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    @Pioneer1 I can never prove, to your satisfaction, that anything you say is false or ridiculous. Asking me to do so is a waste of my time. I've never observed you change your position on a subject even when presented with information to the contrary. Describing research, information, and facts as "academic." is an excuse for the not to facing the reality that your position is flawed. Indeed, your unwillingness to look up the most basic information about a subject you admit you have limited knowledge of tells everyone you are not really interested in the truth, but only concerned with defending your beliefs. Describing yourself as, "a straight shooter", and saying you "speak plainly, directly, and to the point." does not make what you say true. This is the same tactic used by "45," which only appeals to the uninformed and those moved more by emotion than reason.
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    Yaay! I wanted to post something yesterday. Thank you! I didn't sign up to help via the survey because I didn't know how I could be of service - until now. I'm boycotting amazon by not selling my books through them. It won't have an impact on amazon but it will allow me to engage my audience directly. As for buying books - Amazon will be my last resort. I bought 3 books in November (1) - two directly from the publisher and another from lulu (the author didn't have copies available through the website. ) So, since I worked at both G.P. Putnam's Sons (1988-89) in the Special Sales department and Penguin USA (1989-1992) Academic Marketing and Sales department; I'd be happy to share some insight on how we sold books before Amazon. I also have a note from Zane on her pitch for hand sellers and have information and a website to link regarding successful hand seller tools. I have a lot of ideas for people who are afraid to take the plunge and sell without amazon. If there are self-publishers who decide they don't want to grovel to brick and mortar book store owners to sell their books - I have ideas to share with them too. In fact, when I first self-published in 2006 - no bricks and mortar bookstore wanted to be bothered with me...so I won't be selling through any distributors either. I welcome anyone to get inventory from me if they want have access to my books. Since I circumvented the who business model in the first place - I don't know why I wasted time trying to fit in their game in the first place. (off soap box)
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    Good to watch! Thanks For sharing Mel! Poverty is a serious problem which is going on these days. Ending poverty is not simply by just giving more money. Many people from different parts of the world are suffering due to this problem. I have read here that to fight poverty, NGO's are working hard by organizing different volunteering programs for helping the people.
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    Pioneer you're funny. And the world you live in is A mazing. However in your world you are correct. However it sounds just as restrictive as the one you rail against. From my perspective. Abstract/Expansive vs Concrete/Dogmatic. Anytime there is agreement with Pioneer I am bit uneasy .
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    Pioneer shouldn't your meme be wearing a dashiki? Pioneer is listening its the understanding that is lacking. Sometimes understanding is linked with agreement.
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    i didn't say i didn't like the man. i just wasn't blown away by what he had to say. He was like a slick-tongued minister, moreorless preaching to the choir, - to people like you who eat up that all that pseudo science and black exultation. i'm past that. It doesn't expand my mind. It is funny how i never agree with you. But it's not deliberate. You just say things and makes claims that naturally invoke my skepticism. Whatever.
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    So you believe white racist kill each other out of boredom? (why am I having this conversation?) Let's go back to my original question @Pioneer1 when did white supremacy start? I know you said you did not know. But you should look it up. It would help us have a more intelligent conversation on the subject.
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    Del It is unlikely that you will have information that I have been searching for my whole life You got THAT right....lol. Arrogant people who brag about flying to Europe to eat cheese and chocolates in old museums probably don't search for ANY type of information.....because they usually think they KNOW everything already! But I read somewhere years ago that in some ancient cultures the "shaman" and most psychic people were often bisexual or homosexual. They occupied the role of what many would consider today the "priestly class". Men and women who didn't get married and produce children, but just dedicated their lives to spiritual matters. Being bisexual, homosexual, or even asexual......joining this class was probably a way out of having to get married and produce a family which was what almost all normal men and women were expected to do.
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