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Kwanzaa And The New Year.

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I Read 17 Million People Practice The 7  Principals Of Kwanzaa,World Wide. Few Or None Are In This Country. No Black Unity Reason For A Lot Of  Problems. No Black Unity,With Poverty ,And Racism....Black Police Not Involved As Racist White Police,Gun Down Black Males. Black Political Leaders ,Support Corrupt Preachers Who Steal Money To Buy Cars And Entertain,Women..Black Men Having Children They Do Not Want...Gangs Slaughtering Black People In Streets,Crack Houses,Sex. Houses. New Year Will Be Like This Year. This Year,Was Like Last Year..

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I like and respect the idea of Kwanzaa but I don't like how it was sold as an "alternative" to Christmas.

Karenga should have given it it's own special time separate from the Christmas season.
Maybe in February during Black history month....or better yet in a warmer season like in the Spring or Summer.

But to your point Harry about Kwanzaa not being celebrated much in the United States.......

I was actually thinking about that during the Christmas season.
I was looking at so many Whites and Asians going around shopping, wearing goofy looking Christmas sweaters, at many of the families in my neighbohood inviting family members over.

I thought to myself........

It's funny how Black people will invent something and practice it for a few years and then forget about it.
But White people are STILL practicing and honoring many of the traditions and holidays that their ancestors laid down CENTURIES ago.
Even White people who claim to be anti-religious and atheist, you'll catch them walking around in Christmas sweaters, flying across the country to visit family, taking time off work, and having big celebrations just like the bible thumping White Christian.

Perhaps Black people should have forced congress to make Kwanzaa an officially government set of holidays like Passover.
But I'm not sure if even that would help.

I think a lot of Black people have just "given up" on trying to have anything of their own and have just regulated themselves to trying to "be apart" of and "fit in" with more established White traditions.

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I have a feeling many celebrate Kwanzaa but since it's not commercialized we don't hear a lot.  For that reason alone I celebrate it by honoring it with my thoughts and words.  I did a separate blog post for each day of Kwanzaa.  It  put me in a positive community-focused frame of mind to start off the year.    I did the original post on my melhopkins.com website but I also copied and paste everything to theleadstory.org.   

Imani: Golden Rule

Kuumba : The Chosen Ones

Nia: Reasons

Ujamaa: Until the Lion Learns

Ujima: Yes We Can

Kujichagulia Goal Minds build Gold Mines

Umoja No Man's Land

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