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Education Plan: Feedback Requested

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@Pioneer1: Than you've answered your own question; with exception of sexuality as being a factor of trust/mistrust. 

My other brother, who happens to be drug/alcohol counselor for the VA once told me; "10 of 10 times it is the individual who mistrusts that is untrustworthy." It took me some years to understand that, but now I agree with him. 


Black women (probably) mistrust all men, White or Black, and rightly so; especially when it comes to finances. I blame only myself for my failures but also of failures of those I influence. To stay honest with myself, so to speak. 


And as far as fear of success is concerned, everybody fears it. I saw a video of a child approaching a baby duck for the first time, the closer the child got the more she withdrew her arms until the hands completely disappeared behind her back as she stood over the baby duck, bent over admiring it. The only reason a person would prevent another from succeeding is hatred for that person, or revenge for some act.

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