All 10 Bestselling Books for Full Year - 2002

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Click Headings Below for a the List of Bestselling Books with Images. View a collage of these titles.

7 Bestselling Fiction

  1. Addicted: A Novel by Zane
  2. The Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland
  3. Thieves’ Paradise: A Novel by Eric Jerome Dickey
  4. Long Train to the Redeeming Sin: Stories about African Women by Kola Boof
  5. Echoes of a Distant Summer by Guy Johnson
  6. A Love of My Own: A Novel by E. Lynn Harris
  7. Threesome: Where Seduction, Power and Basketball Collide by Brenda L. Thomas

2 Bestselling Nonfiction Books

  1. The ISIS Papers: The Keys to the Colors by Frances Cress Welsing
  2. Brown Sugar: A Collection Of Erotic Black Fiction by Carol Taylor

    1 Bestselling Poetry Books

    1. The Words Don’t Fit In My Mouth by jessica Care moore