the leader must get results to fit the black communities want. And the question to you then is, what does the black community want, from sea to shinging sea or your local neighborhood?

      My specific thoughts


    2. Delano


      I would say that because groups have different needs that doesn't mean that a leader isn't needed. It just means that more than one leader is needed. Or perhaps the solution lies in the other direction what clubs or groups are needed and which should you join best on your needs and aspirations

    3. richardmurray


      I added in the post

      one other factor not mentioned enough in our commentary or in general with these sort of topics is the desire of the people.

      I use an example hitler. many people, maybe even most, say hitler swayed the german people, mind controlled them, talked them into some situation. 

      Those people are liars. Hitler didn't trick anyone. he realized what the majority of german people, or shall i say, the german christian people,  really wanted. The german christian people represent a majority of germany's populace, they were tired of german jews, german turks, german romani, in their country. Did most kill? of course not. most people never kill because killing is harder than movies make it. But most german christian people were willing to cheer those willing to kill.  The german christian community wanted to dominate the rest of europe and keep europe a center of the world. And was education an issue? no. Actually at that time, german was required learning in many fields of study. Sometimes what a people want isn't positive. It doesn't mean they are uneducated. It doesn't mean it is right or wrong. but it is what they want. Some leaders like to not give the people what they want if it has a negative tinge. And that restrictions limits ones leadership possibilities. The people anyone lead do not always want to be nonviolent, do not always want peace.  ala most of the well known or financially/governmentally supported by whites in some way black leaders post war between the states in the usa.  frederick douglass/sojourner truth/booker t washington/web dubois/da b wells/thurgood marshall/fannie lou hamer/MLK jr/Jesse Jackson/shirley chisholm/al sharpton/oprah winfrey/barrack obama. 


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