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Bill is not speaking on the allegations it because; (A) He is guilty or; (B ) He is innocent.  Either way he gains nothing other than opening the door to more negative questioning about his sex life, family, etc, etc.


I think the the officer in Ferguson case will walk, otherwise they would have made the announcement by now.  The only reason to delay the announcement until 9 p.m. CST tonight it to mobilize forces.  The family has already been informed of the verdict.


It is fascinating to observe the "news" outlets frantically position themselves two be the 1st two announce the results of the ‪‎Ferguson‬ verdict. Search engine and social media optimized, stories ready to go--anxiously awaiting to pull the trigger (pardon the pun).


Marion Barry did indeed pass.  He was loved by the people.  DC will probably never see another Major like him.  No major city will.  I think it was criminal the way they set him up years ago.  But they do that to us all the time, don't they?.  R.I.P. Mayor B.

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This skit was not about spiking a woman drink.  


Del do you really believe there is a connection between this routine and Cosby's "alleged" rapes?


I guess you believe Bill is a serial rapist.  


There are people in jail for who never raped anyone but were accused of doing it just once.  


How could this man have raped so many people and never even go to court, let alone jail?  


What changed why has this now become an issue, in the media, after so many years?  Did a payoff check bounce?  Was it the book's publication?

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OK Del, I know longer doubt that Bill Cosby drugged and raped women.  Here model Beverly Johnson tells her story in Vanity Fair:


[Editor’s Note: Cosby’s attorneys did not respond to Vanity Fair’s requests for comment.]

My head became woozy, my speech became slurred, and the room began to spin nonstop. Cosby motioned for me to come over to him as though we were really about to act out the scene. He put his hands around my waist, and I managed to put my hand on his shoulder in order to steady myself.

As I felt my body go completely limp, my brain switched into automatic-survival mode. That meant making sure Cosby understood that I knew exactly what was happening at that very moment.

“You are a motherfucker aren’t you?”

That’s the exact question I yelled at him as he stood there holding me, expecting me to bend to his will. I rapidly called him several more “motherfuckers.” 

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Black, Georgetown professor, Michael Eric Dyson recently frowned on Beverly for steppping up to join the chorus of women piling on a black man, accusing him of rape, and Bevely retorted by saying, this case has nothing to do with Bill being black and that he brought all of his current woes on himself. 


Poor ol Bill.   It's a mystery to me why prominent men risk everything just for illicit sex.  Why didn't Cosby just deal with willing women?  He allowed his penis to replace his brain and his ego to intoxicate him with power.  What a sordid legacy this icon has created for himself.   

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Cynique, clearly, Bill's behavior was not about sex, it was more about power and his perverse predilections. 


If Dyson came out against Johnson, Dyson is a fool.  We can begin to see why Bill's crimes went unreported for so long, with reactions like Johnson.  This is sick, just sick.


Bill has done so much for Black people, financially.  This is such a shame.  If would be foolish to return any money BIll has given to institutions, like Spelman.


But Black folks have lost a benefactor and a role model. The type of person we can sorely afford to lose.

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This apparent statement from Cosby's wife has been floating around the internet.  The copy was pulled form CBSNews twitter feed.  So I presume it has been vetted.  After a quick search I could not find a text version of this letter.


I agree, and hate the fact, that as soon as an accusation is made it goes viral.  It is one thing if this happens, on its own, in social media, but it is something completely different when the so called "reporters" in the "news" media fans the flames and even initiates these allegations gone viral. Again it is all about money and people lap it up so...


I disagree, that we can know people we see, in the media.  We can assume that Bill is anything like the character Dr. Huxtable.  It is like assuming we can actually get to know someone based upon what they put on Facebook.  Shoot, it is hard enough to truly know your friends, let alone a celebrity you've never met.  I met Bill once.  I introduced myself to him at an event.  He seemed nice enough, but I would never presume that I know him.


It appears, we will never know what happened.  I still believe Bill must have been up to something funky, but again after being subjected to so much of negativity how could one believe otherwise?  This letter does not prove anything.


Has anyone heard from Lisa Bonet on this issue?



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I've really avoided this whole convo because in my mind, being from the South and knowing what happened to Black men touching white women, there is no way in the entire hell that this dude did that all of that, all that damn time and it didn't gain any traction in a court of law and no stories gained steam. Cosby was not some untouchable superstar, he was doing Fat Albert and I Spy. He did Uptown with Poitier and then went through the entire 80s raping women while doing the Cosby Show and Ghost Dad? But he didn't touch any of the women on his show, or the girls and ladies on a Different World, and then the second Cosby Show on CBS? Then he went to Spelman on various occasions and donated money, but didn't touch any of the girls or women at Spelman. Did he only lose control around models and white actresses?


Cosby is not Gotti, and hell even Gotti got busted. I just can't see a black dude getting away with raping that many women. I don't care how many women come out, until dude goes to court or gets convicted, I'm not buying any of it. This is not because he is Bill Cosby either... I just find it extremely hard to hold a facade/lie/charade for that damn long. I also find it impossible to think that of all of those women nothing ever made it to court. Bill Cosby is either the Godfather or he has more people on payroll than the mafia. You can't hold stories of that magnitude that long without blackmail or someone trying to get paid. A parent, or someone would have come out against dude. 


Like I said I avoided the dialogue, but I can't help but see some strange comparisons to Michael Jackson being pulled through the muck when he bought the Beatles catalog and wouldn't sell it back to Paul McCartney. In the same since from what I understand, Cosby was attempting to buy a network again and was also making a return to television. As much as say Hip-Hop changed things, Cosby changed things in the 80s. This dude single handedly saved the Black Colleges through funding and by promoting the Black College lifestyle at a time when people were moving away from going to the HBCUs. A Different World coincided with the high enrollment at HBCUs. I mean the only destruction of a Black man of such significance was during the Civil Rights Movement.


Now one could argue that Cosby is not so significant today so these women don't have anything to gain by coming forward. They are making themselves look bad and bringing a horrible memory to the public for what purpose? Why would anyone want people to know something so horrible? I get that, but for me raping 22 plus women is one hell of a mask to wear all of those years. He would have to be a true psycho and people who tend to be that violent inevitably extend that type of behavior to murder. In other words, rape, like any form of control is an underlying factor in the majority of people who move towards more heinous acts. 


I'm kind of rambling here, but I find it hard to believe anyone has that level of charisma and power that they can get away with such serial behavior. Not even presidents can hide deviant behavior, but Bill Cosby can and none of these strong women around him said shit? Bill and Ted Bundy have raped the same amount of women except Bill didn't kill them like Ted Bundy did. My logic just can't buy that.

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I don't agree with you on this subject, Chris. I am never surprised at the things that power and money and celebrity enable men to do. One of these things is to indugle the sexual perversions and fantasies and forbidden fruit that lurk in the darker side of their libidos, urges that every man experiences and would follow if they could get away with. It's the nature of the beast and because of who he was and is, Bill Cosby could get away with the behavior that put him in the company of such powerful men as John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.
The women currently coming forward to point the finger at Cosby are not randomly crawling out of the wood work but are emerging from a past where they actually crossed paths with and were in his company. It's not unusal for women to not report rape because it's hard to prove. Only when enboldened by their numbers are these victims motivated to speak out about the crime of rape that is just as much about control as it it about gratification. Inside sources say Cosby is a notorious control freak who throws his weight around. And even before he acquired his immense power, back in the 60's, during the free swingin' Playboy era he didn't have to be rich and powerful to take advantage of young women; just famous. And of course, he picked his victims, and did not try his antics on women who were anything other than vulnerable star struck non-entites or B-list acquaintances. He'd be a fool to display his lascivious side to females whose respect he wanted and needed. And as he grew in stature, so did his beliefs that he was entitled to have his way with women who he could dominate.
Yes, Bill Cosby was responsible for bringing over-achieving, middleclass Blacks to the attention of American TV viewers and he got rich doing this. Being a philanthropist does not neutralize his being a lecher, and may simply have served to score points when it came to projecting a good image that would command the adulation and admiration that ego-centric men like him thrive on. He also alienated members of his own race by putting down lower class ones, chiding them for their low-life ghetto ways. This is an attitude that reeks with the  "do-as-I-say-do, not-as-I-do" arrogance of someone who thinks he's above reproach.
Is this a conspiracy to bring down a black man who wants to compete with Oprah by buying his own TV network? This whole controversy was, after all, triggered by an off-handed remark by a young, black comedian putting voice to persistent rumors about Cosby, and it was further fueled by a black woman who really had nothing to gain by revealing his misconduct toward her. But when all else fails, haul out the old "conspiracy" defense. And I will resort to the old "where there's smoke, there's fire" response.
IMO, Bill Cosby is an idol with feet of clay. He is a flawed person. But to err is human and he really doesn't have to answer to anyone. I look at the picture of him being flashed all over the media and I don't see a face tempered with wisdom or mellowed with age. I see a demonic mask, etched with wrath over the idea that anyone would dare challenge his highly vaunted image. But what I think doesn't matter. He may have fallen from grace but in this society, integrity is a rare virtue.
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One again, my problem with the whole thing is that each of the most powerful men in the world you mentioned Clinton and Kennedy (and insert any other people you'd like into this equation) all were outed during their behavior (Kennedy was killed, Clinton was impeached... I'm not saying that their predatory sexual behavior is what did them in, but dang they were done in. Just like Oliver North and his lies in the 80s and any other person who did things so evil that the world knew about it). Are you telling me Bill Cosby is more powerful than all of the gangsters, presidents and killers and was able to hide his behavior for all of these years? Did some of these instances come up? Yes. Was he able to pay it away? Yes, but dang he was able to pay away over 25 women and now all of a sudden everyone is coming forward?


As I said, logically that is beyond my comprehension that any Black man has the ability to be so evil and deviant and hide it for 40 years. To me this is one of the most amazing things ever which is why I just can't see it. I said above that I would feel this way about any Black man accused of these things at such a rate. It just so happens that this dude would have to be the most incredible actor and the most powerful man in the world. I don't think you can name me another man who committed such heinous crimes and got away with it for 40 years. Maybe Jack the Ripper, but this type of evil is impossible to keep quiet especially when a man has so much to lose during the height of his fame. This is not about conspiracy, but the reality that I've never seen any Black man get away with anything for that long. I just can't see it, but there is a first time for everything. Even OJ eventually went to jail so maybe in time we will see Cosby go to jail, but until then I don't buy it.

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Well Chris Michael Jackson got away with his shenanigans for his entire life.  Like Bill Cosby the closest anyone got to him was an out of court settlement.


Did you forget about the cat at Penn State who was fondling kids for years?  Were you not aware of the Catholic church protecting predators for generations?  This kind of cover up happens all the time.


I think you underestimate Bill Cosby's power and influence. I could very easily see why women would not go after Cosby.  Most sexual assaults go unreported in general.  


Have you ever heard of the "casting couch?"


Even Spelman, as bad as they need donors, have distanced themselves from Cosby.  


Just accept it man.

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My commentary about Bill Cosby is not about Bill Cosby, really it is my inability to see any Black man get away with raping 20+ white women and live. Maybe I'm not being clear. The Penn State thing, white guys. The Catholic Church, white guys (and maybe some Black guys, but you get my gist). Michael Jackson is a more realistic example, only about three kids came forward, maybe there were more and they kept silent, but it's not a stretch in my mind for a guy to go after 3-5 kids and get away with it... that is a number that I can wrap my mind around, but I don't care how you guys look at it, I can't see the dude getting away with this for 40 years with over 20+ White Women!


I know Spelman distanced themselves, but I'm saying the dude didn't attack anyone from there with all of those fine ass women on campus. It seems he only had a thing for white models and playboy bunnies. I know that rape is about dominance and control especially in regard to drugging women, and if he did do it, I don't condone it. 


Everyone has heard of the casting couch, hell even that happens with cheerleaders at colleges and at high schools. There is a pervasive culture of abuse of women, I aint' talking about all of that. I'm talking about a Black man in a towering position with everything to lose got away with raping 20+ white women and you guys are telling me White America was okay with that. If there is so much racism as we all claim that there is, how in the entire hell is Bill Cosby the only Black man capable of pulling off only what we assume those in real power get to do? I mean come on man, you can't tell me you really think this dude has more influence and power than the damn president who couldn't hide one blow job and that Bill Cosby was able to do this and nothing has come of it yet? I mean not a single court case has been tried, just a bunch of payoffs? You mean to tell me these 20-40 plus women all are okay with just getting the money and never getting this dude into a court of law. Then he was capable of maintaining this facade for 3 decades with women who seem to be very conscious and aware of the struggle of women?


You mention Penn State... they busted that dude eventually and the time frame is much smaller than Cosby's at 15 years. Once again, if the name was Troy or Chris and someone said a Black man, I don't care how rich, raped 20-40 women, primarily white women and got away with I'd give it the side eye. That's all I'm saying. As far as just accepting it, I've avoided the conversation because people automatically assume I'm pulling for Cosby as opposed to what I'm really addressing which is the idea that any Black man has enough power to rape white women and live. Now, and this is a terrible thing to say, if the accusers were primarily Black I would believe it much faster because no one would really care, but I couldn't see the women around him allowing that to happen. It's just too damn hard to hide the real you.


Do I think the cat raped some of those women, yes. Could he have raped all of those women? Yes. Can he get away with it? Yes and that is what makes it all so crazy.

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Troy, I forgot to mention this with Sandusky there were people who saw him and there were witnesses to confirm the details. In this case, Cosby has been such an efficient rapist, abuser that there aren't any doggone witnesses for any of the women? I haven't done any research, but from what I have seen and heard, there aren't any people coming forward to confirm the allegations.

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If you're a habitual rapist, you perfect your MO.  You don't committ your crime around witnesses.  You isolate and prey on those who  are helpless and you leave them paralized with the fear and shame that very often drives them into silence. And speaking of silence, there is an unwritten rule that the lackeys and hangers-on who surround  high-profile offenders keep their mouths shut and look the other way. Other insiders don't want to get involved.  I don't think Cosby is that unusual.  This kind of thing goes on not only in the shady show biz world but in the military ranks and political circles and corporate work places where sexual harassment is perpetrated by those in authority.  Sometimes power is a great aphrodisiac. Most of the time, it corrupts.

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Chris you are also working on the presumption that all we read in the media is all that actually happened. Just because we can name another man in exactly the same position does not mean that it does not happen.  We would not have know about Bill Cosby until recently.


"The Juice" got away with decapitating a white woman, does any one believe for a split second that Nicole was the only woman O.J. abused?

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My point is OJ got caught, not for that death but there was karmic retribution. In a way I'm looking at how life works especially for black men. The criminal system has never favored us but Bill Crosby is the Godfather? I know we can't ever know of every criminal. It's just that I am amazed that with the case being public knowledge with over 60 women there isn't anyone that has been able to get this to a court of law except the case where the plaintiffs are looking for 100million dollars. Which is suspect. I do think that there was karmic justice in Ennis being murdered since cosby hasn't been convicted, which is disturbing to say.

I guess I have never seen any black man get away with anything, not the people around me at least or when I was in the military, or when I played college ball or as an educator. But I'm broke and I have never been close to absolute power.

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Chris you, everyone really, may find this analysis interesting.  The lack of this type of research and analysis is one of the repercussions of not having a Black media.  That and our obsession with social media like which is largely based upon the recirculation of a shallow opinions based upon sound bites generated by a media biased against Black people.   I'm sure this article will give folks something to thing about.
“The Bill Cosby Serial Rape Hoax by the Numbers--The Devil is in the Details”
By James C. McIntosh, M.D.
I have never been more sure that the Bill Cosby Rape allegations are both a hoax and a pure and simple media lynching as when I read a story today that should have been entitled “2600 people give Cosby a standing ovation in Canada,” but instead bears the title “Bill Cosby jokes woman should be careful drinking near him.” The hit is out and the single rule of the game is that Cosby simply must not win no matter what he does. Dick Gregory used to tell a story about the old southern literacy tests that white folks employed to prevent Blacks from voting. He said that they would give the Black man a reading test on nuclear physics in Russian. If he couldn’t read it, they told him he failed. If he could read it, he still couldn’t vote because they would tell him that if he could read Russian, he must be a communist. These headlines about Cosby’s alleged actions 40 years ago have no more to do with rape or sexual violence any more than the literacy test in Mississippi had to do with the ability to read. If the people running this campaign against Cosby were concerned with rape they would run the headline, Study by the American Medical Association shows that 39.7 percent of the women and 22 percent of the men in the Eastern Region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been the victim of Conflict related sexual violence.
Instead there is another story online beginning with the headline “2 New Women Accuse Cosby…” right in line with the Dick Gregory story. When one reads beyond the headline, it turns out that the two women are not new accusers at all, they are previously written about accusers from the original already padded list now simply accusing Cosby of something else. Apparently the press is running out of Cosby rape or assault accusers. However, they are so determined to keep the headlines against Cosby going that they are starting to recycle the old accusers. The two women it turns out are accusing Cosby of defamation because he says their accusations of sexual assault are lies. Just like the literacy test, if Bill Cosby says nothing the press says he must be a rapist. If he says the women are lying, then the press says he is defaming them. The advantage of the defamation suit for the 2 women is that the alleged defamation is current unlike their previously published assault charges which involve allegations of events that are supposed to have happened 44 years ago and 38 years ago respectively.
The first woman, L.J.T. who alleges that Cosby picked her up at a place called the Café Figaro, says that Cosby offered her a ride home but took her to the beach instead. He offered her drugs which she refused then he grabbed her chest and rubbed the front of her body. She ran down the beach to escape him and tore her dress in the process. That is it. If every word she said is true, the sexual assault charge is because of the alleged chest grabbing and body rubbing done by Cosby before he apparently realized that just because he had picked her up at the Café Figaro she was not that type of girl. She got back into his car and he bought her a new dress and took her home 44 years ago. She is now suing Cosby for defamation for calling her a liar. He would undoubtedly beat this defamation case if instead of calling her a liar, he had called her a drug trafficker, a fraud, a batterer and an ID thief since these are crimes for which this innocent girl from Café Figaro has already been convicted in what is described in one article as her extensive criminal past.
The second, woman TPS says that when she was 19 years old, and Cosby was around 39 years old, Cosby came up behind her in a hotel lobby put his arm around her and asked her to marry him. She smiled and he invited her to come to his show. She did. After the show she went to his dressing room which was crowded with people. She waited until all the people left. Maybe she figured the Justice of the Peace would get there soon. He did not. Instead Cosby offered her two pills which she accepted. One article says he told her they were Quaaludes. She took the Quaaludes from him and put them in her mouth. “She luded out.” Look it up; it’s similar to an alcohol blackout. She says that her next memory was of Cosby having sex with her. When she went home and told her mother about her evening. Her mother with the wisdom perhaps of many woman who like her mother made Las Vegas their home, told her “Maybe he will take care of you.”
TPS called Cosby back and continued to see him over the next few weeks, sometimes in a hotel room and would get money from him. Eventually when she told Cosby she thought she was pregnant she says, “He sent me away.” Her alleged rapist who she had been meeting in his hotel room regularly since the dressing room incident, in her own words, had to “send (her) away.” Fast forward 20 years later in 1996 she contacted Cosby to ask for money and she says he got indignant with her. She reminded him that he had promised to give her 500 dollars for every A she got in Nursing School. When she finished that conversation with Cosby she was infuriated at the way he had spoken to her. She said she had made up her mind to never contact him again. However, shortly after that conversation Cosby sent her $10,000 dollars directly and had $5,000 dollars given to her from William Morris Agency. That’s a lot of A’s.
8 years after that generosity, 28 years after the dressing room incident, the suspected pregnancy and being sent away, and shortly after her own divorce, TPS read about Andrea Costand’s law suit in which Costand accused Cosby of digitally penetrating her while she was under the influence of drugs. Costand said he had given her 3 blue pills under the false pretense that they were “an herbal remedy.” A year after that Costand filed a suit. TPS says when she found out about Costand’s accusations she became angry about what had happened to her so many years ago and went to the police in Philadelphia--- 28 years after Cosby had sent her away! 8 years after he had given her a total of$ 15,000 dollars, someone ( perhaps the police) saw similarities in her case and Costand’s. TPS was contacted by Costand’s attorneys and agreed to become Jane Doe witness number 10 in Costand’s civil suit. The suit never got to be adjudicated in court because the parties settled.
Fast forward again to 2014 A spate of stories began to appear in the press and on the internet following a Hannibal Burress Comedy routine in which he called Cosby “Smug,” and “a Rapist.” The same press which claimed that this comedy routine went viral began to publish stories in tandem with an ever increasing count of alleged new accusers. Understand that 14 of these accusers in the count were not new at all and came from Costand’s settled law suit. Cosby refused to respond. In one of the stories TPS from the Costand suit was recycled, presented anew as around victim 15 or 16. In that story TPS said she had nothing to gain. However, now in 2015, 39 years after the alleged rape she is charging Cosby with defamation. 500 dollars per A is small potatoes in comparison to what is at stake now. In fact she now has quite a bit to gain. For you see when you are white, Defamation around the issue of rape can be very profitable as is illustrated in the Tawana Brawley Case.
In that case the accused white rapist charged Tawana Brawley’s lawyers and advisers of defamation because they had accused him of raping Tawana Brawley. The Court awarded the accused rapist Steven Pagones, $345,000 from them and $185,000 from his alleged victim. That’s right, the woman who as a child accused a man of rape has been ordered to pay her alleged attacker for defaming him when she made that accusation. Brawley, by the way, completed nursing school with no one giving her 500 dollars for every A she received. But that was a Black woman accusing a white man. Cosby can expect no such luck because what happens to the accused or the accuser in America has always been determined by race more than any other factor. In the state of Virginia alone, where Brawley lives, 43 men were legally executed for rape between 1908 and 1963 and not one of them was white. Don’t be surprised if the same American legal system that awarded cash to the accused perpetrator in the Brawley case will do the exact reverse by awarding the accusers money in the Cosby Case. Don’t be surprised if they rule that the accused man has defamed his accusers by saying he is innocent.
I do not believe that Cosby raped the two accusers LJT and TPS. Yet their stories are no less believable than the other 20 or so women being presented in a distorted way by the white press to paint Cosby as a serial “rapist.” I could go through the first 22 incidents and in all of them tell why in my opinion they are not credible stories. However, I don’t even believe that any woman who claims she has been raped or sexually assaulted should have her story picked apart in the press. I believe that the facts should be argued in a court in privacy. But in the case of Bill Cosby, the press and the bloggers and some of the alleged victims are presenting these one sided incomplete stories and ripping apart any mainstream journalist who asks the alleged victims difficult or politically incorrect questions.
So below I have a chart that summarizes 22 of these cases, my understanding of what is the essence of each accusation against Cosby, plus a sentence or two about potential defenses from Cosby that would invalidate their claims. In one of the cases on this so called list the woman is accusing Cosby because he gave her pills which she took and caused, her in her opinion, to end up in bed with another man. Seriously she’s on the list and not even accusing Cosby of touching her. However, the white media is publishing these unsubstantiated accusations on the internet up to 50 years after these women say these incidents happened as if they are gospel. The sheer numbers are making people say, “How could all 22 women all be lying?” For those who don’t know the answer to that question I refer you to the following book. Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference Held at M.I.T. Cambridge, Ma. Textbook Binding – September, 1995.
It’s simply a fact that not only have hundreds of people reported being abducted by aliens and taken on spacecraft. Many of them say the aliens have raped and or fiddled with them sexually. Some even say the aliens impregnated them. I don’t believe them but there are way more than 22 women who claim these things are facts. It’s not that there aren’t enough of them making these accusations against the aliens for me to believe. It’s not that their stories do not coordinate with each other. Their stories are quite similar and their descriptions of the perpetrator (s) are similar. I still don’t believe them. The reason I don’t believe them is because the reality they recount conflicts with reality as I know it. Similarly these women’s accounts do not correlate with the Bill Cosby whose life I have read about. Their stories don’t correlate with the Bill Cosby I saw narrate the documentary “Black History Lost Stolen or Strayed,” or the Bill Cosby who gives money to help elderly and infirm jazz musicians, or the Bill Cosby who funds educational programs for youngsters and donates heavily to institutions of higher learning, or the Bill Cosby who spoke out about AIDS while holding Jack Felder’s Book, on AIDS and US Biological Warfare, or the Bill Cosby who spoke up for Tawana Brawley when it was not popular to do so, or the Bill Cosby who was concerned enough about the Black Image in Media that he tried to buy NBC to improve that image. These 22 women’s statements certainly conflict with the Bill Cosby whose been married to the same Black woman for 50 years a woman who in the face of all these accusations still attests to his good character.
Hey if either before or after you look at my chart you still believe these accusations. Take solace that according to the white media nearly everyone else believes as you do. I will take solace in the fact that the 2600 people who gave him a standing Ovation in Canada probably believe more as I do. I am so glad I believed in the Central Park boys’ innocence and spoke out at the time the case happened. They have since been vindicated and proven innocent. Yet I can remember very plainly the strident voices of all the accusers of the young men railroaded in that case. I remember the specific writers who called them “a rolling mass of pus,” “a wolf pack” and a “melanoma.” I remember the full page ad by Donald Trump calling essentially for their lynching. In that Ad Trump referred to non specifically to “roving bands of wild criminals” but there was no doubt about to whom he was referring. In that Ad Trump also expressed his opposition to Ed Koch’s uncharacteristically statesman like call at the time to the people of New York to “remove hate and rancor from our hearts.” Trumps ad said in response to that call, ''I do not think so. I want to hate these muggers and murderers. They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.'' I remember the boys crying parents and the boys’ wrongful convictions despite the fact that the DNA found on the Jogger matched none of them. I remember their forced confessions when they gave precise though conflicting and totally false reports of exactly who held the jogger down and exactly who hit her with a brick and exactly who was carrying a lead pipe. I actually saw a video of Assistant District Attorney Lederer telling one of the boys who had a history of retardation, that his fists couldn’t have made the injuries suffered by the Jogger, so what did he use? The boy trying desperately to satisfy her, said words to the effect of “a rock, I used a rock.” Although it was known at the time of the boys conviction for rape that there was 1 type of DNA on her sock and in her cervix and that it matched none of the boys, Lederer and the other members of the prosecution led the public to believe that the DNA samples related to the case were inconclusive rather than exculpatory as they in fact, were. In that regard Lederer engineered the boys conviction for a rape they never committed. I remember how these boys lost their youth and were assaulted in prisons in the worst kinds of units children can be put into, only to have it revealed decades later that they were innocent despite all the witnesses, and newspaper articles screaming their guilt. The 41 million dollar settlement awarded by the courts cannot begin to pay for their suffering sparked and fueled by the inflammatory white press’ rush to judgment.
In the Cosby case, the white press is again acting like a lynch mob. That’s why any real journalist would refuse to be a part of it. The bottom line is that Cosby is entitled to the presumption of innocence guaranteed to him by law and the benefit of the doubt earned by his years of service to the Black Community. The alleged assault victims should also have the right to be exempt from the current media circus where they are now simply being used as pawns in a rigged game of chess between Cosby and the media big boys. Yet the question remains who is behind this rigged game, this coordinated media lynching of Cosby. Could anyone actually be going through all this just because Cosby wants to own a network. One red herring thrown out in the white press this week centers around Donald Trump’s having fired Keisha Knight Pulliam on his NBC broadcast show, The Apprentice. Trump says she was fired because she would not contact Bill Cosby to ask for money for charity in a team competition on the show. It is true that Cosby recently had nasty words for Trump but it is doubtful that Trump has the capability to trigger a media attack as extensive as the current attack against Cosby.
It is also true that Trumps defensive Tweet this week in which he claims the show was filmed before the current attack against Cosby began, lends credence to the notion of his involvement in Cosby’s current woes for some. However, for me, the paraphrased words of Don Corleone apply here. “T---- is a pimp. He never could never outfight (Cosby). But I didn't know until this day that it was Barzini all along.” For Barzini perhaps substitute any name at the power level of Stephen Burke, Jeffrey Zucker or any recent Corporate officer at NBC Universal, NBC News, Comcast or NBC related entity who is actually big enough and mean enough to influence headlines across all media to destroy the legacy of one 77 year old Black Icon with a previously spotless reputation.
Here is an excerpt from one Daily News Article originally reported in April 24, 1989 , with several quotes from then, Assistant D. A. Elizabeth Lederer
Hints of what she (The jogger) endured were exposed hours earlier in Criminal Court, where the accused youths heard Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Lederer give abbreviated versions of their chilling statements:
“Clarence Thomas, 14, of W. 112th St, quoted fellow pack member Steve Lopez, 15, of Harlem’s Schomburg Plaza housing complex, as saying, “Let’s get a female jogger!” In keeping with the theory that the gang left its victim for dead, Thomas told detectives, “I know who did the murder” and said he would testify before a grand jury. “He admitted holding (the woman) down while others raped her,” Lederer said.
Yusef Salaam, 15, of Schomburg Plaza and a student at Harlem’s Rice Academy, a Catholic school, “made a statement that he hit her with a pipe and grabbed her breasts.” “He said he did it because ‘It was fun,’” according to Lederer.
Karey Wise, 16, a Schomburg resident who is one of two pack members who will be treated as adults, downplayed the charges against him, saying “he only played with the lady’s legs after others knocked her down.” “Wise gave shocking details in terms of the account of where the body was taken, dragged, and left,” Lederer said. Wise’s attorney, Colin Moore, told the judge his client “admitted playing with her underpants.”
Raymond Santana, 14, of E. 119th St., a student at Junior High School 117, “grabbed (her) and hit her with a brick. He said he felt her (breasts),” Lederer said.
Antron McCray, 15, of W. 111th St., a student at Career Academy Junior High School, said “he mounted the body and kicked the woman: he named Salaam as hitting her with a pipe,” according to the prosecutor.
Michael Briscoe, of Madison Ave., who at 17 is the oldest of the suspects and will be treated as an adult, “made plans with several people to go ‘wilding’ … several days before the incident.” The bespectacled Briscoe has a prior juvenile record that was not disclosed. Sources said he was serving a term of five years’ probation. Other defendants said Briscoe “smashed the victim with a rock.”
Kevin Richardson, 14, of Schomburg Plaza, admitted chasing the victim and said Lopes, McCray and Santana “pushed her down to the ground,” Lederer said.
Below is a chart with summaries of what 22 the accusers in the Cosby case have said happened and potential defenses and evidence against the charge of rape or sexual assault, that Cosby could easily offer.
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Like I said I hadn't really done a lot of research and I avoided the topic on every other platform, but I feel a bit safer here and I offered my opinion of why I have a problem with all of this. I wasn't trying to persuade or move people to my train of thought, I simply thought everyone would agree with me that either Bill Cosby is the most powerful, most evil man alive, with one of the most incredible facades invented, or we should all wait to pass judgement. While Cosby is definitely a horny bastard with enough money to buy ass, none of those reports above are the same as how this dude is being labeled. He is not a good husband, but that's not our business. 


Looking at the chart above, I'm sure more research is required, but damn, this is the kind of research that needs to be done before reporting and defaming. Thanks for this info Troy, while it somewhat validates my opinion, I still think everything has to play out. This is the first I've ever seen of this type of background work.

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Chris I have to agree, and indeed have adjusted my opinion accordingly.  Imagine a world were mainstream journalist actually did some research before reporting.  Today the press is nothing more than a rumor mill, an exalted National Inquirer, especially when it comes to Black folks.


Of course the main stream media would publish sensation stories; it generates revenue.  Research takes time, energy and money, which reduces profits.  The circulation of these rumors on Facebook and Twitter generates vast wealth for those owners as well.  Meanwhile the public remains largely ignorant and misinformed.


Again, in the light of this information, I realize I fell prey to the media hype by rushing to judgement against Bill Cosby. In fact, originally I supported Bill.  What changed my mind against Bill Cosby was Beverly Johnson's article in Vanity Fair, which essentially related the same information in the video above.  But the printed piece is much more impactful than the video.  If The View was my first introduction to Beverly's accusation I probably would have assumed her story was suspect as well.


I doubt we will ever learn the "truth" in this situation.  Each situation was very different.


I don't believe Ennis's death was some form of Karmic Justice--actually I don't believe in any of that, at least not to the extent that we could comprehend it.

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It's not surprising that guys focus on the men victimized by false allegations of rape. But women deserve to have their case stated when it comes to a crime where the burden of proof is on them. Rape is a complicated and ambiguous act that's hard to confirm unless physical assault is involved.  


Ego-driven males think that "no" means "maybe". Females contend that "no" means "no".  Because they are at a physical disadvantage when it comes to fending off an attacker who thinks she really wants sex, women often acquiese and just move on because they have no way of proving that they had sex against their will and they don't want the negative publicity that comes with reporting rape.  


Unless a man has suffered through a proctology exam, it's difficult for him to empathize with the trauma of having his body violated in the act of it being forcefully invaded.   When this does happen to men, they are just as traumatized as women and just as reluctant to charge rape because of the shame associated with it.  


Women who falsely accuse a man of rape do this to save face or to exact revenge, Such devious conduct will always be a weapon in a woman's arsenal to punish men in the battle of the sexes.  Even so, such tactics risk an unsympathetic backlash from anyone except Feminists with an agenda. And this brings us to the politics of rape. In this country it has always gone hand-in-hand with race. Black men, ever tempted by the forbidden fruit of white women, have historically paid a price for this.  White men with their penis envy seize the opportunity to villainize black  brutes who abuse their sexual prowess. To this day, this scenario is played out in many subtle and symbolic ways in many different situations, on many different levels.  


Having said all of this, I do have a problem with those women who think they can dress provocatively and put themselves in compromising positions.  They believe that have a right to act anyway they choose without jeopardizing their virtue. But they are kidding themselves if they do not realize that on any given occasion in any given place, rape can occur. 


As for the role the media plays in all of this, news is about immediacy. And research can be highly-overrated because unless your dealng with the exactitude of math  or an un-doctored photograph you can't trust sources, or anything that is documented and filtered through the subjectivity of corrupt human channels.  (That's why i don't place any stock in the bible, because it was translated by a bunch of monks, drunk not only with power but with wine.)  Furthermore, people believe what they want to believe.  I am an example of that.  I haven't been a fan of Bill Cosby for years. I find him extremely annoying. 


The truth is out there, but the whole truth requires an overview that few have access to.  

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What I'm trying to understand how of the 22 cases above 3 of them are the same woman? Looking at this chart and the explanations, every woman in the world has a "rape" charge they could go with. I'm terrified of what will happen when I make these millions this year, lol. I know this is not a joking matter, but I'm serious. I can't tell you how many girls I felt up in high school, or at clubs while in college, or dancing with girls and having parties at my apartment as an adult. I mean, there are hardly any cases here where there was sexual intercourse. I'm not defending Cosby, or justifying any of this... but reading this information and looking at the other links it looks like Bill's behavior is just shitty male behavior and is more a private issue between Bill, Camille, these women and a court of law. 


To be honest, I've witnessed this type of behavior a lot which is a commentary again on how men treat women; an other conversation.

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Did you see the clip where Cosby request that a part of the interview be deleted. There is Bill Cosby the actor and Bill Cosby the man. Allegedly Dr. Seuss didn't like children,.Hitler was a vegetarian. And the Robber Barons became Philanthropists. How could Bill Cosby have this double life for so long. He's an actor. How did Jockey Foster raise a child in a lesbian relationship for years without it being news. How is that there was a protest in New York of thousands and it didn't make the paper.

I couldn't read the article. It was illogical. $500 x 10 is $5,000. If she went to a 4 year college she would take between 30 to 50 courses. So 10 is one t is a third a lot. Comparing rape charges to alien abduction. Is ... Is problematic in the extreme first off we can't prosecute aliens but we can and do prosecute rapists. The author states he is partial. In justice impartiality is the ideal.

Power corrupts It I'd rumored that both Mao and Castro had young girls delivered to them.

Do its post to lecture Blacks about morals while you give drugs to young women. This defense is pretty fanning. I guess my big question is why he helped these women, and is wife is never present.

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I get that comparing the rapes to alien abductions is a stretch, but why did you overlook the comparison to the Central Park rapes? Why did you overlook the longer analysis of Tawanna. The Alien part is just another example of how people tend to pull together and share similar stories in situations that can't be verified. More important, people tend to share similar stories when they have been coached. 


The chart above gives the facts about the cases and in a number of those cases, no drugs, no sex... What are your thoughts on that? What are your thoughts on the fact that the media continues to say 22 rapes when clearly 3 of those are cases by the same woman? Does any of the information about the fact that these women all received compensation, but not a single one of them has pursued this dude in a court of law? I know the cases are beyond the statute of limitations, but interestingly the more recent cases all have an air of embellishment and blackmail.


8 of the 22 cases involved pills. I'm not justifying anything, but that's not 22 women who got pills. More important the person that really swayed public opinion was Beverly Johnson who nothing really happened to, but she was also involved with a man who was involved in rape and human trafficking and she has nothing at all to say about this guy? Once again, the dude is a shitty guy, but none of this warranted a public decimation of his character. You guys are saying it yourselves over and over, you have to separate the man from the actor. If this is the case shouldn't people reserve judgement and allow both sides of the narrative to be delivered? 


Troy here goes another one that just dropped about Bev Johnson and Dickinson: http://hellobeautiful.com/2015/01/14/beverly-johnson-lied-about-bill-cosby-claims/

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Del the article said $500 for every "A" not every course.  


I appreciate the the vast majority of people, like Del, will not read the entire article.  This is another reason why this type of analysis is rarely done, because so few people will invest the time to read it--sort of like books are today...


The Tawanna Brawley bit was a unconvincing to me, as that incident was proven to be a lie, but the rest of the analysis casts enough doubt in my mind for each individual case.  Bill will never be tried for 22 cases all at once, it will always be he said, she said under dubious circumstances.


Cynique, it is not just men rallying behind Cosby.  Prominent females that support cosby include Whoopie Goldberg and JIll Scott. When you look at many of the cases like Beverly,


Errol!  Hey thanks popping by.  Del posted a video from Cosby's routine about Spanish Fly. This of course does not prove anything.  Of course we are old enough to remember Spanish, Fly.  I seem to remember it being more of an aphrodisiac, rather than your garden variety date rape drug.


At the end of the day, we know we know the media will take every advantage to pile on Brother and Sisters with problems.  

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CDB to me they are not similar. Cosby case is premeditated. And you get more time for premeditated crimes than crimes if Passion. If you rib the same bank twice its to counts of robbery. Which is how we determine hardened criminals repeat behaviour. Did you listen to the jokes he made about stuffing women. Ironically its on the album call It's True

Beverly Johnson has some mental issues. And she had an order of protection against an actor. She may have an ask to grind. Maybe they all have an ask to grind. Once again I heard that he wasn't pleasant if you disagreed with him. I also heard that he was about touchy and inappropriate to women on set.

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Yeah Del, the Russians are jamming me up, always have.  It is the price of being running a website.  They literally made my first discussion forum unusable, the second one they made too labor intensive to maintain and this one they bombard with fake accounts to post spam.  They get better at it every single day.  I have people that say they can figure out how to create an account here, but the Russians successfully and automatically create several accounts a day.  This does not include the accounts which are caught by spam filters.


That said I got rid of this account--thanks.


Also, the comment about people not reading long posts is true.  Indeed the content providers like myself are discouraged from posting long form content, because no one reads it and is costly to produce.  A significant number of Black people access the net from mobile devices, so the whole industry is catering to that audience,  Which is one reason why Black people disproportionately dominate Twitter, a live on Facebook. They are tied to it 24x7 via mobile.  When you said you did not read the entire article I took advantage of that to make emphasize my point.  

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