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    Cynique writes, "Tell all of my AALBC 'frienenemies' I said, "stay well." I know we all (at least I have) have been jonesing to read something from Cynique about the passing scene: “Welcome to 2020! I always knew things would catch up with this country, but I never imagined that I would be around to see it. Unlike some, however, i don't believe a conspiracy theory is at work via the new world order; the inevitable has just come to pass. I don't think the USA will ever be the same after this pandemic, and the shit is really gonna hit the fan come election time. But, whatever. I'll be doing good to even be around in November. So far, i haven't exhibited any corona symptoms and like everybody else, I'm social distancing myself on voluntary quarantine. If the virus doesn't get me, my intense loathing for Trump might bring me down. I.DESPISE.HIM. I can't believe how the Universe has put him in place as a leader during this time of crises. But with his luck, he might just emerge smelling like a rose when this new flu proves to be much ado about nothing and that the real disaster was our overreaction to it. Me and my cynicism do find the way the media is handling it to be a bit much. Yet, I have mixed emotions. In addition to the radiation being emitted by cell phone towers being the origin of the virus, another one of the theories out there on FaceBook is that if your ears are ringing, you are getting signals from unseen forces about to take over Earth, and my ears are really picking up a lot of static! Oh, well, i always did think I was an alien. And the bizarre supernatural activity that continues to occur within the walls of my bedroom in the middle of the night are very unnerving... “
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    @Chevdove I ditto that. Please don't edit youself cause two old fuddie duddies don't share your sense of humor. @Pioneer1 i always said the culture wants to feminize men. The more you can get men in the salons buying products and the stores buying trendy fashions, getting piercings and fancy hairstyles and their tie nails painted the more money you can make of them. The ideal of what is feminine is a white man's construct. This ideal is the one that you embrace @Pioneer1. Things changed substantially for white women as they gained more rights. Black wpmen benfited too but were never really considered the feminine idea... by the larger society.... but that what Black men are here for 😉
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    Lol....ASK and ye shall receive. Can a brutha get a drum-roll for his long awaited "official" statement on the Kareem situation? Look, whether or not Kareem is/was indeed a troll is not for me to say because I'm in no position to know for sure, however I WILL say this... Talking about being heavily armed and going out in blazes of glory not ony makes you a potential target but draws attention to whatever platform (organization, family, website, religion, ect.....) you express yourself in. And to a lesser degree even promoting certain conspiracies (whether they're true or false) will also draw attention to you AND the site you're on and that attention may not necessarily be from the people you want it from! Also, if you want to post something reckless you must understand that even after you've gone on, the problems your carelessness has caused remains for others to deal with. As I've gotten older I've learned that even if YOU don't give a damn about the consequences, it's always wise to be considerate of those around you and what THEY may have to endure after you're long gone. Also, we have to be careful about the term "troll" because it means too many things for too many people. For some, a "troll" is just someone who gets a kick out of annoying other people and will purposely say inflammatory things to get a reaction. For others, a "troll" is an agent sent into a community to purposely spread misinformation or post illegal information for the purposes of getting a site flagged and possibly in trouble. But in my opinion these type of individuals aren't "trolls" but AGENTS and should be refered to or atleast seen as such. Again, not pinning EITHER definition on Kareem because as far as I'm concerned he's a brother with strong opinion as far as I KNOW.....but since the subject came up I'm speaking on the issue in general.
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    @Pioneer1 I never left! I decided it was wiser to spend my time on other areas on this website, where I could help and also learn what others are doing in the book world. I don't argue with supremacist folks of any shade and for a while this forum (culture, race and economy) was traveling that path. Calling people coons, uncle toms, ni--ers, colonizers, crackers, (dang there are'nt many derogatory names for Angles that don't include them being in a superior position over black folks, is there? LOL but I digress)- because of their differing life perspective doesn't help any of us. Black Supremacy is as hateful as white supremacy. Hate and fear are way too draining, divisive and mentally harmful. If we couple that with Alex Jones-type alternative theories especially the unsolvable theories then we're all doomed. I'm all for considering alternative theories but if they are not meant to help us evolve then what? For example, if coronavirus is engineered/modified. - SO WHAT? A lot of viruses are engineered/modified for health reasons - such as gene therapy. For years domestic animals such as cats and dogs have been vaccinated against the coronavirus . Are we talking about that modified virus? Anyway, if we're going to talk about solutions then I'm all in...but just talking about what somebody is allegedly doing to us - makes us victims...and I ain't got time to talk about reinforcing my victimization.
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    I am in complete agreement with you. Why did booksellers, writers, and independent publishers decide to hand their power over to one distributor? When "B" started the business he said that he was going to destroy the book business first. He said it would be easy, because it was full of English Majors.
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    I know I'm late to the party and y'all done ate up all the chips and dip and drank all the punch, too!! But, I thought I'd add a little something - and something quite different than most of what's been shared. I'm an older Brother, who digs a lot of what has been posted already, but a couple of friends (who don't know each other and have different tastes) have recently turned me on to some music that some here at AALBC might dig. First up, the 'British' (really Afro-Caribbean) saxophone player Shabaka and the Ancestors. Most of the band members are from South Africa and they are jamming. A brief introduction: This is one tune: https://youtu.be/TnkjcS_yTfA For a more extensive experience, here's their live performance from a couple years ago, which I really enjoyed. https://youtu.be/IU4vpE2eGho Damani
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    DISCUSSION FORUMS STELLAR - SCREEN FATIGUE IS THE PROBLEM Before I let you know why I haven't been participating in the discussion forums, I want to express my gratitude to African American Literature Book Club. I found my editor and publicist here. Troy did the research to include the WBAI David Rothenberg interview on my author’s page, even though I had forgotten to send it to him. The review that was published on AALBC, though not completely positive, was professionally written. A professional review gives the reviewer’s opinion of the book with supportive evidence from the book while giving enough information for the reader to decide if s/he is interested in the book. The reviewer did that, which resulted in sales of An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones. One of those sales resulted in a reunion with a beloved writer mentee. Another sale resulted in a fine correspondence—which continues until this day—with an admirer of the book who has also been very supportive of my career. Thank you. I was briefly on Facebook and LinkedIn for business, but ran away screaming. Facebook seemed intrusive to me. After I left, they followed me for six months online. LinkedIn sent emails to everyone in my inbox, which resulted in contact from someone I never wanted to hear from in this life or the next. Although I am still on Goodreads, I am not very active. When I visited their forums I was appalled at the childishness of the exchanges. It reminded me of third grade playground fights. Then I came to this community. Discussions were at a high level, included sources, and--whether I agreed with the writers or not--the conversations were always civil. There was so much variety, and you could start a new topic. Engaging people with differing perspectives was exhilarating. I will never forget the series of discussions Troy, another community member, and I had with a young man about his views on gay people. We didn’t change his mind, but I hope he at least reexamined his beliefs. Who could forget the life changing discussions about “A” and its devastating effect on booksellers, readers, and writers? Your discussion forums increased my brain cells. I spent days creating responses in my head. Then I typed them up in Word and revised them. After that, I cut and pasted them into the forums. Recently, I created a STAY AT HOME RESOURCE KIT on my website for my email list. I will discuss the details of that in another post. I think a custom tailored version of it would work for other writers. One element of the kit included recommended links. Here is what I put on my website: Discover the joys of the 21st Century’s version of the 18th Century salon. Then I copied the block of text from AALBC’s website giving details about the site and put the link on my website. For the past two years, I have been giving readings of An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones for Black History Month Programs at libraries and added a college this year. In addition, I also scheduled my first Women’s History Month Program this year, which was postponed because of COVID-19. Wherever I go, I have been telling writers and readers about your website, with particular mention of the forums. In other words, although I wasn’t on the forums, I was sending as many people to them as I could. I don’t think the discussion forums can be improved. They are already excellent. The problem lies not with your discussion forums, but with my screen fatigue. Like most people, I spend a great deal of time on screens: the computer and the phone. I don’t have a TV, but watch movies, documentaries, TV programs, and videos on the computer. I am looking forward to watching an Oscar Micheaux film on Youtube later tonight. Except for occasional trips to bookstores, most of my research is done on a computer screen at home or at the library. I don’t have other devices, but still spend more time than I’d like on screens. When I was working on An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones, I had to get special computer glasses to ease the fatigue of reading the digital proof files my copy editor sent me. I felt as if I my eyeballs were walking on sand. I am wearing those glasses now. After awhile, I don’t want to see another screen. I just want to put on my regular glasses, sit in my wing chair, prop my feet on the footstool, and read Looking for Lorraine. (If this ends up with a "tag"[I don't think that's the correct term-my research described the "at" sign with the name as a tag] it will be another accident.)
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    Legendary pianist died.
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    @Chevdove you were probably to young to remember tbe concert Wattstax. They made a documentary film in the 70s with same name. I saw the film in the theater and I recall wnjoying it a great deal. I own the DVD -- check it out
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    That's okay Brother! LOL. @Pioneer1Sometimes it's good to have this kind of checks and balances! You are not lying! Tyler Perry keeps on going and going with this. I heard he is not mad at Spike Lee though, and he dedicated a stage to him in Atlanta or something like this. I wonder how Spike Lee has responded? Lol. Maybe. Okay. Thanks @Troy! But again, I don't mind taking a little heat from the brothers.
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    This short video does a very good job of explaining why Covid19 is so much more dangerous than the seasonal flu. When Kareem posted the link to that error ridden article calling into question the seriuosness of the pandemic. I called it out as such and pointed out a fundemental flaw in the article's reasoning. Interestingly, after doing that Kareem stopped posting. @Chevdove you were surprised by his reaction -- indeed I was too. But in hindsight I'm beginning to think Kareem was a troll, a sophisticated one, but a troll nonetheless. Trolls do a number of very bad things; one is spreading misinformation. If you go to a Black website and constantly assert that covid19 is a hoax, and if you get folks here to buy into that false belief, and Black people die, who does that serve? There are Black people in America who believe Black people are immune. This should be absurd on it face, but it is not to many. Troll's like Kareem who spout this nonsense then point to serious looking sites with articles supporting this bullshit not only confuse people, but puts them on serious danger. What makes what Kareem did so dangerous is that people will die as a result.
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    Troy you can't assume the average person is going to see things as clearly as you. Case in point Donald Trump becoming President. Also his approval rating has crashed. Although I don't know where it is now.
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      Mel Well hello. Good to hear from you again! You speak of Black Supremacy being as hateful as White Supremacy. I'm going to have to be the judge of that one.....so SHOW ME somewhere where Black folks are in a position to be supremacist, lol. You don't have take me there, just tell me where it is! Or send me a map on how to get there and when I go and see this "Black Supremacy" in action (because living in Western society we KNOW what White supremacy looks like) for myself THEN I will be educated enough to make an intelligent decision as to whether or not it's as bad as what Caucasians have established. I'm all for considering alternative theories but if they are not meant to help us evolve then what? For example, if coronavirus is engineered/modified. - SO WHAT? Because if it is, then perhaps the guidelines that you're being told will keep you safe MAY infact be useless or even down right dangerous! ((make your own masks out of handkerchiefs and kleenex???)) Perhaps you WOULD have done C while you were running around doing B had you only known the truth. Troy Speaking of that, @Pioneer1 what do you think about my theory that Kareem was a troll. You know the kind you find on Facebook formorting controversy and descent. I mean think about it, if you listened to Kareem you would have nothing but hatred and contempt for the United States. Think about some of the things he wrote about stockpiling weapons and going out in a blaze of glory... Man! Your last line was interesting as hell because I just mentioned that very same thing in a response to you and Chev on another thread!!!! But I can't say whether or not the brother was a troll. I'm in no position to know him or his intentions outside of the limited information what he posted. But when people asked about the use of violence, it was said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it wasn't wise to SAY before one had the ability to DO. Look, you'd be a fool to completely trust our system, but Kareem had zero trust. If I take him at his word (i.e. not a troll) some of his beliefs were simply irrational. If you believe Black people are immune to the virus, you are irrational, because you'd have to deny the fact that Black people are dying everyday from the virus. Well, he said he was a Paralegal so apparently he had SOME trust of it because he worked with and within the very legal system.....lol. But I cautioned him and others in real life about saying "this" doesn't affect Black folks or "that" doesn't affect Black folks because for one thing it IS affecting Black folks in terms of health AND economics AND you never know what type of action you may be inviting. I remember back in the 80s and 90s a lot of Black men were bragging about how nice and big and round the Black woman's butt is and how flat the White woman's but was. Even singing about it and putting it in rap songs. White men didn't say shit, they just went up into the laboratory and worked on some chemicals and the next thing you know 20 years later every other White woman you see from 17 to 70 has a big fat shapely ass wagging behind her...lol. One of the Black man's greatest weaknesses is arrogance and the tendency to brag and this often invites unwanted consequences.
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    I just reviewed information on the people who've registered accounts on this discussion forum over the past 10 years. I will call these folks "members." Members are different from "Guests," people who post here without creating an account. Over the past 10 years 8,050 members joined this forum. However, only 3,131 members revisited our discussion forum after creating an account, and only 608 posted here. The fact that only 8% of the people who create an account actually post, always confounded me. I think it may be that some visitors believe you have to create an account just to read the posts or maybe once they create an account and can't figure out how to post. In any case, despite asking, I have no idea why so few members post. As you might imagine, of the members who post, 10% of us are responsible for 90% of all posts. Most of the top posters have not participated in over a year. As a result, I've decided to reach out, via email, to all 608 members who have posted. Two hundred members has have requested that they not be emailed or the email address they signed up with is no longer valid. Thanks leaves 408 members you will get the email. If 10% of these member participated regularly we'd actually have a pretty vibrant forum, which I'm sure anyone reading this would like to see. Of course lurkers (people who read the forums but never participate), you are free to join as well 🙂 Also, all discussion forum members are entitled to enjoy a 10% off everything in the AALBC bookstore just use coupon code: thumperscorner when checking out. This is on top of free shipping for orders of $40 or more and no sales tax collection (save the state of Florida). This is a one-time use coupon.
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    LATEST BLOW TO BOOK INDUSTRY Update- 3/31/2020 - “A” has ordered a few books from a publisher I know, one tenth of their usual order. There is no such thing as a “kind” slave master. Sell your books through your own website. Hello from Amazon, We are closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19 and its impact on our customers, selling partners, and employees. We are seeing increased online shopping, and as a result products such as household staples and medical supplies are out of stock. With this in mind, we are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock and deliver these products to customers. Beginning today you will see: Reduced Purchase Orders: We have temporarily paused ordering for products that are not household staples, medical supplies, or other high demand products. Extended delivery windows for existing purchase orders: We have extended the shipment/delivery windows for some existing purchase orders to give you more time to fulfill the order. Please ship your products toward the end of the extended window. This will be in effect today through April 5, 2020, and we will let you know once we resume regular operations. We understand this is a change to your business, and we did not take this decision lightly. We are working around the clock to increase capacity, and on March 16 announced that we are opening 100,000 new full- and part-time positions in our fulfillment centers across the US. We appreciate your understanding as we prioritize the above products for our customers. Thank you for your patience, Amazon (Okay, Troy and Mel, you were right. It is a tag. But the box with the pull up menu is on this screen, it's not on the other one.)
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    FORGIVABLE CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY LOANS At a recent Independent Book Publishers Association Committee meeting, I received the following information which I would like to share with you. As an independent publisher, if you hire developmental editors, copy editors, illustrators, and/or publicists to work on your book(s), you qualify for the emergency loans described in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The introduction of the Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide Checklist states the following: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allocated $350 billion to help small businesses keep workers employed amid the pandemic and economic downturn. Known as the Paycheck Protection Program, the initiative provides 100% federally guaranteed loans to small businesses. Importantly, these loans may be forgiven if borrowers maintain their payrolls during the crisis or restore their payrolls afterward. The administration soon will release more details including the list of lenders offering loans under the program. In the meantime, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has issued this guide to help small businesses and self-employed individuals prepare to file for a loan. In other words, if you use the loan to pay your independent contractors, the loan becomes a grant. If you don’t use the loan to pay your independent contractors, the loan will have to be repaid with interest. No loan requests over $10 million will be considered. (I had a good laugh when I read this.) There is more information in the link below to the Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide Checklist, on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website, which you can download as a pdf. I wish you much success. https://www.uschamber.com/report/covid-19-emergency-loans-small-business-guide Sorry, this is in the wrong forum. It should be in Ways to Share.
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    You beat me to the punch @Wendy Jones i was gonna share this today. Amazon's effective monopoly over the sale of independenly published Black books is now they can decide when it is important to stock, sell, and ship them. As long as USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and any number of other delivery services are out there AALBC, nor any other bookseller, has to slow down your book delivery. Amazon stocking fewer books and delaying delivery is only a problem for authors because they put all their eggs in one basket -- Amazon's I'm still doing three day delivery on the books in my store and im getting more customers everyday.
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    Plus they lock poor people up when they can't post bond. New York City has hundreds if not thousands of people locked up awaiting trial because they can't make bail. Kalief Browder spent two years, most if it in solitary, because he could make make bail of $500 (i think it was $500 but it was something small). He was ultimately found innocent, but ended up killing himself because the experience drove him mad.
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    There is no scientific evidence that human civilizations have been here for millions of years. But I agree, Western civilization will absolutely collapse. We can debate the timeframe, but it will happen and we are seeing indications of it today.
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    Ok so you two @Chevdove and @Pioneer1 are breaking down the history in very comprehensive ways, with lots of details. There seem to be a lot of sticking points about dates/time periods and nomenclature. But otherwise there's some agreement here. I admit I'm more of a recent history guy (1600-present) versus ancient like you two. I do consider myself a Biblical scholar, but as Pioneer alluded to, its not 100% factual. But from what I'm reading, the both of you seem to agree in the existence of "Black Dravidian Asians." Is that fair to say? If so then I need to read up some on this subject matter before I can comment further. The words black and Asian combined is weird in and of itself. I assume these people had kinky/nappy hair? The second preliminary conclusion I'm getting, based on both of your comments, is that the Black Dravidians did in fact play a role in creating today's "Caucasians" aka white people? If not, correct me. Again I'll contribute more to this discussion once I learn more about our Dravidian cousins. They are not original, meaning they didn't come into existence naturally. Is that what you're saying? This is/was my position from the beginning. I always felt white people (Europeans) usurped the term "Caucasian" from the people of Georgia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, etc. But this whole discussion even calls that into question. I believe Pioneer's position is that Arabs and Europeans are Caucasian. Make sense. Just more to wrap our heads around.
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    @Troy https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/florida-coronavirus-cases-surge-spring-breakers-express-regret-n1168686 Your boy is pulling back on his statements haha
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    I wrote a blog post about 5 uplifting novels to read during the time of COVID-19. Obviously, we all need to be inform and stay safe while dealing with the virus. However, I do believe reading some good uplifting novels is needed as well. My blog post features non-Black authors but I would like to get some black author recommendations as well. Please recommend your favorite uplifting novels.
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    Unless Spain Germany and the US adopt strict procedures they will resemble Italy.
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    I don't get into the left/right political soap opera. What I do know is that Trump tried to buy the rights to vaccines and research from CureVac, a German pharma company, for $1 billion. Of course he and CureVac deny it now. But several non-US media outlets confirmed it. Everything Trump does is for himself. He only cares about himself. Talk of sending $1,200 checks to people means there's something in it for Trump. The $500 billion slush fund in that "relief" bill that Trump and Mnuchin have complete, 100% control over tells you all you need to know. Democrats are desperate to get their version of a dementia-suffering pervert (Biden) into the WH so of course they will politicize anything and everything. Cuban doctors sent a drug called Interferon to China and it apparently works to cure coronavirus as China is getting back to normal. Of course you don't hear about the drug in US media because it's made in Cuba and big pharma companies cannot cash in on it. Of course pharma companies advertise a lot on US media. Again, they don't care about people. They care only about themselves.
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    Street smarts? Lol...... If they were THAT smart, why are they still on the streets?
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    @Pioneer1 Yes, the Brady Sluders of the world may not be stopped from partying but he'll, fingers crossed, be stopoed from reproducing more numbskulls.
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    Troy, First of all, THANK YOU for AALBC, all of your efforts and this forum. When I first discovered the forum I posted a few times, but Brother, I got so busy finishing our (my wife and my) eBook that I didn't come back. Several of the Members were quite encouraging to me, and I appreciate them for that. I hope that I was able to add something to the discussion. I think your email about this was actually genius, and the response shows its effectiveness. I would suggest this: An email from time to time offering a new forum topic of interest to authors, or an online (Zoom.us) live video presentation by an expert on a topic of interest to authors. Subjects like marketing, writing tips, etc. That would most likely pull in those who simply 'lurk' or have not visited the forum in quite a while - like me. Damani Keene Clandestine-Life.com
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    @Pioneer1 what astrological prediction are you following?
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    @Pioneer1 I did not know you ran for office, now I have to look at you differently and understand why you've remained anonymous all these years. 😉 As far as the end of civilization, I've started a new conversation on the subject, cause I know you can't help hijacking this one @Chevdove I wish more scholars and writers posted here more regularly. The ones who post regularly to social should absolutely post here. Also, if you don't read email how do people contact and communicate with you? Letter, telephone, Instagram?
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    This is something else.Love it. Two different videos.
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    @Troy I have not checked my email in weeks! Nevertheless, just as some of the posters here in this forum, my initial draw to this community is because I want to come to a place where African American book writers and scholars and everyone else comes to contribute because I feel it will help me develop myself as I would like to publish a book one day. Also, my interest and passion revolves around my African American culture, so this was a great draw for me. This is good.
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    Chev I would like to say, that I thank my Creator for the Protestant Movement here in America because had it not been for them, White European people, I would never know about ancient Kemet. About 2000 years ago, the Black African world threw the ancient books down at the cross completely in exchange for the law of the Roman Empire. Well sister you know the Protestant Movement didn't start in the United States; it started in Europe with Martin Luther. But what did you mean by this statement about Black Africans throwing their ancient books down at the cross for Roman laws???? I have an idea about what I THINK you mean, but I'm not sure so I'd like you to clarify please. this would be one of the reasons why Solomon wrote this book SONG OF SOLOMON (Canticles), which became described as one of the greatest written works of all time. For this reason, at times this book would also be titled The SONG OF SONGS. Solomon wrote this book, again, when he was old and did so, as if to ‘right a wrong’. In it, Solomon uses deep analogies upon which, without a deep understanding of certain scientific background, it would be impossible to understand how Solomon was able to anchor his writings and dispel a lot of later deception. Sister, I believe we went over this before....lol....that Solomon didn't author that book. It starts of with the author saying, "Let HIM kiss me.......". Certainly if it was a book BY Solomon himself instead of about him it would be "her" instead of "him".
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    In general I have little to no arguments or discussions. However I am glad you posted this.
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    Hello Everyone, My apologies for not being as visible as I could be. Life has thrown me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. That being said, I am super excited for all that is taking place and for the path being an indie author has created. I thank those who have paved the way and continue to do so. What's new for me? Well, I have three books in illustration with another 12 fully edited and ready to go. For those who have followed me, know that initially, my MC were various animals. Just recently, I added on actual people and more recently, children of African American and Latino decent. I have also published my first two chapter books (one is a book of faith) that are doing extremely well. I am also actively promoting my second annual book festival! This is super exciting news. For those who have written chapter books, have you ever considered turning the book into a script for a movie? If so, what was your experience. I am chatting with two producers now and would like any insight you may be able to share. This comment is for Troy. Troy, is than an app for the site that I may add to my phone to have instant access? This would greatly help me to be more active by being just a click away Florenza
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    I simply stumbled across this forum while searching for sites that have a focus on books written about the African American experience. I released a novel in late 2019 and wanted to bring it to the attention of audiences that would likely be receptive. The American Mathematical Society (AMS) published my book Mathematics: Rhyme and Reason in 2018. All I did to support this book was make it known to family and friends that it had been released, and actually giving quite a few of them a copy. I left the general marketing to the AMS. However, my novel is self-published and I'm a complete unknown in literary circles. Marketing is up to me. I know nothing about marketing, but I'm trying to do what seems reasonable. Joining this forum seemed to be a reasonable step. The AALBC may offer other benefits beyond being an opportunity to push my novel Just Before Too Late. We'll see. Mel Currie
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    @Maurice I just now reached out to forum member who have previously participated. Any results will be evident here.
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    Discover the amazing tales of the Cassad Empire! 'Excellent collection of intriguing Space Opera stories.' 'Mind blown...and then some! 'Space opera storytelling at its finest.' The Dark Universe saga tells the origin story of the Afrocentric Cassad Empire, from its ambitious beginning to its evolution to the first great human Galactic Empire. Both anthologies are filled with amazing stories by some of the best Black Fantastic authors, stories that will keep you engaged from beginning to end. Available from MVmedia! #afrofuturism #spaceopera #blackscifi https://www.mvmediaatl.com/product-page/dark-universe-duo https://www.mvmediaatl.com/product-page/dark-universe-epub https://www.mvmediaatl.com/product-page/dark-universe-the-bright-empire-epub
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    This is crazy times! You see, this is one of the reasons I am glad I never developed a liking to wanting to travel far away, nevertheless, that nasty virus came over here anyway! One of my sons was over there!--in China! I prayed for him because he just would not listen to me. He was over there in December when this thing broke, but according to the news, the Chinese government kept it secret until after January when they knew they could not control it. I have been so stressed. You all just don't know. My son came back after January, and he was totally okay. But, I was telling him and he never even knew what I was talking about! LOL. Last week, he contacted me and said, "Mom, be careful. There's this new virus going around called Coronavirus..." I was like, "BOY! I told you that when you were in China!!! Man!" he said, Oh really... smh.
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    And here's Jimi Hendrix playing the blues.
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    What's up man? The pandemic has different reacts depending upon where you live. NYC is shutting down. The college I teach has cancelled all instruction for a full week and will then resume all classes online. They have shut down Broadway theaters, museums, at events too numerous to count. Stores have no hand sanitizers, cleaning products, toilet tissue, water, etc. many people are wearing masks. My boy told me about a guy that sneezed without covering his mouth. He got cursed out and almost caught a beatdown. In Florida, some events have been cancelled but walking around in stores it is just a regular day unlike NYC where civil society is beginning to break down.
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    @Troy Yes, I don't remember anything about this as I grew up, however, about two years ago, I heard of it. I saw a small portion of it, but this time, I was able to watch the whole video and it was so great! I did learn something new today! I thought it was called the Watts festival and now I see that it is WattStax and I now know what Stax means as well. Richard Pryor was so funny! The Black National Anthem sung by Kim Weston?--Never heard of her before, but she is so talented. There's so much history and so much about this film that electrifies me. Also, there is a hard truth too, that I see in that we are still faced with some of the same negative issues today that occurred then. @Maurice I watched the whole video and it was so great! I never knew! Wow! HIs music was introduced at the Carnegie Hall! There is so much history during those times, that I never knew about. Also, in this film, they mentioned Eric Clapton! I definitely loved the sound of the Blues; it is so unique. Yes, I also love the music of Curtis Mayfield but again, I don't know much about him as I was young when he was popular, so I look forward to listening to this video soon.
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    This is a delayed reaction-- I would have never thought in a million years that two African American men had something to do with the kind of music that the Rolling Stones played.
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    @Maurice WOW! That was CRAZY GOOD! Thank you for posting. All of this was before my time, I was too young to know all about these times, yet, I've always wondered. It was only a few years ago that I even heard about STAX even though I remember many of the artist and loved the music. I was shocked to learn, here, that Aretha Franklin was associated with this company! Man! And yes, that she was born in Memphis!? I did not realize how Otis Redding tied into all of this history just before Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. I think I'll be playing his hit today, all day! I am not sure whether it's Nashville or Memphis, but I was also surprised, years back, when I learned that Tina Turner was actually born in Tennesee! I learned a lot in this documentary!
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    Speaking of "authority" check out this book coming out next month:
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    I'm reading a few books but am primarily focused on Evil Never Sleeps: Tales of Light and Darkness, by Robert Fleming. Robert is one of America’s most accomplished writers. He has written poetry, novels, nonfiction articles, and has reviewed over 60 books for AALBC. His work spans over 40 years. It seems to me that writers like Robert should be better known, but he is just your run of the mill late-middle-aged Black man {yawn}. He’s not Caribbean or African, he’s not LGBT, he does not have a white parent, he can’t rap or dunk a basketball, he wasn’t gang banger or previously incarcerated. He is the kind of writer that I always complain about being ignored by the mainstream media. Robert's accomplishments will never go viral on twitter despite his significant contributions to our literature.
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    It should be noted that horror, sci-fi, and fantasy are 3 difference genre's that follow different guide lines. Below is an excerpt from an Editor's explanation explaining what distinguishes these genres from each other. "In horror the storyworld does not need to make rational sense; in fantasy it needs to make sense internally, but not externally; in science fiction it needs to be plausible both internally and externally. I’m not, by the way, suggesting that it’s easier to write horror than science fiction – far from it. Creating the suspension of disbelief necessary to make you scared of an implausible monster is a tough trick." So, Dracula would be an example of horror; Lord of the Rings, fantasy; StarTrek, sci-fi. I guess you could say these 3 types are actually subdivisions of The Supernatural.
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    This is a timely post. If I had more time I could cover books appropriate for the season in more depth. I just discovered a Scifi writer yesterday: Cerece Rennie Murphy of course there are many more
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