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    WOW!!! Another Record Setting TRACK BEAUTY Setting a Record 10.75! SHA'CARRI RICHARDSON! WOW!-- Sha' Carri just ran a 10.75!!! This brings back my memories of Flo Jo! I read though that today, Sha-Carri is rated one of the 9th fastest runners. I am amazed. _______________________________________________________________ ... Richardson finished the race at a record-breaking time of 10.75 seconds and didn't even have to cross the finish line to know she won. She raised her arms in celebration while she was still running and finished nearly five meters ahead of the rest of the field Richardson broke the world junior record, and her finish time makes her the ninth-fastest performer in the world. She also broke the NCAA record, which was set 30 years ago by former LSU sprinter Dawn Sowell at 10.78. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/lsu-freshman-breaks-womens-100m-collegiate-record-in-1075-celebrates-early/ar-AACAP8M?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=AARDHP HERE'S THE VIDEO of her competing this past Saturday winning in 10.75 Oh and Uh, yes, she has BLONDE EXTENSIONS!!!-- LOL! I just realized that this trend of Black Track Beauties may be due to being able to recognize them on the track! Just a thought.
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    Two and a half years, Americans were left toiling, unlawfully – like slaves. 30 months in a timeless zone of what they knew; what they were. Extracted and uprooted by the thousands, for this very purpose, to Western Texas, far from justice and away from humanity. But for now, forget the ones that survived, for some died not knowing they were free, not knowing their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren have survived their plight. Read more... http://www.mafoombay.com/juneteenth-june-19th-1865/
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    Women are not a monolith @Delano. If Megyn Kelly disagreed, not only would not care, I would be happy about it.
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    Damn good question. It is in the music, the food, the way people talk, walk, and greet each other. It is in the style of dress and hair. It is what we read and how we dance it runs throughout the community. It is that thing that Harlem (NYC really) has lost. I mean we make do in spots here and there, but without our own community there is no soul. People who never lived in a Black community can't really get it. The little gated community I live in is nice and comfortable but it has no soul... the community is too new and the people too transcient or self absorbed. Gentrification has sucked the soul out of Harlem.
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    Numbers are integral part of science and without numbers it wouldn't be possible to conduct experiments. If numbers are created and not discovered then irs possible mathematics is built on fiction. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/article/great-math-mystery/
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    @Troy I am definitely interested and partly because I never really knew about this concept of 'a perfect number'. So it is intriguing because I do see the history of it now, But, I am trying to figure out now, what really is the importance of this subject and, if, or how it is it used in relation to other concepts. Now, that is an amazing thought!
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    It felt good arguing in FAVOR of a position I'm actually against, so I decided to take up another one. I'm not a feminist, but I'll attempt.....for argument's sake....to take the position of Black feminists or womanists and say that Black men are just too sexist. When it comes to sisters wearing their hair naturally, the greatest opposition Black women face doesn't come from White men in the work place who usually know better than to make a comment.....but from Black men at home and in the community who often times don't want to date a "natural" woman and are often very blunt about making this known. I've also noticed that the only time most Black men are willing to stay at home and help do the dishes, clean the house, and watch the children is when he's UNEMPLOYED and doesn't have much of a choice.....outside of that, most brothers grow up thinking it's the woman's job to do this instead of a shared responsibility. Finally we have Jay-Z .....a Black rapper (among thousands of others) has MADE A LIVING calling women bitches and ho's and bragging about how he has sex with them and uses them and even proudly refers to himself as "pimp". His reward for this near lifetime of misogynistic behavior is his recently being crowned raps first BILLIONAIRE. Can not Black men see that many of them are (and have been since before the ending of slavery) treating Black women with the same contempt and disrespect that they so furiously condemn Whites, Asians, and others for showing them? Lauryn Hill once famously said: How you gonna win if you ain't right within?
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    Cicely Tyson James Baldwin Arthur Mitchell Harry Belafonte More people know the work of the two actors than the two other artists.
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    Blacks would have to be recognised as human by White America.
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    I would say no people's ir served by celebrity worship. Its an incredible waste of resources. You are encouraging millions of children to aspire for a few thousand spots. That's why pimping and dealing is popular. You see it work in your neighbourhood
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    WOW this is bad news for journalism! You really said it here;
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    If I were descended from Thomas Jefferson I doubt I'd take too much pride in that fact. I would want to know, but it would not be something I celebrated. Just because my ancestor's rapist was a president of the united states makes no difference...
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    If there are patterns in primes. It changes encryption. and perhaps mathematics.
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    Chev Those people could PASS for White because they WERE White....lol.
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    Different strokes
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    Black. Father's. Day. Respect. For. Black. Fathers Who. Are. Responsible,Caring. And. Loving . Those. Responsible. Black. Men,Over. Shadowed. By. The. Irresponsible. Black. Fathers.. . Dealing,With Daily Racism And Poverty,Crack Sellers, ,Gangs,,,Pimps .,..White Media Shows Black Men Who Desert Their ,Families,,Not,Black Men Who Are Responsible....News,Black. ,And,White. Democrats Trying To Get The Black Vote In South-Carolina. . Today. Waiting To See Them Slither. In. Black. Churches,Like. Snakes.. Flint. Water. Scandal. The. White. Political,Who. Was. Guilty. ,Charges. Have. Been. Dropped. Not,Surprised. The. Republicans. Responsible. ,Might . Be. ,,Charged,Again. Or Not. . For. The. Irresponsible. Fathers,,1972-The,Temptations. ,Papa. Was. A Rolling. Stone. Grammy. Winner!!!!!.
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    @Chevdove my distain for the woman is irrational I'm sure. It is rare for me to dislike people from jump, but she is one...
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    This is the second post I have seen about her. But the first where the focus was on her looks more than her accomplishments. Or is this an extension of the man are too sexist thread?
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    OK, who is this and what did you do with Pioneer?
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    I knewill a twin their birth times were separated by ten minutes and they had different rising signs
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    Oh yes, I have experienced this!! @Pioneer1 @Troy This is an interesting comment especially in lieu of the video!!! I loved watching the video though, it was very good! I applaud the authors. Side note; The White woman reminds me so much of Ertha KItts daughter! At any rate, one of the most profound statements made was by the narrator of the video in how, before he went into depth about his mother, daughter and the FANCY LADIES, he mentioned his first love. He spoke about his first love being a very dark chocolate beauty and how we are today hearing stories from light skinned people and then after he made this statement, well, the conversation was mostly about WHITE, BIRACIAL OR LIGHT SKINNED SLAVES!!! The authors also spoke about this too, when they mentioned a woman that somehow learned how to write and expressed the horror of the man who fathered her children putting her and her children up for sale! It was said that because of the few Slave Narratives, these stories account for the many other stories that are not told! And then they spoke about Thomas Jefferson and later towards the end they spoke about Frederick Douglass in a positive aspect [of which I do NOT agree!]. fRederick Douglass later said that he was 'A HITTITE' and he speaks about his father, the slave master. Also, he greatly disrespected the Black wife he married and who helped him become free. He had illicit sexual relationships with White women in the house with his BLack wife in the house. And, the Black community became divided and some would not even go to his house! I read his books and was amazed at how he shifted his position and beliefs. The famous William Lloyd Garrison even became frustrated with Douglass. So, imo, the conversation about slavery was more about WHITE SLAVERY and I feel that this is a vital subject though, because it helps to bridge a gap and may better lead to the earlier experiences that the AFrican Slaves have not been able to voice. I think that the concept of WHITE SLAVERY needs to be better defined in that many of these White Slaves are descendants of Black and AFrican people and etc. and this definition has not been made clear. I feel tht many Black people have been made to believe that White Slavery has nothing to do with a connection to BLack and AFrican oppression but IMO, it does. Thomas Jefferson is indeed a perfect person to highlight this phenomenon of 'White SLavery' and the lineage of the woman Sally is a perfect description of a White Slave. Her ancestor was a Black AFrican woman enslaved by a White ship captain. By the time that Sally was born though, the AFrican 'Phenotype' had been watered down!!! And the future descendants of this Black slave woman look completely European and Caucasian today! You would never realize they stem from Black AFrica unless you researched this story. Thomas Jefferson practiced COLORISM on his slave plantation and the darker slaves lived down the mountain while the 'White Slaves' were allowed to live near to the big house and work in better 'slave jobs' and etc.
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    I would SO love to go! But as you have said, I don't like crowds that much, however, if the theme is good, then I believe I could really enjoy this type of experience. I never knew that there was such a thing as 'an Essence festival'. Yes, this sound good! I grew up going to large annual Church conventions and had gotten tired of them for some reason-- never gave it much thought as to why-- But now, I think I might have a better experience at an Expo and especially perhaps a Book Fair.
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    On The. News ,Chemical. Castration. Alabama. Wants. To. Have. ,Chemical. Castration. Upon Men. Who. Rape,Molest. ,Children,While,They. Are. Behind Bars,And. Continue. Getting. ,Chemical,Castration After They Get Out.. I'm Sure This Would ,Be,On. Black Men More Than Any Other Race Of Men.. .Some,Black Conservatives Might Suggest ,Black. Men With ,20-Plus,Children ,With More. Than 10- Women Should Get ,Chemical,Castration ,Since They Cannot Buy A Box Of Condoms. Today June 6- ,Is. The. Late. Great. Singer. Levi. Stubbs. ,Birthday,.He,Was. Lead. Singer. Of . The Four. Tops. . Play Some. ,,Four. Tops. Music.. My. Aunt. Lucy. Favorite. Singer,Levi. Stubbs....
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    FAS I don't know you or your background but perhaps you're suprised because you're used to people with ANY Black ancestry or ANY type of hue to their skin, kink to their hair, or fullness to their lips being just thrown into the "Black" category. That's the way it's done in the United States. But different cultures and nations have different ways of classifying their populations and if this were Brazil that same woman would be classified as something OTHER than Black and more like an Octaroon. In Spain or Italy she would probably be considered just another White citizen as opposed to the Africans who they call Negro/Black. Only in English speaking societies like the United States, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean like Jamaica are people with ANY African ancestry thrown into the "Black" category ignoring any other racial ancestry they may have. You can be half Native American or half East Asian also but if one parent is Black...in America you're called Black. They ignore the other parts....lol. Now, I hope I'm not just typing just to hear the tapping sound of the keyboard. Rather than posting a few opinions and then disappearing into the ether; maybe you'll stick around a while and contribute further to this conversation and others, lol. Troy Lol, how can a VICTIM of racism be a racist at the same time? Actually -Mr. Engineer- I'm looking at things from a LOGICAL and SCIENTIFIC perspective, instead of using artifial rules and social standards (like that "one drop" garbage) that the Caucasian oppressors GAVE our people to further confuse them. Unlike the rules YOU may use (because you still haven't told us how you identify who is Black and who is not) or the rules this society has forced on our people for generations.....my rules are based on NATURE. It's simple....you're only Black (I prefer the term African because there are really 2 "Black" races) if your FEATURES (skin color, hair texture, nose, lips, ect....) are African in nature. Everything doesn't have to be 100%.....but the MAJORITY of your features must be in line with those of African people. There are SOME "high yellow" people I would consider Black and some I wouldn't, depending on how many other African features they have.
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    This woman is no more "Black" than Oprah Winfrey is White. Charlotte wasn't Black, Meghan Markle isn't Black, and her baby SURE ain't Black. If this madness of labeling everybody suspected of having just a trace of African ancestry "Black" doesn't end, in a few generations you'll have blonde haired blue eyed people running the HBCUs and getting minority loans and calling themselves "Black" while REAL Black folks will be......
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    What i have found is that with just two planets and the ascendant. I can determine date, time, and place within 150 miles of the inception of a chart. So every chart is unique. The other thing i realised is that every period has an Astrological foot print. Since certain aspects can't occur. Which may mean that times create cerain types of people. I will use Aries and Scorpio born between 1962 and 1964. This is the period where Saturn was mostly in Aquarius. So for some of Aries it was possible to have their Sun sign be sextile Saturn. While some Scorpios have their Sun sign square Saturn. So within a generation there are certain patterns and certain configurations that can't occur. In addition i have also tested it and with just the sun and the ascendant you can determine date time and place of chart. However you need the degrees down to the minute. Their are tolerances for example some astrological programs leave out the minutes for the city. In addition what part of the city does a program use. I had this discussion on gacebook. And many astrologers told me it couldn't be done without the MC. And that i was wrong amd it wasn't possible. Even after demonstrating it. Even though I made an error most didn't believe me but three people did. They actually tried it and had the Astrological knowledge to see it was possible. However one person did prove me wrong. He gave me two charts that were for different cities but had the same ascendant. However this was only true for a ten second window. I also found thay with just the Sun and the ascendant i could also determine the inception time to the minute and place within 150 miles. But it took me like 15 hours of trial and error. Like you said after 20 years you will learn quite a bit if you apply yourself.
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    Thanks i am geneeally looking for a good book. And there ate authors and books I feel I should read. Octavia Butler was a fun so Thanks again. @Troy
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    Insights News is owned by Al McFarlane - https://www.thehistorymakers.org/biography/al-mcfarlane Media executive Al McFarlane was born on September 15, 1947 in Kansas City, Kansas. He attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia from 1965 to 1966, and the University of Minnesota School of Journalism from 1969 to 1971and graduated from there with his B.A. degree in mass communications. McFarlane worked as a reporter for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press before moving to General Mills where he worked as the community relations coordinator from 1971 to 1972. He then was hired by the Midwest Public Relations division of Graphic Services as vice president, a position he held from 1973 to 1976. In 1974, McFarlane became editor-in-chief at Insight News, a community newspaper serving African and African American residents of Minnesota. He also established McFarlane Media Interests, Inc., a multimedia marketing and information services firm with newspaper, internet and broadcast properties. McFarlane purchased the rights to Insight News in 1975. In 1992, McFarlane served as chairman at Minnesota Multicultural Media Consortium, a marketing and advertising sales advisory for Minnesota African & African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American newspapers. He also was named president of the Black Publishers Coalition, which managed regional and national advertising contracts for Black newspapers and the member group of print media investor-owners in Chicago, Toledo, Detroit, Milwaukee and Minnesota. In 1996, he organized ethnic newspaper owners in the formation of the Minnesota Minority Media Coalition. In 1997, Insight News initiated a series of public policy forums, “Conversations with Al McFarlane.” McFarlane served as host of the series that aired in partnership with the community radio stations KFAI and KMOJ, in Minneapolis. In 2002, McFarlane worked as president and CEO at Midwest Black Publishers Coalition, Inc. In 2010, McFarlane won a Federal American Recovery and Restoration Act grant that provided the University of Minnesota a $3.7 million grant to create public computing centers in targeted ethnic and urban communities to increase broadband access and awareness. McFarlane also launched Garth McFarlane & Mudd, LLC, a national media buying and promotion firm in 2011. McFarlane was also elected chair of the National Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation Board of Directors from 2015 to 2017. Al and his wife Bobbie P. Ford McFarlane have five adult children. Al McFarlane was interviewed by The HistoryMakers on June 20, 2018. Do you mean through prnewswire or business newswire? I haven't checked through the my news releases in the past few days (kind of busy) but sure - every news outlet has access to news releases - but it's up to the journalist to follow up on it or include their own information. Are you implying there were some inaccuracies in the Insights News https://issuu.com/insightnews/docs/june_3__2019_-_june_9__2019_insight article? I'm sure if you contacted them - they would correct it. Mr. McFarlane seems to have been a journalist before you or i could write our name LOL (just kidding)
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    Troy It depended upon how you define "financially secure?" I'm sure you'd agree it is a FAR cry from the ministers who have private jets, a fleet of cars, and huge mansions. Maybe THAT'S what they needed for THEM to feel secure and that they've attained THEIR goal or blessing. Perhaps the minister with the mansion may have grew up in a shack and swore that if he ever we blessed to "make it" he would buy the biggest mansion he could afford. Perhaps another was a little boy who couldn't even afford a bike to ride but would look up at planes flying over his head and promised himself he'd own one of THEM one day. Just because YOU don't want these things why condemn them for wanting to live out their dream? Isn't it a BLESSING to live out your dreams? Yes, I've seen a broke brother who was happy and at peace. I'm one. That does not mean that I don't have challenges, like everyone else, but I know money can't bring happiness. MAN SHUT UP YOU KNOW YOU AIN'T BROKE....lol. My argument is against though that exploit their congregations for monetary gain To "exploit" means to ab-use or use incorrectly. To take advantage of. If they are voluntarily giving those preachers their money and getting emotional satisfaction as well as what they BELIEVE to be spiritual satisfaction., hope, and happiness from that church.....is it really exploitation? These people are getting HOPE and HAPPINESS (a few of your precious values you spoke of) from that man and his church! So perhaps it's fair exchange Kind of like how a patient pays their counselor for comforting conversation and good advice. often imporveshing these hapless victims -- who were just seeking peace and spiritual enlightenment. I'll be honest with you...... I honestly don't know anyone who BECAME poor from dealing with a lying pimping preacher. Most of those who ARE poor and giving money to these types were ALREADY poor and poorly educated to begin with so they didn't have a hell of a long way to fall. But again, what you may be missing is the fact that many of these people are receiving EMOTIONAL satisfaction and hope....not to mention a place to socialize and meet friends and potential marriage partners....one of the main reasons many people go to church for in the first place. Perhaps you are focusing too much and putting too much responsibility on the preachers and what THEY should be doing and not enough on these people and what they're GETTING already in return. The vast majority of these followers are adults who are NOT retarded can clearly make their own decisions as to how to spend their money. You (and Harry....lol) act as if these preachers are breaking into elementary schools and brainwashing children into signing contracts and stealing their lunch money. These are adults who are doing what they do for their own personal reasons whether we agree with them or not. I can't BELIEVE I'm sitting up here trying to defend these jack-legs....lol. But it's a fun excercise! I may take the opposite side of another argument I don't necessarily agree with just for the fun of it.
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    SUCH A FUN AGE by Kiley Reid “Such a Fun Age is such a fresh voice. It’s a unique, honest portrayal of what it’s like to be a black woman in America today. Kiley Reid has delivered a poignant novel that could not be more necessary.” —Lena Waithe, Emmy-winning writer/producer/actress G.P. PUTNAM’S SONS ON-SALE: JANUARY 7, 2020 In her early twenties, between receiving an undergraduate degree from Marymount Manhattan College and pursuing an MFA at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Kiley Reid spent six years working as a nanny and babysitter for some of the affluent families of New York City’s elite. The experience was life changing for the young African-American writer, shaping and informing her literary voice and ultimately serving as the inspiration for her impeccably timed and exhilarating debut novel. By turns funny, poignant and endearingly cringe-worthy, SUCH A FUN AGE (G. P. Putnam’s Sons; On Sale: January 7, 2020) is an exquisitely layered tale that digs deep into race relations, privilege, and profiling, while probing the emotional toll on two women destined to alter one another’s lives. Thirty-three-year-old Alix Chamberlain is a woman confident in her ability to get what she wants, a trait she has turned into a business. The married mother of an infant and a sweetly precocious toddler, Alix recently moved her family from New York City to her Philadelphia hometown to restore sanity to their high-pressure lives. The transition hasn’t always been easy. As an in-demand seminar speaker on women’s empowerment, Alix seems to have it all: a successful news anchor husband, adorable children, and a burgeoning business, not to mention an impressive townhouse near historic Rittenhouse Square. But Alix feels restless and misses the Big Apple’s energy and excitement, so three days a week she leaves her home and kids behind to ostensibly work on her upcoming book. Meanwhile, Alix’s daughters are in the capable hands of twenty-five-year-old Emira Tucker, an African American babysitter who Alix tends to underestimate. Calm and attentive if a bit aimless, Emira is a Temple University alum living frugally on what she earns babysitting and working part time at the local Green Party offices. She knows she’ll need to transition into an adult job with health benefits at age twenty-six, but Emira has grown to love two-year-old Briar Chamberlain with a tenderness and protectiveness that surprises her. So when a security guard in the neighborhood market accosts Emira and Briar with racially charged accusations, Emira takes a fierce stance. The ugly incident triggers a series of events that send shock waves through Emira’s world and the Chamberlain household. A bystander’s video plays a pivotal role in the aftermath, upending everything Emira and Alix thought they knew about themselves and each other. All the players are forced to re-examine motives, attitudes, and assumptions in ways they never imagined, while Alix blindly resolves to make it right. Alix never expected that her meddling would reveal the stickiness of transactional relationships or what it really means to make someone family. A modern story brimming with piercing social commentary, SUCH A FUN AGE is beautifully nuanced and perfectly paced as it shines a spotlight on society’s ability—or inability—to adapt to a changing world. The result is a big-hearted page-turner full of surprising plot twists, that sparks a critical conversation about race and privilege much needed in literature now. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: An Arizona native, Kiley Reid is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop as a Truman Capote Fellow, where she teaches an undergraduate creative writing workshop with a focus on race and class. Her short stories have been featured and are forthcoming in Ploughshares, December, New South, Lumina, which awarded her first place in the 2017 Flash Prose Contest, and others. In Summer 2018, she attended the Cuttyhunk Island Residency as the recipient of the Paul Cuffee Scholarship. SUCH A FUN AGE is her first novel, with film and TV rights already acquired by Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad Productions and Sight Unseen Pictures. SUCH A FUN AGE • By Kiley Reid • G. P. Putnam’s Sons On Sale: January 7, 2020 • ISBN: 978-0-525-54190-5 • Price $26.00
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    Yes they renovated it. It is very nice we. A brother is one of the owners. Man they "renovated" the whole west side the construction is off the chain...
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    Where is the Nearest Soul Food Restaurant in your Community? Sometimes, when I get in the mood for Soul Food, I will try again and again to find a restaurant in my community, but all the while I am searching, I know that I won’t! It has been so frustrating! I reminisce back years ago when I lived in Durham, North Carolina when I would love to go to this one famous restaurant and indulge. It was called Pan Pans. But even before I left Durham, that restaurant had closed down. I remember when it was located nearest Highway 85 nearest a hub of hotels and how it was always jam packed with people, but nevertheless, I was always able to be seated rather quickly and the food was always fresh and good. But the owner soled his restaurant and opened up a smaller place in the nearby shopping mall, which even though, I think he was pressured to do, I know it was a good decision. That older restaurant seem to become in need of repair and the restrooms were too small imo. However, the restaurant in the Northgate Mall seemed to be even smaller! But worse, was that the owner later soled this restaurant to Orientals and eventually, the food was terrible. I stopped going because the last time I went, I ended up getting sick and had to go to the emergency room! And, although it may not have been the food from the restaurant that made me sick, the food looked bad imo. And the ratings became terrible. I finally heard too, that restaurant closed permanently! So then at times, I would drive for two hours to Virginia to another restaurant in a small town and this one never let me down! It was called Carolina Barbecue and oh Man!—it was so good! But guess what!? The building recently burned down! So then, I have decided to do some research and see if there are other Soul Food restaurants around these days. After reading comments from a recent thread here, I decided to list some restaurants that I would like to visit one day. I was surprised not to find any nearby places in Maryland! Where I was at the time, I searched and searched and had to resort to trying to cook some soul food myself! For the first time, I made me some Pigs’ Feet!—And it cane out really good, so good that my eyeballs almost rolled back in my head. LOL! I’m the only one in my family that loves this kind of soul food. LOL—and yeah, I’m from the north! I don’t know what is wrong with these people around me! I know there are some soul food restaurants that serve Fried Chicken and maybe Collard greens and ‘call it a day’ but, I believe that a good Soul Food restaurant should also serve foods like Chitterlings, sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas and etc. And, in my experience, Black Americans are by far, not the only people that love Soul Food. I remember one year, I decided to go to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time because I did not feel like cooking, and well, the Collard Greens tasted awful and, they ran out quickly. Thankfully, standing in front of me was a White woman, and she went **** off! LOL! She started fussing out loud! She ranted that there was not fatback in the Collard Greens and they had the nerve to run out! LOL! I was so happy she told the cooks a thing-or-two! And then at one time, I too, had to tell the cook how I felt at another store. I used to love to go to the Whole Foods Store near Duke University and buy from the buffet because at times, they would prepare some wonderful Soul Food, but this one time, they served Collard Greens and I had to throw them away—and they were expensive. They were labeled, ‘Southern styled Collard Greens’ however, they were seasoned with, well, I don’t know, but it was horrible. So, after a few visits, I just could not take it anymore, so I knocked on the back door and asked to speak to the chef. Well, a very nice Hispanic man came out and he said that he was ‘the head chef’ and, I thought, “Uh Oh, I don’t know how this is going to turn out”, but anyway, I laid into him! I pointed at the label and told him that “this is NOT Southern styled Collard Greens!” I had my hands on my hips, and I looked at him like--- Well, I said, “Come on now…” He dropped his head and started laughing. And then he said, “Look, come back Thursday, I promise you, I will get it right. I promise you will like it.” LOL, I started laughing too. And I said, “Alright now. You got me?” He said, “Yes, I got you.” And, he was right. He got it right! By the time I got there, two days later on Thursday, I almost missed the pan—it was almost sold out! WHEW! So anyway, I thought it would be good to list some Soul Food Restaurants across America that seem to have a good rating and/or a good history or at least at one time or another. I not visited any Soul Food Restaurants in Sanford, Florida but I see a really good listing for one! And then too, I see a lot of places that have closed down. So sad. But because of the history, I think it may be good to list them too. There is an upcoming Soul Food Festival in Central Florida! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Soul Food Restaurant is in SAnford Florida and it has good ratings. CAROLINA BARBECUE!!! --Sadly the building burned down! Emporia, Virgina Pan Pans--at Northgate Mall, Durham, NC-- CLOSED DOWN Pan Pans in Northgate Mall
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    There used to be a legendary herb shop in Harlem the Hardest Hard. Even one of the Kennedy boys went to Harlem for dope. In 1979, David Anthony Kennedy, a son of Robert F. Kennedy, was found after having been mugged in what police described as a shooting gallery at 116th Street and Eighth Avenue in a place called the Shelton Plaza Hotel. Mr. Kennedy was not charged with a crime. He died of an overdose of cocaine and other drugs in 1984. That's from NYT https://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/02/21/a-notorious-harlem-shooting-gallery-goes-condo/
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    That's what I meant. Some stores weren't just about their goods. The Beauty Shop, the barber shop, the butcher, the candy store. the news stand the deli. When I was a kid people talk to shopkeepers. I use to give my watch as collateral to the pizza guy when I didn't have any money. It's hard to do at the mall.
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    Troy The larger majority of Black people seem to be lactose intolerant while the large majority of White people do not seem to be. There must be a genetic reason for this. I'm not sure about Native Americans or East Asians but I haven't heard of their traditional cultures involving milk or other dairy products in their traditional diets. I thought Sylvia's was supposed to be "the spot" in Harlem....lol. I haven't actually eaten there. I was about to years ago but the line was so long it was all the way outside and I had a plane to catch so I just skipped it. Del Where's the Soul in a Black community? It WAS in the poverty and struggle. Historically speaking, the most tight knit and FLAVORFUL communities are those with a high level of poverty (NOT destitution) and working class populations densely packed together. No matter where you go on the planet despite the nation, this type of grind FORCES people in the community to be creative and cooperate with eachother and this is where you'll find the best music and the best food. I didn't grow up in poverty but the neighborhood I grew up in had FLAVOR. It had CHARACTERS in it kind of like Fat Albert and his gang.....lol. Dudes with buck-teeth, boys who stuttered, old women who'd sit on the porch all day and watch everything that went on on the block, and loud music playing from people's houses. As boys we used to "come get" eachother and MAKE you leave the house unless you were "on punishment" (something you rarely hear today). You drive down most Black neighborhoods today and you don't see too much of that.
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    Chev   I don't know @Pioneer1 but, I think that this is a bigger picture than what we are seeing over here in America. I do agree that we have to blame ourselves for this but also, the Colonial Movement has a lot to play in what has happened in Africa. How can people be so famished over there when the massive TRADE EXPEDITIONS have taken place over there? Africa is in the sun belt and for this reason, it has produced a wealth of substance. It is like the bread basket for the world. So, if African people have been duped into being 'a third world' class, this is a serious paradox. You're right, we who haven't been there don't really KNOW what's going on in Africa. Most of the information we're getting from the media has a racial and political bias to it. And even when you get information directly from the people who are FROM there, they seem to withhold certain information. Just like when I went to Europe years ago...... All of the movies I saw about Europe. All of the books I read. All the research I did. All the people I talked to FROM there as well as the people who visited there. ....and there STILL were many things that were left out and I didn't find out until I actually WENT there myself and was witness to it. For example, I didn't realize that in Europe they use a different type of electricity than they do in America and you need an adaptor! I didn't find out until I was shaving and it ruined my electric razor!!!!!!! No one told me this or even talked about it until AFTER I came back. And there were many other instances. So my point is, despite what all the "experts" say and all the different varying and often contradictory information we get from people who are from there.....untill we can really go there and see for ourselves what's going on we really don't know. Troy It is just human nature. We are genetically wired to have sex and procreate. Our very survival as a species demands that we do this. They must not be hungry enough then; because when I'm really hungry I don't even think about sex...lol. If I were very wealthy, I'd defintely adopt some Black boys. It's funny you say that. Me......for some reason I thought it would be cool to have just a few boys (maybe two just incase the oldest turns out to be a "Fredo Corleone" type....lol) but a LOT of daughters who I would spoil like princesses. But I really do think more wealthy AfroAmericans should adopt Black children (and maybe even Asian and brown skinned Latino children) and bring them back to America. Besides it just being the right thing to do, it would definately help our image abroad.
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    You probably have heard it in a while because it is considered derogatory (@Chevdove) when used to describe people. Yeah Chinese people don't waste much of the animal either. I had some chicken feet in a Chinese restaurant a few years ago they didn't even bother to take off the toe nails... also disgusting (to me), but they throw down in general when it comes to food. And hey, white folks make great "soul food" too. They do more with bacon than GW Carver did with peanuts.
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    One of my favorite Soul Food joints when I lived in Motown was STEVE'S Soul food. They have a bunch of spots today but this is the original one and the one I had been going to since I was a kid. Another one I like was Beans And Cornbread...... This is there newest restaurant they opened up in the suburbs right outside the city. These cats had....like.....15 different types of cornbread....LOL. I used to go there just for the fried catfish and corn bread alone. They call this restaurant a "bistro" and try to play to the more "buppie" type crowd of Southfield. But worse, was that the owner later soled this restaurant to Orientals and eventually, the food was terrible. I stopped going because the last time I went, I ended up getting sick and had to go to the emergency room! And, although it may not have been the food from the restaurant that made me sick, the food looked bad imo. Lol @ "orientals". I haven't heard that term in a while. I'm glad you got better but it's interesting that you mentioned getting sick because on my way home I stopped and got some Chinese food and paid for it but on my way out the door I heard one of the cook coughing and harking up real hard and spitting. If I could hear it all the way in the front lobby you KNOW it had to be hard....lol. I took that food out of the restaurant and THREW that shit away into the first trash can I saw and drove on home...lol. Some of these people who come from other cultures are nasty as hell. Now speaking of Orieintals and Soul Food....... Chinese tend to eat a LOT of pork products and I remember a few Chinese people used to come into a Soul Food restaurants in the hood (not one of those pictured) just to get pig's feet and chitterlings! And like you said I also noticed how Whole Foods seems to have a lot of what we would traditionally call "soul food" in their hot foods buffet selection. I haven't been to a Whole Foods in a minute but I remember they routinely had things like macaroni and cheese, yams, collard greens, corn bread, black eyed peas!!! This is pretty much SOUL FOOD being served in a wealthy white store. Another thing that I found interesting about Whole Foods is the fact that you can walk around drinking liquor while you shop....lol. It's a damn shame so many OTHER people have to serve the public traditional AfroAmerican food because so many of our people are so LAZY and STUPID (I'm sorry but somebody's got to say it!) that they can't even cook for themselves anymore and other people come in and take advantage of the opportunity. Girl how in the WORLD did you manage to create a thread that invoked hunger, nostalgia, happiness, and anger in me all within a 5 minute time period???
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    The Dogon also arrange their huts using fractals. Before they were discovered on the West. I have no source for this so happy hunting.
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    The Dogon of Mali were extremely accurate with their astronomical science. You know they, along with the Ibo (from where we get Hebrew) people of Nigeria actually trace their ancestry back to ancient Egypt. Infact, I believe most African "tribes" can eventually trace their origins back to ancient Egypt and Ethiopia if if we study their cultural habits and religious rites I believe we'd find bits and pieces of ancient Kemet scattered through out all of them.
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    Chev You're right! The biggest argument I've heard for there not being more Soul Food restaurants is because the food is supposedly so unhealthy for you. The thing people need to understand is that although most Soul Food is dense and calorie rich, it's also rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed to build the body up! It was made to sustain people who were doing hard physical labor all day long and compensate for the minerals and tissue damage done with intense labor. It's the same with most Italian food! Most people don't realize that most of the Italians who came to the United State were the "dark" Italians of southern Italy and Sicily who were considered the slaves or peasants of Italian society and THEY were used to doing long hours of hard physical labor either in agriculture or building ships in the hot Mediterranian sun so THEIR food....similar to Soul Food....was calorie rich and consisted of a lot of fat and starches (pasta) for energy to work all day. Most people haven't had authentic Italian food from Sicily and southern Italy but when I lived in Detroit I used to drive across the Canadian border every so often and go the the Little Italy or take women there for dinner for some REAL Italian food. A little history...... Detroit used to have a Little Italy inside the city but Al Capone had it moved to across the border to Windsor Canada so that he could set up a liquor operation overthere as an excuse to bring liquor back and forth across the border. But back to Soul Food............... As full of fat and calories as it is, I'll take REAL food over the fake genetically modified garbage they're serving in most restaurants any day. I'd love to go back down South again to my people's houses and eat those green beans swimming in butter and fat back, or that corn bread full of bacon (cracklin' bread). What I see popping up around the country now is a lot of "vegan" Soul Food restaurants which is almost sacrilegious to call that tofu garbage "soul food".
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    They are not stars. Even today people look up at the sky see planets and think they are stars. Unless you have some interest in astronomy you would have no clue. In much the same way people cannot read maps because of navigation systems, people look up at the sky and just see a bunch of twinkling lights that have more meaning that text written in a language they can't understand. Most of us live in urban centers which render most star light invisible anyway...
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    You know, I'm indifferent about this subject. I see both sides of this argument and both sides have valid points but, I believe that it would be crazy wrong to force a woman by a law to 'not hava an abortion' for certain reasons especially--rape. I don't feel that promiscuous behavior should be ignored though. If people produce 'a pregnancy' through being irresponsible and selfish and, then decide to have an abortion, I think that is wrong, but then, what should the government do? HOw can this kind of abortion be regulated? What if a child is born from this kind of situation and learns that their parent(s) didn't want them? How many births have occurred just because of convenience but not our of desire? Some people want children but others only have children out of selfish reasons, so does that mean that these unwanted births will cause problems in the world? I think I was born due to selfish reasons, but HEY!-- I'm glad that I was born and not aborted though. I am happy to have a 'chance at life'! I blame big government too, for a lot of unwanted births. There was a time when this government, in particular, wanted Black women to give birth to as many slave children as they could, but now, things have changed. This government never wanted Black children for humanitarian reasons, as a whole, so, what is the difference today? I think Black children need to be born, but the government needs to be responsible about their part too, in bringing about a positive development of the Black child which means cultural development and a better education system as well. That's the problem imo, this government will not fund these to two big wammies, that would help. Oh yeah, and good paying jobs...
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    I've toyed with the idea of only selling books directly, but like you said people prefer Amazon for the most part. I think it would work, but it would mean fewer book sales but probably higher profit. I currently work with a brother in Baton Rouge who I sell books to directly at a discounted rate. He does events during the weekend and sells books and comics from me and other creators. He does very well. I wish I could find more people like him.
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    @Milton that is a great deal and definitely worth it! There was a time, not too long ago, when an indie author found it very difficult to get distribution for their titles. I get most of the books I sell directly from Ingram. A long term goal I have to to either sell books directly or through indie authors directly and drop the Amazon affiliate program altogether. The challenge to achieve this goal is today many indie authors sell their books exclusively through Amazon, and the general public prefer to make their book purchases through Amazon. But I suspect this will change, over time, as everyone becomes more sophisticated about book sales and companies like Ingram step in and provide services to indie authors that are competitive with Amazon.
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    I signed up for Ingram's distribution service. It's costs me $12.00 per book annually. It's been worth it for me.
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