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Does happiness equate to acquisition


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@frankster nails it.  I wholeheartedly agree that happiness is a state of mind and I'll add...being.  


Human beings who use things and other people to make them happy hardly ever achieve happiness. 


You have to be the source of your happiness first and foremost.    Anybody else and/or anything else can only add to your happiness.  😎

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Happiness is HIGHLY subjective and whether or not acquisition equates to happiness depends on EACH person.

Just because YOU don't derive happiness from within, doesn't mean the next person doesn't get their main source of happiness from external sources.

For some, it absolutely does.
And it may not necessarily be the material (or people) acquired that leads to happiness, but the SUCCESS of the actual acquisition itself.
Makes one feel like a real winner being able to set goals and achieve them.

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