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Too Much Tragedy for Any Person to Bear

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I just sat down to watch some YouTube videos while eat my dinner and decided to watch the NBC nightly news. Now I never watch local or national news broadcast, but the flooding in Houston piqued my interest. 90 seconds in I can tell why so many Americans are stressed out. The lead in to the new program was ominous -- disaster, followed by calamity, followed by tragedy -- it was too much!


I was actually shocked! Who subjects themselves to this "news" everday? Man has not to evolved to deal with a lifetime of bad news in 60 second period.


Is everyone just numb to it? I watched something else.



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"Disaster" sells.............

Just like sex sells in a sexually repressed society such as this one, disaster sells in a society where so many people are having a hard time and need to know some OTHERS are doing worse.


Understand the psychology behind this Troy....

Many people out there are going through a hard time and the only thing that makes some of them feel better is that SOMBODY ELSE is going through a harder time than they are.  So the media provides a steady stream of bad news to satisfy that desire for people to confirm they aren't the ONLY losers in the world.

You're having financial troubles, relationship troubles, family troubles, and legal troubles.....but you can always turn on the television, shake your head, and say,





Well atleast I'm not THAT guy!"


.....and feel a little bit better about your situation.

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I tend to spend my time creating, you know my crafts @Troy , outside of drawing/writing/crafting, i do watch some sport. I read paper books as well. Just finished a book from Alicia Dunbar nelson, I enjoyed it alot.

I must say, I Am not alone in the house. Many people live alone and the environment can be stifling. Nothing is like a tactile touch,a voice in a nearby room.

The isolation makes one numb to the outside world, like prisoners.

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I must say I am too busy running after my four children and practicing self restraint not to yell, so much so that I have nothing left to spend on bad news. I watch the news to see the weather so I can take those four little Akuabas to the park, or not.


bad news depresses me. I know so I don't go looking to hear it.

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