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  1. As a writer in a fiscal capitalistic environment, I am, like all other writers, two thing. I am a literary artist plus a commercial artist. 

    As a literary artist, I am complete. I create literature that I love, that comes from my soul. I make public or keep private what I choose from my creations. 

    As a commercial artist, I am learning. The selling or buying of art involves factors outside creativity or art. Some of said factors are heritage or culture or financial quality. 

    In the modern, meaning current, United States of America a culture made in response to historic heritages in said community has become potent in the media industry. In common history of the USA, the historic heritage, media was over ninety nine percent populated by humans who are male-person born with a penis+heterosexual-fornicate with someone who is born with the opposite sexual organ no hermaphrodites+christian-various denominations+white-phenotypical range+european ancestry. Humans who are not in the stated racial group , composed of additives, were less than one percent present in media across all activities. OVer time for various reasons, the cold war desire of the white power of the USA to be accepted by the larger human populace outside the usa over the ussr being the largest one, media in the USA changed at the impetus from its white owners. But , as ever larger money in the USA started being earned by more than just white christian male heterosexuals of european descent, the desire to impose a new media paradigm grew and grew. Said paradigm was and is aided by the growing financial clout of countries outside the USA that are mostly populated by non european or non white or non christian or maybe even mostly female humans. 

    But what is the culture? 

    The culture brewed state two position. Panracial integration is mandatory. Those in the stated group <white/male/christian/hetero/european ancestry> are blockaded from depicting those who are not while those who are not can depict those who are <white/male/christian/hetero/european ancestry>. 

    Why did I make this post?

    Not for anything I said prior. Everything I said prior was or is common knowledge or should or shall be common knowledge.

    I made this post to state a dysfunction in said culture.

    It mirrors the same dysfunction in Brown vs Board of Education. 

    Can human beings of different races, any racial category, coexist peacefully or functionally? the answer is a simple, historically proven, yes. Multiracial bodies, any racial category, are common throughout humanity.

    But, history proves something else. Humans beings can also thrive segregated from each other. Peaceful/functional/positive monoracial bodies, any racial category, are common throughout humanity. 

    The question in media is? If Valinor doesn't have any Black people , are Black people harmed/injured/insulted? The answer is a simple no. 

    The tales of Anansi don't include any whites or europeans. Grimms fairy tales don't include any blacks or africans. Neither story collection is lessened by their reality. Neither story requires unrepresented races to be forced through new characters or stories. 

    The answer isn't how to push black students into a white students only school to get the resources of the white school to be accessed by black students. The answer is to increase the resources of the black students only school to be at least equal to the white students only school. 

    Was media in the USA an industry that blockaded those who were not male+white+european ancestry+christian+heterosexual? yes. 

    But, is the wisest response to that past a modernity where said media is forced by external powers to share its resources OR where media that is not owned by male/+white+european ancestry+christian+heterosexual people have greater resources? 

    As I said in years past, why do Black people not have their own film awards? or moreover, why do Black people not emphasize their own film awards? Miss Juneteenth has began decades ago, but Black women in miss america is still a symbol. Is the goal to have white side black women or is the goal that black women have their own pageants just like white women? 

    A thought experiment, if every Black college student in the USA never went to any college but a historical black college or university <HBCU>, what will today's collegiate landscape look like? will it be bad in your mind?  I argue that Harvard+ Yale +MIT+ Stanford will not be lessened or destroyed or evil if they didn't have black students. In parallel I argue that HBCU's lost their momentum or positive possibility having to compete with the resources of more fiscally potent schools. 

    Is segregation evil? Is integration good? I argue, the USA or the british colonies preceding it has always been integrated while never segregated. From the first whites of Europe appearing before Native Americans who sadly didn't know what horrors these immigrants will bring to them through white slavemasters houses built on black families bodies or reservations the native americans left alive are forced to live in to NYC today in all of its christian babel likeness, integration has always been in the USA. Segregation has never been now at any time in the USA. 

    The key is how are the people integrating. Usually it is one master while the others slave or one alive with the others dead. In modernity, one is in power, while the others are not as powerful. 

    But, the image of power is always most dangerous, when it is a lie. The NAzi's saying they hate everyone else wasn't a lie. It was negative but not a lie. And the USA media lives with lies. We are all equal, we are all a family, a set of loving ones, in the USA... but then we are not. Your white cousin can't portray you, but you can portray them ala Hamilton stage play by mirande side Angelina Jolie playing Mariane van Neyenhoff. Black people of fiscal wealth say they want black unity against white oppression in the usa but  most of them finance relatives or friends to go to non Historical black colleges or universities. Lies are dangerous. And media promoting lies leads to greater problems. 

    In the art world, this means we artists have financial limitations on our craft based on the messages in our work. We artists always have, and always will I think. But, in the USA it is more narrow than in the past, even with a globally connected media. 


    Discussions of the Blackwood LINK


    Post SCript: I will love to write a story about Harad in the lord of the rings universe or Sothoryos in the Song of Ice and Fire universe. The writers to either of the mentioned worlds did include black people, asian people, all people in truth, but they only focused on writing about one part. They didn't have to create a USA in their story. 



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    2. richardmurray


      FAT EXCUSE from Maher


    3. Troy


      Fat acceptance to fat celebration is not really ne.  It has been around for a long time -- perhaps longer in the Black community. The idea that you can be obese and healthy, which we have accepted today, seems dangerous.


      Not a battle I have chosen to fight as people can do whatever they want to do and I'm not prepared to to tell people to exercise and eat well.


      I'm not sure this change in our culture is something a person under 40 can relate really appreciate.

    4. richardmurray


      @Troy hmmm, well, in the history of the USA I argue fat celebration is not common within the indigenous, black descended of enslaved, or white descended of slavers communities. The oldest three communities in the USA. whites suggested the large black mammy warranted celebration or acceptance <ala the black mammy in birth of a nation whipping black union soldiers with a broom> but that wasn't the opinion of blacks themselves. And if you ever see photos of said three communities in the past, being obese or fat wasn't nearly common. Only rich people were fat. I think fat acceptance or fat celebration in the USA are both creations of the 1900s USA, when the USA's wealth and consumption based culture started by the firms took hold. So, is it new? not in my opinion. Not from a larger historical view, in my opinion. Is it standardized in modernity? I think yes. 


      Communally accepted obesity from before the time of the USA, in Europe for example, was heavily accepted in the arts through european opera. 


      Yes, it is healthwise always unadvisable to suffer consumption. We forget greed or consumption as words originally referred to unwise intake. 


      Well, I think your position is in line with the cultural trend that has brewed in the USA since its inception, which is individual accountability. The problem with individual accountability when communities/races/groups battle is individual's problems do not reside solely onto their own actions; they reside with the friction between races. But in modern USA, the personal accountability that was in terms of financial or legal or governmental scenarios dysfunctional or misplaced has true presence in modern USA. In modern USA the hierarchy of races/groups/communities still exist. but, through a complex set of historical reasons, individual accountability is not merely a false strategy that is conveniently uttered as in the past, it is a functional reality. In modern USA, if you are black, you have the individual ability to do. If you are a woman, you have the individual ability to do. If you are indigenous, you have the individual ability to do. IF you are online , you have the individual ability to collate honest news sources. If you are an artist, you have the individual ability to sell and financially profit off your work. If you have any health condition, you have the individual ability to learn and manage your health. 

      Is anything easy? no. Is anything fair? no. Are some things hurdles beyond your control ? yes. But in the usa, while bias will always exists like throughout all humanity. The reduction of communalism/tribalism/collectivism and the adherence to a mass accepted individualism has occurred in the USA. 

      Sequentially, your desire not to tell others what to do is part of that mantra, that way of life that more people in the USA adhere to. 

      And many more people under 40 comprehend this than you think. I am sure of it. 

      I will end with a strategic point. The great dysfunction in personal accountability was and always will be the reality that communal/racial/tribal disparities will always influence the lives of individuals of the single person and thus, a person can never be totally accountable for the various negative or positive factors in their life. But, how does a populace that in majority accepts and allows for personal accountability handle when a person isn't? 

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