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The Black People’s Guide to Breaking Down The Barrier To NFTS and Cypto

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I want to help more Black People prepare themselves for the Metaverse. No the MetaVerse isn’t Meta ( Facebook). There are actually different Metaverse. But one characteristic that most them share is that use crypto currency.


Crytocurrencies are things like Bitcoin, Apecoin and Sand. New ones are popping up daily. 

For this post I want to introduce three ways to acquire, store and send crypto.



Cash App (formerly Square Cash) is a mobile payment service developed by Block, Inc., that allows users to transfer money to one another (for a 1.5% fee for immediate transfer) using a mobile-phone app. The service is available only in United Kingdom and the United States.[1] In September 2021, the service reported 70 million annual transacting users and $1.8 billion in gross profit.[2]


They will allow you to also to buy both Bitcoin and Stocks.  I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $5. MVVPPZB 


Coinbase Wallet


Coinbase is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade, buy, or sell cryptocurrencies whereas Coinbase Wallet, launched in 2012, is a self-custody digital Wallet that users can utilize to safely store cryptocurrency; it is known to be one of the most secure cryptocurrency wallets for all to use to store their wealth and assets such as your private keys and recently even NFTs, for investors to crypto-enthusiasts, due to Coinbase Wallet’s collaboration and affiliation with Coinbase. Users are unable to purchase cryptocurrencies via Coinbase Wallet.






MetaMask Wallet


MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency walletused to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications.[1][2] MetaMask is developed by ConsenSys Software Inc., a blockchain software company focusing on Ethereum-based tools and infrastructure.[3




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I'm slightly curious to see who will become the 1st black multimillionaires accumulated through crypto.


Otherwise, I have zero interest in black folks buying into other platforms instead of creating their own.😎

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3 hours ago, ProfD said:


Otherwise, I have zero interest in black folks buying into other platforms instead of creating their own.😎

Black Folks are creating their own coins. That’s why understand crypto and NFTS are so important.







@ProfDif you came to your conclusion because of the color of the people in the video you were mistaken. They were just some of the first videos to appear. 

Also This is a project by Black Americans, many of whom identify as ADOS.


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  • 3 months later...

There IS no "Black man's guide to crypo currency" because Black folks don't even have the inside knowledge of how it operates, let alone any CONTROL over it.
Because WE didn't come up with it!

Once again, silly negroes are just being manipulated into putting their money and faith into crap they know little to nothing about (but THINK they do) so that White folks can take it from them and further enrich themselves.

Don't show me a bunch of graphs and digits on paper designed to dazzle the mind.
Show me the HARD CASH Black folks have actually made from Bitcoin or any other form of crypto-currency.

If some of yall niggaz ain't falling for the White man's false religions....others of you are falling for his fake ass ponzi financial schemes.
It it ain't one thing, it's another.

Just like I can look out of a window and see that the sun is shining, I could EASILY see that Bitcoin and this other crap are just some of the many scams that White folks have whipped up to trick yall out of your money....like they've BEEN doing for centuries.

But some of you still don't "get" it do ya.....

A Metaphorical Image Showing A Wide Old Indian Man Pointing At The Sun,  Showing The Concept Of A Pathfinder Or Leader. Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 24041292.

You can't see THAT????
It's been shining EVERY DAY since....like...the beginning of the Earth.
But you JUST NOW noticed it rising????"

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DeFi Understanding decentralized finance exchanges


Coinbase and Cashapp are DeFi (Decentralized Finance)-adjacent cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges are connected to the internet; you can link your traditional bank accounts to them to buy coins and even cash out into dollars.


BUT the platforms must report any transaction to the IRS and your digital currencies are at risk of hacking,  By its very nature, exchange platforms are no different from depository banks. EXCEPT your dollars are insured but not your "digital assets."


If you are only buying coins, any digital asset, because you think they are going up in price, you'll lose. The "invisible hand" that moves the crypto market has extremely deep pockets causing extreme volatility.   At least, the U.S. central bank is controlled by the FEDERAL RESERVE. The Feds control the monetary policy on the U.S. <-IF You don't understand centralized banking - I'm sure you won't understand decentralized finance markets. So study up!


So why do you need a cold storage wallet?


You need a wallet to store your authentic cryptocurrency transactions. Instead of "trading dollars for digital currency," most peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trades are for goods and services. Think about Russia's new law? Why would this ban come up now? You can trade cryptocurrency for anything and can cash out anonymously. (This will take a lot of maneuvers, but it can be done)


A cold storage wallet secures your private key. A key, in this context, is a secret number used in cryptography and cryptocurrency. 


The key protects digital currency, NFTs, et al. Cold Wallets are noncustodial and NOT connected to the internet. There are a lot of hardware storage wallet manufacturers, So I'd give the side-eye to anything built by Mark Zuckerberg. Still, cold storage wallets are better than hot storage because there's less chance of hacking.  


However, storing digital assets in a cold wallet requires the owner to be extremely careful. It is easy to lose or damage a cold wallet and even easier to lose access to your private key. A simple internet search will reveal stories of owners "physically" losing both. And if you lose either one, you lose ALL YOUR ASSETS, and there's no getting it back.


Still want to get into Crypto?

Suppose you still want to make money in digital currencies. In that case, the best route is to build your own decentralized application(s) or invest in a dApp startup. dApp companies are the "gold rush" shovels of the digital assets craze. I'm an equity shareholder in one such Black-owned fabless semiconductor company that has a proprietary patented cold storage wallet and NFT Ethereum-web-based application.  If you want to invest, message me your email address, and I'll add you to the company's mailing list. 

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7 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

There IS no "Black man's guide to crypo currency" because Black folks don't even have the inside knowledge of how it operates, let alone any CONTROL over it.
Because WE didn't come up with it!

Put your ignorance away and stop trying to equate Black people your information deficiencies. Black people have been pioneers (🤣) in computer science from the beginning. 

Gerald “Jerry” Lawson led a team that developed the Fairchild Channel F gaming console, in 1976, which featured the industry's first removable game cartridges.




This why we have a Black History Month. To counteract your negative forgetfulness of Black participation and cooperation.

On 7/12/2022 at 11:23 AM, Delano said:

are you using Coinbase?

Yes and MetaMask and a few other platforms 

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