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Click for more detail about Anna’s Boy by Tom Wood Anna’s Boy

by Tom Wood
BookBaby (Dec 08, 2020)
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Anna’s Boy is the saga of the grandson of an American slave’s journey from Harlem;
To become the first black member of a major U.S. bank board of directors, when he became a member of the Chase Manhattan Bank board of directors under the chairmanship of David Rockefeller.
To become the first black in the U.S. to take his company public, selling its shares over the counter.
To his computer programming company making a significant contribution in the U.S. Apollo Space Landing.
To winning a major international lawsuit against a foreign government.

This is a story of the challenges Tom Wood encountered in overcoming the headwinds of his century, as well as the many dilemma’s he faced in his business and personal life.
A truly American story of a black man’s walk through the winds, the rains, and the sunshine of change in the 20th century.

Click for more detail about Henrietta Lacks the Untold Story by Ron Lacks Henrietta Lacks the Untold Story

by Ron Lacks
BookBaby (Sep 01, 2020)
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Henrietta Lacks The Untold Story

I really need people to understand the reason behind me writing this book about my grandmother Henrietta Lacks. For those that have never heard of her, she is the first human whose cell line was able to grow in culture, her cells were unlike any other cells, while others cells would die, Henrietta Lacks cells doubled every 20 to 24 hours. She has contributed to the medical field in ways that no other cell line has done. HeLa cells has helped with the polio vaccine, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, sensitivity to tape, dental and even used in the cosmetic field.

To hear and read constantly that Henrietta Lacks was a poor black farmer is hard to accept. Anyone that looks at her picture can tell that Henrietta and her husband David Lacks weren’t poor black farmers - they enjoyed the finer things in life. They moved from Clover to Baltimore, not out of poverty but, because they felt their children would get a better education here.

I decided it was time to let people have an inside look from the side of the family that people don’t hear about much and that’s Lawrence Lacks family - Henrietta Lacks’ oldest son. He’s the only one who’s still alive that knew his mother. My dad was 16 years old when his mom passed away. It still brings tears to his eyes when he thinks about all the pain and suffering that she went through before her passing.

Our family has always wanted people to know about Henrietta Lacks, because we have always been enthused by the millions of lives that “Henrietta Lacks’ HeLa cells” have done to help save and cure people all over the world. But what we didn’t want is for her history to be told incorrectly. I’m so thankful that I am able to tell her family side of the story from the people who was there while she was still living and things that I personally witnessed for myself as time went on. As I get older I now realize if I didn’t tell this story no one else would. This is a story that needs to be shared because there is a huge part of her history that has been left out.

As stated in my book: “It’s not often that we as African Americans get to share in the telling of our own stories, most of the time the people are long gone and we can only go by what people decide to say happened and not the actual truth of what happened”.

Click for more detail about Race for the Net: When African Americans Controlled the Internet and What Happens Now? by Albert E. White Race for the Net: When African Americans Controlled the Internet and What Happens Now?

by Albert E. White
BookBaby (Aug 13, 2020)
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In 1993, an African American company achieved one of the most critical roles in technology history — opening access to the Internet and World Wide Web for the global community. More than 4.2 billion people currently utilize the Internet today making it the most crucial technology of the 20th and 21st centuries adopting and changing of people’s lives around the world today and in the future. No other company has had more to do with bringing the Internet to the global community than the original Network Solutions, an African American founded technology company.

Tragically, due to a lack of capital, Network Solutions and the African American Community were unable to substantially reap the financial rewards. In 1995, during the period of significant internet growth, the founders were forced to sell the company for only $5 million. Then, in 2000, less than five years later, the company was sold again for $21 billion in what was, at that time, the largest sale of a non-telecommunications company in history. The inability of the founders to raise sufficient capital to allow them to maintain control of the company that opened the door for people around the world to use the Internet was a major business calamity!

Race for the Net tells the story of the origin and rise of Network Solutions, and the vision and sacrifices of its founders. The book discusses issues related to their historical accomplishment and what led them to relinquish ownership of the company. Additionally, the book looks at the future of the internet revolution, and the digitization and mechanization of our society.

This book is an excellent read for those who want to know how the Internet became a public entity and how an African American company was responsible for linking the world. Race for the Net provides a “road map” for the reader on various areas that are still open for opportunities on the internet today. While pointing out shifting job opportunities and risks of future technology of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is estimated that Internet technology provides more than $7 trillion to our economy today.

Click for more detail about Verses by Jewel Caston-Mendoza Verses

by Jewel Caston-Mendoza
BookBaby (Jul 29, 2019)
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Verses is a lyrical glimpse into the life of a wife, mother, and career woman in the #MeToo era. Exploring the good, the bad, the ugly, and the in-between, it began as an inexpensive form of therapy and ended a battle cry for all women to stand up and be who they’re meant to become. Verses sheds light on the ordinary and extraordinary. It is the angles of a heart, laid out for all to read.

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Click for more detail about Shirleen and the Shoes by LaKesa Cox Shirleen and the Shoes

by LaKesa Cox
BookBaby (May 12, 2019)
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Since Shirleen’s daddy died in the war, her mother has taken on a new job at Mr. Connie’s Shoe Shop. Shirleen doesn’t understand why people won’t just throw their old shoes away and buy new ones. However, she’s exited to be joining her mother at her new job where she can sell all the machines Mr. Connie uses to make old shoes look like new. What Shirleen doesn’t realize is that she’s going to learn a whole lot more when she decides to walk in other people’s shoes. From a nurse to a construction worker, Shirleen tries to fill some big shoes but not before realizing those shoes tell the stories of their owners.Take a journey in someone else’s shoes with Shirleen.

Click for more detail about The Joy of Cruising: Passionate Cruisers, Fascinating Stories by Paul C. Thornton The Joy of Cruising: Passionate Cruisers, Fascinating Stories

by Paul C. Thornton
BookBaby (Mar 22, 2019)
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The Joy of Cruising is about passion. Award-winning author Paul C. Thornton profiles travelers from all over the world with a passion for cruising and who act on that passion in creative and fascinating ways. From a Grammy award winner, Poker Hall of Famer, winner of the TV series Last Comic Standing, to "ordinary" cruisers doing extraordinary things, The Joy of Cruising will fascinate anyone who has ever cruised, aspires to take a cruise, or just loves travel. The Joy of Cruising is an anthology that takes a look at the magic of cruising from the vantage point of travelers passionate about travel—a compendium of anecdotes, stories, and profiles of cruisers who have some unique or interesting perspective. It is not cruise-line specific, nor an industry overview, cruising guide/how-to, exposé or behind the scenes. The Joy of Cruising is a positive examination of why cruisers do what they do in the pursuit of their passion.

Click for more detail about Broken Together: Volume 1 by K.L. Gilchrist Broken Together: Volume 1

by K.L. Gilchrist
BookBaby (Jul 07, 2017)
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Tracey Jones’s life is picture-perfect. She’s crazy in love with her attractive doctor husband. Her only job is raising two healthy children in their stunning home. However, looks can be deceiving. When Tracey discovers her husband’s involvement with a young nurse at his private practice, it becomes a challenge to hold everything together. As her household falls apart, and the full extent of Dr. Jones secrets come to light, a series of events leads Tracey to do the unthinkable. In order to heal in her marriage, Tracey must face a painful past that forces her to offer grace and empathy to someone who may need it more than she does.

Click for more detail about Brotherman Dictator of Discipline: Revelation (BOOK ONE #1) by Guy Sims Brotherman Dictator of Discipline: Revelation (BOOK ONE #1)

by Guy Sims
BookBaby (Apr 07, 2016)
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A life interrupted by destiny!

Antonio Valor’s world…once commonplace and unsure…becomes clear and focused as he rises from the darkening depths of fear and doubt to the blinding illumination of understanding and strength. Brotherman: Revelation…the first installment of the inception of Big City’s mysterious purveyor of hope…of justice. The long-awaited origin to ignite the senses and strike the imagination. A story that reaches back through the generations to set the foundation for the future.

Anyabwile, Sims, and McGee deliver the dynamic first part of a hero’s saga…bursting with action, suspense, pain, and triumph.

The wait is over! The revelation is revealed.

Click for more detail about Destiny’s Grace  by Kirby Roy III Destiny’s Grace

by Kirby Roy III
BookBaby (Jul 06, 2015)
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Candace has said yes to Derrick’s marriage proposal, but since love isn’t the only reason they’re getting married, problems arise. But through grace, they are able to realize that it was fate that joined them, and true love that will keep them together.

Click for more detail about In The Void Of Lies by Kirby Roy III In The Void Of Lies

by Kirby Roy III
BookBaby (Oct 21, 2011)
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In The Void Of Lies, is a riveting tale of infidelity and redemption intermingled against the passage of the health care bill. The action begins with Justin Powell applying for a job with Senator Fitzgerald in order to spend more time with his wife, Tyra. For her part, Tyra is trying to uphold her half of their marriage by covering up a secret. Meanwhile, Senator Fitzgerald is begging Senator Danforth for money because he is being blackmailed. So as Senator Fitzgerald tries to pass his health care bill, the excitement progresses with his wife, Katie, confronting the infidelity she already knew about. And in a dramatic conclusion almost torn from the latest news headlines, Senator Fitzgerald stands at the Senate podium addressing the nation as Justin and Tyra try to decide on the outcome of their marriage. And with that, the tale ends with the truth redeeming all that they were hiding.