All 49 Bestselling Books for July/August - 2010

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26 Bestselling Fiction

  1. Getting to Happy
    by Terry McMillan (Signet, 2012-07-31)
  2. Echoes of a Distant Summer
    by Guy Johnson (Random House, 2005-08-30)
  3. Missionary No More: Purple Panties 2
    by Zane (Strebor Books, 2009-01-06)
  4. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
    by Zane (Atria Books, 2009-12-01)
  5. I’m Still Wifey
    by Kiki Swinson (Dafina, 2009-01-01)
  6. Jesus Boy
    by Preston L. Allen (Akashic Books, 2010-04-01)
  7. Purple Panties: An Anthology
    by Zane (Strebor Books, 2008-05-06)
  8. Tempted by Trouble
    by Eric Jerome Dickey (Dutton, 2011-06-07)
  9. Thug Lovin'
    by Wahida Clark (Grand Central Publishing, 2009-08-10)
  10. Thug Matrimony
    by Wahida Clark (Dafina, 2007-04-01)
  11. Alibi
    by Teri Woods (Grand Central Publishing, 2010-06-08)
  12. Gettin' Buck Wild: Sex Chronicles II
    by Zane (Atria Books, 2003-10-07)
  13. In My Father’s House: A Novel
    by E. Lynn Harris (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2011-08-02)
  14. Life After Wifey
    by Kiki Swinson (Dafina, 2009-03-01)
  15. Life Is Short but Wide
    by J. California Cooper (Knopf, 2010-04-06)
  16. Mama Dearest
    by E. Lynn Harris (Gallery Books, 2009-09-22)
  17. Nasty (Zane Presents)
    by Dr. XyZ (Strebor Books, 2010-08-31)
  18. Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime: Stories
    by J. California Cooper (Anchor, 1996-09-01)
  19. The Hot Box
    by Zane (Atria Books, 2011-08-16)
  20. Perfect Peace: A Novel
    by Daniel Black (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010-03-16)
  21. The Dirty Divorce (Urban Books)
    by Miss KP (Urban Books, 2012-05-01)
  22. Thugs and the Women Who Love Them
    by Wahida Clark (Dafina, 2010-07-01)
  23. Torn Between Two Lovers (Big Girls Book Club)
    by Carl Weber (Dafina, 2011-09-01)
  24. A House Is Not a Home: A B-Boy Blues Novel
    by James Earl Hardy (Amistad, 2006-05-23)
  25. Big Juicy Lips: Double Dippin’ 2
    by Allison Hobbs (Strebor Books, 2012-10-30)
  26. Dear G-Spot: Straight Talk About Sex and Love
    by Zane (Atria Books, 2008-06-17)

23 Bestselling Nonfiction Books

  1. Confessions of a Video Vixen
    by Karrine Steffans (Amistad, 2006-10-17)
  2. The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce & Keep the Man You Want
    by Karrine Steffans (Grand Central Publishing, 2010-08-26)
  3. The Vixen Diaries
    by Karrine Steffans (Grand Central Publishing, 2009-06-02)
  4. Faith in the Valley: Lessons for Women on the Journey to Peace
    by Iyanla Vanzant (Touchstone, 1996-05-28)
  5. One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life--A Story Of Race And Family Secrets
    by Bliss Broyard (Back Bay Books, 2008-09-09)
  6. The Ditchdigger’s Daughters
    by Yvonne S. Thornton (Dafina, 2008-03-01)
  7. The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates
    by Wes Moore (Knopf, 2011-01-11)
  8. 2009 Guide To Literary Agents
    by Chuck Sambuchino (Writer’s Digest Books, 2008-07-29)
  9. 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary
    by Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis (Pocket Books, 1991-03-15)
  10. A Black Cop in the South: In Spite of Everything
    by Ronald Kaye Rawlings (PENDIUM Publishing, 2007-01-05)
  11. Afrikan-Centered Consciousness Versus the New World Order: Garveyism in the Age of Globalism
    by Amos N. Wilson (Afrikan World Infosystems, 1999-01-01)
  12. Age Ain't Nothing But a Number: Black Women Explore Midlife
    by Carleen Brice (Beacon Press, 2003-05-16)
  13. Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting
    by Terrie Williams (Scribner, 2009-01-06)
  14. Harlem Godfather: The Rap On My Husband, Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson
    by Mayme Johnson and Karen E. Quinones Miller (Oshun Publishing Company, Inc., 2008-02-29)
  15. Hidden Heroism: Black Soldiers In America’s Wars
    by Robert Edgerton (Basic Books, 2002-11-07)
  16. Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents 2009: Who They Are! What They Want! How To Win Them Over!m19th Edition
    by Jeff Herman (Three Dog Press, 2008-09-30)
  17. Letter to My Daughter
    by Maya Angelou (Knopf, 2009-10-27)
  18. Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny
    by Hill Harper (Avery, 2007-04-19)
  19. Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man In America
    by Nathan McCall (Vintage, 1994-01-31)
  20. Motivating and Preparing Black Youth for Success
    by Jawanza Kunjufu (African American Images, 1997-08-01)
  21. Sex and Race, Volume I: Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands: The Old World
    by J. A. Rogers (Helga Rogers, 1970-06-15)
  22. Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy Is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy
    by George G. M. James (Africa World Press & The Red Sea Press, 1992-07-01)
  23. From “Superman” to Man
    by J. A. Rogers (Helga Rogers, 1996-01-01)

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