All 25 Bestselling Books for July/August - 2013

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16 Bestselling Fiction

  1. A Family Affair
    by ReShonda Tate Billingsley (Gallery Books, 2013-07-30)
  2. A House Divided (Reverend Curtis Black #10)
    by Kimberla Lawson Roby (Grand Central Publishing, 2013-05-07)
  3. I Dreamt I Was in Heaven - The Rampage of the Rufus Buck Gang
    by Leonce Gaiter (Legba Books, 2011-09-28)
  4. Never Say Never
    by Victoria Christopher Murray (Touchstone, 2013-06-04)
  5. Zane's Busy Bodies: Chocolate Flava
    by Zane (Atria Books, 2013-07-16)
  6. Insignificant Others
    by Pynk and Carol Taylor (Insatiable Press, 2013-05-01)
  7. Devil’s Wake
    by Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes (Atria Books, 2012-07-31)
  8. Fire!! A Quarterly Devoted To The Younger Negro Artists
    by Wallace Thurman (Fire Pr, 1985-06-01)
  9. Buttermilk Bottom
    by H. Victoria Hargro Atkerson (Xlibris, 2011-12-15)
  10. January Jackson and Friends
    by Zonie Felder (iUniverse, 2012-02-07)
  11. Snitch: A Novel
    by Booker T. Mattison (Revell, 2011-05-01)
  12. All or Nothing
    by Preston L. Allen (Akashic Books, 2007-11-01)
  13. Harlem: Lost and Found
    by Michael Henry Adams (The Monacelli Press, 2001-12-13)
  14. The Angry Ones
    by John A. Williams (W. W. Norton & Company, 1996-07-01)
  15. The Family Business
    by Carl Weber (Urban Books, 2012-08-28)
  16. Voices from the Other Side
    by Brandon Massey, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Tananarive Due, L. A. Banks (Kensington Books, 2006-04-01)

8 Bestselling Nonfiction Books

  1. The Tithing Hoax: Exposing The Lies, Misinterpretations & False Teachings About Tithing
    by R. Renee and Cynthia Harper (Lulu, 2012-01-18)
  2. They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America
    by Ivan Van Sertima (Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2003-09-23)
  3. Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery
    by Na’im Akbar (Mind Productions & Associates, 1996-06-01)
  4. This Year You Write Your Novel
    by Walter Mosley (Grand Central Publishing, 2009-01-08)
  5. Low Road: The Life and Legacy of Donald Goines
    by Eddie B. Allen (St. Martin’s Press, 2008-05-01)
  6. African American Pre-Law School Advice Guide: Things You Really Need to Know before Applying to Law School
    by Evangeline M. Mitchell (Hopes Promise Publishing, 2002-02-28)
  7. The Denzel Principle: Why Black Women Can't Find Good Black Men
    by Jimi Izrael (St. Martin’s Press, 2010-02-16)
  8. Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask: An Insider's Story of the King of Pop
    by Bob Jones (Select Books, 2009-07-01)

1 Bestselling Children’s Books

  1. Each Kindness
    by Jacqueline Woodson (Nancy Paulsen Books, 2012-10-02)

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