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The US is an oligarchy

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The US is a nominal republic and practical oligarchy. That doesn't mean all republics are oligarchies.

You're right that the United States is a PRACTICAL oligarchy.
And I said NEARLY all PRACTICAL Republics are Oligarchies.....simply to leave the possibility open that a Republic that is NOT an Oligarchy does indeed exist....although I haven't thought of one.


If you had said the US functions like an oligarchy even though it's a republic. You would have made a subtle distinction.

I could STILL say that and not even contradict myself because both ideas agree.

It functions like an Oligarchy because it IS an Oligarchy...and a Republic at the same time because the Oligarchs are just elected to rule the masses.

It's as clear as day to me.
Perhaps you and Troy have run out of ways to convince me otherwise....lol.

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2 hours ago, Cynique said:

What difference does it make whether pioneer thinks a Republic is an Oligarchy? 


Obviously failing to understand the difference between the two words is what is muddling his reasoning.  


I've heard it often said that words don't have meaning; only people do.  This is what is causing a great deal of strife in our political discourse; where there are no objective facts and the truth is purely subjective, open to interpretation, a matter of opinion.


When the very definition of words are open to opinion, it is impossible to have a meaningful discourse because the participants are speaking a different language without an interpreter.





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The words are different and obviously have different meanings BUT.....one meaning can fit INSIDE the other while the other can't.

Just like the words FRUIT and APPLE are two different words but one definition can fit inside the other.

All Apples are Fruits but not all Fruits are Apples........some fruits are Pears and some are Bananas.

All Republics are Oligarchies but not all Oligarchies are Republics.....some Oligarchies are Theocracies and others are Plutocracies

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