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    Loretta Devine, Sheryl Lee Ralph and the THR Blackfamous Roundtable – The Hollywood Reporter


    After reading the article, the argument is what in completion? ... Black thespians in the USA movie industry, titled hollywood, are revered by Black Audiences or in Black owned or mostly populated media outlets in certain roles or films , most with heavy black involvement behind the camera, while underrecognized by White audiences or in white owned or mostly populated media outlets. ... The solution in my view, is perspective. I will explain. Most people use the term bollywood to refer to the cinema of india. But I know a few indians who live in india and people who live in india relate all media by region or culture. Very few things in Entertainment in india are deemed by Indians in india as pan indian. In parallel, people or media outside India like to suggest all media in india is pan indian. Bollywood/Tollywood/Kollywood I heard of before. The following wiki displays how many more there are. < https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinema_of_India#Cinema_by_language > .. Now what is the point? the point is, each of these woods have their own identity. It isn't Kollywood thespians are underappreciated in Bollywood. Each wood in india is its own ecosystem. yes, some thespians can go between, but it isn't usual. Now, to the USA. If you look at the Cinema of India, a highly internally multiracial county, as a good comparative to the Cinema of the USA based on quality of racial complexities from the people in their country respectively, then you see the issue is not that Black Cinema's stars are underecognized in hollywood. It is that Black CInema is not hollywood. To be clear, Blackwood needs to stand isolated from hollywood the same way the hindu and tamil speaking woods do in india. yes, most black people in the usa speak english, but the culture of black people in the usa is not that of whites. Even though many black people work hard to make it so.

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    2. Stefan



      A couple of suggestions:

      Use the paragraph key to break up blocks of text.

      You definitely need a Copy Editor and an AP Style Book.

      Never use "etc." That tells your readers that you simply couldn't think of anymore to say in that sentence.

      Read over your work carefully before posting.

      Because you asked a question about how cheaply one could make a film and then left your readers hanging for a reply.

      The industry term is "low budget." Not cheap. 

    3. richardmurray


      @Stefan thank you for your suggestions

    4. Stefan


      Not a problem. Just contact me if you need any more pointers. If you're going to blog, shoot - be DAMN GREAT at it!

      One more tip, never use Wikipedia as a source. It's too easy and Wikipedia content can be edited and rewritten by anyone who is intent on doing so. 

      Stick with academics. Google is your friend to find websites.


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