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Truth is Finally Emerging. Biden Lied and People Died.

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So are you saying we should not get vaccinated?


The questioner was disingenuous.  Assuming Biden made the statement he is taking one man's statement suggesting that we were being lied to by scientist and health leaders, which is just stupid and dangerous.  Dangerous because is sowing doubt.


As far as I know the medical community never said you can't get Covid after being vaccinated the advice has always been get vaccinated because it will help you avoid the worse symptoms, hospitalization, and death.  Still you can died from covid after being vaccinated but the probability is MUCH lower.


Covid, like the flu, is constantly mutating.  Apparently they have not found epitopes that are constant across all mutations or that protect all people from the most harmful effects of the virus.  The fact that the world has done so much to protect as from Covid is actually commendable given how fracted we are.


More than 6MM people have died globally -- more than 1 MM in the United States, a relatively alarming number given our wealth. Then again given a sad health care system and media we probably got off as well as can be expected.  The number of deaths the US experienced is more than it should have been. Lives were lost unnecessarily.  The guy doing the questioning in the video above is sowing doubt and this is killing people as a result...


Still as with the flu vaccine you are safer getting vaccinated than not getting vaccinated -- don't you disagree?

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The thread title is misleading.  We may never know the  truth whatever that means regarding the virus; response and outcomes.


The POTUS can only share as much information as he's provided and/or allowed to disclose.  😎

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And whatever THOSE LIARS tell us, I wouldn't believe it anyway.

If they came on television tonight and confessed that Covid19 was a man made disease designed to thin the population......I'd STOP believing that, lol.

I'd say if THEY are claiming it, it can't be true.
It must have came from nature.
It must have been some sort of Divine Punishment they can't control.
It couldn't have been man-made if THESE demons are admitting to it....lol.

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Years ago, scientists expressed serious concern about Global Warming melting permafrost.

They were worried that various pathogens, viruses and dormant maladies which had been trapped under ice for thousands of years, would escape into the atmosphere and infect billions. Since we would have no warning of what these are at first, millions could die in a matter of months.

But my money's on China's nukes. 

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