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  1. now0.jpg

    May your spirit fly high Nichelle Nichols
    Uhura LINK

    Uhura tuning Vulcan lute LINK
    Uhura singing beyond Antares LINK


    Bill Russell's spirit flew as well, the most honest Black basketball in media ever

    on coaching LINK

    on Black Youth LINK

    I PAraphrase Bill russell, use the link above to verify or read the whole"You have guys who have been pampered for 10-15 years. So you can't say this is an example. Or this is an average guy. Most athletes, my self included, are self centered. Maybe psychologically that is why we plays sports, but it is not normal. ... If i  am going to go into Harlem, and go to a play ground and say to kids, if you work hard you can do the same thing I did, that would be a lie. That would be unfair to myself and unfair to the kids. I can say to the kids, do your best and fight it everyday. But to say I am an example of the greatness of the country, that is not true. If I am going to be honest to myself, I am an exception and have treated as an exception for years and years. The problem is I am only treated as an exception in certain areas. "


    1. richardmurray


      Fans of Nichelle  Nichols can send a message to be honored when her ashes are sent into space. Use the enterprise-flight url. 

      If you are willing, share your tribute. 


      The following is mine

      Beautiful... Black.. Artist , I first saw her as Uhura while a child and I always wondered more about her character. As a writer maybe one day I will write about Nyota. But Nichelle Nichols is forever well known . She is the brilliant real road that it takes to make the fantasy character reality one day.  Enjoy the world beyond time or space Ms. Nichols. 


      Hailing Frequencies Open
      Nichelle Nichols –
      A Legacy Remembered,
      Nichelle Nichols has inspired us all. Her portrayal of Nyota Uhura in Star Trek® was groundbreaking and even inspired Martin Luther King Jr.’s family! Now you can share your own story about how she inspired you and it will be sent into deep space aboard the first Celestis Voyager Memorial Spaceflight – the Enterprise Flight, launching later in 2022.



      Cited from Black Planet



      Article source





      I never heard of this firm. Amazing how much money was spent on sending ashes into space. I still wonder how far, cause the gravity of earth will force ashes into the atmopshere.


      This is the firm 



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