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Guest Kenneth Alexander

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Guest Kenneth Alexander

It is so damn frustrating constantly seeing certain ethnically charged, social group issues get the spotlight for matters they care about and important to their causes, to the detriment of other groups. And even some minorities go against their own causes.


Kenneth Alexander


Now, comes the most unpopular observation of ethnic (race) relations today, equally drawing the most popular condemnation neither side wants to hear from the other. “400+ years discrimination imposed on Blacks fuels racism towards all minorities in America today, and that minorities always use the ‘race card’ as an excuse for social and justice inequality.”

People hardly ever hear mainstream news media condemn American Zionism (similar to Nazis looking out for their own); whenever American Christians, Muslims, or Arabs complaint about injustices of Israel. But the news is filled with European Whites (actual nationality of White Jews), the ‘alt-right,’ and white supremacists questions involving nationalism, ‘make (something) great again’ for the benefit of White folks.


According to Pew Research Center, (as of Jan. 2017) the 115th U.S. Congress (both Senate and House) comprise approximately 91% Christians (Catholics and Protestants), Mormons, Jews, and 1.1% Buddhist, including White males, females and minorities; Democrats and Republicans. Overall, nonwhites (including blacks, Hispanics, Asians/Pacific Islanders and Native Americans) make up 19% of the current Congress. By comparison, nonwhite Hispanics and other racial minorities make up 38% of the nation’s population (Pew Research Center).

Despite the increase in nonwhite representation in Congress, ‘whites account for 81% of the current Congress but represent just 62% of the population.’ This gap has widened over time. Even though Jews make up only 2% of U.S. population, 8% in Congress (30 seats), they are the most vocal with the most influence that sways policy.

News media, politicians, and academic groups take the functionalist approach to issues affecting race and ethnicity. This blogger unequivocally disagrees with such approach. That the rise of White supremacy, violence, and amplified marginalized treatment of unfortunate minorities give way to opportunities for open discussion, a first step towards improving race relations. Enough talk and ineffective discussions while marginalized, disenfranchised Americans are suffering due to discrimination, social injustice, and economic inequality.


I don’t mean to be insensitive towards Whites or Jews, but someone needs to speak out for Black folks, our needs, our suffering, and what Donald Trump’s presidency is doing in the Black community. The likes of Ben Carson, Herman Cain, and other Blacks who sell out are perfect examples of what Blacks must do for a small, miserable slice of the American pie.

Mainstream news media, applied academic responses of ASA, APA, APSA, and social media portals address African-American issues as they relate to hegemonic concerns. Thus, encouraging popular discourse, ‘civil/human’ rights policies following the same rationale (open discussions about race relations) serves to only reproduce state-sponsored inequality and social stratification as just another tried and tested practice at which to be competent.


Good government recognizing principles of ‘positivism’ can never adhere to social and economic equality for all. Inhumane treatment of the underdog, by the hegemony, will always result in class conflict constantly changing hands until one group is utterly incapable of regrouping dog eat dog until only group one is left standing.


As long as popular discourse is synonymous with ‘functionalist and positivist’ ideological management and the concept of ‘risk society’ considerations, we shall remain unable to reconcile being a ‘good’ government of humane political and social practices where everyone benefits.  

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Yes, brother Delano, but the Constitution makes no mention of any particular ethnic group, but we can guess (with certainty) what group it was meant to serve.  the phrase "All men are created equal," thinking about it from a psychoanalytical perspective, it can be reasonably deduced that phrase (probably) came from the guilt of hypocrisy.  After all, the White European colonists who flee Europe did so to escape tyranny and oppression of the monarch.  They used to be the downtrodden, poverty-stricken peasants in their own homeland.


What I (personally) find disturbing is how we Black folks are seemingly headed in the same direction.  We have chosen a 'life of seeking material wealth' instead of the quest for a better life of equalitarian quality, honesty, and healthy living.  We (now) want what is called "the good life" of women, wine, and song.  So to speak!

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Hey @Kalexander2, thanks for that thoughtful post.  You may be right about Black folks, in general pursuing, material wealth.  But this is the American culture.  Our peculiar brand of capitalism is dependent upon this. 


But from my vantage point, I find it difficult to see it that way.  Most of the people I surround myself don't operate that way.  Nobody I know, who sells books, does it to get rich.  So I appreciate I may be in a bubble.


I feel more people are starting to realize that the practice of acquiring of more and newer things is simply unfulfilling. I don't know who said this first, but you can never get enough of what you don't need. It seems to me people are becoming more interested in expanding their minds, than getting the newest iphone.  But again that could be because I surround myself by readers...

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I must agree, Troy, which is 'part of the problem,' "our particular brand."  I mean, at what point does a group, any group in America call out conventional wisdom of functions of capitalism.  By no means to do I suggest economic principles of laissez-faire or the other reasonable fair trade practices are wrong.  But just look at the results of what it takes to establish and maintain a State power; what it takes to be 'capitalist."  


Not to discredit how the people you surround yourself with behave, but I find it difficult to believe Black folks, White folks, Natives or anyone operates in a way I think, hell, even I don't act that way.  I do see the errors my ways though.  I write (am writing) because I have something to say, so does everybody, have something to say.  Who cares!  I also write as a challenge to myself, in the lab testing and experimenting with ways of the 'word' hoping to attract the attention of if only a fraction of one-percent.  Willing to spend whatever estimation dictate I should charge. The idea of getting rich from writing is an added bonus to my highly active imagination.


With respect to your last point, I adamantly disagree.  People are evolving, though necessarily not in a good way, by fulfilling their needs, expanding their horizons by trying newer things.  In fact, much of peoples currently distress are due to not being able to branch out, acquire material, and reach goals. 


I do admire you, young brother, exposing yourself to the many ideas that can only be obtained by reading.  Me, I'm more of a selective reader; interest in (very little not interesting), bad out (the rhetoric of fools). 


Interesting post!!    


Literary Fiction Series – Volume One



Karl Roy is an African American civil rights lawyer and a friend to old Harvard college pal Rita, Jewish daughter of multi-billionaire Patrice and Ira Goldberg. Volume I of “A BREAKPOINT IN MID-DESPAIR” tells of Attorney Roy’s aim to escape racism and get rich at the same time. His old college pal, Rita (a lesbian) makes him an offer to solve this problem; while also stopping her Rabbi uncles from taking her inheritance left by her deceased father. Her plan, defraud her family’s bank with help of Roy’s legal services in exchange for $15,000,000. The Bank VP decides to take advantage of Roy’s association with Rita (since he is black) to steal from her family’s wealth as Roy and Rita plan to flee the U.S. after executing Rita’s plan.



Another plot line involves Rita’s lover Annie Mullen, who is a heroin addict and is kidnapped during a stop in Paris French where Rita and Roy initiate transfer of Rita’s inheritance.

Roy is sent after Annie who runs away after a lover’s quarrel with Rita and sees an Arab man with a gun following her into an elevator. Going after them he notices familiar faces from Rita’s family’s bank, watching him. Through her wealth and prestige, Rita learns her lover Annie left on a flight to Israel. After moving the inheritance money, they decide to go to Israel to find her.


While in Israel, Rita finds Annie murdered by terrorists, she is kidnapped and Attorney Roy becomes the prime suspect in a murder, kidnapping, and bank fraud plot. As the attorney of record for Rita’s estate inheritance, her entire inheritance ($3,750 billion) is inadvertently transferred into Roy’s client bank account due to her uncles attempt to redirect the money.


Afraid to return to the U.S. due to fear no one would believe a black man innocent of fraud and capital crimes; Roy decides to stay in Israel to find Rita and Annie murderers when he discovers Rita’s secret since their college days involving an international conspiracy, turning his world upside down. Especially since the U.S. President-elect who complacent disposition with white supremacists ideas.



A BREAKPOINT IN MID-DESPAIR is enormously powerful in its simplicity.  Because it is narrated in the third person multiple viewpoints, we are able to an understand the world in the same way that he does, accepting the chaos of his everyday life.


The novel has a courageous and powerful political and social message about the downtrodden lives of issues African-Americans face, and the prejudice and fear they faced every day. We also see a memorable heroic figure in Rita Goldberg, a fearless Jewish woman of conscience raised to the level of crusader or idol for Roy.


In his subtle strength, he is pessimistic of the human condition that pushes him to make unwise choices despite the consequences, criticisms of those he cares about and to implore his friend Rita to try and see some good in the world. He becomes the voice of moral conscience in the age that the book was written (2017) and represented the ideals and hopes of the liberal classes who hoped to see the end of segregation and racism.


Beautifully written, evocative and, not so tender, but with a passionate message that drives the novel’s action, A BREAKPOINT IN MID-DESPAIR rightfully offers a most important message and a classic of social disparity of minority life in America. A tale of childhood life unchanged in professional life, but also a tale of how the world truly is (and how it may never change), the book can live on in the hearts and minds of those who read it well after the final page has been turned.

Halfway Up to the Bottom
Literary Fiction Series – Volume One
A Breakpoint In Mid-Despair
By Kenneth Alexander





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Brother you must have went to college......lol.


-White folks invented, own, and control the television stations.

-White folks invented and control the televisions.

-White folks invented and control the most of the news papers.

And you don't like the fact that they use these mediums to promote themselves and their causes while ignoring yours?

They didn't invent them to help you or do justice by you.

They invented them to EMPOWER THEMSELVES.



You said that someone needs to "speak out" for Black people?

Speak out to WHO??

Who is it that you want to pay attention to Black people and our issues?

I hope it ain't White people you'd like attention from.

White people already KNOW the problems the Black community faces.
Infact, many of them know the problems better than YOU do because many if not most of the help create those problems.

Brother the solution is OWNERSHIP.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said:

Image result for Elijah Muhammad


Stop expecting White people to feel sorry for you or give you justice.

They weren't made to help you or give you justice in their schools, on their jobs, or in their media.

Start seeking to HELP YOURSELF.

Seek to unite with your own people.

There are Black people on this site like Troy and Mel who have experience in the media.

Unite with them to build a powerful independent Black media where we can reach more of our own people and let White people do with THEIR media what they wish.


When Black people start owning large segments of the media in America from newspapers to television stations both on cable and on broadcast television where we can start communicating with EACHOTHER....then you will see a major change.

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Yes, yes, and yes, brother!  Which is why I, myself, am currently in the Holy Land, Jerusalem Israel (actually Palestine) for five years now.  Not so much as doing for myself but because I've lost faith in the human race, especially Black folks like the 'Honorable Elijah Muhammad, all due respect to the brother.'  Where White folks can't do to me, Black folks try.  The conventional way of doing things in America, whether owing news and radio media, corporations etc. has no benefit for anyone except those who own them.  I should like to think of myself as a crisis theorist, not a functionalist.  Nothing is right, everything is wrong and out of order, stop brother and get yourself in order.  The biggest lie is everything we know as the truth and truth is the very thing no one is will to face, which is economy market systems are designed to lure in fools or replacements.  


Our own people are headed in the direction I seek to get away from.  To hell with the media, and double to hell with trying to get or take what White folks have.  I see Black folks, Palestinians every day and persevere without joining the fry (Israel).  Black need to be rebels, tear down and rebuild but like the sister suggested, we think we are fearless, we want to be fearless believing that having that material wealth (my words) is key to salvation.  You want to know how to really get power do what Jews are doing here.  Enough of that now, these people monitor everything and I'm already on the hot list for airing my opinions.  Which is all any of us have, opinions not worth the syllables used to utter them. 


Thank you, Brother

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At my advanced age, I wish i had a dollar for every time, I've heard a black  man mount his soap box and preach the gospel according to economics.  


I think i could stroll the streets of the inner city, or strike up a conversation at a bougie cocktail party and the downtrodden  brothas on the corner and the upwardly mobile professionals would all say the same thing as you loquacious orators. IMO,  the black masses have enough sense to figure out that  blacks need to get their game together, create their own business and become independent of the white system, so this is not news to them. The question is why haven't blacks done  this?  Well, aside from the reality of  the white power structure in capitalistic America having no intention of sharing its wealth and power with anyone but their own -  something the tax bill ready for senatorial ratification confirms, -  blacks are  focusing on the wrong problem.  As long as an entrenched  culture,  wherein  the black underclasses perpetuate a lifestyle that  produces  a perennial crop of fatherless boys born into the jeopardy of the violent streets, or the eventuality of the prison industry,  and as long as middle class blacks are unwilling to sacrifice their materialistic creature comforts and embrace the philosophy of doing what's best for the greater good instead of adhering to the "I-got-mine-now-you-get-yours" approach,  black folks will languish in the limbo of consumerism.  However, as Troy has previously noted, this is also the fate of the average white population in the Oligarchic  States of America where anything that reeks of Socialism being the great equalizer, is rejected.  


On a less negative note, black folks are at their best when setting short term goals, and focusing on individual accomplishment, adopting an "each-one-teach-one", approach to uplifting the race. 

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I have enthralled already!  However, if you are homo-sapien we have little in common which has nothing to do with my interest in people or the human condition. Augment is too subjective and useless, I listen to people and share response if I am stimulated.  

I too am sick and tired of America’s BS, but welcome any and all opposition to my points of view.  Most opposition confirms what I already to be true about people anyway.  You’re not of those (narcissistic) people who thrive off attention through opposition, I hope!  Are you?


If so, that’s okay too.  I find a sad amusement when the opposition is framed in ways that actually agree with my worldview.  I’ve read several of your posts and responses and I must say, you are quite the ‘no holds barred’ thinker.  Love that!


Thanks for the reply.

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NOW, now sister, Cynique, it's a start, for the bothers to think in terms of economics; how else can they realize that WE HAVE NONE?  Least of all, understand that a better life has little and nothing to do with economics. Economics is the reason so many brothers are locked away, trying to have a 'good life;' and economics is why for-profit prisons are booming.  I find it fascinating how hard we Black folks fight to live the (so-called) good life and why we wonder how our children become blindsided seeking the material wealth that ultimately changes them. 


If I had a dime for every time I heard a Black mother/father insist his/her child have an iPhone,  $100 tennis shoes or jogging suite while failing math or science in school, I would never have worry about ever getting rich, myself.  Equally disturbing is how 'flaky' we've become, complacent about right and wrong behavior, especially us males.  Our normalization of patriarchy, physical strength and the 'man-code,' and as the factor separating us from our Black females.  But the tests of all tests is swiftly upon us; good manners are coming back for Black folks and Whites alike.  Because when all 'hope' for a better life is gone, we all get right humble.  

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@Kalexander2But economics has everything to do with you advocating blacks acquiring viability by becoming liberated from corporate America and starting up their own businesses and industries.  And as i said, Black people across the board have already figured this out -  but are obviously  helpless to do a lot about it thanks to the institutionalized racism that enables white greed.   i just said that materialism is the bane of the black middleclass,  and indeed it does have its counterpart in the ghetto where acquiring "bling" contributes to brothers keeping the prison industry profitable.  All that you have mentioned is what i  meant  when i wrote about the their "entrenched culture" hampering the progress of blacks.  As for good manners, they don't pay the bills and i don't know that they are  becoming any more prevalent than they ever were. It's not about manners or being humble, it's about good judgment and expediency 2 vital components of survival.  As for hope, "it springs eternal in the human breast",  - I'm told.

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You may want to go back and read my  post

5 hours ago, Cynique said:

As long as an entrenched  culture,  wherein  the black underclasses perpetuate a lifestyle that  produces  a perennial crop of fatherless boys born into the jeopardy of the violent streets, or the eventuality of the prison industry,  and as long as middle class blacks are unwilling to sacrifice their materialistic creature comforts and embrace the philosophy of doing what's best for the greater good instead of adhering to the "I-got-mine-now-you-get-yours" approach,  black folks will languish in the limbo of consumerism. 


4 hours ago, Kalexander2 said:

I find it fascinating how hard we Black folks fight to live the (so-called) good life and why we wonder how our children become blindsided seeking the material wealth that ultimately changes them. 


4 hours ago, Kalexander2 said:

 ...  Least of all, understand that a better life has little and nothing to do with economics

One hour ago, i said:

But economics has everything to do with you advocating blacks acquiring viability by becoming liberated from corporate America and starting up their own businesses and industries. Is that a bad life?  


You were given a comprehension test and you failed.  How old are you by the way??  You sound like a befuddled millennial. 



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Nope, try reading it again, have a reference guide close by this time!  I believe I've been alive for about 63 years now.  But that is not your true concern (your narcissism is showing, again) hiding behind a need for attention.  Don't fret sister, you've got my undivided attention.  There, now you have something else to be 'contrarian' about.  Let's start with you insisting how you need no one's attention, shall we?  But don't be boring.


However, just in-case you’re truly unable to comprehend the ‘theme’ my post, here it is again:


In simpler terms (theme, summarized), It is frustrating how White folks believe their concerns are more important than those of other groups, and Black folks are their own worst enemies.  See, I believe I implied, before, that "I am sadly amused when the opposition is framed to actually agree with my worldview." 



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@Kalexander2 LOL  Spare me your psycho babbo.   Do you accuse everybody who disagrees with you as being narcissistic? It figures.  Did it ever occur to you that since Troy decided to name this site after me, that i instigate debate on current subjects in order to make things interesting? And anybody who wades through what you are trying to say can comprehend it because it's the same ol same ol that everybody else is saying. You could never be labeled an original thinker.  And i have no need for attention.  This is the Internet, not a singles bar; a forum, not FaceBook. And i certainly  can do without your attention.  Do you smoke weed or drink too much?  :blink:


Let me assure that you will not have to concern yourself with me further wasting my time interacting with you.  i can tell from the convoluted way you express yourself, that i would be doing myself a favor by ignoring you.  


 See ya,  but i wouldn't wanna be ya!  Buh Bye.  :P

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Asking you not to be boring wasn’t permission to be ridiculous, sister.  But hey, your call.


I stand corrected then, maybe, it is simply your aim to ‘impress’ people, or anyone who’ll listen to ramblings of an opportunist who attempts to find fault in others; borderline narcissist needing attention.  


Your want to show off which is perfectly normal for us Black folks, it's our reflective response to compensate for perceived failure or dissatisfaction with self. Finding fault in others in order to feel capable.  I believe that’s a hallmark of Donald Trump, everyone else needs to be a ‘loser’ or he cannot be a winner.  Wake up old woman, and smell the cantankerous mammal you’re tuning into.  


NEWS FLASH, no one is an original thinker since the story of Adam and Eve.  It takes lots of practice to learn, and life time to put all together to come up with something original. That can never happen for a narcissist because you’re too busy trying to impress people with what you think you know, for attention rather trying to learn from others.  


I see I hit a nerve within your person. I’d like to say I care but I can’t because I don’t.  Why stay in a kitchen that’s too hot for you.  And, at this point, I too am now being arrogant and showing off.

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I have known wine women and song. Yet I enjoy thinking. It may not be a binary problem. There are a handful of people I can converse with and that is sufficient for me. However I am not trying to make it as a writer. 


The uside is that you can fill this vacuum. You will find people. Over the last two decades Iwas a member of a couple of book clubs. Two discussions groups. And informal collective of night clubbers. Be the change or maybe write it.


Recognition forget it or maybe don't make it a priority. Jane Fonda summed up the Mee too movement.

How many people work for the greater good. I don't. Most people wt a few things a person, a place, a mode of transport, clothing, and everything else in the shop. 

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Hello, brother, Delano, I’m not quite sure what your point is.  You must be a noble bother to be so candid about your past, obviously not who you are now.  


Myself, out the rhetorical laboratory as of a year ago, in-depth focus and research on what stimulates powerful ‘human emotions and review of traditional story structure, plot and POV theory; I’m almost ready to release the first test results for public evaluation in the form of a literary fiction work.  Halfway Up to the Bottom: Breakpoint in Mid-Despair I intend to submit for publication without ‘outside’ structural copy editing (which is usually a $3-5k date).  I must first master my own technique and style before the maiden voyage, so the speck.


The 1st test will be to elicit a response from the top of the ‘big five’ traditional publishers in which I intend (if accepted) to see how far I can go with ‘unreasonable’ negotiations and demands in my favor.  If not accepted I’ll try the next, until I submit to all five.  If not accepted, go back into the laboratory and re-edit again without ‘outside’ editing.


The project I have in mind must be flawless for my younger brothers and sisters looking to break into the book market.  If successful, we’ll have the resources to advance the project further.  Perhaps even a paid staff of Black editors to review and offer feedback.  Over the years I’ve become a force to be reckoned with (so I’m told) assisting editing in both the holy languages and, ethnographies/ethnologies in the form of storytelling as well as various academic research/examinations works concerning sociological and anthropological issues.


Please keep-up the self-enhancement!


I hope I’ve accurately responded to your reply.

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Kalexander2  I am curious as to your impression of who you think I was and who I am now. Since a person seldom sees themselves.


Putting it plainly start where you are, create what you see lacking. Why does it have to be a prescription for a nation that isn't monolithic. I am not attempting to dissuade you from being a leader. Unless you have the solution for what ails Black America. Which if you could pull off would help fix white america as well.

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WOW! brother, Delano, as to your second inquiry first, ‘where am I’ and ’what I see lacking’ alone, explains volumes (about me) in your reference to me as a Black leader of which “I AM NOT,” but thank you for the honorific; you see, I still lack the most virtuous of human traits, which is compassion, blind hope, and faith, all of which is (subjective in nature but) absolutely necessary for evolvement from commonality to pure morality in as much as the ultimate leap towards perfection without fear of consequences is concerned.  


As it may be said the physical person before taking form is first conceived subjectively; whether between uncontrollable passion between a man and women, or as a divine concept (if that’s your thing).  From there the physical form develops from within its environment, as either in harmony with its environment, power over it, or exist in-spite of it.


Thus, my lack of the most virtuous of human traits, there are no obvious better choices.  Theology idealism, social scientists, political scientists, mother/father, you, nor I,  no one has the answer to a salvational direction of life.  All humankind knows is death, a thing which eventually takes care of itself, within each of us at some point-in-time.  So, what do we do with this life inside us?  The one-word answer, LIVE.


In other words, brother, there really is no solution to ails of Black America, just as there are no solutions to the ‘White’ problem; pessimism intended.  I mean just think for a second, just how far has humankind evolved, actually?  If you want to argue with modernization advances, okay, how many “life insurance policies” has ever insured a  life, over death; another clever ploy to control the masses; to get you to work for 20-years until retirement when they give you golden watch and fish dinner and declare you a ‘pillar’ of the community, when all you really did was support the existence of someone else.  


That’s (probably) why we have so many grumpy old men and women.  They realize they spent their entire life supporting someone else’s existence and it is too late to be a substantive, independent force.  That’s when the anger starts to weil, usually comes out in the form of cantankerousness towards the living and non-living alike (for Black folks), for white folks, in the form of ethnocentrism, xenophobia, and outright racism.


Finally, my impression of who you are?  “Walk over and look in the mirror, that's my impression of you.”  Your past, (I bet a dime to a dollar) just as mine, with all the scars, cracks and crevices of life in America, with the exception of NONE.

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Thank you brother, Troy, I see it an honor to be featured on AALBC.com site!  Headshot, okay, but I won’t be held responsible for any complaints; the camera hates me as much as I hate cameras.  Thought, among other competencies, I am a registered photojournalist (International Press Card ID #29410 (Photographer) United States Press Agency) unofficially since annual fees lapse.  But Israel doesn’t know!


Not sure whether I’m permitted, or if it is wise to identify ISBN until graduate review board completion.  However, I believe it is okay to publicize University of Alaska undergrad SAP ePortfolio , I hope it’s okay.  I do not have any other, except academic works, published material, yet.  


What did I do to get sent to Alaska, everyone always asks, the answer, EVERYTHING!  I'm not a spy or Mossad, nor associated with any terrorist groups.  Though I do endorse the Black Panther Party, contrary to profound ignorance, they are not a street gang.


Are you sure you want to feature the likes of me on this distinguished Black website?


Thank you

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