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    The first 24 hour Black News Channel is expected to launch November 15, 2019 @6:00 AM. The cable network is the brainchild of J.C. Watts, Jr., former U.S Representative (R-Oklahoma) now BNC chairman and Veteran Journalist Bob Brilliante who will serve as the cable network's CEO. BNC Newsroom management made their rounds at the National Association Black Journalists Job fair in Miami, FL earlier this month. The news channel, headquartered in Tallahassee, Fl, will broadcast to 33 million households nationwide with a major presence in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York. ~MH You can read the release here: https://blacknewschannel.com/wp-content/uploads/BNC_NABJ-Press-Release_2019.pdf
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    Chev What does QIA+ reference? Queer, Intersexed, and Asexual....lol. Troy If CARDIAC B did it....it almost certainly is NOT part of our nature as Africans. She's, along with Nicki Minaj and another one called "Megan Thee Stallion" are a group of mulatto women who are getting paid to promote vulgar degenerate sexuality in the AfroAmerican community.
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    Yeah this was the first time i watched a cardi b video myself. I have not really watched music video since Yo MTV Raps! and boy have they come a looong way. The topless women surprised me. I guess soon they will just have intercourse in music videos. @Pioneer1 of course will say that is beautiful and our nature 😉
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    It's ok. I've found it. 😀
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    @Troy Hillary Clinton is a warmonger. All she ever talked about was blowing up this, obliterating that, etc. Hillary Clinton is the face of toxic feminism. Hillary Clinton used black prisoners for free labor at the governor's mansion in Arkansas. Hillary Clinton is just another corporate Democrat. We had two Bush's. We didn't need two Clintons and the black Bush named Obama, who is the biggest warmonger of them all. Warmongering instantly disqualifies candidates for me. The only Presidents since WW2 who weren't warmongers are JFK (the only President in history I admire and respect) and Carter. @Pioneer1 Bernie talking about population control wouldn't shock me at all. He also recently had security remove a black man from a town hall because he asked about reparations. @Maurice Trump is the 45th President of the United States, thus "45."
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    @Kareem, sure Bill was a disastrous president, but Hillary is not Bill and you've used Bill's record, unfairly, against Hillary. Well that is because the so called "Afroamerican" is not, nor has it ever been a monolith. No sufficiently large geographically dispersed people are. I agree however politically we need an agenda, things most of us are willing to fight for. @Pioneer1 (anyone) what are the top three things we should have on our agenda?
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    I think where we can have the most impact is in LOCAL elections. Electing Aldermen and Councilmen, Mayors, Sheriffs, County Executives, ect..... The key is to have an AGENDA. The main problem with most AfroAmericans is that they don't have an AGENDA for the people they vote for. They just hope they aren't as racist as the person currently holding the seat. AfroAmericans need an AGENDA and a VISION of how we would like to see this nation. Fuck what OTHER people want to see and how THEY think America should be governed, we need to push what WE as AfroAmericans collectively want to see. And that's often confusing because our community has become so fractured both culturally and morally today.   Kareem Bernie Sanders, who I do not support, but appeared to be the best candidate at that point I'm glad Bernie is starting to show his true racist colors now. Did you hear what he said about population control and abortion as a solution for "poor nations" ?
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    I wouldn't say "surely." Bill (and Hillary) Clinton's 1994 Crime Bill extended and strengthened the federal mandatory minimum "five years in prison no questions asked for possession of a grain of crack" law. Bill also gave $10 billion to private prisons in that bill. Hillary never openly or even semi-resisted that bill. 45 was elected because Democrats (the DNC/Wasserman-Schultz to be exact) picked the worst candidate possible...Hillary. Bernie Sanders, who I do not support, but appeared to be the best candidate at that point, probably would have won in 2016. But toxic feminism prevailed and now we have Trump.
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    I won't be voting at all. Tulsi Gabbard is the only one I kind of like, and white liberals would never choose her anyway. I won't be voting at all in the Presidential Election and will be encouraging as many black people as possible not to vote. The choice in 2020 is left wing white supremacy or right wing white supremacy. We've had Donald Trump for 400 years. Nothing changes either way. Its status quo either way. I just think its fun watching these liberals have aneurysms over the whiteboy-in-chief now. If they want my vote, I need to see a black agenda. Homosexuality is not a black agenda as white liberals so desperately are trying to force all black people to believe. P.S. I'm not POC or people of color. I'm BLACK.
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    Nah, I don't buy this one. Pedophilla is fringe and still largely viewed as deviant behavior by the vast majority of people of all so called "races." Child molestation is viewed as the lowest crime of all -- no one wants to be locked up a "short eyes." This probably on reason Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. Now it might be possible that pedipiles, like homosexuals, are overly represented in some fields and therefore have outsized influence, but that does not mean the rest of the population cosigns any of this. Also, it is problematic grouping homesexuals with pedophiles. Two consenting adults can do whatever they want to with each other. However, a child is in no position to consent. These are to completely different things
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    @Del They'll need to show videos like Normani's, Nicki Minaj's and Cardi B's below for at least 6 hours a day (I wonder if @Pioneer1 and @Mel Hopkins think Cardi B's video's visuals and language is appropriate for kids too? I nicknamed it "nipples galore"). A number of "reality" TV show where provocatively dressed Black women, with Blond weaves (that all the Black women here love), throw drinks in each others faces and engage in affairs and other dysfunctional behavior. They'll need some Tyler Perry dramas like the ones that saved Oprah's network. Another Empire or Power program would be helpful. Of course well need sports but I doubt they have money to get professional sports out the box. Maybe they can broadcast some HBCU games the half time shows with dancers and music might would draw viewers. They shouldn't waste money on journalist to cover relevant news of the day. They can simlly troll "black Twitter" for the freshest viral content and have some trendy millennials discuss it. They could take Tavis Smiley or Roland Martin out of mothballs to provide some semblance of serious journalism without actually doing it. Maybe live stream TD Jakes and some other megachurches each Sunday, followed by a weekly motivational message from the Obamas. Have some infomercials for HTC, CBD, Vape, Opiod, liquor, hair care, and weight loss products. Finally they'll need comedy and pleny of it! These things will help guarantee broad appeal and financial success of the new network.
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    @Troy That cracked me up! Dave is the only brother in show biz who doesn't give a damn. He knows his fans will always be there and he doesn't need network money, so he can do and say what he wants and feels. That interview he did with Oprah years ago said it all - when he told those white producers to go f*** themselves when they wanted him to wear a dress in the movie "Blue Streak." That's also why I started my own business right out of college and invested in Bitcoin years ago. As long as your paychecks (meaning your food, water, shelter and well-being) come from white people, you have to obey them and live by their rules. Which circles right back to this new black network. I have to believe you need white money to start a TV network. So we'll see.
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    Even if the station was a clone of BET there is SO much competition it will be tough to garner eyeballs. Of course with more intelligent programming it will be a miracle if it survives. If the show does produce intelligent programming and is available through a streaming service I will watch it. Speaking of "alphabet stuff" it seems Dave Chappelle latest routine was not appreciated by the alphabet community. I watched two Sisters (one gay and one straight) hotly debate the merits and humor of Dave's latest. The straight sister thought it was funny and lesbian sister thought it wasn't funny at all. I just watched it last night. The "alphabet" bit was mildly humorous and I saw no reason for offense -- they are jokes. The part about the use of the word "Faggot" was particularly telling.
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    Kareem You kind of summed up my feelings of skepticism about this channel. Although AfroAmericans desperately need our own INDEPENDENT media, I have to wonder is this the real deal or will it just be another FRONT to push the LGBTQIA+ agenda as well as other forms of self-destruction on AfroAmericans.
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    I'll be skeptical until I see it. It only took six months for the "first black President" to reveal his true colors. If there's any sign of Roland Martins, Van Jones, or any of those MSNBC clowns on the BNC, its a hard pass for me. But I'll give it a chance.
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    I worked with a women and she said she could Not respect a man that did everything she asked. My guess is that some women will like a man that's kind and gentle but not soft. I think Chris Rock said in the bedroom he called his partner a b!+ch. Buthe that's the only place he can say it. I also had to check my boss's boss. Since it was just the two of us he didn't mention it and did he disrespect me again. Really
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    @Pioneer1 No. I find that behavior repulsive in humans period. I will never understand nor want to understand why humans have this desire to control anyone but themselves. This trait is the main flaw in humans. A lot of types of men exist. Like isn't a strong enough emotion to be bothered; there also has to be a desire. Still there's only one kind of man with whom I've ever found sexy enough to get naked. A brutish man would never make my list.
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    Aggression is the number 1 trait of a bully. Animals, including the human species are usually ostracized or put down when they show aggression. They can't be trusted. This dude sounds like a bully. And from what you wrote, this woman saw you , @Pioneer1 put him in his place. That requires confidence and confidence is a hella sexy trait. Most women (and men) are attracted to assertiveness and confidence. Intuitively, we know we can trust people who exhibit confidence.
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    @Pioneer1 no woman (or man) likes a wimpy dude, who would let someone just walk all over them. It is almost a cliche that, "every woman wants a little thug in their man." People from, or in, the south aren't gonna let someone punk them and get away with it. I'm sure you were raised like I was; if some hits you hit them back harder. I've argued loudy with guys superior to me in a corporate environment, but i was pushed and other person was objectively wrong. Once I told a guy in his office if we were in the street i would bust his ass. He apologized, but i was serious. He was the only adult I ever threatened. But he would bully people and everyone let him get away with it. But i have been in situations were i stood up to someone and both men and women later mentioned to me later that they appreciated it. This never sat well with me cause it was always a guy in a position to say something too. Now aggression, and a confrontational attitude, for no justiable reason is just mean or stupid. A woman who is indifferent to the reason for the man's aggression and atrracted to him even if he is just bully or common thug is not very sophisticated.
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    Some of us were not socially conservative but fiscally conservative. We believed in the bootstrapping way in life. -That was until I woke the eff up and realized that was a lie too. (Pre-Obama) I was actually a card-carrying republican appointed official for two years. When I moved to Illinois, the GOP preyed on me like I was a lost native venturing too near to the door of no return in West Africa. They snatched me up and appointed me an elected official. Once inside, I saw the GOP for what they were really are; gang members.- The political party system in America is nothing more than a bunch of thugs and gangsters. Prior to my two-year GOP stint, I was strictly independent and only voted issues - and that's where I've returned. I vote for folks who represent legislation that I believe is best for the nation.
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